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Labrador - Journals of the Council 1873

Labrador Straits District ~ Henley Island (Chateau Bay)

The data was recorded by Charles G. F. Knowles, Commander H.M.S. "Lapwing". This list consists of the inhabitants on the French Shore, Newfoundland. The source of this information comes from the Journals of the Council, Newfoundland. - 1873.

NOTE: None of the families at Chateau Harbor and Henley Island are residents; They all return to Carbonear, Bay of Islands, and other places in the fall.

Philip Hunt - -
James Hunt W 3
M. Kennedy Sr. W 5
Michael Kennedy W 1
Samuel Parsons W 5
Richard Parsons W 3
Widow Duggan - 5
John Duggan W 3
James Noel Sr. - 2
Thomas Noel W 3
Charles Noel W 3
Jordan Noel W 2
John Noel W 5
William Hilyard W 4

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