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Immaculate Conception Parish Records - Harbour Grace

Here are some records from the Labrador Straits which I found, and transcribed, from the Immaculate Conception Parish in Harbour Grace. The births after 1900, which are listed, are ok to keep in as those people are deceased relatives of mine. Labrador Baptism Records held at the Roman Catholic, Immaculate Conception Parish, in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Pior Noir is the same as Pinware. The name changed to Pinware around 1880. Also Tracey and Trashey are the same surnames, mistake in the recording by original recording priest. Correct name is Tracey.
The information was transcribed by ELLEN TORNG ~ 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Margaret Pike Pied Noir 9/22/97 (1897) Albert Pike & Anne Marshall Peter Dooley & Anne Marshall 07/22/98
Mark O’Dell Pied Noir, Labrador 8/25/95 (1895) Edward O’Dell & Ellen Lowe Richard O’Dell & Mary J . O’Dell 07/27/96
Luke O’Dell Pied Noir, Labrador 5/19/98 (1898) Edward O’Dell & Ellen Lowe Henry O’Dell & Margaret Dooley 07/22/98
Caroline Mary O’Dell Pinware, Labrador 1/26/00 (1900) William J. O’Dell & Lucy Thrashey (Tracey) Richard Dooley & Margaret Dooley 07/10/00
Susanna O’Dell Pied Noir, Labrador 8/13/00 (1900) Edward O’Dell & Ellen Lowe Pete O’Brien & Mary O’Dell 07/31/01
Helen Gertrude Pied Noir, Labrador 11/12/00 (1900) Mark O’Dell & Helen Pedrick Joseph Murphy & Mary J .O’Dell 07/31/01
Hugo O’Dell Pied Noir, Labrador 8/15/92 (1892) William O’Dell & Lucy Tracey John Lowe & Catherine Trashey 08/15/92
Rachel Cabot Lanse Au Loup, Labrador 1896 John Cabot & Mary Cabot James Browne & Mary Foran 07/29/96
Richard Buckle Lanse Au DiableLabrador 5/10/91 (1893) Abraham Buckle & Johanna Marshall Henry Marshall & Sophia Durand 08/12/91
Johanna Frances O’Brien Lanse Au Loup, Labrador 4/28/00 (1900) Michael O’Brien & Alice McDonald William Cabot & Margaret Brien 07/18/00
Peter Hammond Lanse Au DiableLabrador 7/20/91 (1891) Peter Hammond & Mary Eliz Durant John Mahar & Margaret Ann Buckle 08/12/91
John Joseph Lowe West St Modeste 7/17/00 (1900) J.N. Lowe & Honora Hammond S. Macdonald & Lucy Neary 08/02/00
Richard Beals West St Modeste 11/9/99 (1899) Richard Beals & Elizabeth Prosper Martin Lee & Margaret Willett 07/08/00
Joanna Bolger West St Modeste 6/7/00 (1900) James Bolger & Charlotte O’Dell Joseph McDonald & Mary Marshall 07/08/00
James Bolger Pied Noir, Labrador 11/28/97 (1897) James Bolger & Charlotte O’Dell John Cody & Catherine McDonald 07/29/98
Alfred Thomas Marshall Lanse Au DiableLabrador 7/13/96 1896 Henry Marshall & Margaret Buckle Francis Glynn & Mary A.Cartwright 07/26/96

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