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Labrador ~ Upper Lake Melville District

Happy Valley (Grenfell Street) Cemetery

The information was transcribed by BERNIE HEARD ~ 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Daniel C. Mc Kinney
1929 1958

Paul J.McKinney
1891 1958

Olin Chaulk
24-May-01 10-Nov-57

Ida Lotecki Chaulk

d. 23 Jan 1972 age 64
Albert Lehmannu
26 Jan 1877 27-Sep-58

Julianna S. Sillett
20-Jun-58 14-Feb-60

Benjamin Jeffrey
(no dates)

David John Mullins
31-Jan-51 4-Jun-61

Mary Ann Mitsuk
1906 1994

Abia Mitsuk

d. 29 May 1960 age 59
Abraham Alfred Broomfield

d. 4 Oct 1958 age 80
Thomas A. Ford
1921 1959

Edward Terriak
29-May-58 28-Jan-59

Robert Charles Edmunds
30-Aug-59 14-Dec-59

Mary Lucy
(no dates)

John T. Lucy
(no dates)

John T. Cove

d. 27 Jun 1958 age 48
Theresa Broomfield
(no dates)

Winona Heard
5-Oct-33 14-Apr-60

George W. White
23-Apr-39 13-Oct-61

Clarice Edmunds
(no dates)

Melvin P. Rendell
(no dates)

Belinda Ikey
(no dates)

Marilyn Adams
(no dates)

Charles Ikey, Jr.
(no dates)
age 33
Clayton Saunders

d. 8 Oct 1955 age 7
Isabella Saunders daughter of Donald and Una
d. 9 Nov 1950 age 3 days
Alvin Michelin
30-Apr-11 27-Jun-74

Floyde Ettie Michelin
26-Sep-13 24-Nov-52

Helen Groves
6-May-50 26-Apr-55

Abner Rendell Sheppard
12 Dec 1897 3-Oct-61

Annie Sheppard
24 May 1893 24-Oct-83

Peter Bright
(no dates)

Gladys Adams
22-Jan-49 10-Jul-59

Lindsay Adams
(no dates)

Edward Adams
(no dates)

Frances Ford
24-Dec-29 8-Mar-55

Karen M. Ford
15-Nov-54 8-Mar-55

Rosie M. Ford
6-Nov-59 24-Jan-61

Albert Broomfield

d. 20 Feb 1955 age 65yrs 11mos 12days
Edward Broomfield
(no dates)

Thomas Bird
(no dates)

Robert Pardy
(no dates)

Martha Pardy
(no dates)

Name on Headstone Description of Error My Name
BROOMFIELD Abraham Alfred Broomfield=william a.a.b died dec. 25,1975, born mar. 3,1902 , buried next to wife Susan [Wolfrey] born oct,12,1914 - aug 15 1958 and son Batten born june 6 1937 - nov 11 1953. This info is true if its the right person which is my grandfather, contact family for spot, family still in Happy Valley. Karen Matheson
BROOMFIELD Abraham Alfred Broomfield is told to be father of William Alfred Broomfield buried in same cemetery. Karen Matheson
SHEPPARD Abner Rendell Sheppard was born November 11, 1897 NOT December 12, 1897. Darlene

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