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Twillingate Methodist Marriages

From Parish Records, Box 2, PANL. 1871-1920 (Selected Entries)

The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NOTES:This section of Marriages from Twillingate Parish records are MISSING from the VITAL STATISTICS , up to 1867: marriages from 1867-1870 were also transcribed, and are included here as in many cases, they supply additional information that was not included in the Vital Stats copies. The first entry gave the names of the fathers of the marrying parties, but this did not recur until 1867.
PART 2:Selected marriages between 1871 & 1920 (Twillingate Methodist parish records, Box 2)
Date Place Groom Data for Groom Bride Data for Bride Witnesses Other info in entry Research notes
Sep 13 1871 At the dwelling house of George Tucker, Little Bay Island Abel TUCKER Little Bay Islands Rebecca CURTIS Little Bay Islands George Thomas Oxford (1) Previously united by Esau Piccott, layman, June 16th, no minister being within the distance required by the Act. -
Nov 20 1872 Wesleyan Mission House (Twillingate) William MOORES widower, Twillingate Mary CHIPPET widow, Three Arms, Green Bay Philip Wells, Martha Mills - -
Sep 25 1887 North Side Church, Twill William GUY widower, fish, Wild Cove Elizabeth SHARP spin, Crow Head Uriah Sharp, Priscilla Sharp - -
Jan 1 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) William ADAMS bach, fish, North Side Fanny WELLS spin, servant, North Side Thomas Stockley, Emma Hynes? * - * looks like a possible 3rd witness, illegible
Jan 1 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Jabez ROBERTS bach, fish, Bluff Head Cove Emily GEDGE spin, Durrells Arm John Hull, Mary Jane Gidge - -
Jan 5 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) William SNOW widower, fish, Durrells Arm Naomi ROBERTS spin, servant, Bluff Head Cove Archibald Roberts, Joanna Snow - -
Jan 6 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Thomas EARLE bach, fish, Durrells Arm Eveline SPENCER spin, servant, Back Hr Walter William Purchase, Mary Newman - -
Jan 6 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) John HAWKINS bach, fish, Durrells Arm Matilda BURTON spin, servant, Durrells Arm Levi Burton, Mary Ann Burton - -
Jan 14 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Eli STUCKLESS bach, fish, Kettle Cove Fanny REEM? (RYAN*) spin, servant, Wards Hr John Moyle, Elizabeth A Stuckless - * NOTE: from more than one source, the modern day version of her surname is RYAN; alternate forms in the early records for the area include RAINES & RHIMES. Fanny RYAN aka RHIMES, was baptized July 29 1872? Wards Hr, the dau of Henry RYAN...& Mary ROWSELL.
Jan 31 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Theophilus BROWN bach, fish, Durrells Arm Amelia A. TROKE spin, servant, Durrells Arm Thomas Gedge, Harriet? Moyle - -
Apr 19 1892 Twill Church Henry Hooper HAWKINS bach, clerk, Jenkins Cove Louisa LINFIELD spin, teacher, Jenkins Cove William Ashbourne, Lucy G. Linfield - -
May 11 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) James Thomas PHILIPS bach, fish, South Side Pheobe ELLIOTT spin, servant, South Side James Hanrahan, Louisa Hanrahan - -
May 29 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Henry OXFORD bach, fish, Herring Neck Eliza GILLETT spin, servant, Farmers Arm John Bromley, Rose Gillett - -
July 3 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Thomas CHURCHILL bach, fish, Farmers Arm Matilda ELLIOTT spin, servant, Crow Head Thomas Earle, Eveline Earle - -
Aug 26 1892 At the house of Mr. William J. Scott, Twill. William CHIPMAN widower, fish, Crow Head Hannah VATCHER widow, housekeeper, Sleepy Cove Joseph Elliott, Jessie Elliott - -
Nov 24 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Ambrose William BURT bach, fish, Carters Cove Mary Ann BURT spin, housemaid, Burnt Cove John Tarrant, Wilhelmina Homes - -
Nov 27 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Elias YOUNG bach, fish, Twill Sarah MEHANEY spin, servant, Fridays Bay Philip Young, Wilhelmina Homes - Sarah Mehaney was born July 21 1870 Twill, the dau of William MEHANEY & Elizabeth ADAMS.
Mar 26 1893 Mr. Burnt's house, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Thomas BURT widower, planter, Burnt Cove Annie CHARD spin, servant, Coleys Point Charles Butt, Elizabeth Emma Butt - -
May 24 1894 Parsonage (Twillingate) James HINGS (INGS) bach, fish, Durrells Arm Annie BURT spin, servant, Wild Cove, South Is. Henry R. Burt, Elizabeth J Pennel - -
June 11 1894 Parsonage (Twillingate) John COOPER bach, fish, South Side Harriet Ann BURT spin, servant, Fridays Bay Eli Yates, Mary Anne Cooper - -
Nov 6 1894 Parsonage (Twillingate) Archibald COOPER 24, bach, fish, Twill Flora BURT 21, spin, Twill Lydia Newman, Ambrose William Burt - -
Mar 18 1895 Saltons School Room, Fridays Bay Obadiah BURT 22, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Kate GEDGE 21, spin, Fridays Bay Archibald Cooper, Sarah Jane Samson - -
Oct 3 1895 Residence of Ambrose Butcher, Twill. Arthur ADAMS bach, fish, Durrells Arm Martha ROBERTS spin, domestic, Durrells Arm George Earle, Dorcas Cooper - -
Jan 30 1896 Parsonage (Twillingate) Abraham BURT bach, fish, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Mary KEEFE spin, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Ann Keefe, Lillian? Curtis - -
Dec 2 1896 Twillingate Robert GUY 34, bach, fish, Twill Barbara YOUNG spin, Twill Rachel Young, George Guy - -
Dec 23 1896 Little Harbour John COLBOURNE 27, bach, fish, Purcells Hr Lavinia WINSOR 22, spin, Little Harbour Lavinia Anstey, Emma Ansty - -
Dec 31 1897 Parsonage (Twillingate) Walter BURT 22, bach, fish, Tilt Cove Alfrida HANN 23, spin, Fridays Bay Eli Hann, Eliza Sansom - -
Apr 23 1898 Twillingate Theodore WHITE 22, bach, fish, Bluff Head Laura STRONG 20, spin, Jenkins Cove Peter White, Elizabeth Gates - Laura Strong was born Sep 1 1877 Jenkins Cove, the dau of George STRONG & Louisa WALL?
Nov 14 1898 Parsonage (Twillingate) Uriah CHINN 25, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Mary MAHANEY 23, spin, Fridays Bay Drusilla James, Janet Chyinn (sic) - Mary Mehaney was born Aug 18 1875 Fridays Bay, the dau of William Mehaney & Elizabeth Adams.
Nov 12 1899 Parsonage (Twillingate) Charles GUY 30, bach, fish, Twill Lily SHEPPARD 25, domestic, Twill Edwin Hayward, Millie? Sheppard - -
May 20 1900 Twillingate John GUY 26, bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth DALLEY n/g, spin, Twill George Roberts, Kate Dalley - -
Sep 22 1900 Twillingate Kenneth BURT 22, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Ellen EDWARDS 23, spin, Change Islands Robert C. Hatcher, Eleanor E. Hatcher - -
Dec 21 1900 Twillingate Reuben ADAMS 25, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Elizabeth LODER 23, spin, Little Hr George Smith, Eleanor E. Hatcher - Reuben Adams was born June 1 1876 Little Hr, the son of Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth FARR, & grandson of George FARR & Fanny BURT.
Feb 13 1901 Twillingate William ADAMS 26, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Emily Ann GIDGE 22, spin, Fridays Bay Joseph Ings, Louisa Ings - William Adams was the son of Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth FARR, & the grandson of George FARR & Fanny BURT.
Jan 8 1902 Parsonage (Twillingate) James GUY bach, fish, Twill Maria KEEFE spin, Little Harbour Henry G? Young, Lucy Rice - -
Nov 5 1902 North Side Church, Twill Levi ELLIOTT widower, fish, Twill Louisa BURT widow, Tizzards Hr John Elliott, Phebe Elliott - Candidate for bride is Louisa SMITH who md 1887 to James Burt.
Mar 9 1903 Parsonage (Twillingate) Arthur BURT 21, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Annie DOVE 20, spin, Twill Archibald Cooper, Annie Freeman - -
Apr 16 1903 Crow Head school house, Twill Robert ANDREWS bach, fish, Crow Head Bertha YOUNG spin, n/g Charles Andrews, Martha Andrews - Bertha Lucy Wheeler Young was b Dec 8 1882 Twill, the dau of Levi Young & Sarah Ann Wheeler. This couple moved to La Scie, Green Bay.
Apr 28 1906 Parsonage (Twillingate) James BURT bach,fish, Fridays Bay Agnes FROUDE spin, n/g Andrew Hynes, Ida Hynes - -
May 18 1906 Parsonage (Twillingate) Walter BURT widower, fish, Fridays Bay Ophelia CHAPPEL widow, Fridays Bay Elijah Gillard, Emily Greenham - -
May 23 1908 Twillingate John Thomas BURT bach, fish, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Sarah Susan KEEFE spin, Little Harbour Jonathan Dove?, Mary A. Keefe - -
Feb 12 1909 North Side Church, Twill Sidney LOVERIDGE bach, fish, Twill Clara GUY spin, Twill Bertha Roberts, Bennett Young - Clara Jane Guy was born circa June 1881 Twill, the dau of Joseph & Mary Guy.
Jan 1? 1911 South Side Church, Twill Thomas GUY 29, bach, fish, South Side Mary Ann POND 27, spin, Farmers Arm Isaac Pond, Mary J. Guy - -
Sep 23 1911 Parsonage (Twillingate) Obadiah ROBERTS 29, bach, fish, Wild Cove Louise GUY 21, spin, Wild Cove Benjamin Roberts, Eliza Way - -
Dec 7 1911 North Side Church, Twill Frederick RIDOUT 35, bach, fish, Back Hr Bessie BATSTONE 19, spin, Nippers Hr Marion Clements Stark, Martin Luther - -
Aug 22 1912 Twillingate Norman M. GUY 29, minister, Grand Falls (B.A.) Dulcie MOORES 30, spin, Bluff Head Cove William J. Moore, D.E. Young - Norman Milligan Guy was born Mar 27 1883 Twill, the son of John & Rosanna Guy.
Apr 16 1914 Twillingate George NEWMAN bach, fish, Twill Harriett GUY spin, Twill Harry Gill, Lucy Leah Guy - Harriett Guy was b Jan 11 1891 Twill, the dau of Stephen GUY & Letitia WHEELER.
Feb 1 1916 At the house of Eli Wheeler, Twill. Alexander GUY 44, widower, fish, Twill Olinda Elizabeth WHEELER 44, spin, Twill Rachel Young, Minnie Embree Wheeler - Alexander Guy was born Oct 15 1868 Twill, the son of Frederick Guy & Mary Cooper; Olinda Elizabeth Wheeler was b Oct 22 1872 Twill, the dau of Elias Wheeler & Susannah Roberts.
Nov 11 1916 Parsonage (Twillingate) Frederick GUY 22, bach, fish, Wild Cove Dulcie BULGIN 20, spin, Farmers Arm George Roberts, Lydia Pond - -
July 10 1917 Parsonage (Twillingate) Herbert Frederick MOFFETT 28, bach, machinist, 133 Empire Street, Lynn MA USA Daisy BURT 24, spin, 208 1/2 Chatham Street, Lynn MA USA Chesley Roberts, Louise Elliott - -
Nov 7 1917 Twillingate Bertram ELLIOTT 29, bach, fish, Middle Arm, Green Bay Violet Maud RIDEOUT 20, spin, Middle Arm, Green Bay Claude Elliott, Rowena Elliott - -
Mar 25 1918 Twillingate James SEELEY 34?, bach, fish, Carters Cove Susanna Jane DECKER 19, spin, Twill Stanley Parsons, Mrs. James Vineham - -
Jan 22 1919 South Side Church, Twill Theodore Harvey FREEMAN bach, 29, fish, Anglican, Back Hr Lucy Leah GUY 25, spin, South Side, Methodist Stephen Guy, Harriet Newman - Lucy Leah Guy was born circa Aug 1893 Twill, the dau of Stephen GUY & Letitia WHEELER.
Sep 7 1919 Parsonage (Twillingate) Seymour GRIMES 28, bach, fish, Herring Neck, Anglican Ethel Matilda HURLEY 23, spin, Herring Neck, Methodist Edward Young, Ninah Young - Timothy SEYMOUR Grimes was b Nov 18 1890 Goshens Arm, Herring Neck, the son of Timothy & Jane.
Oct 20 1920 Parsonage (Twillingate) Frank GUY 22, single, fish, Twill Bessie PHILLIPS 22, single, Twill Matthias Anstey, Maggie Anstey - -

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