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Official Report of Coaker Recruits, 1930

Transcribed by AMALIE LEWIS TUFFIN, Jule 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Official Report of Coaker Recruits – Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
Transcribed from Twenty Years of the Fisherman’s Protective Union of Newfoundland by William F. Coaker. (1930).
No Name Next of Kin Address Nature of Casualty
3371Wm. C. ChristianWm. Christian, father72 Hayward AvenueDied of Multiple, G.S. Ws. Fract. Femur on 26/10/18;
3512Jesse NormanTeresa Norman, motherCatalinaG.S.W. R. Arm, mild, Nov. 22nd, 1917;
2841John MillerChas. Miller, father36 Mullock StreetG.S.W. L. Arm, mild, Oct.15th, 1918, Transferred to Foresters June 1, ’17;
3444Chas. RichardsStephen Richards, fatherKing’s Pt., N.D.B.G.S.W. L. Leg, severe amputation, Missing Dec. 3/17; rep. To Eng. Feb. 1918 with 2nd Battn. 1/14/19;
3380Robt. SimmonsWm. Simmons, fatherBotwood, N.D.B.G.S.W. L. Shoulder Aug. 1917. Demob 25/4/19;
3386Ward BallMrs. Jos. Luscumbe, motherBotwoodJoined Batt. In Field 2/7/17. Demob 14/4/19;
3425Pierce ParsonsJ. Parsons, fatherCat Hr., FogoDied of wounds 47 CCS. Le Treport 16/8/17;
3251Ernest ParsonsMrs. Mary Sharpe, motherLady Cove, T.B.Ad. Wandsworth G.S.W. L. Hand 15/10.17. Appvd. Demob. 21/6/19
3403Adolphus LockePhilip Locke, fatherPilley’s Island, N.D.B. Ad. Hosp. Rouen Oct. 11/17 G.S.W. L. Knee Rep. Depot St. John’s 12/10/18. Died Pilley’s, Isld. 3/11/18;
3404A.H. PittmanChas. Pittman, fatherPilley’s Island, N.D.B.Rep. Miss 3/12/17. Later rep. K. in A. Auth. Off. German List;
3488Herbert A. HouseWm. House, fatherTwillingateEnlisted 22/2/17. Disch. Med. Unfit 26/4/18.;
3456Douglas PelleyJabez Pelley, fatherSpringdale, N.D.B.Dang. Ill G.S.W. Chest. 29/11/17. Dis. to Base 19/1/18. Ad. Wandsworth 25/3/18. Dis. to duty 35/5/18. Demob. App. 23/2/19.;
3432Jos. FordStephen Ford, fatherEnglish Hr., T.B.Demob. Approved 19/6/19.;
3474C. GreeneMrs. Ed. KingHarry’s Hr., N.D.B.G.S.W. R. Leg and R. Arm 5/4/18.;
3506G. PainterMrs. A. Painter, motherHr. Breton, F.B.Demobilised 21/1/19.;
3389E. FroudeAbram Froude, fatherOld PerlicanG.S.W.L. Leg severe. Adm. 6th Gen’l Hosp. Rouen 11/10/17. Dang. Ill G.S.W. Abdomen. Died of wounds 14/10/18.
3308H.C. DuffettJohn Duffett, fatherBurgoynes CoveG.S.W. Leg severe 10/7/17. Demob. 24/4/19.;
3394F. BurtSilas Burt, fatherHamilton, N.D.B.G.S.W.R. Thigh severe 10/10/17. G.S.W. Back slight 30.9.17. Demob. 24/4/19.;
3387Kenneth LangdonRich. Langdon, fatherNorthern Arm, Bot.GSW. Ws. Back & Forehead 27/11/17. Demob. Confirmed 10/4/19.;
3388Arch. ManuelPhilip Manuel, fatherNorthern Arm, Bot.GSWL Leg severe 23/11/17. Demob. 17/4/19.;
3415Alpheus HarnettSaml. Harnett, fatherSeldom Come ByGSW. L. Arm, mild, 22/11/17;
3372W.J. StrattonMrs. Jas. Burry motherValleyfield, B.B.Died of wounds 13/3/18.;
3400Arthur PittmanGeo Pittman, fatherPilley’s Island, N.D.B.Discharged med. Unfit 17/8/18.;
3401Wesley PittmanWm. Pittman, fatherPilley’s Island, N.D.B.GSW. R. Leg Nov. /17. GSW. Head slight 30.9.18. Demob. 23/5/19.;
3399Ford JewerJos. Jewer, fatherLewisporteDemobilised 14/2/19.;
8103Albert PelleyJohn Pelley, fatherSouth West Arm, N.D.B.Demobilised 11/4/19.’
3438Garland PenneyFrancis Penney, fatherEnglish Hr., T.B.GSW. Finger 27/9/17. Demob. 1/5/19.;
3470Nehemiah DayReuben Day, brotherChampney’s, T.B.Discharged 11/2/17. Med. unfit.
3544Neville SamsonThos. E. Samson, fatherFlat Islands, B.B.Killed in Actiopn 3/12/17.;
3568Lorin RussellArthur Russell, fatherPrinceton, B.B.Demob. 21/4/19.;
3567Jos. PrinceRobt. Prince, fatherPrinceton, B.B.G.S.W. Face and R. Shoulder 1/10/18. Wandsworth Apl. 14th, 1919.
3515Mark LodgeMary J. Lodge, motherCatalinaG.S.W. L. Arm 20.11.17. Disch. Permanently unfit October 15th, 1918.;
3704Fred. H. GullageGeo. Gullage, fatherCatalinaDisch. 20/4/19.;
3768Whit. HollowayMrs. W. Holloway, wifeGreenspondG.S.W.L. Wrist, mild, Apl. 19/18. Demob. Approved 6/4/19.;
3838Dol. J. StucklessMrs. Emma Watkins, motherComfort Cove, N.D.B.Wounded Apl. 13/18, ;later reported missing same date. Presumed dead Nov. 9/18.
5200Jas. ThornhillAmbrose Thornhill, fatherLittle B.E.Demob. U.K. June 10.19.;
3439Wm. BarnesRich. Barnes, fatherEnglish Hr., T.B.Demob. 27/4/19.;
3471J.C. ButtMrs. Moses Butt, motherHenley Hr., Lab.G.S.W.R. Leg 15/8/17. G.S.W. Chest 2/12/17. Disch. med. unfit 3/9/18.;
3542Fred. J. WhiteRobt. White, fatherPrinceton, B.B.Killed in action 3/12/17.;
3566John PrinceSaml. Prince, fatherPrinceton, B.B.Demobilised 10/3/19.;
3525Alf. E. QuintonAlfred Quinton, fatherSouthern Bay, B.B.Adm. Jensen Camp 13/6/17. Died 27/6/17.;
3703Geo PomeroyWm. Pomeroy, fatherCatalinaMissing 3/12/17. Reported P. of W. 13/2/18. Discharged Med. unfit 20/12/18.
3702Harry BlundonTheo. Blundon, fatherCatalinaG.S.W.L. Arm severe 15/4/18. Discharged 3/17/19.;
3558Geo. PikeMary Cater, motherGrand FallsG.S.W. Chest, 30/9/17, G.S.W. Knee 13/4/18. Rptd. Hqrs. 1/6/19.;
5161E.J. ThornhillGeo. Thornhill, fatherLittle Bay IslandsDemob. Appvd. 20/6/19.;
3437Gilbert Ivany (2nd Lieut.) Wm. Ivany, fatherEnglish Hr., T.B.G.S.W.R. Hand severe, 10/10/17.; Retired 11/3/19.;
3308H.W. Quinton (2nd Lieut.)Jacob Quinton, fatherRed Cliffs, B.B.Retired Mar. 11/19.;

Pte. Pierce Parsons, Regt. No. 3425.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Parsons, born at Lumsden Oct. 17th., 1896, aged 23 years, who until 19 years of age attended the day school and thence to the Methodist College, St. John’s, where he spent a year, after which he started teaching. For two years he taught at Englee, the third year went to Lewisporte and took charge of the Superior School there, remaining until about the middle of January 1917 when he enlisted as Coaker Recruit, 1st Nfld. Regt. After four months training he went overseas to France where he received his fatal wound August 17th being taken from the battle field to the Geneva Hospital in France where he died August 18th and was buried at Le Treport in France. Private Parsons was a young man of many good qualities, being held high in respect by all who knew him. It may be said he died a Hero fighting for Freedom and Justice against the brutal Huns.

Royal Naval Reserve
NameNext of KinAddress
Herbert CollisMother, Elizabeth Chafe13 Prospect St., City
H. King

R. SimmonsMother, JessieWinterton, T.B.
J. ClarkeWife, MaryDunfield, T.B.
L. Brett

Orlando Howlett

Albert Ryan

James JohnsonMother, Mary11 Larken Square, City
Walter P. VincentFather, GeorgeTriton, N.D.B.
Arthur J. WinsorMother, HarriettTriton, N.D.B.
Gordon SimmsMother, LaviniaTriton, N.D.B.
Henry TulkWife, Alice J.Pt. aux Gaul, Lamaline, P.B.
William FowlerSister, SarahGrand Bank. F.B.
Alexander CrewsMother, DeborahPoint aux Gaul, Lamaline
Henry P. HillierWife, EmilyPt. aux Gaul, Lamaline, P.B.
Elisha HillierFather, JohnSilverdale, Green Bay
John BungayMother, LizzieHarbour Mill, F.B.
Joseph PelleyMother, SusanBeaverton, N.D.B.
Kenneth CrewsMother, LauraPoint Crew, P.B.
H.V. HunterFather, RichardSalvage, B.B.
Chesley HillierMother, DeborahLamaline, P.B.
Oliver Batt[pictured only]Joe Batt’s Arm

(None dead)

From The Twillingate Sun, July 15, 1916:

FROM OLIVER BATT. The writer of the following letter is Seaman Oliver Batt, R.N.R., son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Batt who enrolled on board H.M.S. Briton this spring, and is now at Devonport, England training.

Dear Mother,

As I received your letters last night, the first I have received since I left home, I thought I would drop you a few lines. We left the Briton before your letters got there, and they have been following us since.

I am well, and sorry to hear you could not work very well and that you always had me on your mind. Don't worry too much, I am all right. If I had thought I was doing wrong I should not be here, but I am glad I am here today. We are having the best of times and I think everyone ought to try and do his bit.

As far as the war goes, I do not know very much, but I can tell you it was a wonderful battle in the North Sea the other day. A lot of ships were sunk on both sides. Things look a lot brighter than they did, and I guess it will be over by October.

One thing if we fellows came home we will not be made fun of; lots are too cowardly to join.

We don't know what war is yet, but we hope to get out on ship by August. One thing, we are in a good place, the best I ever struck. It is so nice and warm we can sleep out on the grass at any time when we are not at work.

I suppose father is getting a little fish by this time. Tell him not to work too hard, I will be home with him again yet, down on the banks, with my hands on the washboards.

We haven't done much drill yet, because there is a big crowd ahead of us.

It is not much trouble to see a warship; they are coming in and out all day long. I was sorry to hear of the death of Neahmiah Whalen. Poor fellow, who would have thought he would go so quickly.

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