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Cottlesville Old Community Cemetery

The Town of Cottlesville is situated along the coastline of the southwestern part of New World Island, in Notre Dame Bay. In 1980, the former communities of Cottles Island and Lukes Arm were incorporated into one town, and renamed Cottlesville. Compiled & contributed by Milton Anstey - 2009. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors. Added by the contributer.
Surname and Given Name(s) Birth Death Contributer's Remarks
Anstey, Hilda Lillian
Anstey, Meta May
Nov 24, 1883
Dec 31, 1944
June 28, 1937
Hilda Lillian Anstey was the daughter of Joseph and Alice Barnes of Black Island. She married Levi Andrew Anstey. Meta May Anstey was the daughter of Levi Andrew and Hilda Lillian Anstey.
Anstey, Levi AndrewApr 21, 1883 May 21, 1953 Levi Andrew Anstey was the son of Mary Ann Anstey. He married Hilda Lillian Barnes.
King, Charles
King, Mary Jane
circa 1851
circa 1863
Mar 23, 1933
Dec 21, 1945
Charles King was reportedly born at Change Islands. He married Mary Jane Bulgin.
King, Myrtle
King, Yvonne
Feb 23, 1923
May 21, 1939
Apr 27, 1923
Apr 5, 1946
Myrtle King and Yvonne King were daughters of Stanley and Elsie King.
King, Rosaliecirca 1874Jan 22, 1953 Rosalie King was the daughter of John and Dinah Normore. She married (1) William Martin, (2) Beniah Short, (3) Samuel King.
King, Samuel
King, Julia
King, Dora
circa 1860

Jan 10, 1888

Feb 3, 1905
Samuel King was reportedly born at Change Islands. He married (1) Julia Adams, (2) Rosalie (Normore) (Martin) Short. Julia King was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Adams, and the first wife of Samuel King. Dora King was the daughter of Samuel and Julia King.
King, Tassie
King, Philip
June 25, 1948
Dec 21, 1935
Nov 15, 1955
July 2, 1956
Tassie King and Philip King were children of Stanley and Elsie King.
Mugford, Mark
Mugford, Phoebe
Mugford, Bennett
circa 1860
July 25, 1861
May 16, 1893
Apr 30, 1926
Dec 22, 1928
Apr 14, 1917
Mark Mugford was the son of George and Lily Mugford of Twillingate. He married Phoebe Poole. Phoebe Mugford was the daughter of Simon and Rachel Poole of Twillingate She married Mark Mugford. Bennett Mugford was the son of Mark and Phoebe Mugford. Bennett Mugford, Regimental #2521, served in World War I, and was killed in action at Monchy Le Preux, on April 14, 1917.
Philpott, Justinian James
Philpott, May Blossom
Jan 6, 1888
Aug 27, 1882
July 19, 1975
Jan 6, 1944
Justinian James "Jim" Philpott was the son of William and Harriet Philpott. His first wife was May Blossom Froude.
Philpott, Peggy Rowena Jan 1, 1948 Jan 8, 1948 Peggy Rowena Philpott was the daughter of Ronald and Marjorie Philpott.
Pryor, Annie Feb 28, 1887 Mar 4, 1945 Annie Pryor was the daughter of Charles and Mary Jane King. She married Jonathan Jacob "John" Pryor. (headstone spells Prior- NL GenWeb)
Pryor, Thomas circa 1854 Sept 20, 1935 Thomas Pryor was reputedly a native of England. He was married to Mary Janes of Twillingate.
Rideout, Cadiz Nov 15, 1896 Sept 18, 1944 Cadiz Rideout was the son of Ambrose and Elizabeth Rideout. He married Elsie Martha King. Cadiz Rideout served in World War I.
Rideout, Elsie Martha May 19, 1897 Nov 11, 1962 Elsie Martha Rideout was the daughter of Charles and Mary Jane King. She married Cadiz Rideout.
Rideout, Meta 1909 1941
Rideout, Sophie
Rideout, Rowena Bessie
Mar 1898
Nov 29, 1906
Sophie Rideout and Rowena Bessie Rideout were daughters of Kenneth and Jane Rideout.

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