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Cottlesville Old Salvation Army Cemetery

The Town of Cottlesville is situated along the coastline of the southwestern part of New World Island, in Notre Dame Bay. In 1980, the former communities of Cottles Island and Lukes Arm were incorporated into one town, and renamed Cottlesville. Compiled & contributed by Milton Anstey - 2009. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors. Added by the contributer.
Surname and Given Name(s) Birth Death Contributer's Remarks
Anstey, Andrew William Sept 13, 1900 July 18, 1962 Andrew William Anstey was the son of Eli and Jane Anstey. He married Ena Head of Comfort Cove.
Anstey, Rose Velma Oct 2, 1949 Jan 8, 1967 Rose Velma Anstey was the daughter of Maxwell and Selina Anstey.
Butler, Samuel 1884 1966 Samuel Butler was the son of Jacob and Mary Ann Butler, of Samsons Island. Samuel Butler married three times.
Cooper, Frederick 1890 1972 Frederick Cooper was the son of William and Selina Cooper. He married Maud Philpott.
Cooper, Maud Aug 20, 1892 May 26, 1961 Maud Cooper was the daughter of William and Harriet Philpott. She married Frederick Cooper.
Flight, Cecil John Jan 1959 Nov 1959 Died at an infant age.
Gillard, Marvin
Gillard, Steven

Marvin Gillard and Steven Gillard died at an infant age.
Philpott, Clara 1884 1948 Clara Philpott was the daughter of Robert George and Elizabeth Theresa Hale of Change Islands. She married (1) William Eldred Cooper, (2) Charles John White, (3) Mark Philpott.
Philpott, Mark Aug 27, 1889 Sept 4, 1972 Mark Philpott was the son of William and Harriet Philpott. He married Clara Hale, who was married twice before.
Pryor, Minnie Florence Sept 3, 1897 July 8, 1971 Minnie Florence Pryor was the daughter of Elihu James and Selina Moores. She married Augustus Pryor.
Rideout, Alpheaus 1874> 1966 Alpheaus "Alfred" Rideout was the son of John and Amy Rideout of Western Head. He married Effie Jennings.
Rideout, Effie Jan 7, 1878 Feb 5, 1957 Effie Rideout was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Jane Jennings of Western Head. She married Alpheaus "Alfred" Rideout.
Snow, Eric Daniel Jan 19, 1954 Nov 23, 1954 Died at an infant age.
Watkins, John
Watkins, Mary Elizabeth
John Watkins married Mary Elizabeth Cooper, daughter of William and Selina Cooper.
White, StewartJuly 14, 1890 June 7, 1945 Stewart White was the son of George and Elizabeth White. He married (1) Rachel Peckham, (2) Mary Frampton.

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