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Published once a week on Wednesdays – 8 pages per issue
Loaded with lots of local news, from the Districts, from the city, especially the West Coast and from correspondents from various places.

Transcribed from the handwritten notes of Calvin Evans by Beverly Warford While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors

Jan 7, 1903


On the 5th ult. Ella Jane, oldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Gibbons, aged 23 yrs.

Feb 4, 1903


J.H. Evans’ shoe store, Water St. – slight fire

Feb 18, 1903

Botwoodville Feb 2nd

Hardest winter for 10 years – from zero to 10 below zero for a week at a time… fortunate for logging or milling concerns….a busy coming summer. The Exploits Lumber Company have over 200 men in the camps here and 100 in the woods at Badger Brook; this means a cut of 7 or 8 million feet of lumber. The Crowe Company (Highland Lumber Co) at Norris Arm…. doing well at logging… will soon commence enlarging on their mill…. and will build 20 houses for their workmen. The Miller Co. having successful operation at the Red Indian Lake and will put in double the cut of any previous year. Fishermen glad that steps being taken to stop cutting of timber on Crown lands…..Exploits Bay frozen up as far as Exploits Harbour and Twillingate, good driving for 60 miles, from Bishop’s Falls to Twillingate. Correspondent.

Feb 25, 1903


Wm. King, shipwright of St. John’s, died at Pittsburgh, PA.

March 4, 1903


Snow 15 feet deep in places. 10 feet on average in lumber camps. FUDGE brought from Peter’s River lumber camp with frozen feet. Rev. Mr. PALMER, Methodist, has completed his visits to different lumber camps, making the annual collection for general church purposes. Another party of American and Canadian lumber specialists came by last Bruce train to look over the Exploits Lumber Company’s claim with a view to buying. We understand a Mr. MILLER, a large lumber merchant of Toronto, is one of them. ……. Situation of workmen can hardly be improved around here. Another company may employ more men but it is not likely they will give better wages. Under the present management men get every satisfaction…..that J.A. CLIFE, K.C., has sold his 400 square mile timber limits in Hall’s Bay to the Crowe Company…..Correspondent.

March 18, 1903


Snow blockade – mails irregular. Joseph JURE, boss of No. 2 Camp for Exploits Lumber Co., had parts of his hand shot away….walking thru woods with gun on shoulder, ….hammer caught in branch of a tree….Dr. SMITH attended. G.A. FOWLER, Esq., Manager, paid visit to Badger Brook mill last week…very successful winter. The young ladies of Northern Arm got up a splendid concert…Saturday night. Over 100 went from this side…over 250 in total. Everybody delighted. L.O.A. planning an entertainment… about the time when men come from the lumber camps. – Correspondent

Shipping News

The Telephone over at Exeter on Thursday last, all well.

Botwoodville, March 18

The Exploits Bay is now one sheet of ice as smooth as glass…can skate to Twillingate. Josiah MANUEL, Esq., here to visit friends…looks remarkably well. He is building 2 schooners this winter, one 70 tons, one 50 tons. Mr. Jabez MANUEL sick all winter…now well. The Fishermen’s Resources being cut out by mill owners all around NDB ……. (plus) several thousand sq miles tied up by speculators who will not operate…. Government will not enforce.

Mar 25, 1903

Crowe Syndicate

The biggest lumber deal in the history of this colony was completed last Saturday by filing of the papers in connection with the so-called Crowe Syndicate. The new company will be known as the Newfoundland Timber Estates Ltd. and has amongst its principals Henry J. WHITNEY of Boston and B.F. PEARSON of Halifax. It has several options over the Lewis Miller and Co.’s property at Millerstown, Glenwood, Lewisporte and Indian Bay, Phillips mills, those of the Highland Lumber Co. and Murphy’s at Gambo, which latter have been purchased outright. Anticipate a cut this year of 40 to 50 million feet. The Company is capitalized at $3 million.

April 8, 1903

Saw Mill

Horwood Lumber Co. intend erecting a big saw mill in the north and Mr. W.F. HORWOOD has decided to build a duplicate of the new Moore Mill at Pleasant Point, NB. He has already secured the hand saws from the Waterons people, and the rest of the machinery will be supplied by the St. John’s Iron Works Co.


Mr. M.M. BEATON who has been here inspecting pulp areas for Messrs. HARMSWORTH of London left for Canada by the Rosalind last week.

New Bay

…very stormy winter, snow covering the fences…not less than 10 or 12 feet deep. On the 11th our day school teach, Miss Betty BRETT, had an entertainment consisting of recitations, dialogues and singing….reflecting credit on their young and amiable leader. It is a pity our schools should be divided and _____ closed the best part of the season. We have had only one visit from our minister this winter and do not expect another till the spring opens, which is a great drawback morally. Correspondent

The Districts

Glenwood – About 140 loggers have been engaged cutting the past winter for the Glenwood mills and have now 65,000 logs ready for sawing as soon as the summer opens.

Apr 15, 1903

Lewis Miller Co.

Mr. HANSEN, bookkeeper of the Lewis Miller Co. at Glenwood. Loggers expected from the camps about the 15th, ice beginning to break up. Best year for logging for some time past.

April 22, 1903


Lumber men are clearing up their winter operations and preparing for the drive. Exploits Lumber Co. have cut logs to make 8 million feet of lumber, the work of the Badger Brook branch included.

April 27, 1903


Rumor has it that Lewis MILLER has sold out his large lumber plant and areas at Red Indian Lake to the CROWE syndicate for $450,000.

The Districts

A new 60 ton schooner has been built by Capt. J. FOWLOW of Trinity during the winter. She is not yet off the stocks, but is said to be a pretty model.

May 5, 1903


Mr. Henry WHITNEY, who is now a Newfoundland lumber king, will visit the Island during this month to investigate our coal and iron reserves.

May 12, 1903


The former Lewis Miller Lumber Co. has now passed in the hands of a syndicate controlling Gambo, Glenwood, Gander Bay, Notre Dame Junction, Norris Arm and Millertown mills – The Newfoundland Timber Estates….reported that Miller & Co. will still hold the Lewisporte Lumber Yards, and the Newfoundland Timber Estates will sell all number one deals to Miller & Co. to be shipped at Lewisporte. The seasons cut at Glenwood – 5 million feet (2 million feet left from last year) – to be sawn this summer (200,000 logs in total). The former G.L. PHILLIPS estate has also passed over to the same syndicate – has 3 million feet – logs will be driven to Glenwood and sawn there, not to Gander Bay.

Glenwood now boasts a road…the “street” is not perfect. We live in a continual atmosphere of sawdust – this everywhere. Our school at present is supported wholly by the people here, not by Government which intends to bring in undenominational schools.

The Company are building a large paddle steamer for use on the lake towing logs, a sister ship to one present in use a Millertown.

May 12, 1903

Botwoodville – House of Thos. HANCOCK destroyed by fire (3rd since New Years).

May 19, 1903


The sound of caulking mallet and the hammer, blazing tar barrels applied to the bottoms and sides of various crafts, the barking of nets and other indications of preparations for the coming season’s operators, are now much in evidence.

Botwoodville – May 16th

The Exploits Lumber Company’s boom in Northern Arm burst on Thursday evening last….low tide….20,000 logs in boom. The S.S. Exploits got over with two booms in time and have all the logs. The mill caught fire on Monday by a spark from the small furnace, but the mill-wrights had it extinguished before it caused any damage. The drive is finished in Northern Brook….only took 17 days, quickest on record. Rivers still in flood. Lots of snow in woods. G.A. FOWLER went to Badger Brook to inspect ……expected drive will last 50 days – longest this year. The Newland Lumber Company ?took/?look over the stock, etc. of the Highland Lumber Company this _____.

May 26, 1903

The Northern Bays are still nearly filled with ice.

Destructive fire near Glenwood….Phillip’s buildings and lumber camps not damaged.

Jun 2, 1903

It is said that pulp and paper mills are to be erected near Grand Lake by Alfred Harmsworth, the proprietor of the London Daily Mail and other publications. The whole output of the mills will be used by the Harmsworths. Bay of Islands will be the shipping port.

Mr. F.E. WHITMAN has returned to this country and will be the manager at Glenwood for the Timber Estates Company. Mr. WHITMAN formerly held the same position for Lewis MILLER Co., but resigned last year.

The Districts

Big forest fire raged near Port Blandford…a saw-mill owned by Mr. J. STONE barely escaped destruction.

June 9, 1903

Botwoodville June 6th

The Exploits Lumber Co. have sold out to Wood, Barker & Co. of Boston. The Company took charge on June 1st. It is reported they will engage in the pulp industry as well as in manufacturing lumber…..all the old officers will retrain their positions. The mill commenced sawing on the Tuesday last – may last 3 months. The Newland Lumber and Pulp Co., Norris Arm, have built a large mill, also stable, stores and 6 new houses…making things hum. Dr. SMITH has invested in a mine at New Bay Head – owned by Ben Billings. Pilley’s Island – 3,200 tons of ore in one steamer, SS Tyr will take 3,400 tons. Botwoodville will not consent to being dropped as a port of call for the S.S. Clyde (Now would have to go to Lewisporte to join her).

The Districts

Messrs CROWE and Co. hope to cut at least 3 million feet of lumber at Gambo next year.

June 16, 1903

Answers to Correspondents – New Bay – after very carefully considering, and reconsidering, your communication we are compelled to decide that the subject is not one for discussion in the Press.


Thomas A. Pippy, Mechanical Engineer, Brass Finisher and Coppersmith. Waldegrave St, St. John’s the best place in the city for the making and repairing of sawmill machinery.

58 schooners cleared from Harbour Grace this season for Labrador coast fishery, tonnage 1421, no of men crew 253, male passengers 585, female passengers 172.

June 30, 1903


Twelve candidates for exam at this Centre for the council of Higher Education Examination. Mr. Job MANUEL is expecting his engine, boiler and milling machines to arrive here by next trip of Clyde. Mr. Manuel has a good cut of logs, which he procured in Northern Brook the winter, waiting for the erection of his mill. We wish Skipper Job good luck in this new enterprise. Loyal Orange Lodge has commenced their new Lodge. 70’ X 30’ The Duke of Cornwall Lodge has only had its warrant for 18 months – 70 members. Prominent site – will be in sight 10 miles up and 10 miles down the bay.

It is reported that the Highland Lumber Co is in trouble over logging on Crown Lands. Surveyor FAREN is investigating. Henry LANGDON of Northern Arm had a fine young heifer killed and a cow torn in a frightful manor by a bear last Monday.


Died at Botwoodville Annie Adelaide BURT, wife of Harry BURT, Esq., Jr., a native of Bedminster, Dorset, England, after a protracted illness.

Jul 7, 1903

Shipping news

The new schooner Springdale arrived from Hall’s Bay on Wednesday. She is built as a trader and is 92 tons.

A new schooner the Snowbird of 65 tons built by Mr. Thomas A. WINSOR was surveyed last week.

July 14, 1903


Job MANUEL got his steam portable sawmill by the Clyde last week. He expects to have it in working order by the 20th of this month. This makes three steam and 4 water wheel sawmills within four miles of Botwoodville.

Mr. MURPHY, agent of the firm of Wood, Barker & Co….is here looking after the interests of his firm. C.T. HILLSON, Esq., is expected to arrive by tomorrows express. Mr. BARKER, of the firm Wood, Barker & Co., is also expected. Mr. BARNHILL, who was here for 3 weeks, returned home on Friday. G. A. FOWLER, Esq., manager of the Exploits Lumber Co. and John McLEAN, Esq., manager of Newland Lumber & Pulp Co.


Amongst prominent visitors expected this summer are Messrs. WHITNEY and B.F. PEARSON in connection with Timber Estates property and Messrs. Harold HARMSWORTH and M.H. BEETON to look after pulp areas and coal prospecting.

Jul 21, 1903

Newland Lumber Co.

Mr. Alfred YOUNG of Lewisporte has been placed in charge of the Newland Lumber Co.’s affairs at Notre Dame Junction … an eminently reliable and competent official.


The new mill at Dog Bay belonging to the Horwood Lumber Co. will be ready for work about middle of next month.

Jul 28, 1903

T.W.B. EVANS, well-known Fish Warden & Sportsmen’s guide died (Cartyville) on Thursday 9th after a long illness. A native of Devonport, England. Rev. Charles Jeffery did funeral (Bay St. George).


It is said that 20 steamers have been charted to load lumber at Lewisporte and that 50 million feet will be exported this season – but what about re-foresting?


The schooner Morning Star, Capt. Philip King, belonging to Hant’s Hr., was wrecked at York Point, Chateau, Strait of Belle Isle on the 16th. Her crew brought by the home to Bay of Island and then went by train to their homes.

Aug 4, 1903

Botwoodville July 24th

Died at Sparrable Cove, Exploits Bay, 22n inst Robert PORTER age 63. A pioneer farmer in this bay. Starting 45 years ago he cleared a farm and built up a settlement. Closest liviers were at Northern Harbour, 12 miles distant, or till later when others settled at Kite Cove.

Jabez MANUEL here this week visiting the different branches of his trade. Josiah MANUEL Esq, Exploits, confined to the house.

Norwegian barge loaded with ?deals and boards and will sail for Britain – the first foreign shipment from this port this year.

Archibald JURE aged 24, son of Henry, died on Wednesday with consumption.

Bishop of Newfoundland Canon TEMPLE, consecrated a graveyard at Indian Point, and one at Botwoodville.

Mr. BARKER and wife of Boston arrived by express – here a few days on business with his firm which has brought the Exploits Lumber Co.

Tilt Cove

Mr. STEWART of Sopp’s Arm, White Bay making great progress with his gold mine. $1 million already in sight.


Messrs. Harold HARMWORTH and M. BEATON are now guests of Sir Cavendish BOYLE. Will shortly be joined by an eminent geologist and proceed to the coal areas for personal examination as to their formation and possibilities of development on businesses lines. (near Grand Lake)

Aug 11, 1903

Pilley’s Island – Aug 3rd – A line is being cut from Pilley’s Island to bottom of Hall’s Bay and a telegraph line is being built from Pilley’s Island to South West Arm, a much needed improvement. Not only is the telegraph provided, but a traveling road is open all the way around Hall’s Bay touching at Rabbit’s Arm and also at Boot Harbour connecting with the mail route from South Brook to Badger waters junction. The traveling public will be next benefited in spring and fall, especially the mail courier. Much danger to life will now be avoided in the transmission by courier and out from Pilley’s Island to Little Bay of written telegram.

Want Ad

For South West Arm, New Bay, a teacher, salary $120 and school fees

For North West Arm, a teacher, salary $100 and school fees

For Exploits, a first grade male teacher, salary $220 and school fees

Aug 25, 1903


Messrs. WHTNEY and PEARSON are expected this week to pay a visit to the properties of the Newfoundland Timber Estates Co. Mr. CROWE has gone to meet them and will accompany them to their properties.

Shipping News

The Telephone sails to Little Placentia.

Port of Entry

Port Blandford has been made a Port of Entry for the Colony.

Sept 1, 1903

Little Bay

Telegraphic communication between here and S.W. Arm will soon be an accomplished fact.

Botwoodville Aug 29th

The mill finished sawing yesterday. Shortest sawing season for many years – not exceed 3 months. The company is now locating the camps for the fall and winter logging which will be on a large scale – 12 to 15 million feet – requiring 80 horses and 400 men.

The Newland Lumber Co., Norris Arm, to operate on large scale the coming winter – between 250-300 men. With Millertown and the small mills around here – about 1000 men to be employed in the lumbering industry in the Exploits Valley. Most of the men will be from Notre Dame Bay. We can thank the 1898 railway contract for the introduction of the capital to make this wonderful prosperity possible.

C.T. HILLSON, Esq. is again with us and Mrs. SILVER, his daughter, and 2 children here for a holiday.

Steam and sail

Schooner Encore owned by Caleb Manuel of Exploits was recently totally destroyed by fire at entrance to Chateau Harbour. Was taking a load of lumber from Lewisporte and had just reached her destination when a lamp exploded in the cabin. Cargo estimated at $4,000. Schooner insured.

Sept 8, 1903

The districts

The lumber mill areas at Botwoodville owned by Mr. D.F. HILLSON of Nova Scotia have been sold by that gentleman to Barker & Co of Boston for $250,000.

Notice: One month after the date hereof application will be made to His Excellency the Governor in Council for the right to use the water of Grand Falls, Exploits River, for the purpose of driving machinery. George J. BARKER, Exchange Bldg., Boston, Aug 29

Sept 15, 1903

Tilt Cove

Steamers are being loaded as fast as they can return from Wales and New York. Estimated of 70,000 tons of ore for a summer’s work.


Mr. W.J. MURPHY, local manager for the New Exploits Lumber Company, arrived by train from Boston on Thursday. Mr. MILLER who has been here for two months left for Boston. Mr. and Mrs. BARKER leave by Monday’s express for the US. Mrs. FALENBERG leaves by Monday’s express to visit friends in Montreal and Quebec.

Sept 22, 1903

Mark PIKE, sailmaker at Carbonear, died last Tuesday, 77 yrs old.


The new schooner Bobs built at Roberts Arm, Pilley’s Island last winter by Frank Wair, arrived in port from Snook’s Arm with a load of whale bone……for registration. She is a splendid craft of 144 tons, is on her maiden voyage to Windsor, NS and will mostly be used in the f_____ in connection with the tilt Cove Stores trade. Capt. SAUNDERS in command.

The Districts

Harmworths at Grand Lake

Mr. BEETON, Mr. HARMSWORTH’s representative, …… selecting a site of their new pulp mill. He has decided on a spot 2 miles distant from the railway….arrangements being made for a branch line from Grand Lake Station to the mill site. (Western Star). Having survey of property made and doing soundings on the lake. Will have steam launch running on the lake.


Born at Lewisporte on Sept 10 a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. R.H. CAMPBELL.

Sept 29, 1903

Bay Roberts

Capt. Wm DAWE recovered a cargo of lumber from Gambo, per schooner Larksper on Fri 25th.

Shipping News

Arrival - The Jeanette from Botwoodville with lumber to the Horwood Lumber Co. Ltd.

Leaving – J.W. DUNN for Lewisporte to load lumber for Boston.

Oct 6, 1903

Bay Roberts

Mr. Jas. EVANS visited from Adam’s Cove.

Oct 13, 1903

Comments on Norman Duncan’s novel “The Way of the Sea” – critical of the way he portrays Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders.


It is said that 50 million feet of lumber will be exported from the colony this year and of this amount The Timber Estates Co. will account for 20 million feet. Twenty steamers will be loaded at Lewisporte by this Company. Over 2000 men are now obtaining a permanent living from the lumber industry in the colony.

Mr. Lewis MILLER, late owner of Millertown, has lately purchased the property of Dominon Lumber Co. at St. Margaret’s Bay, US. The purchase price being $400,000. 8000 acres land – abundance of spruce and hemlock. A mill capable of cutting from 12-15 million feet a year besides stores, houses, outbuildings, wharves, etc. Mr. John MILLER, his son, will manage the property.

The Herold states that prospects are now bright for establishment of Messrs. HARMSWORTH of London, of an enormous pulp and paper making industry at a cash of $2.5 million, the location of the works to be at Grand Lake. An engineer there are finding out capacity of water power, the only obstacle. A sulphite mill to be built of 300-500 tons per week capacity, a mechanical pulp mill of 600 tons/wk, besides a mill for turning the pulp into paper ready for sale.

Oct 20, 1903


Schooners all home from Labrador. VMBS, Wm EVANS, about 500 qtls., used all their salt. Reliance, Edward EVANS, about 280 qtls, used their salt. Alexandra, Henry EVANS, about 300 qtls., used their salt. Snow Bird, Henry SHEPPARD, about 200 qtls., French Shore. Albert, E. BROWN, about 600 qtls, making fish on the shore (Kite Cove?) Fair catch and good price made the summer’s voyage fairly successful

Two new officers of the Exploits Lumber Co. – Mr. COLBURN and Mr. MURPHY.

$15-$20 a month and found for men in the lumberwoods. Great demand for men.

James WENTZELL, sawyer at Badger Brook mill – accident at mill – a ?deal struck him in face and chest…… Mr. BARKER expected here in a few days.

G.A. FOWLER, late manager of Explotis Lumber Co., leaving for Amberth, NS with wife. Here for nearly 6 yrs. Miss FOWLER will remain in Botwoodville.

Tilt Cove

Miss Lily MARTN, clerk with James JACKAMN, Esq. at Tilt Cove, has gone to Baie Verte to carry on his branch of business there. W.J. MARTIN, Esq. who controlled it for the past year having accepted office with the Terra Nova Company.

The Whale factory at Snook’s Arm (Mr. NEILSON, manager) has given money to build and complete a house for school and religious purposes.

New Bay

Fish is about done for the season, not much done with squid. Vessels arrived home safely from St. John’s.

Magistrate BLANDFORD of little Bay has been here…..first he brought up several men for catching foxes in closed season….he took away 3 or 4 from different men….Then he came back to investigate in connection with the public wharf, Cottle’s Cove and nearly every man that worked on it in any way was put on oath to tell the number of days he worked, and material furnished. Certain parties laying charges against the commissioner, Mr. MOORS….an envious busy-body.

A secret meeting was called last night to talk about building a central church, but whatever hope there is of getting a church built when things are done openly and above board, there is none where things are done behind the screen.

There are prospects of gold from the public wharf, Cottle’s Cove to Spencers Cove. Claims are already staked and specimens sent on, and no doubt things will be humming in that direction by next spring. I may say that between catching foxes in close season, charges of fraud in connection with public works, recent meetings about building central churches and gold mining, New Bay is making a few strides to the front. Correspondent.

The issue of the Wesleyan for October 28th will deal with Newfoundland Methodism.


Lumber Exports

About 50 million feet of lumber to be shipped from the Colony this year. Newfoundland Timber Estates Co. will ship 25 million feet. New Land Co. 8 million feet. Barker Co. 8 million feet. Willis and Horwood 8 million feet, plus smaller concerns. Timber worth $10 per thousand – for total value of $500,000.


New Board of Church of England Education for Botwoodville – J.W. AITKEN, J.T. BENDLE, H. J. BURT, J.P., F.A. FALKENBURG, Thomas LETHBRIDGE and Charles PITTMAN, Norris Arm.


The Timber Estates Company are importing oxen to be used in connection with their mills. Fifteen yoke arrived to them last week.

Oct 27, 1903


Labrador schooners all home except half a dozen.


Home of Joseph HANCOCK destroyed by fire – stove pipe became disconnected near the roof. Just had time to lower his wife and two children through the window.

George BARKER, Esq. left for Boston this morning.

C.T. HILLSON, Esq. is again with us.

John PORTER, age 19, son of Robert Porter, Sperrable Cove, Exploits died of consumption. His father died about two months ago.

James WENTZELL so seriously injured…doctor does not know yet if he will recover.


Edward B. COLBOURNE, Esq., Millertown appointed as J.P. for the Colony.

Mr. William MANUEL, Northern Arm, Exploits Bay, appointed as surveyor of lumber.


The Telephone arrived Oporto on Friday.

Over 100 local craft arrived in port during past week bring in estimated 200,000 qtls. fish. A great deal still being held in outports waiting for a rise in price.


Died Sunday, Emily Wright aged 35 yrs, wife of Wm Lidstone.

Nov 3, 1903

Steam and sail

A new schooner, the Forest Belle built by Capt. William WHITE of Seal Cove, BB was surveyed and measured last Wednesday. She is a finally built craft of 20 tons.


Shortage of men for lumbering – offering higher wages.


Sir Robert BOND and Mr. J. A. CLIFT visited (without fanfare). He visited the salmon catchers that were illegally prohibited from fishing this summer at Wigwam Point, and abjectly apologized for the bungling of the government (his miserable legislation!!). He did not visit Burnt Arm where one of the blocks of land that the government paid Reid for, and that Reid still owned, encroaches dangerously near the settlers.

The telegraph wire will soon be extended to Botwoodville.

Surveyor LONG returns to St. John’s tonight. He has been making lines for the Exploits Lumber Co. The bargue, Millon, is loading lumber for the American market.

Seventeen horses arrived on Sunday last from Montreal for the Expoits Lumber Co., some of which are very large.

Nov 10, 1903

The Districts

John MILES of Fogo, foreman of the Timber Estates Co. was badly injured at Lewisporte on Saturday by a car running over him …. Parking a car up the track… slide back. He died later….. 27 yrs old.

Shipping news

The Telephone is now at Vienna loading salt for here.

The new schooner, Ocean Bride, which was built at Green’s Harbour, Trinity Bay the past season was surveyed and measured. She is 55 tons; examined by Mr. WHEATLEY to see whether she came up to the necessary requirements for bounty.

Nov 17, 1903


John WARFORD married Mary BRETT, bachelor of New Bay, at St. Peter’s Church, Twillingate, Friday 6th inst.

Dec 1, 1903

Shipping News

The Telephone arrived - 18 days from Vienna.

Dec 8, 1903


A number of men who went to Gambo to work at lumbering returned during the week. Many tell tales of their dissatisfaction with the treatment accorded to them, which made it impossible to remain and necessitated their early return.


Robert SMALL of Tizzard’s Harbour appointed a Surveyor of Lumber.


To a Canadian newspaper, Mr. B.F. PEARSON, Secretary of the Timber Estates Co, stated that during the past summer they operated five lumber mills and produced 25 million feet of lumber in this country. Next year 6 mills will be in operation and the output is expected to reach 40 million feet. Most of the lumber consisting of pine and spruce is sold to the West Coast of England, where it competes with the white wood of Norway.

Dec 15, 1903

Some of the men who were engaged by the lumber companies for logging at Millertown and Gambo complain of bad treatment by the bosses and have left off work. Others say they cannot get their accounts settled up. Several of the men who left had to sell their clothes to pay their way home.

Dec 27, 1903

Notice – One month from the date thereof application will be made to His Excellency the Governor-in-Council for the right to use waters of book flowing into Juley’s Harbour, Badger Bay, in the District of Twillingate for the purpose of driving machinery.

St. John’s, Dec 20th. John COLBOURNE

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