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Transcribed from the handwritten notes of Calvin Evans by Beverly Warford  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors. Calvin Evans wishes to note that his recordings on the Free Press reflect his own research interests only and should not be taken as complete information by any means.

Jan 4, 1916


Died on New Year’s night, Julia Downton, aged 81, wife of Aram Downton. Leaving husband, 2 sons, 14 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters.

Jan 11, 1916

War Effort

The Aeroplanes “Newfoundland” – Newfoundland’s five – Nos. 8, 9, 22,23 and the one given by Messrs Reid Bros. is denominated No. 10. This is Newfoundland’s contribution to the war effort. Montreal comes next to Newfoundland with 4 and Hong Kong with 3.


Died (no date) Mrs. R.G. Rendell in Virginia. Daughter of late Hon. A.M. MacKay. Four daughters – Mrs. Norman Alderdice, Misses Mary, Cecily and Joan Rendell, 3 sisters – Mrs. T. McNeil, Mrs. C. Marshall and Mrs. Melville and 3 brothers – Gower, W.A. and Eric and husband.

Died Mrs. Sarah Hiscock, Thursday 30th. Wife of Edmond Hiscock, one of old time veteran merchant fishermen of Brigus. Husband and 2 sons, Wm and John W., carrying on business.

Jan 18, 1914


Died on 6th, Catherine Malone, relict of late Jas. Malone, leaving 2 sons.

Died on Thursday, Mary Murphy, aged 76 yrs. Leaving husband and three sons.

Jan 25, 1916

Saw Mills – licenses issued:

District of Twillingate-

Jack Parnell, Exploits Harbor

District of Bonavista –

Fred Wiseman & Bros, Dungeon Brook

Henry Stares, Brooklyn

Jas. Hancock, Portland

Thos. Smart, Ryan’s Pond

Thos & J. Pye, Brooklyn

Isaiah & J. Pye, 3 miles from Lethbridge

Jacob Taylor, Winter Brook

Geo. Pye, S.E. Brook, Goose Bay

Feb 1, 1916


Article on invisibility of air-ships (in the war) – because of paints used to blend with colors of the sky.


Death of Mrs. Botwood, widow of the late Ven. Archdeacon Botwood, took place in Bayswater, London, England on Jan 4th. She was daughter of the late Dr. Winter – physician of the city.

Feb 8, 1916

Fire at Grand Falls

Harmsworth’s plant at Grand Falls in danger of being swept by fire. Whole pile of wood on fire. Damage confined to wood pile. $75,000 damage.


Zeppelin Reid, England, Feb. – 6 or 7 airships.

Feb 22, 1916


Died on Thursday Jane, wife of Thomas Lawrence. Husband and 16 children, Mrs. Peter Sutton of Montreal, others at home. Daughter of late Thomas Clouston and sister of Messers Thomas, Wm J. and Walter Clouston.

Died Catherine O’Keefe, wife of Philip. 1 son, 4 sisters, 1 brother, 3 step-daughters and 5 step-sons.

Mar 7, 1916

Botwood News

Botwood Women’s Health Club meets every Tuesday night in newly decorated and attractive Brigade Hall. Members of the Club have not been reading papers on health topics lately as Miss Margaret Craig has been giving talks on different subjects that interested the members. One evening “causes, precaution and treatment of colds and tonsillitis” were explained. An open meeting for all the women of Botwood was held one night when “The Relation of Food and Disease” was discussed. A series of talks on “microbes” was closed last week by the study of “Immunity from Disease”. The next book to be studied exhaustively will be “Color Hygiene”. Every meeting closes with a half hour of corrective physical drill and marching, enlivened by strains from the piano.

A social meeting is usually held the first Tuesday of each month, light refreshments being served after a quiet evening of music, games and exercises. Wholesome preparations of bran and graham flour and harmless beverages have been demonstrated in these meetings.

Two other clubs hold their meetings in the same hall. The Boys Brigade with nearly two dozen members. Mr. F. Churchill, director.

Ladies Sewing Club meets every Thursday night – sewing, knitting and embroidering. Read stories or play piano. One hour for fudge making, physical drill and games under leadership of Miss Annie Metherall, the Household Science Teacher who also teacher kindergarten.

Nearly two dozen tiny boys and girls enjoy a ride to and from the kindergarten, 5 mornings a week, by the kindness of Mr. Crowe. A light lunch of apples or graham buns, or sandwiches and a beverage is served to the little ones sometimes. The older children preserve their work in books, while the wee ones bear the fruits of their labour triumphantly home at once. All learn, in most attractive features, the meaning of number, form, size and color, besides many beautiful hymns and other songs, games and stories.

The cooking classes have been taught the preparation of soups, green vegetables, starchy vegetables, simple deserts and are now mastering the intricacies of batters and doughs, in the kitchen of the Brigade Hall, where 16 girls can easily work in each class.

The Home Nursing Class has just learned “How to Meet Emergencies” with some degree of assurance and enjoy many practical lessons to illustrate the theoretical teaching.

New members are being added occasionally to all the classes and clubs.

Both members and officers have been most faithful in attendance and interest.

Secretary, Ladies’ Health Club


Died (no date given) Mrs. Ann Wakely, relict of late Richard. Mrs. Wakely born at Little Placenita. 76th year. Sister of the late Mrs. Richard McGrath of Oderin and Capts. John and William Fanning of Halifax. Husband died 8 months ago. One sister, Mrs. D.A. Campbell, survives.

Mar 14, 1916


Mrs. Margaret Morris died Wednesday, March 8, aged 85 years. Long’s Hill residence. Relict of late Capt. S. Morris.


Lieut. Shackleton’s Expedition – Antarctica. Mrs. Shackleton has not heard from the party for some time.

Apr 11, 1916


1st column on “Air Raids” – Zeppelin’s dropping bombs on London and Scotland – along the east coast. Great Britain retaliated with air raid of its own.

Transcriber’s Note – mostly war news now – casualty lists, recruits.

May 16, 1916

Shipping News

The Cranley when finished discharging her present salt cargo at Shea & Co’s premises, will leave for Heart’s Content to load pulp and paper from A.N.D. Co. for the Old Country. The Alconda will also probably load a similar cargo. She is now due from Cadiz with salt. (New A.N.D. Co. Wharf at Heart’s Content completed.)

May 23, 1916

Shipping News

More than 250 schooners now in harbour all loading or waiting to load supplies. Most of craft belong to northern ports.


Died on Sunday, May 21 at residence of Mr. W. Prideaux, Miss Mary Cummins, daughter of late Capt. James Cummins.

May 30, 1916

Heart’s Content – Saturday week was a red-letter day in that it witnessed the arrival of first steamer to load with paper, the product of the A.N.D. Co.’s mills at Grand Falls ……. Heart’s Content has been selected as its winter port, owing to ice conditions making shipping at Botwood impossible…… a splendid and commodious pier finished in past year. The S.S. Cranley, a Donaldson liner…..the largest ship to arrive here since the “Great Eastern” laid the cable in 1866. The captain welcomed people aboard and served light refreshments under supervision of Messrs. Scott, Berteau and Gillingham of Grand Falls, the work of loading then began.


Schooner Strathcona left Twillingate for Treaty Shore with several others.

June 20, 1916


The Alconda has sailed from Botwood for England with 4800 tons of pulp and paper from A.N.D. Co.

Jun 27, 1916


From Magistrate Burt at Botwood – “William Snow, aged 15, son of George Snow of Lewisporte, was accidentally drowned in Northern Arm on Sunday morning. Body recovered.

Fish News

Schooner Defender has arrived Spaniard’s Bay with a cargo of cod from North Sydney.

July 4, 1916

Shipping News

The Cranley,which reached Botwood on Tuesday, made the round trip from Heart’s Content to London and back in 21 days.


Mary Murphy on 2nd inst., widow of late Nicholas Murphy. Aged 74 yrs.

Died Tuesday, July 4 at Orange, Neew Jersey, Florence, wife of Thomas Winter, Park Place, Rennie’s Mill Road, daughter of late Thomas Belcher, Esq. of Brookings. Mrs. Harvey Winter was her sister. Daughter is Mrs. Ford, husband Bank of Montreal. Son Edwin R. Winter, is at the front. Younger son enrolled in 2nd battalion in training at St. John’s.

Jul 11, 1916


Mrs. Patrick Dalton (nee Hannah Kavanagh) died on Saturday, July 8th. Widow, daughter of late John Kavanagh of Hearn & Co. Prominent in local theatricals in the B.I.S. troupe.

Mr. F. B. Wood died July 6 (nee Miss Minnie M. Shambler) in New York.


A grand concert was held in Orange Hall on Tuesday, Jun 13th by the officers of S.S. Alconda assisted by Mrs. Fogwill, Miss Gosse and Misses Aitken (2).

Programme –

Rule Britannia – Orchestra

Song – Mr. Heymes

Musical Comedy – Miss Gosse, piano, Mr. Wilson – violin, Mr. Strathem – one string fiddle

Song – Mrs. Fogwill

Recitation – Mr. Weaver

Violin Solo – “The Rosary” – Mr. Strathem

Humorous impersonations – Mr. Weaver


Musical Trio – “Somewhere a Voice is Calling”

Song “In Old Madrid” – Mr. Turnbull

Violin Duet – Messres. Turnbull and Strathem

Impersonations – Mr. Weaver

Mandolin solo – “Keep the Home Fires burning” – Miss Aitken

Quartette – “Sweet and Low” – Mrs. Fogwill, Messrs Wilson, Stathem and Heynes

God Save the King

Each performer did his or her part splendidly, but we think special mention should be made of the patriotic selections, “We’ll Never Let the Old Flag Fall” by Mrs. Fogwill, and “Till the Boys Come Home” mandolin solo and chorus by Miss Eleanor Aitken.

It is not often the people of Botwood get an opportunity of hearing such musical talent; the selections of Tuesday evening were very greatly appreciated.

Miss Lillian Gosse, Church of England teacher, presided at the piano in her usual capable manner, and Mr. Edward Oke, one of our greatest patriotic citizens, acted as chairman.

The lady performers especially, who are never at rest unless they “are doing something for the cause” are to be congratulated on the success of the evening’s entertainment. The proceeds, which exceeded all expectations, was given to the Red Cross Fund.

(Signed) Pro Patria

Jul 11, 1916


SS North Cambria has sailed for Cardiff from Botwood with 2546 cords of pit props.


Died on Monday, Harriett Colbourne Phillips, wife of Thomas Phillips, formerly of Twillingate, then later Tilt Cove.

Jul 25, 1916


The success which has attended the school established by Mr. H. J. Crowe in Botwood, will probably be repeated in Twillingate, where a similar school is to be established. Mr. Crowe is introducing the most modern methods, and whilst we may not be in sympathy with some of his activities*, we cordially congratulate him on his practical efforts to increase the opportunities of this present generation for improvement and advancement.

(*Calvin Evans’ noteH.J. Crowe was a promoter of Confederation with Canada)

Fish News

Schooner Ethel E has returned to Twillingate with 60 barrels of fish from the Straits fishery.

Aug 1, 1916

Death – Mrs. Josiah Manuel (Elizabeth Jane) died Tuesday, aged 81. Residing with her daughter, Mrs. John Crosbie. Leaving son Chesley and daughters Miss Jeanette Manuel and Mrs. Crosbie

Oil Refinery Fire

Vinicombe’s Oil Refinery at Outer Cove has been destroyed by fire. An inquiry taking place.


Cornelius Piccott, shipwright, injured by a fall.

Death – Mary Martin on Monday, July 31st, wife of Robert H. and daughter of late Wm Hartery of King’s Cove.


101 schooners cleared from Twillingate for Labrador.

Aug 8, 1916


Miss Mary Connors of Swans, Placentia on Fri, Aug 4th, daughter of M. Connors, sister of Lieut. Thomas Connors of H.M.S. Duchess of York.

Wednesday, Aug 3, Mrs. Charlotte A. Foote, widow of late James B. Foote, age 72 yrs. Native of Conception Bay, Carbonear – came to St. John’s 25 yrs ago. She had boarding house at junction of Queen and George Streets. Capt. Orestes Taylor, one of most skilful and popular of our Master Mariners, was an adopted son.

Aug 15, 1916

A.N.D. Co.

Harry Crowe suggested that A.N.D. Co. should build a railway from Bishop’s Falls to Roti Habour in Bay d’ Espoir for winter shipments – and a new paper mill at Bishop’s Falls. Ship to U.S.

At a speech at Grand Falls, Lord Northcliffe said that “if it were not for Mr. Crowe the plants of Grand Falls and Bishop’s Falls and the docks at Botwood would not have been built.”


Sun, Aug 13, Sarah Bowering, widow of late Benjamin Bowering, aged 81 yrs.

Ann Hollett, aged 77 yrs, Aug 12.

Aug 29, 1916

War Air Service – shortly after war broke out a reliable stabilizer was developed and the aeroplane has become practically as stable as any marine vessel. (Note – Orville Wright claimed to have developed in US earlier). We hear no more of capsizing or “turning turtle” in mid air.

….air service of the Allies is incomparably better….than the enemy.

Sept 12, 1916

Shipping News

The Maggie Stone has returned from Labrador to Britannia with 800 qtls codfish. She carries crew of 8 men.

The Satonia cleared from Botwood for Cardiff with 2700 cords of pit props.

S.S. Freida arrived Botwood from Texas with 4400 tons of sulphur for A.N.D. Co.

Sept 19, 1916


Died at Torbay Sept 16, Maria, widow of Wm Gosse, aged 89 yrs. Leaving 3 daughters and 2 sons, Thomas and Samuel.

Oct 10, 1916

Fish News

Schooner, Beulah, returned to Twillingate from the Treaty Shore with 450 qtls. codfish.


Died Oct 2, Ann, wife of Thos. Kennedy, aged 62 yrs. Three sons – Francis, Thos. and William; two brothers – Francis J. Woods and Geo. Woods in Chicago.

Died at Catalina Oct 5, Mary Ann Snelgrove, wife of F.C. Snelgrove.

Died Oct 9, Elizabeth Butt (nee Dinn) wife of George in her 62nd year. Leaving husband and 2 daughters.

Died Oct 14, Mary Ann Murray, widow of later Wm. Murray, leaving 2 daughters.

Died Oct 12th, Mary, wife of Richard Neville. Leaving 2 daughters.

Oct 31, 1916


Capt. Ambrose Payne returned middle of August with full load of codfish, secured at Bell Island in the Straits. Capt. Ambrose always manages to secure a good trip and I think codfish would be more than scarce if he does not bring home a full load.

Nov 7, 1916


Julia Smallwood, wife of David Smallwood died on Wednesday, aged 77 yrs. Leaving six sons, 1 daughter and 13 grandchildren.

Nov 28, 1916


Died Saturday 25th, Mrs. Ellen Murphy, wife of Patrick Murphy, West End Road, Inspector. Mother of Rev. Fr. Thomas Nangle, Chaplain to H.M. Forces. Residence at Topsail Road.

Dec 5, 1916


Mrs. (Hon) J. Anderson died Sunday in Edinburgh. Visiting there. Member of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. Two sons – Murray Anderson of N.Y. and Hugh Anderson of the Pay & Record Office, London.

Shipping News

The Halibury left Lewisporte Tuesday for Swansea, Wales with 1874 cords of pit props.

The Cranley arrived Botwood with 1500 tons of coal and will return to the Old Country with a cargo of pulp and paper.

The Alconda with 6400 tons of paper and 150,000 feet of lumber left Botwood Wednesday for the Old Country.


Died Monday, Mrs. Annie (Peter) Gibson, aged 46, at her home , Healthfield, Topsail Road. Wife of Peter Cowan. Daughter of late Alexander Gibson and granddaughter of late James Gibson. Of Presbyterian Church.

Died Thursday, Mrs. Carrie W. Evans, daughter of the late Dr. Hy. Clinton and wife of late Edward Evans, merchant of Grand Bank. Funeral from residence of James R. Knight, Queen’s Road.

Died Wednesday, Eleanor Elizabeth Roberts, wife of George Roberts, ex-MHA, and daughter of late Elias Peyton at Twillingate. Leaves husband and five daughters. Children between 20 and 2 years. Two step-sons. Sister Mrs. J. K. Piercey of St. John’s.

Dec 26, 1916


Died Dec 18, Ellen Mulrooney, relict of late Edward Mulrooney, aged 69 yrs.

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