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Transcriber's Note: Calvin Evans wishes to note that his recordings on the Free Press reflect his own research interests only and should not be taken as complete information by any means.
Transcribed from the handwritten notes of Calvin Evans by Beverly Warford While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors

Jan 7, 1913

Aviation News

A Newfoundlander’s Aeroplane – Mr. E.A. Howse now a resident of Toronto, native of Green Bay, has invented an aeroplane for trans-Atlantic flights – can land on land or sea. Will send the plans.

Leading Tickles

On Dec 20, Edward Alcock married Grace Peddle, daughter of John Peddle – Rev. J. H. Bull of Exploits.

On Sunday, Dec 31, Mr. A. Rowsell married Miss L. Lanning Rev. Mr. Bull.

Dec 31, Mr. H. Ward married Miss Rowsell – Rev. Mr. Bull.

Jan 28, 1913


Jabez Manuel of Exploits died on Wednesday, 2nd son of late Josiah – his brother Chesley. Leaves widow and 8 children – 2 sisters, Mrs. John C. Crosbie and Miss Manuel of this city. 45 years old. Masonic brother.

Feb 4, 1913

A.N.D. Company News

The A.N.D. Co. has more than 1000 men cutting lumber on their properties. Thomas Rowsell of Glenwood accidentally killed while logging at Ball’s Lumber Camp. 22 years old. He was “teaming” with Ball – hit in head by piece of logwood.


Died Mrs. Ann Murphy, widow of Luke, at age of 35 (?) yrs. One son and three daughters. R.C.

N. W. Arm, Green Bay

"J". Good wishes to Mr. E. Howse, inventor.

Feb 11, 1913

Fogo message. Arctic ice driving south from there and that as far North and East as could be seen the ocean was covered. Coldest time for season – 10 to 16 below – last 48 hours.

Feb 18, 1913

Report of the Newfoundland Oilfields.

Drilling in neighborhood of Parsons’ Pond. Nos. 18 & 19 – at Dec 14 were at depth of 1640 and 1508 ft. Drilling slow because of hardness and steep inclination of the strata and to the necessity of shutting off large bodies of water encountered. This area has proved in the past to be oil-bearing. Will drill during winter and until navigation opens in spring. Financial Times, Jan 23, 1913.

New Bay

Feb 4 – Cold winter, little snow. Slippery. No sign of arctic ice. Was a blunder when telegraph was extended from Point Leamington to Fortune Harbor and not to include New Bay, 2 ½ miles of wire could connect from the public wharf at Cottrell’s Cove. Solomon Ward died – remains to Leading Tickles for burial in Church of England cemetery. Miss Ivany, our teacher, fell and sprained foot badly – at home more than a week. Correspondent.


Horace Rice of Norris Arm killed at Goodyear’s logging camp at Badger when tree fell on him.

Feb 13, 1913


Mary Ann Power died. Last surviving daughter of the late Patrick and Mary Hynes.

Mrs. Annie McDonald died Feb 9 at her son’s residence (Dr. J.N. McDonald) at Harbor Breton. Widow of late John H. McDonald, aged 67 yrs. Originally from Shelburne, N.S. Daughter of John Norris of Mill Village, Queen’s Co., N.S. Remains sent to N.S. and interred in cemetery of St. Gregory, Liverpool.

Mar 4, 1913

Ice conditions

Ice blockage around St. John’s. Horses coming from Bell Island to Mainland for needed supplies.

Exploits River is practically frozen to bottom near shore and in deeper parts to 25-30 inches. Thickest to cover the river for many years.


Const. Churchill arrived from Botwood with prisoner Chayter charged with housebreaking. Chayter belongs to Fogo; working at Botwood. A series of thefts.

Mar 25, 1913


Passing of Miss Lucy Sterling at Twillingate. Sister of Miss Twillingate Sterling, the celebrated singer.

Apr 8, 1913


German Zeppelin landed without permission in France Apr 3rd. Having engine trouble.


Catherine Morris, widow of the late Hon. Edward Morris, died in her 83rd year at 61 Cochrane Street residence.

Apr 22, 1913


Mrs. Elizabeth Hart, widow of William Hart, of Trinity died at son Walter’s residence in city. 88 yrs of age. Funeral at Trinity.

Annie Taylor, wife of Guy Taylor of Ayre & Sons, died. Daughter of Robert & Levina Sexton. 2 yr old daughter.

Middle Brook, Gambo – fox farming taking place.

Tales of the Air - Aviator killed. Flight across Sahara Desert. Many aviators and passengers killed. Germany developing the Zeppelin – sale of 8 to Austria. More trans Atlantic flights planned for airships.

Log Drive

Ideal conditions for “driving” on the rivers. A.N.D. Co. and Albert Reed Co.

Certificates of Competency issued to Mesrs. McDonald & Cullen, Mate and Master respectively.


Johanna McGrath, widow of later Thomas McGrath, carriage builder.

Solomon Snow, shipwright, 87 yrs.

Apr 29, 1913

Shipping News

The S.S. Adventure, Capt. Rendell, which had been jammed in the Exploits River since Wednesday week, while on way to Botwood from Sydney with coal for A.N.D. Co. reached her destination at 9 o’clock Tuesday evening.

Tales of the Air – hydro-aeroplane mentioned.

Brookfield, B.B.

Dr. S.S. Smith of Brookfield, B.B. took post-graduate course at NY and visited B.C. before coming home.

May 13, 1913

Obituary – Mark Rowsell

On 9th April there passed into the Great Beyond the spirit of Mr. Mark Rowsell of Leading Tickles West. The deceased was well known along the east coast of Newfoundland and his many friends in the city will be surprised and grieved to hear of his demise. Mr. Rowsell was for 20 long years the head keeper of the lighthouse on Gull Island, Cape John where some years previous, he, as first mate on sealing ship, was the discoverer of the bodies of the passengers and crew of the ill-fated “Queen” which ship was lost there on Dec 11,1867 while on her way from St. John’s to Tilt Cove. After completing his 20 years of faithful service on Gull Island, Mr. Rowsell retired to his home at Rowsell’s Island, Leading Tickles where he lived for many years in enjoyment of his well-merited pension. His death came as a surprise to all who knew him, for up to a week before he died, never was he heartier and though of such an age 76 carried always a joyous, almost boyish heart and was renowned for his famous workmanship on pleasure boats, etc.

He leaves a wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters, Mesdames A. & P. Barbour of Newtown, BB, a brother and sister and numerous friends, relatives and acquaintances. In Mr. Rowsell’s demise, the community has lost a respected citizen, the country a patriot, and the Methodist Church a stanch member and supporter. To those who mourn their loss, we extend our sincerest sympathy. B.F.P. New Bay April 30th

Shipping News

The Tritonia, which owing to the ice condition in the Exploits River had such a trying time recently to reach Botwood, left here Tuesday for Manchester with 3700 tons of pulp & paper from A.N.D. Co.

Leading Tickles

We thank J.H. from Leading Tickles but he omitted his name and we cannot publish his column.

May 20, 1913

Pulp Mill Construction

Labrador Pulp & Lumber Co. working at Hamilton Inlet. H.R. Reid, v-president. Large pulp mills and saw mills under construction.


Died Apr 27, Mrs. Mary Foley, 19 Prince St. Beloved wife of Patrick Foley. Two sons in training as priests. Body taken to Placentia, her former home. Born in Harbor Main, daughter of Timothy Sullivan. Husband still living.

Fire at Botwood

May 12 – A serious fire occurred here on Saturday at midnight. Two of the Pine & Pulp Co’s house, occupied by Dr. Ames and H. Pope, were totally destroyed. The whole range was in danger of being swept, but the other houses were saved by wet blankets. The Pine & Pulp Company’s warehouse, office, lumberyard and the Botwood Stores were all leeward and were saved, water being applied to the roofs. The origin of fire is unknown. Correspondent.


Stephen Butler, shipwright.

S.S. Kastalia damaged

Diver John Taylor made an examination of the S.S. Kastalia’s bottom Wednesday and found that several of the plates had been so badly damaged while she was trying to force through the ice to Botwood (not in the Exploits but in approaching the coast and artic ice) that it would be necessary for her to dock for repairs. Load of china clay and coal – had fairly good run across but hit heavy ice approaching the coast and put in for repairs St. John’s.

Norris Arm

Six more cases of diphtheria at Norris Arm. Dr. Ames is attending to them.


Died at Evertson, N.S. on Apr 10th, Mrs. J.C. McGloudy, formerly proprietress of Jubilee Hotel, Norris arm, aged 32 yrs.

May 24/27, 1913


Mrs. John Murphy died at Broad Cove, Renews on May 13. Husband, 2 sons and 5 daughters.

Died Wednesday, Louisa McPherson, in Stellarton, NS. Mrs. McPherson left St. John’s about 20 years ago. Sisters – Mrs. Wm. Christian, St. John’s and Mrs. Hodgkins of Stellarton and her brothers, John Coaker and W.F. Coaker.

Visitors from Trinity Bay

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Stone, of Monroe, T.B. who have been in town the past week purchasing their spring’s supplies, left for home by their schooner, Maggie Stone, on Thursday.

Issues for June 3, 10, & 17 are missing.

July 1, 1913


Mary Power died Sunday, wife of late Michael Power, aged 65 yrs, 4 sons and 2 daughters.

Mary Warren died Wednesday, wife of John Warren, aged 68 yrs. Leaves husband, 3 sons and 2 daughters.

July 8, 1913

Boiler Explosion at Rosedale, Alexander Bay.

Kills 5 men and 1 woman. Alex Rose’s mill on Wednesday. The dead are Alexander Rose, his son – James Rose, Jas. Whealan and Wm Whealan. Adelaide Babstock later died and John Whealan injured and died later. Alex Rose used to work with Horwood Lumber Co.


Charles Kean, Traytonia, well-known mill proprietor.

Mr. Churchill started a small mill last fall at Bunyan’s Cove.


Died suddenly at Botwood on Saturday, July 5th, Samuel Park, aged 53 years, leaving wife and four children.

July 15, 1913

Oil Shale Industry

The Oil Shale Industry had attracted two British gentlemen, Messrs Marshall Hall and Spence arrived by the Mongolian to do survey.

Aug 5, 1913

Log Drive

A.N.D. Co. loggers still “driving” on Rivers.

Aug 12, 1913

Fish News

Capt. Ambrose Payne’s schooner of Fogo was reported at Bell Isle a few days ago with 600 qtls codfish and still doing well.

Aug 26, 1913

Grand Bank

Miss Nellie Harris returned to Grand Bank from Sackville University having graduated B.A.

Methodist Parsonage being built in Grand Bank.

Codfish Catches for Grand Bank.

Firm of Samuel Harris – 20 schooners

Firm of Geo. A. Buffet – 4 schooners

Firm of Patten & Forsey – 4 schooners

Firm of Simeon Tibbo & Son – 3 schooners

Firm of John B. Foote – 2 schooners (including schooner Nina Lee)

Firm of Forward & Tibbo -1 schooner

47,250 qtls. Total

Aug 26, 1913


Deputy Minister of Customs LeMessurier received message from Thos. Antle of Botwood – “Proceeded against Captain and Steward of the Normannie and fined them $50.00 and costs for breach of the Custom’s Law and some for breach of License Act”

Tales of the Air – more casualties and Winston Churchill takes his first ride in plane - Aug 31 he was inspecting naval stations.

A.N.D. Company News

The S.S. Marina sailed for London from Botwood with 6000 tons of pulp and paper from A.N.D. Co.

Sept 9, 1913


Oil Shale Survey – the oil shale deposits in Newfoundland would yield not less than 3 billion tons and would last for 500 years – British Commission has an appointment to locate and service oil fields and deposits for naval supplies. Samples returned to Britain – 200,000 acres of shale deposits found in Newfoundland. Harold C.E.Spence and Marshall Hall.


Died Mrs. Margaret Stack, wife of Thomas Stack of Petty Harbor, formerly Miss Hefferan, born at Mary’s Cove, 64 yrs ago.

Sept 16, 1913


Sept 11, Mrs. Elizabeth Ashbourne, wife of Arthur G. Ashbourne, died at age of 41 years. Pernicious anemia.

A.N.D. Company News

A.N.D. Co. – In 1912, 150,000 tons of pulp and paper shipped at Botwood. Mr. Scott has been here in Newfoundland for more than 20 years.

Sept 23, 1913


Wm Pack died Thursday, age 93 yrs. Native of Devonshire and came to this city 60 years ago – a custom-tailor. Native of Ipplepen, Devon.

Sept 30 – missing.

Oct 14, 1913

Grand Falls

Diver Squires working in the forebay taking out logs and other obstructions that retarded the flow of water to the flumes. The forebay is a four sided basin with concrete walls, situated at the end of the dam, the side nearest to which is pierced with gates thru which the water flows before it enters the flumes or penstocks. Racks or large steel screens cover the openings of these penstocks to prevent the entrance of rubbish which might damage the water wheels in the Power House and Grinder Room….accumulation of 4 years….overhauling the entire basin. Damage also by ice in the flumes. Each flume 2100 feet long and 15 feet in diameter. Under direction of Mr. W. Scott, C.E. On the forebay wall abutting the bank of the Exploits River a building is in the course of erection which will be used to protect the hoisters heating coils will be installed ….to help melt ice and thus prevent damage.


Mrs. Charles Clarke, nee Miss Fanny Blundon, died Sept 4 in Brockley, England. Left here 34 years ago. Husband was in charge of Gravesend Yacht Club.

Tales of the Air

The Air’s Worst Tragedy, Berlin Oct 17. The new naval Zeppelin airship L.11 exploded in the air. All crew killed and 26 of 27 passengers. A new craft designed for German Navy.

Oct 27, 1913


Mrs. Ann Mearns died Wednesday at Balmoral Cottage, Patrick St. Widow of late Capt. Andrew Mearns of Montrose, Scotland. Aged 83 yrs. Third daughter of late John Eales. Two daughters, Mrs. Walter Clouston and Mrs. M. Davidson of city and two sons, Alexandre Mearns, fish curer of Montrose and Dr. John Mearns, Taylor of Skelmorile, Scotland.

Oct 28, 1913

New Bay

On October 15, Rev. Mr. Rideout, had a tea in the school room to raise money to help finish church, etc. Repeated next night. Two nights a net profit of $25.00. Rev. Mr. Rideout seems to be taking hold with some zest. (signed) Looker On.

Fish News

150 schooners in St. John’s Harbour waiting to discharge fish cargoes. Head Constable Peat – superintending night watch.

Middle Brook, Gambo

Samuel Pritchett, son of Abraham Pritchett, the successful lumber man of Middle Brook, Gambo, has captured a very valuable silver black fox – his fox yard is at Middle Brook.

Nov 4, 1913


Mrs. Mary Ellen Seward on Oct 27. Home at Cabot St, wife of Matthew Seward, Sons – George and Andrew. Five daughters – the eldest Mrs. Richards. 48 years old. Native of Trinity Bay and sister of Edward Newton at Bell Island and Peter Newton of this city.

Mrs. Mary Harris died Oct 27 at Grand Bank. Wife of Samuel Harris, Esq. Sisters – Mrs. Buffet, wife of Geo. A.Buffett, J.P.; Mrs. Forsey, wife of Magistrate of Grand Bank and Maria Hickman. Three sons and three daughters. George and Garfield are connected with firm at Grand Bank and Lamaline and Chester is student at Edinburgh University under commission for Foreign Medical Missionary work. Daughters at Grand Bank, Mrs. George Dunford and Miss Nellie being graduated in music and arts respectively at Mount Allison University. (signed) J.W.B., St. John’s, Oct 29.

Aviation News

Picture of Louis Bleriot, a mechanican, and M. Pegoud, the latest sensation of the aviation world. Mr. Pegoud is the aviator who flies upside down and loops the loop. Article includes pictures taken at Brookland, England (Transcriber’s note – airport where Cotton trained.) Did loop the loop three times.

Nov 11, 1913


Mrs. Thomas Viccars died at Leading Tickles, aged 64 yrs 3 mos. Was Miss Butler. Leaving husband and brothers – Owen Butler, light keeper; Edward Butler, mail clerk at Leading Tickles; John Butler in U.S. Sisters – Mrs. Wm Murphy, St. John’s and Miss Catherine Butler, St. John’s.

Wedding Anniversary

Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Knight Batstone of Nipper’s Harbour, NDB. Married Nov 4, 1863. Golden Anniversary.


Stanley Carter Duder, son of C. Duder, Esq, has been successful in obtaining a Master’s Certificate of Competency at this port.

Shipping News

Twenty schooners anchored in the narrows being unable to make port because of high seas.


Florence Rendell died at Manuels on Nov 4. Wife of Walter aged 24 yrs.

Nov 25, 1913

A.N.D. Company News

Vince S. Jones, Esq., Superintendent of the mills at Grand Falls.

Fire at Botwood

Nov 20th – Fire occurred here at 3 a.m. destroying the A.N.D. Co.’s power house and machine shop. The fire pump and hose kept the conflagration confined to the one building, thereby saving the dwelling houses and surrounding property. Forge destroyed also. Total loss estimated at $27,000. Origin of fire unknown.

Fishing News

Patrick Tobin of Gray Island holds record as an individual fisherman in Newfoundland for having made the biggest bill in the shortest season. Mercantile firm paid him $1050 for season’s work – July 7th to Sept 15th – landed 160 qtls of cod, fishing “cross handed”. Fish are split and cured by Tobin’s wife and self, who also made the oil ready for market. This is the largest individual bill to be made by any fisherman in Newfoundland.

Visitors from Monroe, T.B.

Mr. And Mrs. Emanuel Stone of Monroe, TB., who have been in town for a week or more, returned home by Wednesday’s express. Their schooner, Maggie Stone, loaded with supplies, sailed the previous evening.

Dec 2, 1913


Alan Rideout, son of Geo. Rideout, light keeper at Cape John, Gull Island fell over a cliff there on Saturday and was killed.

Mrs. Edward Jennings, beloved wife of Edward, formerly of this city and husband employed by Horwood Lumber Co. and daughter of late Joseph Hackett of Leading Tickles, Green Bay, died on Nov 17th at residence 1045 Dufferin St., Toronto. Leaves husband and three children.

Dec 9, 1913

Alexander Bay

Fox farming - captured silver fox and sold for $1,100 – Mr. Walter Dewey. R.B. Stroud got a sawmill in full swing, sawing cooperage and furniture. Alwin James and Company have a large steam mill at Thimble Cove Tickle and are doing a big lumbering business.

Tales of the Air

Dec 2 , London – Winston Churchill has now the distinction of being the first Cabinet Minister in the world to act as air pilot. He personally took control of the machine for greater part of a flight of one hour’s duration at Eastchurch. Dual control bi-plane. The first Lord remained in control for over 40 minutes. Earlier he made two separate flights. Later in the day, Capt. Gilbert W. Lushington, the pilot was killed. He was Commander of the British Flying Corps.


Elizabeth Viola, wife of George J. Carter, died at Reverdale, 77 Rennie’s Mill Rd. on Tuesday. Youngest daughter of late Alan and Grace Goodridge, aged 58 yrs.

Died at Newton Highlands, Mass., USA, Jane G. Levi, formerly of Carbonear, aged 80 yrs.

Dec 23, 1913

New Schooner

New 100 ton schooner built at Shelburne, NS sold to Inkpen of Burin for about $15,000.

Dec 30, 1913

Adam’s Cove

The three firms of Evans, J. Murray and Hudson have been kept busy. Four cargoes of coal and 5 of lumber landed. Much merchandise. New school hall being built. Fox farm being erected. United Town Electrical Co. lighting the shore as far as Western Bay. We note the “Puff” of the Iron Horse – we stand amazed.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, first Lord of the Admiralty, will visit Paris during Christmas holiday but denies that he is going to Germany.


Mrs. Mary Canning of Deep Cove, Presque died at 64 yrs on Saturday Dec 13th, leaving husband, sons and daughter.

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