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The "Mollie"

The Mollie was lost on Dec 19, 1944, at Grate's Cove, while enroute from St. John's to Carmanville. All the crew perished! Crew as follows: Ross Chaulk, captain, age 26, single, Carmanville, James Ellsworth, mate, age 25, single, Carmanville, (this was a son of Edward Ellsworth, shipwrecked on the Erema H. in 1929.) John F. Goodyear, age 61, married, Carmanville, and his two sons Reginald Goodyear, age 32, single, Carmanville, Charlie Goodyear, age 26, single, Carmanville, Otto Hicks, (Passenger), widower, with one child, of Musgrave Harbour.

The following are the men of Grate's Cove who recovered the bodies of the men lost on the Mollie:

Crew # 1) Jeremiah Broderick, Peter Broderick, Isaac Broderick, John T. Broderick,
Crew # 2) Daniel Duggan, George Martin, Leo Doyle, Daniel Doyle,
Crew # 3) William J. Martin, Ingvauld Avery, Ben Avery, Reuben Stansford,
Crew # 4) William H. Martin, Eli Martin, Vincent Duggan,
Crew # 5) Wesley Snelgrove, Absolem Cooper Sr., Levi Benson, Joseph Avery, John Vey,
Crew # 6) Henry Meadus, George Meadus, Wesley Cooper, Abraham Martin,
Crew # 7) James Snelgrove, Simon Snelgrove, John Meadus, Daniel Vey,
Crew # 8) Silas Lambert, William Lambert, Jacob Lambert,
Crew # 9) Eli King, Stanley King, Joseph Benson, Frederick Lewis, Andrew Lewis,
Crew # 10) Wilson Cooper, Arch Barrett, Absolem Cooper Jr.,
Crew # 11) Joseph Hodder, Absolem Hodder, Josiah Avery,
Crew # 12) Benjamin Benson, Roland Doyle, Frank Doyle,
Crew # 13) William B. Avery, Ernest Avery.

From "The Three Seas" by: Roland W. Abbott
Transcribed by: George White

1999 George White and NL GenWeb