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Twillingate Sun and Northern Weekly Advertiser

Place of publication: Twillingate
Dates of publication: June 24, 1880-Jan. 31, 1953.
Suspended publication: Jan. 16-Feb. 15, 1947.
Frequency: Weekly.

Title varies:
Twillingate Sun and Northern Weekly Advertiser, June 24, 1880-Aug. 10. 1912.
Twillingate Sun, Oct. 19, 1912-Jan. 31, 1953.

Editor and proprietor:
Jabez P. Thompson, June 24, 1880-1895.
George Roberts, 1895 (56)-1910.
William B. Temple, 1910-1921.
Stewart Roberts, 1921-Jan. 9, 1947.
Ernest G. Clarke, Feb. 22, 1947-Jan. 31, 1953.

The Twillingate Sun printed local and foreign news, legislative proceedings, serial fiction and advertisements. It claimed to be politically independent in 1886, but supported the Whiteway and the Liberals, especially in the fall election of 1894. In 1929, it supported Squires and in 1948 was neutral on Confederation. The Sun ceased publication due to financial reasons in 1953.

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The records were transcribed by RON ST. CROIX.
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- - [There is no material available on my microfilm for 1903, prior to April 25, 1903. GW.]
April 25, 1903  Fishing Law Respecting Herring  This is The Law. Sec. 26 - Seining of herring is permitted in the district of Twillingate between the 1st day of April and the 20th day of May in any year. No person shall haul or catch or bar with seines or other contrivances, any herring except for immediate use as bait for codfish, at any time between the 20th May and the 1st of August in any year in said district. Barring herring with seines or nets shall not be permitted at any time for a longer period than 24 hours in said district. The use of herring nets is permitted all the year round in said district. The use of herring traps is forbidden in said district. A numerously signed petition was sent to the Fisheries Board during the past winter asking that a law be enacted prohibiting the use of herrine seines in any of the Arms of Herring Neck. The people of Herring Neck are to be commended for giving up the use of seines in that locality for, if the past two year's destruction of small herring was repeated, the near future would witness the depletion of the waters there. The people see the wisdom of handling nothing but large herring and so they are resorting to the use of 2 5/8 and 2 3/4 inch nets. They prefer to let the small herring grow until stout enough to be entalgled in the large size mesh. A similar course should be adopted in Friday's Bay.
April 25, 1903  Note of Thanks  Mr. Archibald ELLIOTT desires to publicly thank all the kind friends who, in any way, administered to the alleviation and solace of his dear wife during her illness, and for every expression of respect shown her ramains after death; and also for the deep symathy to himself in this sore bereavement. 
April 25, 1903  Personal  Mr. Stephen ANSTEY of Back Harbor has the sympathy of the community in his illness. For sometime past he has suffered from heart trouble, unable to take rest day or night; gradually getting weaker as the days to by. With deep respect also, we chronicle the illness of Mrs. Solomon ROBERTS of Change Islands, who is in a very critical state of health from the formation of an internal abscess. Last week her death was hourly expected, she is a little better this week, but by no means out of danger. 
April 25, 1903  Appointments  Published By Authority. His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Trevor HAYLES, Esq., Paymaster Royal Navy, to act as his Private Secretary and A.D.C., from this date. His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint Mr. Aaron STONE, to be Surveyor of Shipping for the Port of Fogo; Mr. William PEYTON to be Inspector of Weights and Measures for Twillingate, including Friday's Bay and Morton's harbor, in place of Mr. Elias PEYTON, deceased; Mr. Andrew MEW (Barr'd Islands) to be a Surveyor of Lumber.
April 25, 1903  Weather  This week opened with fine warm weather, a nice offshore breeze, and people were big with expectation of an early spring and a long summer. Since, however, the ice has touched the shore again, and this morning snow is falling fast.
April 25, 1903  Social Gathering (Part 1)  "R.S.C. Tea and Sociable." The members of the Royal Scarlet Chapter, Edward VII, held a tea and sociable on April 14th inst. At 4.30 p.m. The companions with widows and orphans of deceased companions, and other guests, numbering over one hundred, had assembled at the Town Hall, and at 5 p.m. they were conducted to their respective places at the table by the Committee of management. The hall had been skillfully decorated by experienced hands; the walls and ceiling were draped with flags of various descriptions, here and there an emblem of the order was visible. On the dais stood an Arch so sacred and so full of meaning to the brethern, in its center hung an excellent portrait of the late Queen Victoria, emblematical of the influence which is exerted by the Order, in safe-guarding the throne of Great Britain from the invasion of foreign foes. Above the speakers desk was a fine photogravure of William III, Prince of Orange crossing the Boyne, who is held in immortal rememberance by the order. How it would have thrilled his great soul with joy, if with mortal eyes he could have beheld the fruits of his victory of the Boyne. May every companion live to enjoy the benefits of the Scarlet until they too will pass over in victory. At the opposite end of the building was the greeting "Welcome" which looked out upon the companions and guests assembled. The tables were arranged lengthwise in the hall and bountifully spread with all the delicacies available. To describe the excellent tea which had been prepared surpasses the power of the writer. But I would say, that the good ladies who catered, must have determined to eclipse all former efforts in this particular. The admission was by ticket and therefore no confusion was caused by the committee or guests. 
April 25, 1903  Social Gathering (Part 2)  At 5 p.m. the Companion (Bro. J. MOORS) in Command was escorted to his seat at the head of No. 1 table. He then called upon brethren and guests to arise and sing grace, the Organist leading. The banquet occupied until 7 o'clock. One thing which added much interest and attractiveness to the occasion was that nearly every other seat was occupied by a lady. The toast list, which had been in charge of Bro. Titus MANUEL, Chairman of Committee, was then called (a copy of which is subjoined). The first being "King Edward VII, His Royal Consort Queen Alexandra and the Order," which had been well put in a short but excellent speech. In response, the National anthem was sung and cheered with a vigour that re-echoed through the building, electrifying the gathering with deepest patriotism. To comment upon the different speeches space forbids, but those who prepared and responded to the different toasts did honour to themselves and credit to the Order they represented. To the observant mind it could be seen that the Scarlet thread which had been running through all their seeches was this - that they belonged to a brotherhood that has never betrayed or lost its primal faith - that has been true to its declarations honest in its endeavours. Teaching loyalty to God, country and man; and animated by the confidence of the people in marching to victory along the lighted pathway of the 20th century. At the conclusion of the toasts the committee invited all to an evening's sociable which consisted of games, speeches, singing, etc. Bro. Wm. ASHBOURNE acted director of ceremonies, and with the assistance of the committee, spared no pains to make it successful and interesting to all. Words fail to convey the intense feeling of good will and satisfaction expressed by all, as they dispensed with hearts aglow and an augury for the Chapter that only the future will reveal. 
April 25, 1903  Social Gathering (Part 3)  Order of sitting. Table 1. Head - Worship Companion in Command, Bro. Jacob MOORS; Foot - Senior Deputy Grand Master Bro. P.M. Wm. HUGHES. Table 2. Head - Ex. Companion Bro. J.M. LACEY; Foot - Junior Deputy Grand Master Bro. P.M. Wm. ASHBOURNE, J.P.. Table 3. Head - P. Master Companion Titus MANUEL; Foot - Companion MOORE. List of Toasts. 1, King Edward VII His Royal Consort and Order; - Worshipful Companion in Command Bro. Jacob MOORES. National Anthem. 2. Grand Master and Provincial Grand Master - Excellent Companion in command Bro. J.M. LACEY; respond by D.G.M. Companion W. ASHBOURNE, J.P. 3. Sister Chapters, Visiting and Absent Companions, Titus MANUEL: -- respond companion MOORE. Auld Lang Syne. 4. Our guests and Fair Daughters of Terra Nova: -- D.G.M. Companion Wm. HUGHES, -- respond Comp J.W. ROBERTS. 5. Our deceassed Companions by W.M. Companion George ROBERTS. PROGRAMME. Chorus - Sons of the Sea. Recitation - Com. A.G. YOUNG. Solo - Miss Minnie ROBERTS. Reading - Com. S. Loveridge. Song - Com. Wm. HUGHES Recitation - Miss Laura ASHBOURNE. Solo - Miss P. ASHBOURNE. Address - Com. George ROBERTS MHA. Address - Com. Wm. ASHBOURNE JP. Song - Com. James PRESTON. Reading - Com. S. LOVERIDGE. Song - Miss FOX. Recitation - Com. George NOTT. Song - Com. Wm. HUGHES. Chorus - The Maple Leaf forever. National Anthem - "God Save the King."
April 25, 1903  Brieflets  The Gulf steamers have secured fairly good trips. The "Clyde" is to take up her work in this Bay about 1st May. The Norwegian fishery is 4,500,000 less than last year to date. The plan and specifications of our new post office is expected by next week's mail and will be seen at the post office. Last week about 250 young harps were taken at Bonavista. There was only a strip of ice and a tremendous sea. Potatoes are selling in St. John's at $2.50 per barrel. A large quantity is going from Trinity and Bonavista Bays. The "Newfoundland" has arrived in St. John's with 11,000 seals. Capt. FARQUHAR sold to Job Bros. & Co. The Custom's Authorities are after the $4,000, and it looks as if they are determined to get it. 
April 25, 1903  Married  At Crow Head School house on Thursday, April 16th, by Rev. F.E. BOOTHROYD, Mr. Robert ANDREWS of Crow Head to Miss Bertha YOUNG of South Side.
April 25, 1903  Dorcas Socitey  The appreciation of the general public, of the noble work of charity which the ladies of the above named society are doing in Twillingate, was evidenced by the large crowd which gathered in the town hall on Thursday evening, April 23rd on the occasion of the annual Dorcas Social. A good supply of refreshments was provided by the ladies and friends of the Dorcas movement, and although the gathering was so large, we venture to think that all were pretty well served. The proceeds of the social amounted to over thirty dollars, for which patronage we know the ladies of the Dorcas Society are fully appreciative. We wish them God's speed in their work. Appended is the programme, about which we wish to make one remark, which is a complaint fast becoming general with regard to our public entertainments -- too long. Tableau -- Members of the Dorcas Society. Chorus - The Horseshoe over the door. Chairman's Remarks. Recitation - Elsie BAIRD. Solo - Miss Fannie FREEMAN. Address - Canon TEMPLE. Solo - Mr. BERGE. Chorus - Isle of Beauty. Address - Captain MOORE. Solo - Miss FOX. Address - Rev. C. HOUSE. Recitation - Miss. Katie PURCHASE. Chorus - You'll never miss the water till the well runs dry. Refreshments. Solo - Miss Fannie FREEMAN. Dialogue - Betsy and I are out. Solo - Miss ROBERTS. Recitation - Miss Annie FREEMAN. Address - Rev. F.E. BOOTHROYD. Chorus - Star Spangled Banner. National Anthem. 
April 25, 1903  For Sale  At Dog Bay. Fifteen thousand of birch and spruce wood by the waterside. For any quantity of same or particulars apply to Archibald SCAMMELL, Bog Bay. 
April 25, 1903  Notice to Mariners  No 1 of 1903. Newfoundland, Green Island, Catalina, Fog Alarm. Lat 48 30' 15" North. Long 53 02' 20" West. Notice is hereby given that owing to repairs required to the Fog Alarm at this Station, it will be temporarily discontinued from this date until further notice. T.J. MURPHY, Minister of Marine and Fisheries. Department of Marine and Fisheries. March 26th, 1903.
April 25, 1903  New Advertisements  Reid Newfoundland Co. Now is the time to go to Sydney. The Manager of the Dominion Coal Company is telegraphing, as that good men are urgently wanted at their several colleries. The Company will give employment to all men arriving at Glace Bay. Good men make following wages per day: Loading - $1.50 to $2.00 per day of 10 hours. Drivers - $1.35 to $1.75 per day of 10 hours. Landing Tenders - $1.35 - $1.75 per day of 10 hours. Trains for North Sydney leave St. John's every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights, and an Agent of the Dominion Coal Company will meet laborers on the arrival at North Sydney by s.s. "Bruce" every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. 
- - [There is no material available on my microfilm for 1903, between April 25, 1903, and August 29, 1903. GW.]

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