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Requisition to the Hon Robert Bond 1895, Little Bay & Vic 1895

From The Twillingate Sun, September 21, 1895:

Harry's Harbour, Jackson's Cove, etc.

To the Hon. ROBERT BOND, Colonial Secretary,

Hon. Sir, -

We, the undersigned electors of Little Bay and vicinity in the district
of Twillingate, herewith invite you to offer yourself as a candidate for
our suffrages at the coming bye-election that is to take place owing to
the resignation of our worthy and esteemed late representative J. P.
Thompson, Esq.
If you consent to thus honor us, we shall not fail to give you our
undivided and healthy support.
Your patriotism and high class statesmanship in the past assure us that
the interests of this district would be ably represented, if by you.
	We remain, yours faithfully,

John Pye John Upward
John J. WheatleyHenry A. Langdon
Jno. O. BlandfordRobert Upward
G. FooteAngus King
Benj. T. BoylesJohn King
Duncan ParsonsSamuel Blackwood
Jonathan J. BensonFrancis Bower
William KingJesse Newhook
Lot KingCharles Ridout
William WharfordThomas King, jr.
Jonas Newhook, jr.Thomas King
Alfred OsborneFrederick B. Baudith
John WheelerJonathan Osmond
Alfred StrongNehemiah Upward
Lionel ButtWilliam C. King
P.J. LeareyRobert King
John NobleJ.B. Howson
James GossWilliam Foran
John R. BartlettRobert J. Foote
Richard CorbettJoel A. Hubley
John WhalanJ.E. Wells
Mike WhalanJoseph Janes
Edward EaganJob Strong
Edmond PowerThomas Verge
William McLeanThos. Ryan
Joseph ColmanWilliam Gilles
Allan GillasJohn Brown
John JamesEdward Walsh
Thos. BoydeLaurence Brown
Edward CodyJohn Mallaus
John BreeneJohn Riely
Laurence BrienJohn Keefe
John LushMichael Keely
Laurence FoleyFred. Young
William BoyleWilliam Miles
John BouzanPeter Coleman
Robert PetersJohn Joy
George GrantHenry Gillard
George GillardJoseph Gillard
Patrick WalshWilliam Mullens
George AtkinsGeorge Grimes
Heber AtkinsJohn Kenmond
Thomas BrienLaurence Driscoll
Thomas MooreJames Corben
James MorganMark Atkins
George MillerMichael Osburn
John JamesHugh Kennedy
John FinleyPatrick Phoran
George GillardJohn Noseworthy
Marun KendyHenry Noseworthy
Edward KeefeJohn Foran
George LeboufJohn Richards
Allan GillasJohn Austin
Frederick MartinJohn Tobin
Edward MartinHenry Johnson
James RobbinsJames Drover
James SquiresWilliam Conway
Samuel RobertsThomas Richards
E. PettyPeter Austin
Charles SimmsJohn Johnson
Edmond CranimWm. Drover
John TobinJames Bouzan
John SparrowJohn Coleman, sr.
James DonavanJoseph Hussy
Barth ColemanJoseph Shea
Edward NorrisJohn Shea
Michael FlinnHarry Warfort
Peter ColemanJames Sharahan
John BurceyThomas Millar
Samuel RatchfordRobert Millar
Joseph EvansEdward Lacy
Henry GillardJames Butt
Frederick InderJames Osburn
Edward InderThos. Head
James InderHenry Head
John PetersStephen Randel
Nicholas PetersJames Dwyer
Joseph BlacklerJohn Fitzpatrick
Josiah ClarkeGeorge Watchman
Henry ClarkeGeorge England
Edward BrownEdward Flimming
Walter ClarkeReuben Baker
Abel SmythJob Baker
Theophilus WellsJohn Simmons
Wm. HullHubert Simmons
Joseph AnsteyJohn Evans
Samuel HuxterGeorge Pelly
John ClarkPhilip Snelgrove
Richard Le BuffArthur Bartlett
Philip UpwardJohn England
John Wm. WhiteRichard Young
James WhiteJohn White
P. Kerby
And one hundred and eighty-six others, residents of Tilt Cove & vicinity.

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