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Requisition to the Hon Robert Bond 1895, Herring Neck

From The Twillingate Sun, September 21, 1895:


To the Hon. ROBERT BOND, Colonial Secretary.

As a vacancy has been created in the representation of our district by
the resignation of Mr. Thompson, we, the undersigned electors of
Twillingate District, gladly, avail ourselves of the opportunity of
asking you to allow yourself to be put in nomination as the candidate
for this district and beg to assure you that we will use our best
endeavours to secure your triumphant return.
We very much regret the malicious conspiracy on the part of political
opponents by which you were deprived of your seat in the House of
Assembly, after your grand victory in Trinity district at the last
general election; and now that a seat is vacant in our district it is
with the greatest pleasure that we desire to avail of your valuable
services for our district as well as the country generally.  It may be
that as you are now free from the duties of a representative, you would
prefer remaining so until the next general election, but we fully
appreciate your noble and patriotic efforts in the interests of our
colony, and consider that at such an important epoch as this in its
history we cannot afford to dispense with the presence of such a
talented statesman on the floors of the House of Assembly.
We therefore invite you to offer for our district at the approaching
bye election, and as the prevailing sentiment all over has long been in
favour of the political party of which you have been a prominent Leader,
your supporters feel very sanguine that you will have a most successful
election.  [I must comment and say that I am sure William Coaker must be
responsible for this excess verbiage when compared to the other
	We remain, yours sincerely,
W.F. Coaker G.S. Chamberlain
Charles GilliotS. Mary's (CE in HN]
Natl. WattsJoseph Carley
Thos, StuckyJohn Carley
Elias StuckyAr. Carley
Chas. StuckyAlfred Carley
William StuckyGeorge Watkins
Joseph StuckySamuel Miles
Eli LiscombeJohn Warren
Titus StuckyD. Warren
Thomas Dally, sr.Jas. Carley
Henry BlakeJohn Carley
Levi CuttlerWm. Grimes
Wm. WattsTimothy Grimes
Samuel CuttlerStephen Stucky
Joseph CuttlerDavid Grimes
Rober RoseAlf. Woodford
H. StuckyJohn Clare
Wm. RichmondJos. Newman
Wm. Rose, jr.Tim. Donahoe
Rich. ElliottJohn Donahoe
Ob. StoneAndrew Keogh
John PeckfordJoseph Blandford
Samuel KearleyWm. Cuttler
Ed. StuckySamuel Stone
Ed. CuttlerElias Dally
Capt. Wm. RichardsJoseph Liscombe
Ed. RichardsJames Gilliott
And a large number of others.

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