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Requisition to the Hon Robert Bond, Pilley's Island & Vic. 1895


	Hon. ROBERT BOND, Esq., Colonial Secretary

Dear Sir, - 

We the undersigned Free and Independent Electors of Pilley's Island, in
the electoral district of Twillingate, Notre Dame Bay, desire to request
you to allow yourself to be put in nomination as a candidate for the
vacant seat, caused by the resignation of J.P. Thompson, Esq., from the
representation of this district.
Your valuable services to the country in the past are well known to
us.  Hence, to have an opportunity to show our appreciation and to
express our gratitude practically for the same, we make this request. 
Should you be pleased to accede to our wish you may rely on getting our
unanimous support.

		We remain, Dear Sir,
			Yours faithfully,
Joseph Delouchery Joseph Strong
William BlacklerJohn Purchase
Wm. GarlandJames Lock
Wm. H. PearceJoseph Coleman
D. McCuishThos. Penney
John ColbourneMichael Lemee
John MaddicksDaniel Dennihy
Hector McKenzieRobert Miller
Charles W. CoffinWm. Kingsberry
James BarronGeorge Milley
Stephen MurphyGeorge Howell
Wm. CantwellJohn Dean
Samuel LewisEdward Riley
Richard LeDrewThos. Roberts
John RainsThos. Pride
Wm. GlaveenWm. Randell
Reuben RideoutDavid Paddick
John TilleyElijah With
Thomas OsbornGeorge Tizzard
Samuel ChappelJohn Anthoney
Thomas RatfordMartin Metcalf
John HowellMartin Gardener
Francis ConnersJohn Conners
Kenneth J. ForwardJoseph Blackmore
James VayI.S. Blackmore
William JamesGeorge Blackmore
John OsmondMoses Read
Samuel LuscombeJeremiah Squires
Elijah BlackmorePeter Oxford
David DobbinSamuel Howell
Matthew ChallanJohn May
Alfred CobbSoloman Rowsell
Joseph NosworthyWm. Barggery
Job WellsWalter Pilley
John Osmond, sr.Frederick May
George LockeJames Mahoney
John CookEdward Paddick
John EganEli Ansty
Joseph DeanJosiah Pynn
John BiggleyAndrew Roberts
James RiceMartin Kennedy
David GlaveenThos. Wyatt
John SimmsJames Fifield
Wm. CarewThos. Simms
George CobbJohn Colbourne, sr.
Alfred WithBenjamin Lear
Wm. BudgellJoseph Lear
Arkless RiceThos. Carpenter
Samuel AnsteyJasper Read
John SnowA.G. Hynes
Arthur RandellHenry Burt
Philip ConwayReuben Ledrew
Mark WhealonPhilip Ledrew
Thomas Moors, jr.Henry Capel
Thomas QuirkHan. Normour
Jesse LockeJames Payne
David OakWm. Payne
Ambrose DeanJames Thompson
Wm. VayLenward Thompson
Thomas FroudGeorge Thompson
Walter SticklenWm. Barron
Elias DinneyIsrael Hulett
John LoveridgeHenry Rains
Wm. Pond, jr.Frederick Locke
James JeansEdward Locke
William WithMark Challan
Thomas SewardRichard Ridout
Wm. FifieldWm. G. Ridout
Archibald RowsellEdward Ridout
Solomon NosworthyJohn Rowsell
Robert HackettWm. Rains
Wm. JeansRichard May
Peirce PowerBenjamin Bishop
Peter PadeyArthur Blackmore
Esau HellotHugh Kennedy
Henry BlackmoreJohn Conney
Walter ConnersJohn Shearing
John DonohueFrederick Young
George TaylorMichael Sutton
Joseph OxfordJohn W. Roberts
Israel FudgePeter Furry
John RobbinsChas. J. Fudge
Richard DobbinDavid R. Dobbin
John WayEli Poller
Elias MullanSimon White
Elias FrenchGeorge Rice
John RiceSimon Warr
Wm. J. RidoutJoseph Osmond
Daniel AustinEdward Spencer
Michael ConnersUriah Stuckless
Wesley LuffGeorge Randell
John BreanEdward Donohue
William WatkinsWilliam Pittman
Emanuel WhiteGeorge Pittman
John SmithJames Smith
Joshina RidoutIsrael Fudge, H. Hr.
P. McHowsonGeorge Warr
And a number of others.

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