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Will of Edmund Moores from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 350-351 probate year 1884

In re
          Edmund Moores deceased.

In the name of God Amen.     I Edmund Moores of New Bay in Notre Dame Bay being of sound mind and advanced in years and not knowing when I may be called to depart this life and being possessed of some considerable property do make this my will and testament to come in force after my death I give my Lower Room (in Wigwam Cove) to my two sons James and Jacob to be equally shared between the two and their heirs     I give to my two sons John and Benjamin William and to their heirs my Upper Room including land stores and fishing Room I give to my son Benjamin William and my wife Martha the dwelling house and furniture and one quarter of the schooner with the proviso that my wife Martha remain a widow.     My wife Martha shall remain in the dwelling house and receive her support from the same if so be she remain a widow     I direct that the interest of my money in the funds be given to my wife Martha up to the time of her marriage or death & after her marriage or death that the said money be equally divided among all my children     I further direct that whatever money (except what is lodged in the Funds aforesaid) may remain at the time of my death after my funeral expenses are paid shall be equally divided among all my children     I also direct that one third of my Salmon Nets be given to my son Alfred.     I also give my shop and all the goods it contains to my wife Martha to be used as she wills     I also give my silver watch to my grandson Edmund Frederick Moores.     I also give my large family Bible to my grandson Malachi Moores to be given to him after the death or marriage of my wife Martha.     I hereby appoint James Moores & John Moores my sons as executors Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us Adolphus Yates, Edward Boone.     On this the 30th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight, Edmund Moores.

New Bay Head, Green Bay Newfoundland Feb. 20, 1883.     Addendum to my last will and testament.     In addition to all other property and effects mentioned and deeded to my son Benjamin William Moore in my last will and testament.     I hereby will to the same my son Benjamin William Moore all that property consisting of the two stores on the north side of the Bridge; the shop with all its deposits and contents; the meadow attached to the shop; the potato garden now in my use; half the cabbage garden; that which lies nearest to the shop; the Fish-Flake and half of the stage; the Cowhouse and meadow near which it is situated, and contiguous to my son John Moors garden; the cooper’s shop, garden and ciller against it; also my dwelling house and surroundings which belong to it to be taken into his possession on the occasion of my death and the death of my wife.     Signed this twentieth day of February Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and eighty three     By me Edmund Moore, Witnesses Adolphus Yates, Edward X Boone.

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D. M. Browning

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