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Newfoundland will books volume 12 pages 268 & 269 probate year 1922

Will of Henry Knight


(Please note that in the will book the corner of this page is torn off, and as a result the page number from the page beneath shows, so instead of page 268 it reads 266. It is not 266, it is 268)

I Henry Knight make my last Will and Testament in the year of Our Lord 1915 August 6th. Each of my sons will & have on my premises where there houses ar built and the land marked around them. Kenneth W. Knight will have part of building land on the N. E. Of my Dwelling House with right of way to Sea Side. Warrick S. Knight will have from road taking in Capeling Wharf running East to where he got fenced on Hill and in Beach to end of my fish flake. J. E. Knight. Warrick S. Knight. Wallace A. Knight will have land to build their Barns on up back of Wesleys cellar where trees are growing. Henry T. Knight and Dorman G. Knight will have my field on Western Arm road and all uncleared land South to end of grant. Warrick S. Knight and W. A. Knight Will take North end from my field, Western Arm Road between them to North end of grant. J. W. Knight will have the old piece of land in Middle Arm that I had taken for mill purposes in 1857.

J. Wesley Knight have no part in Adamís Cove land. Samuel A. Knight. W. S. Knight. H. T. Knight. Kenneth William Knight. Wallace A. Knight. Dorman G. Knight will have Adamses Cove land if I donít sell it before my death. Each son has a part of that land. North of the Field Wall running West to road by Samuels Land Back Cove 40 feet square each. Warrick S. Knight will have a small patch of potato land for summer use also Wallace and Wesley the same.

There is a small lot of land at S. W. Arm Barons, you will find measure by Mr. Nowel sell it for all my sons.

I Henry Knight own onw eight 1/8 of Copper Mine land on the S & W. Side of Little Bay - Bottom, Josia Colbourne or sons, Twillingate owns part same property the 1/8, Ĺ for all my sons and daughter Sarah Ann.

All other land on my home grant Houses Stores Wharf all water Side works for henry T. Knight and Dorman G. Knight with all my tools working gear all Cattel and Sheep and included. Wesley is to have the use of Stores Weights Large Weights and Beam & Skails and as he do now untill such time untill he gets his own Stores and Wharf built, Should he Wesley go into to other business the Beam & Scales will remain with Henry T. Knight and Dorman G. Wright.

I do hereby appoint John Wesley Knight my son, Sole Executor of my will.
Signature of Testator HENRY KNIGHT.
Signature of Witnesses. Arthur A. Knight. Charles G. Strong.

William F. Lloyd Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the Margin next to this will the following)
Fiat Oct 6/22 Kent J. Probate granted to John Wesley Knight. Oct 6/22 Estate sworn at $573.00

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