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Will of James Hicks from Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 475-476 probate year 1916


 In re     JAMES HICKS      deceased.

    I James Hicks of Purcells Harbour, Twillingate, in the Northern District of the Island of Newfoundland, make this my last will and testament while in the possession of sound mind and memory this ninth day of October A.D. 1916.     I give devise and bequeath my estate and property real and personal in the following manner:-

  1.     I give and bequeath unto my wife Bessie Laura Hicks and my daughter Clara Susana Hicks, the money deposited in the Bank of Nova Scotia No. 356, folio 179, amount Fifteen hundred dollars for their sole use and benefit.
  2.     I give and bequeath unto my daughter Clara Susana Hicks the sum of eight hundred dollars which now on the books at William Ashbournes business, said money to be drawn from said business and deposited at the Bank for my said daughter when she arrives at the age of eighteen years. Unless my said daughter should at any time be in such circumstances to require assistance for her support, then in that case my executor will give such help from the amount deposited to her credit as he considers necessary from time to time
  3.     I give and bequeath to my mother Sarah Ann Boyde the sum of fifty dollars for her sole use and benefit
  4.     I give and devise unto my wife Bessie Laura Hicks my dwelling house furniture outhouses land etc situate at Purcellís Harbor or elsewhere for her use and benefit so long as she remains my widow, but in the event of her marrying again then the said property is to become the possessions of my daughter Clara Susana Hicks. Provided however, if my wife find it necessary to reside elsewhere then after three years of non-occupancy of house land etc my executor with consent of my said wife, if he considers it in the interest of my estate is hereby empowered to sell the property and deposit the amount received in the Bank for my wife and child
  5.     I give and devise unto Frederick Thomas Hicks my Motor Engine for his sole use and benefit forever
  6.     I give and devise unto my wife Bessie Laura Hicks the Ten dollars deposited in the F.P.U. Trading Co. for her sole use and benefit.
  7.     Whereas I did in section V give and devise unto Frederick Thomas Hicks my Motor Engine, I do now order my executor to sell said Engine and deposit the amount to the credit of said Frederick Thomas Hicks in the Bank of Nova Scotia.
    Lastly I hereby appoint and constitute Charles White N.P. to be my sole executor of this my last will and testament.     In witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this ninth day of October 1916 A.D.     James his X mk Hicks     Signed in the presence of Edgar George Roberts     Stephen Anstey.

Charles H. Emerson
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin of this will)
Decr 5/16
Decr 11/16
granted to
Chas White
Estate sworn
at $3000.00

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