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Newfoundland will books volume 2  pages 381-382 probate year 1860

Will of Robert Linfield Senior
In re

Robert Linfield deceased.

To all to whom these presents shall come this agreement witnesseth I Robert Linfield Sen of Jenkins Cove, Twillingate, in the Island of Newfoundland do agree and bargain and by these presents do transfer set over and give to my four beloved sons, viz. George, Thomas, John and Alfred Linfield all my money, land, room, all my singular goods and chattles and all my property of whatever kind and for each of my beloved sons above named to have an equal share therein, and that my four sons, viz, George, Thomas, John and Alfred Linfield shall have the full use benefit right and title to the above named money, land, room, goods and chattels &c as their own property while I the said Robert Linfield shall live and the business to be carried on after the same manner as at present upon the sure condition that my four sons, viz, George, Thomas, John and Alfred Linfield do and shall give to me the said Robert Linfield a proper maintenance while I shall live, i.e. shall give to me food, raiment, attendance, lodging &c and whatever else may be necessary while I shall live and shall at my death secure to me a proper decent and Christian burial and upon the faithful fulfilment of their duty to me as before named, and according to the meaning thereof, shall in the following manner at my death and immediately after have all my money land room, and other property as aforesaid without any further let, hindrance or condition whatever.

First my four beloved sons George, Thomas, John and Alfred Linfield, their heirs, assigns, executors or administrators shall have my money equally divided among them immediately after my death but nevertheless my room land and other property shall remain after my death undivided as before and not to be sold out of the family of the Linfields or their descendents nevertheless should one or more of my sons their heirs, assigns, &c. wish to have their part or lawful share of the abovenamed land, room, property &c. or should one or more of my sons abovenamed their heirs, assigns &c. wish to remove, then a proper and lawful valuation shall be made of the whole property as aforesaid and those wishing to have their shares or remove as before stated shall have their just and equal share paid to him or them by those who are willing to remain.

Secondly, immediately after my death my four sons, viz. George Thomas, John and Alfred Linfield out of the above named money, room, land and other property shall pay to my beloved son Robert Linfield Jun. should he come after it the sum of twenty pounds sterling money, or when he may come after it, and also immediately after my death my above named four sons shall pay to my beloved daughter Hannah Mitchel the sum of ten pounds sterling money, all which being truly paid according to the meaning of this agreement, the abovenamed money, property &c. shall be possessed, occupied, claimed and enjoyed by my four sons as aforesaid, their heirs and assigns &c. for ever whereto we the aforesaid parties do set our hands and seals this sixth day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight.

Robert X Linfield, senr. (LS)  George Linfield (LS)  Thomas X Linfield (LS)  John Linfield (LS)  Alfred Linfield (LS)  In the presence of whose names are subscribed, Richard X Verge, Charles Pelley.

Certified correct,

D. M. Browning


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