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1836 Census

Number and Denomination of Churches & Minsters

Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey.
On occasion you'll see discrepancies in the totals, these appear in the original. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

An extra nominal listing is present in the 1836 Notre Dame Bay Census adjacent to Change Islands, Dog Bay and Gander Bay. Under an heading "Number and Denomination of Churches & Minsters". It possibly may be a list of regular church attending males, including any ministers and or lay readers. The name listing appears as following:

George Edwards
John Guin
Nicholas LeDrew
William Osborne
William Diamond
John Osmond
J. William Everly
William Taylor
John Jeans
Thomas Torreville
Benjamin Cave
George Haines
John Everly
John Guin
Edward Saunders
William Oake
Edmund Elliott
John Oake
Henry Pickford
John Pickford
Thomas Pickford
Thomas Colbourne
John Gatehouse
Charles Bignale/Bignell
Eli Walbourne
Samuel Walbourne
Andrew Bound
Anthony LeDrew
Nicholas LeDrew
George Bishop
Thomas Moors
Tobias LeDrew
Robert LeDrew
Francis LeDrew
William Bursey
Isaac Bursey
John Bursey
Charles Lawford
William Smith
Caleb Smith
William LeDrew
Abraham LeDrew
James LeDrew
Robert Smith
Henry Hines
Edwart Hart
Patrick Dwyer
George Newsam
James Newell
James LeDrew
Abraham LeDrew
Nicholas LeDrew
Henry LeDrew

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