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William Pearce Moss Diary (1854 and later)

Births, Marriages & Deaths only

Only BMD's transcribed by Jill Marshall, June 8 2014. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
William Pearce Moss Diary (1854 and later)
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Apr 13 1854
William Randellís child (William) died

Apr 18 1854
Charles Newmanís child died. His name was George John

May 16 1854
William Randell buried today

May 20 1854
John Wells married Caroline Bourden

June 9 1854
Thomas Jacobsí wife died, at the Arm

June 10 1854
John Gillard Senír died about 12 oíclock noon

June 13 1854
T. Jacobsí wife buried in the meeting yard

June 14 1854
John Gillard buried in the Church Yard by Mr Boone

June 16 1854
Robert Wells Senír died (Tígate North Side)

June 19 1854
Sarah Ann confined of a son.

June 21 1854
Robert Wells buried in the Church Yard by Mr Boone

July 17 1854
Harrietís birthday age 23 years (added to left margin)

Aug 10 1854
John Guy died (North Side)

Aug 11 1854
Motherís birthday aged 46 ears (right side of page, added)

Aug 15 1854
reference to James Halladay who shot his hound, has written above it "died 1875)

Sep 10 1854
Old William Boyde died

Sep 13 1854
William Boyde buried in the Church Yard

Sep 16 1854
Fatherís birthday, aged 54 years

Sep 22 1854
John Gillard married Elizabeth White

Oct 24 1854
William Verge married Ursula Davey by Mr Boone

Oct 25 1854
John Church(hill) married Margaret Ashbourne & Joseph Rice married Sarah Gillett

Oct 30 1854
William Earl married Jane Gillett, dau of John & Jane Gillett

Nov 1 1854
John Boarden married Hannah Jenkins

Nov 3 1854
Eliza Randell died; & Adam Bulgin married Mary Gates

Nov 6 1854
John Ridout married Prescilla Smith

Nov 8 1854
Eliza Randell buried at Harts Cove by Mr Boone

Nov 9 1854
Joseph Anstey married Isabella Inder

Nov 10 1854
John Mitchard married Abigail Smith

Dec 1 1854
Benjamin Stuckless married Louisa Waterman

Dec 6 1854
James Sharpe died at Crow Head (buried on Dec 9 in Church Yard)

Dec 16 1854
My birthday aged 16 years (left margin, added)

Jan 1856 (date on top of entries which are numbered)
1. William Vivian died Jan 16 1856
2. Samuel Elliott died June 9 (year n/g)
3. John Gillett died June 10 (year n/g)
4. William Jenkins died June 18 (year n/g)
5. Clara May died Nov 15 (year n/g)
6. Thomas Wigans died Dec 23 (year n/g)

On a later page
Nov 11 1876 long story regarding accidental shooting death of Theodore May, who was shot under the ribs

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