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1921 Census

Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District

Black Island   (In Fridays Bay, near New World Island)

Many thanks go out to the internet pioneers who began the former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project and thus online NF geneaology; Glynn Hewlett, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, Sidney Young, George White, Freeman Fry, Patricia Holwell and John Holwell. Through their efforts and contributions of time, the NDB 1921 Census data was collected, transcribed and posted to the web for the benefit of all people researching their NF roots.

The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order. The information for this community was transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT ~ January 11, 1997.

Last Name First Name Living in
Position Date Born Place Born Religion Occup Related to
SANSOMEJohnBlack IslandHEADFeb 1887Black IslandMethodistFisherman

SANSOMELucretiaBlack IslandWifeJan 1886Salt PondMethodist
Married to John Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEVioletBlack IslandDaughterMay 1906Salt PondMethodistSchoolDaughter of John Sansome, Black Is

SANSOMEEdwardBlack IslandHEADNov 1880Black IslandMethodistFisherman

SANSOMELouisaBlack IslandHEADMar 1882Seal CoveMethodist
Married to Edward Sansome, Black Is

SANSOMEFannyBlack IslandHEADApr 1910Black IslandMethodistSchoolDaughter of Edward Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEMartinBlack IslandSonMay 1916Black IslandMethodist
Son of Edward Sansome, Black Is

SANSOMEJohnBlack IslandHEADFeb 1843TwillingateMethodistFisherman

SANSOMEFannyBlack IslandWifeJan 1854Grey IslandsMethodist
Married to John Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEBennettBlack IslandSonJul 1897Black IslandMethodistFishermanSon of John Sansome, Black Is

SANSOMELouisBlack IslandHEADAug 1892Black IslandMethodistFisherman

SANSOMEMinnieBlack IslandWifeJul 1895Salt PondMethodist
Married to Louis Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEMelvilleBlack IslandSonJan 1919Salt PondMethodist
Son of Louis Sansome, Black Is

RICEDavidBlack IslandHEADMay 1880Black IslandMethodistFisherman
RICEFredBlack IslandSonJul 1902Black IslandMethodistFishermanSon of David Rice, Black Is
RICEHedleyBlack IslandSonAug 1906Black IslandMethodistFishermanSon of David Rice, Blk Is
RICEStewartBlack IslandSonJun 1911Black IslandMethodist
Son of David Rice, Black Is
HINDSAlmaBlack IslandServantJun 1891Herring NeckMethodistDomestic ServantServant of David Rice, Black Is

RICEArthurBlack IslandHEADMar 1878Black IslandMethodistFisherman

RICEElizabethBlack IslandWifeSep1879TwillingateMethodist
Married to Arthur Rice, Black Is
RICEJosephBlack IslandSonApr 1903Black IslandMethodistFishermanSon of Arthur Rice, Black Is
RICEAnnieBlack IslandDaughterMar 1908Black IslandMethodist
Daughter of Arthur Rice, Black Is
RICEGeorgeBlack IslandSonJul 1909Black IslandMethodist
Son of Arthur Rice, Black Is
RICEAmeliaBlack IslandDaughterJun 1913Black IslandMethodist
Daughter of Arthur Rice, Black Is
RICE?Black IslandSonJun 1918Black IslandMethodist
Son of Arthur Rice, Black IsFirst name looks like Elmore

SANSOMEThomasBlack IslandHEADOct 1876Black IslandMethodistFisherman

SANSOMELouisaBlack IslandWifeMar 1878TwillingateMethodist
Married to Thomas Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEHettieBlack IslandDaughterSep1901Salt PondMethodist
Daughter of Thomas Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEAndrewBlack IslandSonJan 1906Black IslandMethodistSchoolSon of Thomas Sansome, Black Is
SANSOMEMatildaBlack IslandDaughterDec 1909Black IslandMethodist
Daughter of Thomas Sansome, Black Is

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