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Many thanks go out to the internet pioneers who began the former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project and thus online NF geneaology; Glynn Hewlett, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, Sidney Young, George White, Freeman Fry, Patricia Holwell and John Holwell. Through their efforts and contributions of time, the NDB 1921 Census data was collected, transcribed and posted to the web for the benefit of all people researching their NF roots.

The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order.

The information for this community was transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT ~ February 18, 1997. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Last Name First Name Living in
Position Date Born Place Born Religion Occup Related to
JEWERMurdreckLewisporte, NorthHEADJan 1880LewisporteMethodistPulp & Paper Making

JEWERAriatt (?)Lewisporte, NorthWifeJan 1890BotwoodMethodist
Married to Murdreck Jewer, LN
JEWERCliffordLewisporte, NorthSonJul 1916LewisporteMethodist
Son of Murdreck Jewer, LN

DOWNTONDanielLewisporte, NorthHEADJun 1878North HarbourMethodistPulp & Paper, Grand Falls

DOWNTONJessieLewisporte, NorthWifeJun 1887LewisporteMethodist
Married to Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTONGwendolynLewisporte, NorthDaughterMay 1906LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTONJanetLewisporte, NorthDaughterApr 1911LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTONHaroldLewisporte, NorthSonSep1910LewisporteMethodist
Son of Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTONStewardLewisporte, NorthSonAug 1912LewisporteMethodist
Son of Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTON?Lewisporte, NorthSonSep1914LewisporteMethodist
Son of Daniel Downton, LNunable to determine what 1st name is
DOWNTONHedleyLewisporte, NorthSonJun 1917LewisporteMethodist
Son of Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTONDouglasLewisporte, NorthSonMar 1921Grand FallsMethodist
Son of Daniel Downton, LN
DOWNTONBabyLewisporte, NorthDaughterMar 1921Grand FallsMethodist
Daughter of Daniel Downton, LN

MOYLESCharlesLewisporte, NorthHEADJul 1878FogoMethodistSection Foreman

MOYLESFinlessLewisporte, NorthWifeJul 1882ChannelMethodist
Married to Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESElsieLewisporte, NorthDaughterJul 1903LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESPearlLewisporte, NorthDaughterJul 1905LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESNettieLewisporte, NorthDaughterJun 1907LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESVioletLewisporte, NorthDaughterSep1908LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESDonaldLewisporte, NorthSonMay 1912LewisporteMethodist
Son of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESDaisyLewisporte, NorthDaughterMay 1910LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESBlancheLewisporte, NorthDaughterOct 1915LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
MOYLESFlossieLewisporte, NorthDaughterAug 1918LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Charles Moyles, LN
FRAKEElizabethLewisporte, NorthMotherAug 1848FogoMethodist
Mother of Charles Moyles, LNWidowed
DOWNTONElizabethLewisporte, Northmoth to D DowntonMay 1849ExploitsMethodist

TURNERClaraLewisporte, Northdau of N TurnerJun 1901LewisporteMethodist

WOOLFREYWilfredLewisporte, NorthHEADOct 1895LewisporteMethodistMM?

WOOLFREYEthelLewisporte, NorthWifeJun 1898BrigusMethodist
Married to Wilfred Woolfrey, LN
WOOLFREYBabyLewisporte, NorthDaughterApr 1921Montreal, QuebecMethodist
Daughter of Wilfred Woolfrey, LN
WOOLFREYHooperLewisporte, NorthBrotherOct 1893LewisporteMethodistFarmerBrother of Wilfred Woolfrey, LN

NOSEWORTHYTobiasLewisporte, NorthHEADSep1895LewisporteMethodistLumbering

NOSEWORTHYHettieLewisporte, NorthWifeJul 1898BeavertonMethodist
Married to Tobias Noseworthy, LN
NOSEWORTHYVivianLewisporte, NorthDaughterAug 1917LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Tobias Noseworthy, LN

JEANSWalterLewisporte, NorthHEADMay 1891LewisporteMethodistPulp Worker

JEANSAnneLewisporte, NorthWifeJul 1895LewisporteMethodist
Married to Walter Jeans, LN
JEANSMillurd (?)Lewisporte, NorthSonJun 1919Bishop FallsMethodist
Son of Walter Jeans, LN

KINGWalterLewisporte, NorthHEADAug 1881LewisporteMethodistPulp Making

KINGAliceLewisporte, NorthWifeJul 1890Port BlandfordMethodist
Married to Walter King, LN
KINGRalphLewisporte, NorthSonSep1912LewisporteMethodist
Son of Walter King, LN
KINGHerbertLewisporte, NorthSonJun 1914LewisporteMethodist
Son of Walter King, LN
KINGIda VLewisporte, NorthAdopted DaughterFeb 1921LewisporteMethodist
Adopted Daughter of Walter King, LN
KINGMartinLewisporte, NorthNephewAug 1899LewisporteMethodist
Nephew of Walter King, LN

BOONEFrancisLewisporte, NorthHEADAug 1884LewisporteMethodistMeth M, Ministry
BOONEEdgarLewisporte, NorthCousinNov 1897LewisporteMethodistBook KeeperCousin to Francis Boone, LN
FRAKEDormondLewisporte, Northno relationship listed? 1896LewisporteMethodistM. M., Theological Student

OSBORNEAlbertLewisporte, NorthHEADJun 1903LewisporteMethodistLumbering

YOUNGMary JLewisporte, NorthHEADMay 1852Rose BlancheMethodist

YOUNGMable CLewisporte, NorthDaughterJun 1890WhitbourneMethodist
Daughter of Mary J Young, LN

OSBORNEWilliamLewisporte, NorthHEADAug 1880LewisporteMethodistLumbering

OSBORNEElizaLewisporte, NorthWifeSep1882
Married to Wm Osborne, LNunable to read pob
OSBORNEEliLewisporte, NorthSonNov 1905
Son of Wm Osborne, LNunable to read pob
OSBORNEWilbertLewisporte, NorthSonAug 1908
Son of Wm Osborne, LNunable to read pob
OSBORNEDeliaLewisporte, NorthDaughterAug 1913
Daughter of Wm Osborne, LN
OSBORNEEthelLewisporte, NorthDaughterMar 1919
Daughter of Wm Osbourn, LNunable to read pob

HYDEFred WLewisporte, NorthHEADJul 1885Change IslandsMethodistBook Keeper, Lumbering

HYDEFlorenceLewisporte, NorthWifeMar 1895CampbelltonMethodist
Married to Fred W Hyde, LN
HYDEDouglasLewisporte, NorthSonJul 1914CampbelltonMethodist
Son of Fred W Hyde, LN
HYDEDaisyLewisporte, NorthDaughterFeb 1916CampbelltonMethodist
Daughter of Fred W Hyde, LN
HYDEMargaretLewisporte, NorthDaughterFeb 1917CampbelltonMethodist
Daughter of Fred W Hyde, LN
HYDELouiseLewisporte, NorthDaughterOct 1920CampbelltonMethodist
Daughter of Fred W Hyde, LN

HAYWARDRolandLewisporte, NorthHEADAug 1881LewisporteMethodistLumbering

HAYWARDMatildaLewisporte, NorthWifeJul 1885Northern ArmMethodist
Married to Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDLesterLewisporte, NorthSonApr 1904Northern ArmMethodist
Son of Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDMaudLewisporte, NorthDaughterApr 1906GlenwoodMethodist
Son of Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDHarryLewisporte, NorthSonOct 1908LewisporteMethodist
Son of Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDCliffordLewisporte, NorthSonAug 1913BotwoodMethodist
Son of Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDAlmaLewisporte, NorthDaughterSep1915LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDOttoLewisporte, NorthSonJun 1918LewisporteMethodist
Son of Roland Hayward, LN
HAYWARDEdithLewisporte, NorthDaughterNov 1920LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Roland Hayward, LN

JANESGeorgeLewisporte, NorthHEADDec 1887Jackson's CoveSalvation ArmyCarpenter

JANESFlorenceLewisporte, NorthWifeOct 1887LewisporteSalvation Army
Married to George Janes, LN
JANESWillisLewisporte, NorthSonOct 1908Jackson's CoveSalvation Army
Son of George Janes, LN
JANESAdolphLewisporte, NorthSonDec 1911Jackson's CoveSalvation Army
Son of George Janes, LN
JANESClemethLewisporte, NorthSonJan 1914LewisporteSalvation Army
Son of George Janes, LN
JANESEthelLewisporte, NorthDaughterJan 1916LewisporteSalvation Army
Daughter of George Janes, LN
JANESMabelLewisporte, NorthDaughterMar 1918LewisporteSalvation Army
Daughter of George Janes, LN
JANESAmeliaLewisporte, NorthDaughterJun 1919LewisporteSalvation Army
Daughter of George Janes, LN
ROBERTSMabelLewisporte, NorthServantMay 1899Wild BightMethodistServantServant of George Janes, LN

RUSSELLWm SrLewisporte, NorthHEADNov 1853Moreton's HarbourMethodistFisherman

RUSSELLAmeliaLewisporte, NorthWifeMay 1861ExploitsMethodist
Married to Wm Russell Sr, LN
RUSSELLWilliamLewisporte, NorthSonMar 1914LewisporteMethodist
Son of Wm Russell Sr, LN

RUSSELLHenryLewisporte, NorthHEADSep1884LewisporteMethodistLumbering

RUSSELLEmmaLewisporte, NorthWifeSep1893Tizzard's HarbourMethodist
Married to Henry Russell, LN
RUSSELLMosleyLewisporte, NorthSonApr 1914LewisporteMethodist
Son of Henry Russell, LN
RUSSELLSalinaLewisporte, NorthDaughterJan 1916LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Henry Rowsell, LN
RUSSELLEllaLewisporte, NorthDaughterAug 1919LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Henry Russell, LN

MANUELHarryLewisporte, NorthHEADFeb 1875Loon BayMethodistMaster Mariner

MANUELDelilahLewisporte, NorthWifeOct 1878GreenspondMethodist
Married to Harry Manuel, LN
MAUNELStellaLewisporte, NorthDaughterAug 1908GreenspondMethodist
Daughter of Harry Manuel, LN
MANUELEdwinLewisporte, NorthSonOct 1909Loon BayMethodist
Son of Harry Manuel, LN
MANUELMillicentLewisporte, NorthDaughterApr 1912Loon BayMethodist
Daughter of Harry Manuel, LN
MANUELHarveyLewisporte, NorthSonOct 1913Loon BayMethodist
Son of Harry Manuel, LN

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