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Lewisporte South Side

Many thanks go out to the internet pioneers who began the former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project and thus online NF geneaology; Glynn Hewlett, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, Sidney Young, George White, Freeman Fry, Patricia Holwell and John Holwell. Through their efforts and contributions of time, the NDB 1921 Census data was collected, transcribed and posted to the web for the benefit of all people researching their NF roots.

The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order.

The information for this community was transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT ~ February 9, 1997. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Last Name First Name Living in
Position Date Born Place Born Religion Occup Related to
LEYDENJamesLewisporte, South SideHEADSep1870Cape Charles, LabMethodistRailway Work

LEYDENSarah JLewisporte, South SideWifeNov 1877Boat Harbour, LabradorMethodist
Married to James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENSusan MLewisporte, South SideDaughterDec 1900Barge Bay, LabMethodist
Daughter of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENAlbertLewisporte, South SideSonAug 1903Barge Bay, LabMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENLeonard WLewisporte, South SideSonAug 1905Barge Bay, LabMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENHENRY NLewisporte, South SideSonJul 1906Barge Bay, LabMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENArthur F RLewisporte, South SideSonOct 1911LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENEliu DLewisporte, South SideSonNov 1914LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENLewis HLewisporte, South SideSonMay 1918LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS
LEYDENCurtis MLewisporte, South SideSonSep1919LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Leyden, LSS

LEYDENSamuelLewisporte, South SideHEAD? 1897Barge Bay, LabMethodistLabor, Lum

LEYDENLeah JLewisporte, South SideWifeMay 1899Cape NormanMethodist
Married to Samuel Leyden, LSS
LEYDENAlbert ELewisporte, South SideSonJun 1919LewisporteMethodist
Son of Samuel Leyden, LSS

MARTINFredrickLewisporte, South SideHEADJul 1870Black IslandMethodistFarmer

MARTINLydiaLewisporte, South SideWifeNov 1870TwillingateMethodist
Married to Fredrick Martin, LSS

MARTINEdwardLewisporte, South SideHEADMay ?Black IslandMethodistFarmer

MARTINJaneLewisporte, South SideWifeJun ?TwillingateMethodist
Married to Edward Martin, LSS

MARTINFrancisLewisporte, South SideHEADFeb 1840Harbour GraceMethodist

MARTINElizabethLewisporte, South SideWifeMar 1847Harbour GraceMethodist
Married to Francis Martin, LSS

MARTINArthurLewisporte, South SideHEADOct 1881Black IslandMethodistRailroad
married but wife not recorded here
MARTINScottLewisporte, South SideSonDec 1916LewisporteMethodist
Son of Arthur Martin, LSS
MARTIN?Lewisporte, South SideSon? 1919LewisporteMethodist
Son of Arthur Martin, LSSfirst name looks like Regenal

BENNETTJamesLewisporte, South SideHEADAug 1872LewisporteMethodistLabor, Lum

BENNETTAliceLewisporte, South SideWifeApr 1877Virgin ArmMethodist
Married to James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTStewartLewisporte, South SideSonNov 1903LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTMaudLewisporte, South SideDaughterDec 1905LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTJames JrLewisporte, South SideSonSep1907LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTElsieLewisporte, South SideDaughterJul 1911LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTCecilLewisporte, South SideSonApr 1913LewisporteMethodist
Son of James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTEldaLewisporte, South SideDaughterAug 1914LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of James Bennett, LSS
BENNETTMyrtleLewisporte, South SideDaughterOct 1918LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of James Bennett, LSS
MARTINKateLewisporte, South SideVisitorMay 1889LewisporteMethodist
Visiting James Bennett, LSS

SNOWEdgarLewisporte, South SideHEAD? 1880Black IslandMethodistLumbering

SNOWMaryLewisporte, South SideWife? 1880Seldom Come ByMethodist
Married to Edgar Snow, LSS
SNOWJohnLewisporte, South SideSonAug 1906LewisporteMethodist
Son of Edgar Snow, LSS
SNOWJosephLewisporte, South SideSonJun 1910LewisporteMethodist
Son of Edgar Snow, LSS
SNOWElizabethLewisporte, South SideDaughterSep1912LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Edgar Snow, LSS
SNOWMaryLewisporte, South SideDaughterJul 1915LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Edgar Snow, LSS

SNOWWilliamLewisporte, South SideHEADJun 1895Black IslandMethodistLabor

SNOWMinnieLewisporte, South SideWifeOct 1881Some Port(?), Bonavista BayMethodist
Married to Wm Snow, LSS
SNOWBerthaLewisporte, South SideDaughterMar 1902LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Wm Snow, LSS
SNOWLouieLewisporte, South SideDaughterMar 1904LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Wm Snow, LSS
SNOWWalterLewisporte, South SideSonAug 1910LewisporteMethodist
Son of Wm Snow, LSS
SNOWStanleyLewisporte, South SideSonAug 1912LewisporteMethodist
Son of Wm Snow, LSS
SNOWLucyLewisporte, South SideDaughterSep1920LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Wm Snow, LSS

MARTINEliLewisporte, South SideHEADJun 1872Black IslandMethodistCourier, Conveying Mail

MARTINCharlotteLewisporte, South SideWifeDec 1882Joe Batts ArmMethodist
Married to Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINLeanderLewisporte, South SideSonMar 1901LewisporteMethodistLumberingSon of Eli Martin, LS
MARTINJohnLewisporte, South SideSonSep1903LewisporteMethodistLumberingSon of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINRalphLewisporte, South SideSonApr 1904LewisporteMethodistTie CuttingSon of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINMaryLewisporte, South SideDaughterMay 1906LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINMayLewisporte, South SideDaughterMay 1908LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINFrankLewisporte, South SideSonFeb 1910LewisporteMethodist
Son of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINDonaldLewisporte, South SideSonApr 1912LewisporteMethodist
Son of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINMabelLewisporte, South SideDaughterMar 1916LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Eli Martin, LSS
MARTINAmeliaLewisporte, South SideDaughterApr 1921LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Eli Martin, LSS

MARTINRichardLewisporte, South SideHEADSep1875Black IslandMethodistLabor

MARTINEmilyLewisporte, South SideWifeMay 1878FogoMethodist
Married to Richard Martin, LSS
MARTINWilfredLewisporte, South SideSonOct 1906LewisporteMethodist
Son of Richard Martin, LSS
MARTINLorenzoLewisporte, South SideSonJan 1909LewisporteMethodist
Son of Richard Martin, LSS
MARTINSydneyLewisporte, South SideSonAug 1911LewisporteMethodist
Son of Richard Martin, LSS
MARTINHerbertLewisporte, South SideSonMay 1919LewisporteMethodist
Son of Richard Martin, LSS

MARTINRobertLewisporte, South SideHEADNov 1877Black IslandMethodistSection Foreman, Railway

MARTINMaryLewisporte, South SideWifeDec 1881Treaty ShoreMethodist
Married to Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINJamesLewisporte, South SideSonOct 1904LewisporteMethodistRailway WorkSon of Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINEricLewisporte, South SideSonMar 1906LewisporteMethodist
Son of Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINLouieLewisporte, South SideDaughterJul 1908LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINPearlLewisporte, South SideDaughterJun 1910LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINAgustusLewisporte, South SideSonFeb 1914LewisporteMethodist
Son of Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINElizabethLewisporte, South SideDaughterFeb 1917LewisporteMethodist
Daughter of Robert Martin, LSS
MARTINThomasLewisporte, South SideSonOct 1919LewisporteMethodist
Son of Robert Martin, LSS

BENNETTWilliamLewisporte, South SideHEADFeb 1894LewisporteMethodist?

BENNETTStellaLewisporte, South SideWifeFeb 1902Loon BayMethodist
Married to Wm Bennett, LSS

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