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Many thanks go out to the internet pioneers who began the former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project and thus online NF geneaology; Patricia Holwell, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, Sidney Young, George White, Freeman Fry, Patricia Holwell and John Holwell. Through their efforts and contributions of time, the NDB 1921 Census data was collected, transcribed and posted to the web for the benefit of all people researching their NF roots.

The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order.

The information for this community was transcribed by PATRICIA HOLWELL ~ March 14, 1997. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Last Name First Name Living in
Position Date Born Place Born Religion Occup Related to
BALLDavidStanhopeHEADJul 1874Mason's CoveMethodistFarmerMarried to Mary
BALLMaryStanhopeWifeAug 1882Port de GraveMethodist
Married to David BALL
BALLJessieStanhopeDaughterNov 1901StanhopeMethodist
Daughter of David BALL
BALLChesleyStanhopeSonMar 1903StanhopeMethodist
Son of David BALL
BALLSamuelStanhopeSonDec 1904StanhopeMethodist
Son of David BALL
BALLDonaldStanhopeSonJun 1907StanhopeMethodist
Son of David BALL
BALLAlbertStanhopeSonJun 1916StanhopeMethodist
Son of David BALL
BALLAnnaStanhopeDaughterJul 1917StanhopeMethodist
Daughter of David BALL
BALLFredStanhopeSonApr 1919StanhopeMethodist
Son of David BALL

PELLYWilliamStanhopeHEADMay 1870Black IslandSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Charlottescratched out on sheet
PELLYCharlotteStanhopeWifeNov 1879Black IslandSalvation Army
Married to William PELLYscratched out on sheet
PELLYWill JohnStanhopeSonNov 1896ExploitsSalvation Army
Son of William PELLYscratched out on sheet
PELLYLivinaStanhopeDaughterJan 1903Little Burnt BaySalvation Army
Daughter of William PELLYscratched out on sheet

FUDGESamuelStanhopeHEADFeb 1877Moreton's HarbourMethodistFishermanMarried to Patience
FUDGEPatienceStanhopeWifeMar 1882ExploitsMethodist
Married to Samuel FUDGE
FUDGEAlbertStanhopeSonOct 1903StanhopeMethodist
Son of Samuel FUDGE
FUDGEElihuStanhopeSonJun 1907StanhopeMethodist
Son of Samuel FUDGE
FUDGECharlesStanhopeSonJul 1909StanhopeMethodist
Son of Samuel FUDGE
FUDGEOvertonStanhopeSonJan 1911StanhopeMethodist
Son of Samuel FUDGE
FUDGEAnnaStanhopeDaughterOct 1912StanhopeMethodist
Daughter of Samuel FUDGE
FUDGELivinaStanhopeDaughterJul 1917StanhopeMethodist
Daughter of Samuel FUDGE
FUDGEHartleyStanhopeSonDec 1919StanhopeMethodist
Son of Samuel FUDGE

BALLWilliam GeorgeStanhopeHEADAug 1885StanhopeMethodistFarmerMarried to Mary
BALLMaryStanhopeWifeJul 1892ExploitsMethodist
Married to William George BALL
BALLAlbertStanhopeSonSep 1909StanhopeMethodist
Son of William George BALL
BALLRalphStanhopeSonFeb 1910StanhopeMethodist
Son of William George BALL
BALLLenoraStanhopeDaughterDec 1914StanhopeMethodist
Son of William George BALL
BALLMargaretStanhopeDaughterFeb 1917StanhopeMethodist
Son of William George BALL

BALLTimothyStanhopeHEADFeb 1888StanhopeMethodistLumbermanMarried to Alice
BALLAliceStanhopeWifeJan 1900ExploitsMethodist
Married to Timothy BALL
BALLSolomonStanhopeFatherJun 1853ExploitsSalvation ArmyFishermanFather of Timothy BALL & Married to Mary
BALLMaryStanhopeMotherJun 1860FogoSalvation Army
Mother of Timothy BALL & Married to Solomon BALL

BALLStephenStanhopeHEADNov 1885StanhopeSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Lucy
BALLLucyStanhopeWifeDec 1882Swan HarbourSalvation Army
Married to Stephen BALL
BALLBessieStanhopeDaughterDec 1914StanhopeSalvation Army
Daughter of Stephen BALL
BALLLeviStanhopeDaughterFeb 1917StanhopeSalvation Army
Son of Stephen BALL
BALLEmilyStanhopeDaughterDec 1920StanhopeSalvation Army
Daughter of Stephen BALL
PORTERHubertStanhopeboarderNov 1893Bumper's IslandSalvation ArmyLumbermanMarried to Hettie
PORTERHettieStanhopeboarderJul 1893Swan HarbourSalvation Army
Married to Hubert PORTER
PORTERCecilStanhopeboarderMay 1920StanhopeSalvation Army
Son of Hubert PORTER

CHAULKAbsolomStanhopeHEADDec 1853Lord's ArmMethodistFarmer
CHAULKElihuStanhopeSonJun 1887StanhopeMethodistFishermanm Son of Absolom CHAULK & Married to Carrie
CHAULKCarrieStanhopeDaughter In LawOct 1888Moreton's HarbourMethodist
DIL of Absolom CHAULK & Married to Elihu CHAULK
CHAULKWalterStanhopeSonOct 1897StanhopeMethodistLumbermanm Son of Absolom CHAULK & Married to Jane
CHAULKJaneStanhopeDaughter In LawOct 1897PortervilleMethodist
DIL of Absolom CHAULK & Married to Walter CHAULK
CHAULKHiramStanhopeGrand SonJul 1920StanhopeMethodist
Grand Son of Absolom CHAULK

WELLSPierceStanhopeHEADAug 1877LewisporteSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Mary
WELLSMaryStanhopeWifeJul 1879Black IslandSalvation Army
Married to Pierce WELLS
WELLSDorothyStanhopeDaughterOct 1905Black IslandSalvation Army
Daughter of Pierce WELLS
WELLSWalterStanhopeSonJan 1907StanhopeSalvation Army
Son of Pierce WELLS
WELLSOliveStanhopeDaughterDec 1913Black IslandSalvation Army
Daughter of Pierce WELLS
WELLSRoseStanhopeDaughterJul 1920Black IslandSalvation Army
Daughter of Pierce WELLS

CHAULKUriahStanhopeHEADSep 1893StanhopeMethodistFishermanMarried to Alfreda
CHAULKAlfredaStanhopeWifeAug 1900CampbelltonMethodist
Married to Uriah CHAULK
CHAULKGordonStanhopeSonJun 1921StanhopeMethodist
Son of Uriah CHAULK
CHAULKElizabethStanhopeMotherApr 1858Canada BayMethodist


DOWNTONJamesStanhopeHEADDec 1864ExploitsSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Eliza
DOWNTONElizaStanhopeWifeFeb 1878LewisporteSalvation Army
Married to James DOWNTON
CHAULKEmilyStanhopeStep DaughterAug 1902StanhopeSalvation Army
step-Daughter of Jame s DOWNTON
CHAULKJohnStanhopeStep SonJan 1906StanhopeSalvation Army
step-Son of James DOWNTON
CHAULKEmmaStanhopeStep DaughterAug 1908StanhopeSalvation Army
step-Daughter of James DOWNTON
BALLAnnieStanhopeAdoptedJan 1915StanhopeSalvation Army
Adopted Daughter of James DOWNTON

BALLSolomon Jr.StanhopeHEADMay 1878StanhopeMethodistFarmerMarried to Lucy
BALLLucyStanhopeWifeJul 1873Lushes BightMethodist
Married to Solomon BALL Jr.
BALLAlexStanhopeSonJul 1907StanhopeMethodist
Son of Solomon BALL Jr.
BALLBessieStanhopeDaughterJan 1914StanhopeMethodist
Daughter of Solomon BALL Jr.
CHAULKRobertStanhopeStep SonJul 1899StanhopeSalvation ArmyFisherman
CHAULKPearlStanhopeStep DaughterMar 1902StanhopeSalvation Army

CHAULKAbleStanhopeStep SonDec 1908StanhopeSalvation Army


CHAULKAbrahamStanhopeHEADFeb 1858Lord's ArmMethodistCarpenterMarried to Emma
CHAULKEmmaStanhopeWifeFeb 1858FogoMethodist
Married to Abraham CHAULK
CHAULKNaamanStanhopeNephewNov 1897StanhopeSalvation ArmyLumbermanMarried to Susie
CHAULKSusieStanhopeWifeJul 1899Moreton's HarbourSalvation Army
Married to Naaman CHAULK
WALLAnnaStanhopeAdoptedMar 1905Moreton's HarbourSalvation Army


CHAULKWilliamStanhopeHEADJul 1889StanhopeSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Gertie
CHAULKGertieStanhopeWifeMar 1918StanhopeSalvation Army
Married to William CHAULK
CHAULKWesleyStanhopeSonApr 1920StanhopeSalvation Army
Son of William CHAULK
HANCOCKJessieStanhopeAdoptedFeb 1911Barr'd IslandSalvation Army
Adopted Son of William CHAULK

CHAULKAbnerStanhopeHEADDec 1892StanhopeMethodistFishermanMarried to Matilda
CHAULKMatildaStanhopeWifeMay 1897SummerfordMethodist
Married to Abner CHAULK

CHAULKRichard B.StanhopeHEADJan 1903StanhopeSalvation ArmyFisherman
VERGEPhillipStanhopeBrother In LawMar 1887TwillingateSalvation ArmyLumbermanMarried to Livina
VERGELivinaStanhopeSisterNov 1895StanhopeSalvation Army
Married to Phillip VERGE
VERGENina M.StanhopeNieceNov 1918StanhopeSalvation Army
Niece of Richard C HAULK & Daughter of Phillip VERGE
VERGECyrilStanhopeNephewJul 1920StanhopeSalvation Army
nephew of Richard C HAULK & Son of Phillip VERGE

COLESWilliam R.StanhopeHEADOct 1880Change IslandsSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Amelia
COLESAmeliaStanhopeWifeAug 1884Western ArmSalvation Army
Married to William R. COLES
COLESEvaStanhopeDaughterApr 1907Change IslandsSalvation Army
Daughter of William R. COLES
COLESBlanchStanhopeDaughterMay 1911Change IslandsSalvation Army
Daughter of William R. COLES
COLESWillieStanhopeSonJun 1913Change IslandsSalvation Army
Son of William R. COLES
COLESMinnieStanhopeDaughterJun 1915StanhopeSalvation Army
Daughter of William R. COLES

 ** See Errata table below
StanhopeHEADApr 1891Samson's IslandSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Bertha
CLARKEBerthaStanhopeWifeOct 1894Lushes BightSalvation Army
Married to Hubert CLARKE
** See Errata table below
StanhopeNephewJun 1916StanhopeSalvation Army
nephew of Hubert CLARKE

CLARKEThomasStanhopeHEADJan 1843CarbonearSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Emily
CLARKEEmilyStanhopeWifeMay 1853Black IslandSalvation Army
Married to Thomas CLARKE
CLARKEWalterStanhopeSonMay 1895Samsons IsSalvation ArmyFishermanSon of Thomas CLARKE
CLARKELillyStanhopeDaughter In LawAug 1899StanhopeSalvation Army
Married to Walter CLARKE & DIL of Thomas CLARKE

CLARKESamuelStanhopeHEADApr 1887Samson's IsSalvation ArmyLumbermanMarried to Flossie
CLARKEFlossieStanhopeWifeSep 1900Lushes BightSalvation Army
Married to Samuel CLARKE
CARAVANAndrewStanhopeBrother In LawAug 1895Lushes BightSalvation ArmyFishermanBrother in Law of Samuel CLARKE & Married to Lilly
CARAVANLillyStanhopeSister In LawNov 1896ScotlandSalvation Army
Sister in Law of Samuel CLARKE & Married to Andrew CARAVAN
CARAVANAgnesStanhopeCousinMay 1908ScotlandSalvation ArmySingle

PIKERobertStanhopeHEADApr 1884BurinMethodistLumber-CookMarried to Kate
PIKEKateStanhopeWifeOct 1883ExploitsMethodist
Married to Robert PIKE
PIKEMyrtleStanhopeDaughterNov 1906North SydneyMethodist
Daughter of Robert PIKE
PIKERhoddie(?)StanhopeSonSep 1908North SydneyMethodist
Son of Robert PIKE
PIKENoraStanhopeDaughterSep 1909North SydneyMethodist
Daughter of Robert PIKE
PIKEWillieStanhopeSonJun 1912StanhopeMethodist
Son of Robert PIKE
PIKEAlfredStanhopeSonOct 1915StanhopeMethodist
Son of Robert PIKE
PIKERobertStanhopeSonJan 1918StanhopeMethodist
Son of Robert PIKE

ANSTEYAnnStanhopeHEADJul 1863Merrits HarbourMethodist

ANSTEYEliStanhopeSonAug 1901SummerfordMethodistLumbermanSon of Ann ANSTEY
ANSTEYPressieStanhopeDaughterSep 1908StanhopeMethodist
Daughter of Ann ANSTEY1st name (?)

DAYHenryStanhopeHEADMay 1883Musgrave HarbourSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Bertha
DAYBerthaStanhopeWifeJun 1889Port AlbertSalvation Army
Married to Henry DAY
DAYUriahStanhopeSonNov 1908Port AlbertSalvation Army
Son of Henry DAY
DAYFredStanhopeSonSep 1914StanhopeSalvation Army
Son of Henry DAY
DAYFlorenceStanhopeDaughterMay 1916StanhopeSalvation Army
Daughter of Henry DAY
DAYIdaStanhopeDaughterSep 1918StanhopeSalvation Army
Daughter of Henry DAY

PIERCEYLizzieStanhopeHEADJun 1895WintertonSalvation ArmyOfficer & Teacher

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
CLARKE, Hubert Given name should be HERBERT WILLIAM June Clarke

CLARK, Herbert
Given name should be HERBET WILLIAM (same as the adoptive father). I don't know all the details, but Herbert Clarke (adopted) was by birth a Ball. It seems that he was a nephew of one of his adoptive parent (Herbert or Bertha) June Clarke

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