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1921 Census

Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Notre Dame Bay West / Exploits District


PLEASE NOTE: This transcription is arranged in alphabetical order and not in the same order as the original handwritten document.
The information was transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Location Surname Given
Gender Marital
Age Year Month Place of Birth
Newstead Brinson James Head m m 35 1885 Dec Loon Bay
Newstead Brinson Mary Wife f m 34 1887 May Shoal Bay
Newstead Brinson Leonard Son m s 17 1904 Jan Newstead
Newstead Brinson Jane Dau f s 11 1910 Jul Newstead
Newstead Brinson Henry Son m s 7 1914 May Newstead
Newstead Brinson Thursa Dau f s 5 1916 Aug Newstead
Newstead Brinson Chesley Son m s 4 1917 Jun Newstead
Newstead Brinson Frances Mother f w 77 1844 May Twillingate

Newstead Brinson Louis Head m m 36 1885 May Loon Bay
Newstead Brinson Amelia Wife f m 38 1883 May Fogo
Newstead Brinson Dorman ason m s 13 1907 Dec Cottle's Island

Newstead Canning Andrew Head m m 49 1872 Mar Herring Neck
Newstead Canning Rhoda Wife f m 49 1872 Mar Samson's Island
Newstead Canning Archibald Son m s 19 1902 May Newstead
Newstead Canning Melvina Dau f s 16 1905 Feb Newstead
Newstead Canning William Son m s 11 1910 Apr Newstead

Newstead Canning John Head m m 25 1896 Jul Newstead
Newstead Canning Margaret Wife f m 23 1897 Oct Newstead
Newstead Canning Ambrose Son m s 4 1917 Jun Newstead

Newstead Canning Samuel Head m m 48 1872 Dec  
Newstead Canning Lily Wife f m 45 1876 Mar Barr'd Islands
Newstead Canning Meltia adau f s 11 1910 Feb Newstead
Newstead Canning Jospeh Father m w 83 1839   BirchyBay

Newstead Cooper George Head m m 33 1887 Oct Western Harbour
Newstead Cooper Selina Wife f m 36 1884 Oct Comfort Cove
Newstead Cooper Eldred Son m s 8 1912 Oct Newstead
Newstead Cooper Ethel Dau f s 6 1914 Sep Newstead
Newstead Cooper Reuben Son m s 1 1919 Oct Newstead

Newstead Cooper Stephen Head m m 58 1862 Oct Twillingate
Newstead Cooper Elizabeth Wife f m 54 1867 Apr
Newstead Cooper Wallace Son m s 19 1902 Jul Newstead
Newstead Cooper Cecil Son m s 17 1904   Newstead
Newstead Cooper Florence Dau f s 13 1907 Oct Newstead
Newstead Cooper Hazel gdau f s 3 1918 Feb Newstead
Newstead Cooper Maud adau f s 7 1913 Oct Change Islands

Newstead Cooper Thomas Head m m 31 1890 Jul Cottle's Island
Newstead Cooper Caroline Wife f m 26 1895 Aug Twillingate
Newstead Cooper Herbert Son m s 5 1916 Aug Newstead
Newstead Cooper Mariel **See Errata Table below Dau f s 2 1919 Jun Newstead
Newstead Cooper Allan Son m s 6mo 1921 Mar Newstead
Newstead Cooper William Son m s 6mo 1921 Mar Newstead

Newstead Everleigh Solomon Head m m 41 1880 May Change Islands
Newstead Everleigh Melvina Wife f m 41 1880 Jul Bay?
Newstead Everleigh McPherson Son m s 11 1909 Nov Newstead
Newstead Everleigh Elmo Son m s 6 1914 Oct Newstead
Newstead Everleigh Ellen **See Errata Table below Dau f s 5 1915 Oct Newstead

Newstead Fudge Joseph Head m w 49 1871 Oct Western Harbour
Newstead Fudge Lily Dau f s 16 1904 Sep Newstead
Newstead Fudge Mark Son m s 12 1908 Sep Newstead

Newstead Fudge Robert Head m m 55 1865 Nov Lobster Harbour
Newstead Fudge Eliza Wife f m 48 1873 Jul Twillingate
Newstead Fudge Arthur Son m s 19 1902 Jul Western Harbour
Newstead Fudge Frederick Son m s 17 1904 Aug Western Harbour
Newstead Fudge George Son m s 15 1906 Mar Newstead
Newstead Fudge Robert Son m s 12 1909 Jul Newstead
Newstead Fudge Leah Dau f s 10 1910 Oct Western Harbour
Newstead Fudge Anne Mother f w 82 1838 Nov Little Harbour

Newstead Fudge Sidney **See Errata Table below Head m m 25
**See Errata table below
**See Errata table below
Oct Moreton's Harboubr
Newstead Fudge Martha Wife f m 54 1866 Sep White Bay

Newstead Fudge Sidney Head m m 25 1896 May Western Harbour
Newstead Fudge Margaret Wife f m 20 1900 Oct Herring Neck

Newstead Hale George Head m m 34 1887 Mar Fogo
Newstead Hale Ella Wife f m 29 1892 Aug Twillingate
Newstead Hale Mamie Dau f s 5 1916 Feb Newstead
Newstead Hale Melita Dau f s 3 1918 Aug Newstead
Newstead Hale Harold Son m s 1 1920 Apr Newstead

Newstead Hale John Head m m 67 1853 Oct Change Islands
Newstead Hale Selena Wife f m 67 1853 Sep Twillingate
Newstead Hale Allen Son m s 22 1899 Mar Newstead
Newstead Hale Elsie Dau f s 20 1901 Jul Newstead

Newstead Hale William Head m m 35 1885 Nov Fogo
Newstead Hale Anne Wife f m 32 1888 Dec Herring Neck
Newstead Hale ? Dau f s 5 1916 Jan Herring Neck

Newstead Kearley
 **See Errata table below
Archibald Head m m 27 1894 Aug Herring Neck
Newstead Kearley Patience Wife f m 21 1899 Dec Newstead
Newstead Kearley Herbert Son m s 2 1919 Feb Newstead
Newstead Kearley Rhoda Dau f s 11mo 1920 Oct Newstead
Newstead Kearley Selena Dau f s 3mo 1921 Jun Newstead

Newstead Kearley
**See Errata table below
Jacob Head m m 61 1860 Feb Newstead
Newstead Kearley Alice Wife f m 61 1860 Jun BirchyBay
Newstead Kearley Alice gdau f s 10 1911 May Herring Neck

Newstead Oake George Head m m 60 1861 May Horwood
Newstead Oake Elizabeth Wife f m 35 1885 Oct
Newstead Oake Ethel Dau f s 2 1919 Apr Comfort Cove
Newstead Oake Albert Son m s 11mo 1920 Sep Comfort Cove
Newstead Mills William sson m s 17 1904 Mar Loon Bay
Newstead Mills Louisia sdau f s 15 1905 Oct Loon Bay
Newstead Mills Henry sson m s 12 1909 Feb Loon Bay
Newstead Mills John sson m s 7 1913 Dec Comfort Cove

Newstead Prior George Head m m 41 1880 Jun Twillingate
Newstead Prior Mary Wife f m 42 1878 Nov Summerford
Newstead Prior Louisa Dau f s 14 1907 Aug Cottle's Island
Newstead Prior Melinda Dau f s 13 1908 Jul Cottle's Island
Newstead Prior Ivy Dau f s 10 1911 Jul Cottle's Island
Newstead Prior Thomas Son m s 8 1913 Jul Cottle's Island
Newstead Prior Gilbert Son m s 5 1916 Aug Cottle's Island

Newstead Roberts Mark Head m m 46 1875 Aug Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Rose Wife f m 47 1874 Jun Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Alvin Son m s 19 1901 Sep Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Frances Dau f s 16 1905 Aug Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Stewart Son m s 14 1906 Nov Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Anne Dau f s 12 1908 Sep Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Emma Dau f s 10 1911 Jul Twillingate
Newstead Roberts Blanche Dau f s 8 1913 Aug Twillingate

Newstead White Charles Head m m 76 1845 Aug HerringNe
Newstead White Mary Wife f m 76 1845 Mar Herring Neck

Newstead White Jonas Head m m 50 1870 Nov Herring Neck
Newstead White Elizabeth Wife f m 50 1871 Jun Birchy Bay
Newstead White Kenneth Son m s 14 1906 Sep Newstead
Newstead White Eli Son m s 12 1909 Jul Newstead
Newstead White Andrew Son m s 10 1911 May Newstead
Newstead White Lily Dau f s 6 1915 Feb Newstead

Newstead White Reuben Head m m 42 1878 Sep Herring Neck
Newstead White Leah Wife f m 32 1889 Jun Western Harbour
Newstead White Frank Son m s 14 1906 Oct Newstead
Newstead White Chesley Son m s 12 1909 Mar Newstead
Newstead White Samuel Son m s 10 1911 Aug Newstead
Newstead White Christina Dau f s 8 1912 Nov Newstead
Newstead White Nina Dau f s 7 1913 Sep Newstead

Newstead White Samuel Head m m 35 1886 Aug Herring Neck
Newstead White Dulcie Wife f m 27 1894 May Samson's Island
Newstead White Mary Dau f s 12 1909 Jun Newstead
Newstead White Mabel Dau f s 8 1913 Jun Newstead
Newstead White Willis Son m s 4 1916 Sep Newstead
Newstead White Violet Dau f s 3 1917 Sep Newstead

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
COOPER, Mariel Her name is MURIEL Margaret Major
EVERLEIGH, Ellen Her name is NELLIE Margaret Major
FUDGE, Sidney His name is LEVI. He was born Oct 1856 and his age was 65. Margaret Major
KEARLEY The surname is HURLEY. Margaret Major

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