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Exploits Parish Register of Burials, 1880 - 1955

These records come from the Anglican Church Records, Botwood. The records were transcribed by PAUL & JUDY GILL in March 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Abode Death Date Burial Year Burial By Details
PEARCEThomasExploits, Burnt Island
(burial date not given)
LeDrewWesleyan School Master.
PEYTONJohn J.P.Twillingate
buried July 29(year not given)Robert TempleR.D. Lay Reader.
(burial date not given)
Jacob A. Winsor
buried December 21880Henry C. H. JohnsonPriest. Incumbent
buried April 81882Henry C. H. Johnson.
buried April 81882Henry C. H. Johnson.
BUDGELLHarriettExploits, Burnt Island
buried December 21883George CraneDeacon.
CARAWAYMaryExploits, Burnt Island
buried December 151883George CraneDeacon.
LANNINGCliffordExploits, Burnt Island
buried May 31885George CranePriest.
DOWNTONMaryNorthern Harbour, Exploits Bay
buried May 81885George CranePriest.
PEARCEAndrewExploits, Burnt Island
buried May 191886G. J. Chamberlain.
MANUELSelinaExploits, Burnt Island
buried June 201886G. J. Chamberlain.
FOOTEJaneExploits Burnt Island
buried February 121886George J. ChamberlainPriest.
DOWNTONJohnExploits, Burnt Island
buried June 31887G.J. Chamberlain.
GILLETTGeorgeExploits, Burnt Island
buried November 51887Arthur PittmanCurate of St. Peter's Church
HARRISJanetBlack Island
buried November 101889P. G. SnowDeacon.
WELLSGeorgeExploits, Burnt Island
buried February 141890P. G. SnowDeacon.
TAYLORStanleyMoreton's Harbour
buried April 31890N. ChafeLay Reader.
buried August 311890Andrew PearceLay Reader.
BARNESJosephBlack Island
buried March 291890N. ChafeLay Reader.
LUNDRIGANElizabeth MaryBotwoodville
buried October 171892P. G. Snow.Lay Reader.
MANUELIsabellaKite Cove
buried April 301892P. G. SnowPriest.
LILLYEdith JuneExploits, Burnt Islanddied May 24buried May 271893Robert TempleRural Dean.
GILLDelsieBotwoodvilledied December 26buried December 271893Allan ClaybornePriest of the Mission.
ROWSELLViolaLeading Ticklesdied December 10buried December 111893W. T. GillettLay Reader.
buried December 191893Allan ClaybornePriest of the Mission.
MENCHENTONMaryBotwoodvilledied January 14buried January 161894H. BurtLay Reader.
PIERCEAnnExploitsdied February 22buried February 261894Arthur ClaybornePriest in Charge.
WHITEMinnieThimble Ticklesdied February 18buried February 191894W. T. GillettLay Reader.
IllegibleRachelThimble Ticklesdied March 14buried March 161894W. T. Gillett.
WHITEAnnieThimble Ticklesdied March 30buried April 11894W. T. Gillett.
COUSINSJohnPeter's Armdied March 31buried April 11894H. BurtLay Reader.
CURTISDormanKanes Pointdied April 3buried April 41894H. Burt.
BEATONEliasWigwam Pointdied April 12buried April 141894H. Burt.
WARDDouglasLeading Ticklesdied April 23buried April 241894Leander Rowsell.
GILLDavidBotwoodvilledied December 31, 1893buried January 11894Allan Clayborne
VERGEJosephExploitsdied Mayburied May 121895B. WoodPriest in Charge of the Mission.
ARNOLDArchibaldExploitsdied April 7buried April 81896B. WoodPriest.
SCEVIOURWilliam AlfredExploitsdied February 15buried February 171897B. Wood.
COOMBSMary AnnExploitsdied November 27buried December 61898B. Wood.
COOMBSReginaldExploitsdied December 25buried December 271898B. Wood.
WINSORJamesExploitsdied August 10buried August 131899B. Wood.
SCEVIOURWilliamExploitsdied October 31buried November 21899B. Wood.
BROCKINGTONWilliamFortune Harbourdied February 28buried March 21900B. Wood.
GILLETTDelcie MayExploitsdied March 24buried March 251900B. Wood.
SCEVIOURFrederick WilliamExploitsdied September 7buried September 81901B. Wood.
BALLHannahExploitsdied March 31buried April 31902B. Wood.
GROUCHYJanetC?? well Armdied July 3buried July 61902B. Wood.
DAWEMarySwan Islanddied September 7buried September 91902B. WoodPriest.
DAWEEliza AnnSwan Islanddied November 24buried November 271902B. Wood.
MENCHENTONEphriamNorris Armdied March 14buried March 161904H. BurtLay Reader.
EVELEIGHAlbertBotwoodvilledied July 21buried July 241904Llewellyn Godden.
GILLLillian MayIndian Pointdied September 17buried September 191904Harry BurtLay Reader.
GILLAnnie MaudIndian Pointdied September 23buried September 231904Mr. Pittman.
ELLIOTTSamuel EdwardNorris Armdied May 4buried May 71905Harry Burt.
CHAYTERRebecca KateBotwoodvilledied March 28buried March 291905J. W. Aitken.
SNOWSamuelNorris Armdied October 22buried October 241905Llewellyn Godden.
CONSTABLELucia AlixNorris Armdied August 18buried August 191905Harry BurtLay Reader.
BRETTFrederick JamesSouthern Arm, New Baydied May 26buried May 291905George Tucker.
GODDENJamesExploits Harbourdied January 8buried January 111906 (1907?)George Foote.
SCEVIOURJohnExploits Harbourdied January 24buried January 271906 (1907?)Llewellyn Godden.
JANESPhilipSamsons Islanddied May 21buried May 241906Llewellyn Godden.
BEATONAnnieBadgerdied July 11buried July 131906Harry BurtLay Reader., Doyle Wells
HANCOCKGertrudeBotwoodvilledied August 28buried August 301906Harry BurtLay Reader.
ELLIOTTGertieBotwoodvilledied September 4buried September 61906Harry BurtLay Reader.
GILLJohnIndian Pointdied October 29buried November 11906Llewellyn Godden.
BURTAlister NormanBotwoodvilledied November 16buried November 181906Harry BurtLay Reader.
BURTJulia AnnBotwoodvilledied December 1buried December 31906C. R. Durrant.
BEATONRosannaBadgerdied February 4buried February 91907Harry BurtLay Reader.
SNOWAbramNorris Armdied April 12buried April 151907Charles PittmanLay Reader.
HANCOCKNaomiBotwoodvilledied April 13buried April 161907Harry BurtLay Reader.
COMPTONJosephNorris Armdied June 21buried June 231907Harry BurtLay Reader.
SNOWEliNorris Armdied April 9, 1907buried April 151907Charles Pittman
LILLYEdith MayExploits Harbourdied February 6buried February 81908Llewellyn Godden.E. M. Bishop.
WELLSEmmaSwan Harbourdied May 4buried May 81908Llewellyn Godden.
ARNOLDWilliamExploits Harbourdied June 17buried June 191908Llewellyn Godden.
LILLYAngela LouiseExploits
buried May (no date given)
Llewellyn Godden.
ALCOCKRichard HoldenLeading Ticklesdied February 18, 1908buried March 151908Llewellyn Godden.
WINSORThomas AveryExploits Harbourdied June 29buried July 11909James.H. BullIncumbent.
HARRISSThomas EdwardBlack Islanddied June 22buried June 251910James H. BullIncumbent.
HARRISSArthurBlack Islanddied July 1buried July 31910Abram Lilly.
BARNESAnnBlack Islanddied January 26buried January 281910James. H. Bull.
died May 23buried May 251910James H. Bull
SCEVIOURGeorgeExploitsdied March 7buried March 91911James H. Bull.
FOOTEAnnie Jane LouisaExploits Harbourdied November 6buried November 61911Abraham TilleyLayman.
SHEPPARDGeorgeLittle Baydied December 31, 1911buried January 21912Benjamin Boyles
LILLYWilliamExploitsdied December 9buried December 121912James H. Bull.
BISHOPAlbertSt. John'sdied March 7buried March 91912James H. Bull.
YOUNG?BeeciahLittle Baydied April 27buried April 301912Benjamin BoylesLay Reader.
PIERCEFrederick JamesBrowns Arm, Exploits Baydied June 25buried June 271912James H. Bull
SCEVIOURLillian JoyceExploitsdied March 1buried March 41913James H. Bull.
WINSORLouisaExploitsdied May 2buried May 41913James H. Bull.
HORWOODJohnExploitsdied May 27buried May 291913Harry A. WellsLay Reader.
LILLYJaneExploitsdied August 22buried August 251913Harry A. WellsLay Reader.
HORWOODJohnExploitsdied July 30buried August 11914Herbert J. MilesLay Reader.
ARNOLDHarriet H.Exploitsdied November 5buried November 81914James H. Bull.
ARNOLDMariaExploitsdied November 24buried November 251914James H. BullIncumbent.
YOUNGCatherineShoal Arm, Little Baydied September 16buried September 181914James H. Bull.
ANDREWSGeorgePoint Leamingtondied October 11buried October 141915James H. Bull.
LILLYPhoebeExploitsdied April 4buried April 61915James H. Bull.
LILLYFrances GeorgeExploitsdied April 24buried April 271915James H. Bull.
WELLSJohn BemisterLittle Baydied June 28buried July 41915James H. Bull.
WELLSMaryLittle Baydied August 15buried August 181915Benjamin BoylesLay Reader.
PYNNLloyd Frank UllyssesExploitsdied January 22buried January 251916James H. Bull.
ARNOLDDorisExploitsdied February 15buried February 181916James H. Bull.
ARNOLDMatthewExploits, Burnt Islanddied September 21buried September 241916James H. BullIncumbent
PYNNMargurite Edith CavellExploitsdied October 2buried October 31917James H. Bull.
SCEVIOURAnn AgnesExploitsdied November 21buried November 241917James H. Bull.
ARNOLDFrances MaryExploitsdied June 7buried June 81918Elijah LanningLay Reader.
DEWLINGHarold John RaymondLittle Baydied February 17buried February 181918Benjamin BoilsLay Reader.
ARNOLDMarionExploitsdied August 16buried August 181918James H. Bull.
HORWOODRuthExploitsdied April 11buried April 131919James H. Bull.
FURNEAUXMary JaneExploitsdied April 11buried April 131919James H. Bull.
FURNEAUXGeorgeSt. John'sdied September 24buried September 291919HuntIncumbent of Twillingate.
PIERCELavinia AnnBrowns Armdied January 19buried January 311919James H. Bull.
SCEVIOURSarah EmmaExploitsdied March 4buried March 71921James H. BullIncumbent.
FOOTEGeorgeExploitsdied May 11buried May 131921James H. BullIncumbent.
LILLYMarySandy Point Lighthouse, Exploits Baydied November 21buried November 251922James H. Bull.
WELLSMary JaneLittle Baydied December 10buried December 131923James H. Bull.
FOOKESRichard GlenLittle Baydied December 3buried December 61923Benjamin Boyles.
LILLYArthur WagborneExploitsdied March 6buried March 91924James H. BullIncumbent.
COLBOURNEJamesLittle Baydied February 25buried February 281924Benjamin J. BoylesChurch Warden.
RENDELLElizabethLittle Baydied August 21buried August 221924Benjamin BoylesLay Reader.
DEWLINGMargoryLittle Baydied October 20buried October 231924James H. Bull.
COLBOURNEWalterLittle Baydied February 13buried February 151925M. NormanLay Reader.
ARNOLDAbel MarkExploitsdied May 25buried May 261927James H. Bull.
TOMSEmma WinsorLaSciedied June 11buried June 121933Joseph Morgan.
SNOWWilliam HenryShoal Arm, Little Baydied October 22, 1933buried October 241933

LILLYRobert LlewellynExploitsdied July 17buried July 191934W. H.B. Gill.
WELLSThomas E.Little Baydied November 4buried November 61934W. H. B. Gill.
FOOTESusannaExploitsdied June 10buried June 111936J. Taylor.
SCEVIOURJamesBrown's Armdied July 28buried July 291936W. H. B. Gill.
PEARCEWilliamExploitsdied August 26buried August 281937W. H. B.Gill.
ARNOLDLukeExploitsdied April 22died April 241938W. H. B. Gill.
SCEVIOURAnnabellePortervilledied June 27buried June 281938W. H. B. Gill.
DAWEGeorgeExploitsdied October 23buried October 261939Harry Wells.
MIDDLETONWilliam HenryNipper's Harbourdied June 24buried June 261940Fred Field.Lay Reader.
FOOTEFrederick WilliamExploitsdied December 24died December 261940W. H. B. Gill.
LILLYAbramExploitsdied March 28buried March 301941W. H. B. Gill.
WINSORWilliamExploitsdied July 13buried July 151941W. H. B. GillG. H. Maidment
BARNESJosephBlack Islanddied June 21buried June 231941W. H. B. Gill.
DOLLANDJohnNipper's Harbourdied June 3buried June 51941Augustus Tilley.
COLLINSFlorence GretaRound Harbourdied July 14buried July 151941George Hoddinott.
NOBLEJohnNipper's Harbourdied October 21buried October 231941Augustus Tilley.
RUSSELLStephenNipper's Harbourdied February 3buried February 61942Simeon Noble.
BOWERSJohn ThomasNipper's Harbourdied June 5buried June 71942A. Tilley.
TILLEYJuneNipper's Harbourdied June 15buried June 181942W. H. B. Gill.
COOMBSJohnRound Harbourdied September 15buried September 171942M. C. M. JonesPriest.
FOSSThomasRound Harbourdied February 8buried February 101943R. C. Jackman.
COLLINSWilliam SylvesterRound Harbourdied February 17buried February 191943H. F. Foss.
RYANAlbert E.Round Harbourdied October 14buried October 171943R. C. JackmanR.S.
WELLSEdward DoyleLittle Baydied March 28buried March 301944Roy Manuel Ranger.
PROLEEdwardIndian Burying Placedied August 6buried August 81944R. C. Jackman.
TOMSJohannaLaSciedied October 13buried October 151944R. C. Jackman.
BAILEYHannah M.Nipper's Harbourdied January 13buried January 141945A. Tilley.
WINSOREliza IsabelleExploitsdied October 14 (cardiac)buried October 171945J. E. Morgan.
SNOWSophiaRound Harbourdied June 6buried June 81948R. Jackman.
BOWERSJulia AnnIndian Burying Placedied August 24died August 261948R. Jackman.
OAKStephen JosephIndian Burying Placedied September 1buried September 31948R. Jackman.
WELLSThomasLittle Baydied December 3buried December 81948F. R. Oake.
TILLEYAugustus R.Nipper's Harbourdied August 9buried August 101949Simeon Noble.
COLLINSDormanRound Harbourdied October 8buried October 91949R. C. Jackman.
SNOWWalterRound Harbourdied December 4, 1949buried December 61949F. R. Oake.Twillingate.
NOBLESimeonNipper's Harbourdied June 16buried June 181950R. C. Jackman.
BOWERSElizabethNipper's Harbourdied September 8buried September 101950Albert Quinton.
SQUIRESJaneRound Harbourdied November 13buried November 141950Arthur Cheater.
LILLYJohnExploitsdied February 25buried February 271951Herman Sceviour.
SCEVIOURRobertExploitsdied March 14buried March 201951Andrew Pearce.
COOMBSJanette MaryRound Harbourdied April 18buried April 191951Arthur Cheater.
PYNNWilliamTwillingatedied April 9buried April 121951L. Holland.Incumbent.
MATTHEWSTheresaKing's Pointdied May (no date given)buried April 9 at King's Point1952Harry Taylor.
SIMMSEmilyExploitsdied September 8buried September 101952Herman Sceviour.
ROWSELLDrusellaWinterhouse Covedied February 2buried February 51953Garland Noseworthy.
FUDGEMary EmmaRound Harbour (born at Bay Roberts)died August 2buried August 41953Robert Jackman.Priest of the Mission.
NOSEWORTHYGeorgeCulls Islanddied September (no day given)buried September 71954W. G. CrossLay Reader.
HAGGETTLouisa JaneCottrell's Cove(no date of death)buried September 111954W. G. CrossLay Reader.
ROWSELLLaury PhillipLeading Ticklesdied September 20buried September 231954W. G. CrossLay Reader.
EARLEWavelLeading Ticklesdied September 20buried September 231954W. G. CrossLay Reader.
MARSHJasperGlovers Harbourdied November 18buried November 211954Garland Noseworthy.
PEDDLEWilliamLeading Ticklesdied February 12buried February 141955W. G. CrossLay Reader.
HAGGETTEliLeading Ticklesdied June 22buried June 251955Frank Reid.

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