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The following Headstone information was recorded in early May 1999. It only contains the factual data, names and dates. H= Husband, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter M = Mother and F = Father. Y = years M = months if it followed a number and D = days. Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, H or W of.... was added in such cases. Family information know to the author appear in brackets. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a dis crepancy is noted the actual headstone inscription should take precedence. Inscriptions were transcribed by GERALD MAJOR & MARGARET HEAD MAJOR, ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
COOPER, Cecil1904 - 1983H of Agnes.
COOPER, Thomas1941 - 199957Y.
ADAMS, Flossie (COOPER)1907 - 1988W of Robert.
ADAMS, Robert1904 - 1990H of Flossie.
DART, Verna E1919 - 1989W of Kaywood S Manuel.
MILLS, Simon J1913 - 1997H of Lorena.
MILLS, Georged. 25 Dec 195014M. S of Simeon and Lorena.
MILLS, Infantd. 3 Mar 1956S of Simeon and Lorena.
HARVEY, Henryd. 23 Aug 196582Y. H of Sussannah.
HARVEY, Sussanah (ANSTY)d. 4 Sep 197382Y. W of Henry.
BRENTON, Wilfred1929 - 199767Y.
COLES, Leah1912 - 199885Y. M of Wilfrred Brenton.
GINN, Charles B1899 - 1982
BRENTON, Henry1903 - 1945
BRENTON, Jimmy30 Jun 1945 - 22 Jun 1946
BRENTON, Henry A1913 - 1987H of Annie Brenton.
FUDGE, Arthur W1902 - 1981H of Louisa J Fudge.
FUDGE, Louisa J1906 - 1994W of Arthur Fudge.
FUDGE, Alice Mary (HURLEY)1912 - 1984W of Frederick H Fudge.
FUDGE, Frederick H1903 - 1972H of Alice Mary.
GINN, William R1919 - 1979
GINN, Annie May1898 - 1986W of James Ginn
GINN, James1895 - 1988H of Annie May.
GINN, Garfield Geraldd. 24 Feb 196539Y. S of James and Annie Ginn.
GINN, Otto B1923 - 1997H of Priscilla.
MILLS, Haroldd. 1 Jan 197124Y. S of Bennett and Lilly Mills.
MILLS, Bennett W12 Mar 1904 - 28 May 1968H of Lillian.
MILLS, Joy Marion (WILLIAMS)1941 - 1982S of Stephen Mills.
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth (HARVEY)24 Oct 1881 - 11 Dec 1967W of Richard Elliott.
HURLEY, Hettie M (OAKE)1918 - 1994W of Herbert A Hurley.
HURLEY, Pearl Elizabethd. 16 Jul 197819Y. D of Herbert and Hettie.
HURLEY, Donaldno datesS of Herbert and Hettie.
HURLEY, Babyno datesS of Herbert and Hettie.
HURLEY, Rosanna Pearld. 28 Oct 195514Y 11M.
HURLEY, Patience (CONNERS)d. 6 Mar 197676Y. W of Archibald Hurley.
HURLEY, Archibald1892 - 1983H of Patience.
EVELEIGH, Ivy (PRYOR)1911 - 1990W of Raymond Eveleigh.
EVELEIGH, Raymond1912 - 1996H of Ivy.
COOPER, Eldred G1912 - 199885Y.
COOPER, George W1887 - 1971H of Jessie.
COOPER, Jessie Sd. 25 May 195368Y 7M. W of George Cooper.
COOPER, Ivyd. 17 Mar 195735Y. D of George and Jessie.
COOPER, Etheld. 14 Mar 195438Y 5M. D of Jessie and George.
WHITE, Reuben1874 - 1949H of Leah.
WHITE, Leah (TWYNE)1880 - 1960W of Reuben White.
GINN, Alfred J1890 - 1977W of Whelemina.
GINN, Whelemina1895 - 1979W of Alfred Ginn.
GINN Cecild. 30 Oct 195138Y. S of Alfred and Whelemina.
BOONE, Hollett1893 - 1984
BOONE, Ruby1933 - 1989W of Able Boone.
FUDGE, Sidney1895 - 1985H of Margaret Fudge.
FUDGE, Margaret Ann (HURLEY) 1901 - 1998W of Sidney Fudge.
CULL, Wallace1921 - 197554Y. H of Lillian.
BROWN, Albert1914 - 1976H of Hazel.
GREENHAM, Heber S1917 - 1989H of Adelaide.
HICKS, Gordon G11 Dec 1956 - 3 Feb 1957( S of Elmo and Ida)
CANNING, Ambrose P1918 - 1963H of Hilda L Canning.
CANNING, Hilda L1923 - 1981W of Ambrose.
ROWE, Lucy S (CANNING)1946 - 199144Y.
CANNING, Margaret M (WHITE)1897 - 1981
CANNING, Johnd. Jan 197378Y.
CANNING, Andrew1867 - 1946H of Rodha.
CANNING, Rodha1870 - 1951W of Andrew Canning.
CANNING, Archibald1902 - 1988
BRENTON, Chesley J1918 - 1993H of Armenia F Brenton.
WELLS, Nellie Ada Bessie1923 - 1994W of Albert Wells.
WELLS. Albert Thomas1918 -1989H of Nellie.
WELLS, Harvey John1944 - 1947S of Albert and Nellie Wells.
WHITE, Andrew1910 - 1997
PRYOR, Ida Belle 31 Aug 1907 - 11 Oct 1959W of Kenneth White.
WHITE, Kenneth29 Sep 1905 - 1 Sep 1993H of Ida Pryor.
WHITE, Charlesd. 1978S of Freeman and Roma White. B of Philip.
WATKINS, Victor1889 - 1974H of Elizabeth.
WATKINS, Elizabeth1892 - 1952W of Victor.
WHITE, Frank1906 - 1997H of Dorothy.
WHITE, Dorothy 1909 - 1977W of Frank.
HALE, Albert Samuel1899 - 1973H of Annie.
HALE, Annie (ADAMS)1902 - 1986W of Albert Hale.
COOPER, Martin1892 -1977H of Mary.
COOPER, Mary (WELLS)1896 - 1994W of Martin Cooper.
PRYOR, Henriettad. 24 Feb 196685Y. W of Thomas Pryor.
PRYOR, Thomas John1913 - 1997H of Henrietta.
COOPER, Walter B1900 - 1979H of Carrie.
COOPER, Carrie P1909 - 1994W of Walter Cooper.
BRENTON, Leonard J1907 - 1988
HURLEY, Charlene M9 Oct 1977 - 18 Sep 1991
HURLEY, Pierce2 Sep 1971 - 10 Jan 1975Same stone as Charlene Hurley.
HALE, Grace1945 - 1986W of Lemuel Hale.
WATKINS, Brenda Joan1979 - 1987D of Peter and Carol.
GINN, Baby Boy12 Jun 1965S of Levi and Gertrude Ginn.
WHITE, Phillip Scott23 Nov 1935 - 5 Jun 1969
MILLS, Henry E9 Feb 1909 - 6 Oct 1995
MILLS, Harvey Wallaced. 8 Sep 1959S of Henry and Rhoda Mills.
LANE, Ford J17 Apr 1958 - 14 Jun 1995
PRYOR, Percy A1922 - 1994
CANNING, Bloomfiefd O B1930 - 1997
PEARCE, Ronald1925 - 1997
WATKINS, John27 Sep 1907 - 17 Mar 1991
HALE, Brian G1962 - 23 May 1984
HURLEY, Claude C8 Mar 1925 - 9 Sep 1993
BRENTON, David1955 - 199741Y.
BRENTON, Leo A1931 - 1997
BRENTON, Mary E7 Nov 1935 - 20 Jun 1994W of Leo Brenton.
CANNING, Melinda1909 - 1992W of William Canning.
CANNING, Reginald W1928 - 1979
HURLEY, Judy A1972 - 1978
HURLEY, Carl Ron10 Nov 1969 - 20 Jan 1996

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