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The information only contains the factual data, names and dates. Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, Husband or Wife of.... was added in such cases. Family information know to the authors appear in brackets. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone inscription should take precedence. It was transcribed by GERALD MAJOR & MARGARET HEAD MAJOR, ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
HEAD, Rodney James1970 - 1991. ( son of Aaron Jr)
HEAD, Fanny Matilda(HICKS)d. 2 May 1971 age 76 years. Wife of Stanley Head.
HEAD, Stanleyd. 8 Oct 1972 age 80 years. Husband of Fanny (son of John and Jane)
HEAD, Lewis1917 - 1979. Husband of Elsie May (Hale) Head.(son of Stanley)
HEAD, Moses1881 - 1972. Husband of Lily (son of John and Jane)
HEAD, Lily(MERCER)d. 5 Jan 1959 age 74 years. Wife of Moses.
BURT, Louise(HEAD)d. 17 Nov 1955 age 47 years. Wife of Maxwell Burt.(Daughter of Moses)
GODDEN, John W1874 - 1949. Husband of Ida.
GODDEN, Ida1888 - 1962. Wife of John W Godden.
WATKINS, Nancy Elizabeth30 Apr 1952 - 24 Dec 1952. Daughter of Thomas and Jennie.
WATKINS, Thomas26 Dec 1915 - 27 Jan 1981.
WATKINS, Phoebe Jennie(EVELEIGH) 1910 - 1999 age 88 years. Wife of Thomas Watkins.(daughter of Joseph and Louisa)
EVELEIGH, Guy Hanson1906 - 1977. (Husband of Martha and son of Joseph).
EVELEIGH, Curtis H1947 - 1974. ( son of Guy and Martha)
EVELEIGH, Martha(QUINLAN) d.17 Jan 1963 age 58 years. Wife of Guy Eveleigh.
HEAD, Verna Jean(EVELEIGH) 24 Jul 1931 - 7 Jul 1952 age 21 years. Wife of Martin Head.
HEAD, Hedley1903 - 1970. Husband of Alfreda.(son of John and Mary)
HEAD, Alfreda(BRENTON)1906 - 1949. Wife of Hedley.
HALE, Walter1891 - 1961. Husband of Minnie.
HALE, Minnie J(WHITE)1898 - 1971. Wife of Walter Hale.
EVELEIGH, Joseph Mews4 Jun 1875 - 17 Mar 1966. Husband of Louisa Jane.
EVELEIGH, Lousia Jane(HEAD)22 Aug 1886 - 14 Aug 1969. Wife of Joseph Mews Eveleigh.(Daughter of John and Jane Head)
EVELEIGH, Fanny Jane(BUSSEY) 1903 - 1996. Wife of Garland James Eveleigh.
EVELEIGH, Garland James1908 - 1989. Husband of Fanny Jane.(son of Joseph)
EVELEIGH, Cecil Solomon1905 - 1995. Husband of Melvina Spracklin.(son of Joseph)
EVELEIGH, Melvina Spracklin(CANNING)1905 - 1993. Wife of Cecil Solomon.
EVELEIGH, Joseph G1920 - 1997. Husband of Mary A Eveleigh.(son of Joseph)
HEAD, Infant 20 Jan 1972. Daughter of Gerald and Kathleen Head.
HEAD, Joseph B1911 - 1984. Husband of Mary A Head. (son of Aaron)
HEAD, Mary A(HARNETT)1917- 1990. Wife of Joseph B Head.
HEAD, HubertNo Dates.(1940-1992. Son of Mary and Joseph)
HEAD, Edgard. 31 Jan 1966 age 60 years. (son of Moses)
HEAD, Overtond. 6 Jan 1996 age 60 years.(son of Edgar)
HEAD, Elizabeth1942 - 1998 age 55 years. Wife of Lloyd Head.
BURSEY, Ernest M1917 - 1988. Husband of Alma Bursey.
WHITE, Stanley J1911 - 1990. Husband of Dorothy White.(son of Stephen)
WHITE, Hal S1954 - 1992.(son of Stanley and Dorothy)
WHITE, Elizabeth1895 - 1989.( wife of Stephen who is burried in the Old Combined Cemetery)
HARNETT, Adolphus M1914 - 1968. (son of Hubert)
HARNETT, Hubert1887 - 1970. Husband of Effie M Harnett.
HARNETT, Effie M1891 - 1967. Wife of Hubert Harnett.
HARNETT, William George1919 - 1992. Husband of Fanny Olga Harnett.
HALE, Alphonso G1922 - 1997 age 74 years. Husband of Leuella Hale(Laing).(son of George)

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