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Embree - Lower Embree Cemetery

The Town of Embree was formed by combining the two towns of Mason's Cove and Salt Pond. Cemetery marker means the metal marker the funeral home places on the grave until a headstone is erected. Reference to Double Stone means there are two people for one large stone. However, when there was a double stone and one person still living, only the deceased was recorded. Where there was a wooden cross, it was duly noted. The names are recorded the way in which they appeared on the Headstones.
These headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by GAIL & BOYCE STRYDE, December 1998. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
ATKINSON, Stewart John Jr.Jan 19, 1963Mar 19, 1963

ATKINSON, Leo P.18991997(Double Stone)
, Myrtle A.19061980

BOYDE, Sandy Carl19281985Wife, Flo

BRINSON, Mary19041986

BURRY, Arthur W.19131978

BURSEY, Doyle K.19041968Married Dec 7, 1930
, S. Gertrude19101989

BURSEY, Ruby Doris19551977

BURSEY, GarlandJuly 9, 1919July 25, 1984

BURSEY, David Leslie ScottNov 1, 1958July 8, 1983

BURSEY, WIlliam T.April 15, 1929September 16, 1999Age 70 yrs - wooden cross with plaque.

CANNING, Booklyn19281999

CHURCHILL, VioletOct 25, 1908May 3, 1986(Double Stone)
, ThomasApr 9, 1907May 6, 1989

COISH, EleazarSept 12, 1899May 4, 1986

CRAMM, Arthur D.Jan 29, 1906Oct 7, 1985

CRAMM, Margaret E.19201975

CULL, Nat(Wooden Cross)

CULL, Jethro C.Sept 15, 1907Oct 23, 1972

CULL, Raymond C.19051989

DOREY, William JohnJune 9, 1892Dec 18, 1980Husb of Martha

DOREY, MarthaOct 10, 1887Nov 17, 1974

ELLSWORTH, Pauline, Amanda & Roger1973(3 graves with one glass marker)
ELLSWORTH, Reginald Henry19201991(Double Stone)
, Amanda D.19191982

ELLSWORTH, Vera19441998(Cemetery Marker)

FARR, Donald W.19151989

FARR, Fred Gordon19101988

FIFIELD, David P.Jan 24, 1945Aug 28, 1987(Wife, Marion, Son, Ritchie and Daughter, Jennifer)

FIFIELD, Kathleen19141998(Cemetery Marker)

FIFIELD, Adolphus19011976Husband of Kathleen

FIFIELD, David Dion19661974(Son of Marion and David)

FLIGHT, JamesJune 20, 1907Aug 18, 1992Beloved Husband of Loretta

FLIGHT, Loretta BlancheJan 9, 1926Dec 14, 1996Beloved Wife of James

FLIGHT, Baxter19131988

FLIGHT, Lindy S.19151979

FOSS, Ambrose19011990

FOSS, Baby(Wooden Cross)

FOSS, Baby BoyAlways remembered by: Mom & Dad (Everett and Hazel)

FOSS, Samuel19061977

FOSS, DorothyOct 28, 1914July 24, 1985

FUDGE, Maude19121981Wife of George

GOODYEAR, Hilda M.18971976

GOODYEAR, Obediah18991972(Beloved husband of Hilda G.)

GUY, Ethel May19431998(Cemetery Marker)

HEAD, Joseph19351989

HODDINOTT, Arthur J.19011991Married April 13, 1927 (Double stone)
, Rose B.19081982

HODDINOTT, Martha19111980(Double Stone)
, Roy19061987

HODDINOTT, J. DorotheaJan 10, 1933 toJuly 6, 1991
, Colin M.April 13, 1930July 26, 1991

HODDINOTT, ElizabethOct 1, 1903May 18, 1970

HODDINOTT, Hector S.19141995

HODDINOTT, Allan19011996

HODDINOTT, AbigailFeb 26, 1916 Nov 26, 1994

HURLEY, Fabian Calvin19621964son of Pleaman and Myrtle.

HURLEY, Baby son
Nov 13, 1968Age 3 weeks

HURLEY, Christine
Jan 23, 1968Age 5 months

HYNES(Small baby headstone)

JANES, Stephen19251998Age 73 years

JANES, Andrew E.19181997

JENKINS, Mary19101993

KINDEN, Norman J.Jan 14, 1913Feb 17, 1993(Double Stone)
, M. WilhelminaMarch 27, 19181998

KINDEN, Mathew19191983

KING, Raymond J.19291996

KING, WalterSept 13, 1896May 10, 1979

KING, Emma(Wooden Cross)

KING, Wanda N.19611995Daughter of Raymond and Evelyn

LEDREW, Colin Thomas Guy
Sept 26, 1996

LEDREW, Marie19391997(Cemetery Marker)

LEDREW, Guy19371995

MACLEAN, Mary D.Nov 17, 1891Aug 28, 1976

MEWS, Walter W.19081990

MEWS, Peter18851963

MEWS, Alfreda18881971

MUGFORD, Doris19411998

NEWMAN, Joseph J.
July 1, 1970Age 92 years

NEWMAN, LydiaJune 27, 1904June 27, 1995

NEWMAN, Susannah
May 15, 1968Age 79 years

NEWMAN, George Fred
Nov 21 1962Age 68 years

NICHOL, Wilson19191963

NIPPARD, Elsie Blanche19071987

NIPPARD, William J.Oct 15, 1908Nov 12, 1971

NIPPARD, Alex (Father)19101973(Double Stone)
, Morley (Son)19571971

NIPPARD, Jamie Robert19731974(Beloved son of Edith and Wilfred)

NIPPARD, Alfred19141997(Cemetery Marker)

NIPPARD, Ada19371976

NIPPARD, LillianMay 26, 1922Nov 1, 1989

NIPPARD, John T.19271995Age 68 years (Cemetery Marker

NIPPARD, Dorman WilbertMar 15, 1922Apr 17, 1989

NIPPARD, Roland19081994
NIPPARD, BessieNov 1, 1923Oct 29, 1979

OSMOND, Louis WesleyOct 3, 1975Nov 21, 1975

PARDY, Leonard W.
May 27 1979Age 17 years, 11 months

PARDY, RickyMay 27, 1967Oct ?(Cemetery marker)

PHILLIPS, Sadie Pearl19341970(Wife of Ronald)

POND, Augustus D.Oct 22, 1939Aug 28, 1965

POTTER, Amanda Jane19091992

POTTER, Walter19191994

POTTER, Madeline N.19211991

PURCHASE, Warrick Cyril19151970

RANDELL, DaisyJan 17, 1899Oct 6, 1991

RANDELL, Jason Keye19771988

RANDELL, Ivy19261987

Nov 18, 1974Age 82 years

Dec 16, 1974Age 77 years

RIDEOUT, Melvin F.19221986

RIDEOUT, Glossie M.19251992Wife of Melvin

Jan 15, 1970Age 87 years (Husband of Bennetta)

RIDEOUT, Allan18981988

RIDEOUT, Anne19081998Wife of Allan Rideout

RIDEOUT, Eric D.19021982

RIDEOUT, Bennetta
Dec 28, 1976Age 91 years

ROBERTS, James L.Sept 24, 1929Aug 31, 1982

ROWE, Allison L.19111979(Double Stone)
, Lilly M.19051990

ROWE, Rex A.19211998Husband of Florence

ROWE, Florence19181998Beloved Wife of Rex

ROWSELL, Robert19101995

RUMBOLT, MaxwellOct 7, 1901Apr 7, 1980

SCOTT, Denika Audrey Viola19951997(Daughter of Bradley and Wanda Lee)

SHEPPARD, Alva IonaJan 13, 1916July 11, 2000

SHEPPARD, LeonardSept 27, 1901Sept 10, 1991

SHEPPARD, Stewart19161994

SHEPPARD, Herbert19191969
, Terry J., (Son)19551960

SHEPPARD, Gregory Harvey AlanDec 25, 1971Dec 23, 1982son of Quincy and Joan.

SHEPPARD, Robert J.19181985

SHEPPARD, LucyJan 28, ?Oct 21, 1975

Oct 24, 1967Age 61 years

1928(Wooden Cross and Cemetery Marker)

SNOW, Priscilla Vera19311990

STRYDE, Robert G.Oct 11, 1904Jan 28, 1984

STRYDE, GilbertMar 14, 1921Nov 18, 1998

TRAVERSE, Dulcie19251994

TRAVERSE, Russell19041984

TUCKER, Pastor Harvey19211983

TWYNE, Beverly D.June 6, 1961Apr 20, 1987

VATCHER, David Nelson19801988

WALL, Bryde C.19261996

WATKINS, Lillian19061986

WELLS, Fred P.19161995

WHEELER, Baxter J.19551997

WHITT, Norman Doyle19221983

WINSOR, James19031983
New Additions below to transcription submitted by Ralph LeDrew
LEDREW, Tommy F.19581965Double headstone
LEDREW, Otto W.19101979Gone but not forgotten

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