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Embree - Upper Embree Cemetery

The Town of Embree was formed by combining the two towns of Mason's Cove and Salt Pond. Cemetery marker means the metal marker the funeral home places on the grave until a headstone is erected. Reference to Double Stone means there are two people for one large stone. However, when there was a double stone and one person still living, only the deceased was recorded. Where there was a wooden cross, it was duly noted. The names are recorded the way in which they appeared on the Headstones.
These headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by GAIL & BOYCE STRYDE, December 1998. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Cemetery Marker next to Andrew Anstey's Headstone
ANSTEY, AndrewOct 31, 1894 Sept 23, 1970
ANSTEY, Robert J.1908 1987Double Stone
, Nina M. 1916 1992
ANSTEY, HarryOct 18, 1921 May 6, 1974
ANSTEY, Stephen William
Dec 16, 1936Age 67 years (Double Stone)
, wife Naomi
July 5, 1960,Age 91 years
BIXBY, Robert
Feb 28, 1966Age 73 years, Private, Royal Newfoundland Regiment
BURSEY, Ananias
May 10, 1899Age 69 years
BURSEY, Beatrice18941973Double Stone
, wife of Albert18941961
BURSEY, Joseph W.18961976Double Stone
, Phyllis18981984
BURSEY, George A.18971975Double Stone
, Lucy A.19061984
BURSEY, Doris Ethel
Apr 23, 1938Age 8 years, daughter of Joseph and Phillis Bursey
BURSEY, Jane ElizabethDec 24, 1877Oct. 23, 1951
BURSEY, Ananias Stanley.Mar 23, 1953Age 73 years
BURSEY, Nina M19241997
Feb 9, 1956Age 90 years, wife of Elijah
ELLSWORTH, William18881946Double Stone
, EttaLinda18901961
FLIGHT, Alfred James19371954
FOSS, William & Elsie

Marker only, No Headstone
FOSS, William S. D.Feb 13, 1947Apr. 23, 1947
FOSS, Joseph18951976Double Stone
, Wife - Maud M.19011945
HARVEY, Ralph19001969NF Forestry Corps WWI
Aug 13, 1952Age 81 years, 9 months
Nov 6, 1919Age 23 years, 4 months
HODDINOTT, Doris Cheryl
Oct 23, 1963Age 8 years, daughter of Wilson and Greta
HODDINOTT, John18741970Double Stone
, Mahala,18691943
HODDINOTT, William James
Dec 3, 1915Age 25 years
Aug 15, 1961Age 86 years
Mar 9, 195754 years, mother Deborah Hoddinott
HODDINOTT, Madge M.19021957
HODDINOTT, Joseph Dale
Oct 30, 1953Age 2 months
, Rhonda Phyllis
May 20, 1956Age 6 months
Babies of Bruce and Joyce Hoddinott
HODDINOTT, Bruce19292000
HODDINOTT, David19041993(Cemetery Marker)
JANES, Mary18921952wife of Mark
JANES, Drusilla18871965
JANES, Sarah J. 1930 1987(Mother) Double Stone
, Betty M.19501962(Daughter)
JANES, MarkDec 9, 1887Sept 24, 1972
JANES, Hedley JamesSept 26, 1944Sept 3, 1948son of Raymond and Emma
JANES, A. Raymond19151988husband of Emma
JANES, Wanda Annie
1955daughter of Raymond and Emma Janes
JANES, Terry
Feb 9, 1970Age 21 years
MANUEL, Azariah
Dec 6, 1925Age 68 years
MANUEL, Mariah
Oct 27, 1950Age 91 years, wife of Azariah
NIPPARD, Effie MayJuly 25, 1890Sept 11, 1951
NIPPARD, Cecil Augustus
Nov 8, 1972Age 31yrs, 8 months, son of Sidney and Lillian
NIPPARD, John T.18841960
NIPPARD, Sidney J.19131986
October 16, 1954Age 38 years
NIPPARD, Alice (Sheppard)June 9, 1926May 31, 1954
NIPPARD, Sylvia VedinaJuly 6, 1946Apr 18, 1947Double Stone
, Daisy PaulineApr 26, 1950Oct 3, 1951daughters of Sidney and Lillian Nippard
NIPPARD, Nathaniel19081994
OSMOND, Daisy Maud19311934
OSMOND, Louis19031959
PARDY, Hedley I
April 5, 1936Age 11 years, son of J & S Pardy
PARDY, Sarah19051985
PARDY, John18991987
PARDY, Susannah
Apr 4, 1965Age 63 years, wife of John
PELLY, Sarah
.Great Grandmother (Double Stone)
Infant Son of Sidney and Lillian Nippard
Dec 22, 1940
REGULAR, Sarah19021979
ROWSELL, Wanda Doris
Feb 6, 1965Age 16 months, child of Hazel and Scott Rowsell
ROWSELL, Leonard A.July 27, 1917June 30, 1954
ROWSELL, Loretta MarieJune 5, 1941Oct 7, 1941daughter of Maude and Leonard
ROWSELL, Rachel M.18951975Double Stone
, Allan A.18861974
June 8, 1916Age 21 years, 9 months, wife of P. Rowsell
SCEVIOUR, Herman Hedley18991981husband of Louisa
SCEVIOUR, Louisa19001974wife of Herman H.
SNOW, Matilda E..Jan 2, 1913Age 19 years
SNOW, Elikam
Nov 22, 1952Age 54 years
STRIDE, Andrew1874May 9, 1958
STRIDE, Mary Ann1877Aug 11, 1961
STRYDE, Duke19061975

Wooden Cross

Wooden Cross

Wooden Cross only

Wooden Cross only
WATKINS, Peter & Sarah

Wooden Cross only
WATKINS, George19041951
WELLS, Henry J.18791956Father and Mother (Double Stone)
, Anna,18841961

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
SNOW I have a picture of Matilda Emma Snow's gravestone . Her date of birth is Aug 26/1893 and death is Jan 02/1913. She is buried in Embree (once called Saltpond), near Lewisporte. Your listing did not show her date of birth. Robert Snow
SNOW Missing from the list is Jacob Snow, born 1924 - died 1946. 21 years old. Son of Elikam & Sarah Snow. Paul Snow

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