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1935 Census

Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District

Seldom Come By

Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, January 2000. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
ANTHONYSelinaWife67Seldom Come By
ANTHONYHarveySon24Seldom Come By
HARRISEmmaDomestic16Seldom Come By
ANTHONYDonaldHEAD37Seldom Come By
ANTHONYIdaWife?Seldom Come By
ANTHONYFrankHEAD?Seldom Come By
ANTHONYWhilimenaWife38Seldom Come By
ANTHONYErnestSon11Seldom Come By
ANTHONYHenryHEAD66Seldom Come By
ANTHONYJaneWife68 (?)Seldom Come By
ANTHONYNormanSon29Seldom Come By
ANTHONYRoySon24Seldom Come By
ANTHONYDouglasSon19Seldom Come By
ANTHONYWilliamSon17Seldom Come By
ANTHONYLauraDaughter21 (?)Seldom Come By
ANTHONYSamuelHEAD73Seldom Come By
ANTHONYMahalaWife72Seldom Come By
ANTHONYSamuelSon38Seldom Come By
ANTHONYEdmundSon36Seldom Come By
ANTHONYRolandHEAD?Seldom Come By
ANTHONYMayWife27Seldom Come By
ANTHONYJessieDaughter1 (?)Seldom Come By
ANTHONYAlbertHEAD52Seldom Come By
ANTHONYAmeliaWife47Seldom Come By
ANTHONYGeorgeSon17Seldom Come By
ANTHONYBessieDaughter15Seldom Come By
DAWEE JaneHEAD71Seldom Come ByWidow
DAWEDormanSon36Seldom Come ByMarried
DAWEFannieWife30Seldom Come ByMarried to Dorman?
DAWERichardSon10Seldom Come BySon of Dorman & Fannie?
DAWEGordonSon5Seldom Come BySon of Dorman & Fannie?
DAWESolomon JrHEAD44Seldom Come By
DAWELauraWife41Seldom Come By
DAWEDonaldSon17Seldom Come By
DAWEJoclynDaughter16Seldom Come By
DAWEGertie (?)Daughter14Seldom Come By
DAWEMabelDaughter12Seldom Come By
DAWE?Son10Seldom Come By
DAWEJosephSon8Seldom Come By
DAWEEmmaDaughter7Seldom Come By
DAWEEloilHEAD43Seldom Come By
DAWEEdithWife41Seldom Come By
DAWEChesleySon16Seldom Come By
DAWENormanSon12Seldom Come By
DAWEHubertHEAD46Seldom Come By
DAWEEthelWife44Seldom Come By
DAWEHeberSon21Seldom Come By
DAWEThomasSon19Seldom Come By
DAWEBerniceDaughter18Seldom Come By
DAWEBerthaDaughter16Seldom Come By
DAWEDorothyDaughter10Seldom Come By
DAWEGraceDaughter7Seldom Come By
DAWEElizabethHEAD54Seldom Come ByWidow
DAWEClaudeSon32Seldom Come By
DAWEMaxwellSon26Seldom Come By
DAWEClementineHEAD68Seldom Come ByWidow
DAWEAlbertSon34Seldom Come ByMarried
DAWEEmilyWife22Seldom Come ByWife of Albert I assume
DAWESolomon SrHEAD67Seldom Come By
DAWEPhoebeWife57Seldom Come By
DAWEPearlDaughter24Seldom Come By
DAWEBeatriceDaughter22Seldom Come By
DAWEPhilipSon17Seldom Come By
HOLMESLucyHEAD65Seldom Come ByWidow
HOLMESGeorgeSon29Seldom Come By
HOLMESClaudeSon26Seldom Come ByMarried
HOLMESHattieWife22Seldom Come ByWife of Claude?
HOLMESHarveySon23Seldom Come By
ROWEStanleyHEAD41Seldom Come BySingle
HAIKE (?)BrideDomestic13Seldom Come By
PARSONSElizaHouseKeeper45Seldom Come ByWidow
WESTLillianDomestic21Seldom Come By
ANTHONYAllanHEAD48Seldom Come By
ANTHONYLouisaWife49Seldom Come By
ANTHONYIsaacHEAD46Seldom Come By
ANTHONYLevinaWife44Seldom Come By
ANTHONYFlorenceDaughter19Seldom Come By
ANTHONYMarionDaughter17Seldom Come By
ANTHONYAndrewHEAD31Seldom Come By
ANTHONYMatildaWife26Seldom Come By
ANTHONYGraceDaughter7Seldom Come By
ANTHONYPearlDaughter5Seldom Come By
ANTHONYVidaDaughter3Seldom Come By
ANTHONYOliveDaughter9 MonthsSeldom Come By
HOLMESSidneyHEAD42Seldom Come By
HOLMESAnnieWife43Seldom Come By
HOLMESEdithDaughter19Seldom Come By
HOLMESMildredDaughter13Seldom Come By
HOLMESStanleySon10Seldom Come By
HOLMESJoyceDaughter8Seldom Come By
ROWELemuelHEAD59Seldom Come By
ROWESarahWife67Seldom Come By
ROWEFlorenceDaughter19Seldom Come By
GATEHOUSEGilbertHEAD38Seldom Come ByWidower
GATEHOUSEViolaDaughter11Seldom Come By
COMBDENEsauHEAD72Seldom Come By
COMBDENPriscillaWife69Seldom Come By
BOONECharlesHEAD71Seldom Come ByWidower
BOONEBessieDaughter27Seldom Come By
BOONECharles JrHEAD52Seldom Come By
BOONEBerthaWife44Seldom Come By
BOONEHarveySon23Seldom Come By
BOONEChesleySon20Seldom Come By
BOONEKennethSon17Seldom Come By
BOONEGrenfellSon8Seldom Come By
ROWEFrankHEAD29Seldom Come By
ROWEInaWife23Seldom Come By
ROWEVioletDaughter2Seldom Come By
ROWEJackBrother9Seldom Come By
ROWEGregoryHEAD18Seldom Come BySingle
ROWEWesleyBrother16Seldom Come By
GREENPeterHEAD37Seldom Come By
GREENNoraWife32Seldom Come By
GREENLouisaHEAD69Seldom Come ByWidow
GREENAubreySon32Seldom Come By
NICHOAlbertHEAD49Seldom Come By
NICHOEmilyWife39Seldom Come By
NICHOCecilSon18Seldom Come By
NICHOLeonardSon16Seldom Come By
NICHOEffieDaughter13Seldom Come By
NICHOEllenDaughter8Seldom Come By
HEATHGeorgeHEAD34Seldom Come By
HEATHMabelWife23Seldom Come By
HEATHCecilSon3Seldom Come By
HEATHGladysDaughter1Seldom Come By
NICHOGeorgeHEAD57Seldom Come By
NICHOClaraWife52Seldom Come By
NICHOArthurSon33Seldom Come ByWidower
NICHOLeviSon22Seldom Come By
NICHOAranias (?)Son19Seldom Come By
NICHOLemuelSon17Seldom Come By
NICHOElizabethDaughter15Seldom Come By
NICHOWheleminaDaughter13Seldom Come By
NICHODouglasSon10Seldom Come By
NICHOVioletGrand Daughter6Seldom Come By
NICHOPhilipHEAD24Seldom Come By
NICHOEmilyWife18Seldom Come By
NICHOPearlDaughter1 MonthSeldom Come By
NICHOLeonardHEAD42Seldom Come ByWidower
NICHODonaldSon17Seldom Come By
NICHOBarbaraDaughter15Seldom Come By
NICHOWinnieDaughter13Seldom Come By
NICHOLewisSon10Seldom Come By
NICHOEthelDaughter8Seldom Come By
NICHOBlancheDaughter6Seldom Come By
NICHOMildredDaughter3Seldom Come By
NICHORubyDaughter7 MonthsSeldom Come By
NICHOFrancisMother87Seldom Come ByWidow
COLLINSFrederick SrHEAD70Seldom Come By
COLLINSLevinaWife65Seldom Come By
COLLINSFredrickSon43Seldom Come BySingle
COLLINSFlorenceDaughter26Seldom Come BySingle
HOLMESElizaDaughter4Seldom Come By
HOLMESRobert HSon14Seldom Come By
HOLMESWalterSon11Seldom Come By
HOLMESNetta ADaughter8Seldom Come By
COLLINSIsaacHEAD39Seldom Come By
COLLINSMatildaWife35Seldom Come By
COLLINSRaymondSon12Seldom Come By
WHEATONAlmaDomestic19Seldom Come By
ROWEAllanHEAD58Seldom Come By
ROWEEthelWife51Seldom Come By
ROWEReginaldSon30Seldom Come By
ROWERapher (???)Son27Seldom Come ByMarried
ROWEFannieDaughter in Law20Seldom Come ByMarried
ROWEGreta BDaughter21Seldom Come By
ROWEWhelimenaDaughter18Seldom Come By
ROWEIdaDaughter18Seldom Come By
ROWEEffieDaughter16Seldom Come By
ROWEDavidSon14Seldom Come By
ROWEFloraDaughter12Seldom Come By
PENNEYEnosHEAD72Seldom Come By
PENNEYWlilimenaWife65Seldom Come By
PENNEYFrank MSon31Seldom Come By
COLLINSTimothyHEAD45Seldom Come By
COLLINSJessieWife36Seldom Come By
COLLINSIsabelDaughter15Seldom Come By
COLLINSMalcolmSon12Seldom Come By
COLLINSDonaldSon10Seldom Come By
COLLINSReginaldSon7Seldom Come By
COLLINSGarfieldSon4Seldom Come By
COLLINSFrankSon2 MonthsSeldom Come By
NICHOJohnHEAD62Seldom Come By
NICHOMary JWife47Seldom Come By
NICHOBeatriceDaughter24Seldom Come By
NICHOMalindaDaughter18Seldom Come By
NICHOWilsonSon16Seldom Come By
NICHOStellaDaughter11Seldom Come By
NICHOGeraldHEAD20Seldom Come By
NICHOElizabethWife17Seldom Come By
NICHOMerill (?)Daughter10 MonthsSeldom Come By
BUDDENElijahHEAD47Seldom Come By
BUDDENAlfridaWife44Seldom Come By
BUDDENHeberSon20Seldom Come By
BUDDENClaudeSon19Seldom Come By
BUDDENMyrtleDaughter14Seldom Come By
BUDDENMarthaDaughter12Seldom Come By
BUDDENStephenSon4Seldom Come By
HOLMESHaroldHEAD46Seldom Come By
HOLMESRachaelWife52Seldom Come By
HOLMESEllaDaughter23Seldom Come By
HOLMESClaraDaughter20Seldom Come By
HOLMESAubreySon16Seldom Come By
HOLMESMary AMother73Seldom Come ByWidow
ROWEVictorHEAD32Seldom Come By
ROWEEffieWife32Seldom Come By
ROWERubyDaughter10Seldom Come By
ROWEAuderyDaughter7Seldom Come By
ROWEMerill (?)Daughter4Seldom Come By
DAWETheophilusHEAD68Seldom Come By
DAWEElizaWife61Seldom Come By
DAWEArthurSon37Seldom Come By
DAWECecilSon31Seldom Come By
DAWEHarveySon29Seldom Come By
DAWEGeorgeSon22Seldom Come By
HARTLeahDomestic20Seldom Come By
HOLMESWilliamHEAD45Seldom Come By
HOLMESHarrietWife36Seldom Come By
HOLMESNelsonSon5Seldom Come By
NEWELL (?)EmmaHEAD85Seldom Come ByWidow
NEWELL (?)FlorenceDaughter58Seldom Come By
NEWELL (?)SelinaDaughter54Seldom Come By
NEWELL (?)MayDaughter52Seldom Come By
HODDERGwendolynGrand Daughter17Seldom Come By
PENNEYJosephHEAD78Seldom Come By
PENNEYJessieWife79Seldom Come By
HUSSEYEdgarHEAD57Seldom Come By
HUSSEYAbigalWife60Seldom Come By
ROWEElijahHEAD56Seldom Come By
ROWERachaelWife42Seldom Come By
ROWEHarrisonSon23Seldom Come By
ROWEDonaldSon18Seldom Come By
ROWEMurielDaughter15Seldom Come By
ROWEErnestSon11Seldom Come ByIn Census as daughter
ROWEWallaceSon8Seldom Come ByIn Census as daughter
ROWEEricSon6Seldom Come ByIn Census as daughter
ROWERobertSon4Seldom Come ByIn Census as daughter
ROWEGordonSon1Seldom Come ByIn Census as daughter
PENNEYEloilHEAD62Seldom Come By
PENNEYFannieWife52Seldom Come By
PENNEYLouisHEAD33Seldom Come By
HOLMESSamuelHEAD46Seldom Come By
HOLMESBeatriceWife40Seldom Come By
HOLMESGraceDaughter17Seldom Come By
HOLMESKennethSon15Seldom Come By
HOLMESMadelineDaughter11Seldom Come By
ROBBINSGeorginaSister32Seldom Come ByWidow
ROBBINSMelvinNephew2Seldom Come By
ROWEAllanHEAD58Seldom Come ByMarried
ROWEMcKenzieSon18Seldom Come By
ROWEAlbridge?67Seldom Come ByWidowed
ROWEJames?24Seldom Come By
ROWEArthur?25Seldom Come By
ROWEArchibald?69Seldom Come ByMarried
ROWEDrusilla?42Seldom Come ByMarried
ROWEAllison?22Seldom Come By
ROWEJacob?17Seldom Come By
ROWELuke?15Seldom Come By
ROWERex?13Seldom Come By
ROWEJoyce?7Seldom Come By
HOLMESErnestHEAD49Seldom Come BySingle
SPURRELLDaisyHEAD41Seldom Come ByWidow
SPURRELLSarahDaughter11Seldom Come By
SPURRELLGeorgeSon6Seldom Come By
SPURRELDaisy?43Seldom Come ByWidow
HARNETTGeorge?27Seldom Come BySingle
ROWELouise?25Seldom Come ByMarried
ROWEBaby?1 MonthSeldom Come By
BUDDENElsie M?14Seldom Come By
HARNETTGeorge?24Seldom Come By

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
DAWE In the case of Bernice Dawe, it should read Bessie Dawe. Bessie is my great aunt. In the case of Ethel Dawe, it should read Hettie Blanche Dawe. Hettie was my great-grandmother. Elaine Hynes
DAWE Solomon Jr. Dawe is the head of the family. I have 3 corrections. Joclyn who is the second oldest (16 years old) should be Evelyn. Gertie who is the third oldest (14 years old) should be Verlie. ? who is the fifth oldest (10 years old) should be Laurier. These men and women are my grandfather and great aunts. Danielle Brake
ANTHONY ANTHONY, Frank was born in 1899. His age shows a question mark. He would have been about 36 at the time of this census. He was my great-grandfather. Don Anthony

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Fogo / Twillingate District