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These are from the Anglican Cemetery located off Mercer Memorial Drive, heading South from the village of Fogo.

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by ARLENE BENNETT, 1998 and 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

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Note: Read and transcribed in 1999
Wilfred F. Bakerson of John C. and Blanche Baker
Oct. 8 1944age 17 1/2
Wilfred Bakerson of George and Jane Baker
Feb. 1921age 23; lost at sea
John Henry Banks

May 29 1956age 85
Martha Banks

April 15 1954age 75
Frank Banks

Sept. 11 1947age 70
George Bignell Sr.

Aug. 14 1947age 86 yrs. 5mos.
Hannah Bignellwife of George Bignell
Oct. 24 1935age 74
and also Charles Bignell

July 2 1909age 21; [drowned]
Emma L. Butlerwife of Thomas Butler
June 16 1958age 64 yrs.
Thomas R. Butler
Emma Butlerwife of Thomas Butler
Aug. 18 1948age 59
Allan Cole

Aug. 4 1950age 78
George A. Downer

June 25 1939age 87
and also his wife Catherine Downer

Nov. 3 1942age 85
Bertha Earle
Nov. 8 1866Feb. 29?,1959erected by Fred R. Earle & Family
Harold J. Earle

Mar. 10 1954age 70
At rest Nellie Earlewife of Arthur L. Earle
Sept. 1937age 44
Walter Gard

Aug. 27 1939age 78 1/2 erected by his son
Allan Greene

Sept. 25 1953age 42
Claude Green

Aug. 20 1957age 59 erected by wife & children
Eliza A. Greene

Oct.18 1964age 64 In silence she suffered.
Ambrose-James-Greenehusband of Lydia Greene
Oct. 29 1949age 78
Lydia Greenewife of Ambrose Greene
Sept. 8 1952age 70
Naomi Greene

July 14 1947age 66 1/2
also John Greene

May 14 1947age 73 erected by their loving sons and daughters
Christopher John Hart

Dec. 2 1961age 79 years
Elizabeth Hartwife of Christopher Hart
Aug. 14 1945age 60
Elizabeth Hartwife of William Hart
Mar. 7 1952age 65
Sadie Eve Hart

(date illegible)
Frank Hart

March 7 1961age 69
Eliza Hart

Feb. 22 1950age 90
Morley Hart

Feb. 13 1944age 2 1/2 mos.
Horrace Hart

Jan. 17 1966erected by sons Everett and Lloyd Wife, and adopted daughter Doreen.
William Harthusband of Elizabeth Hart
July 12 1957age 78 yrs.
Lorretta M. Hart
Nov. 1942April 1943
Thomas G. Hellingshusband of Mary Hellings
Dec. 4 1941age 63
Priscilla Irish

Feb. 28 1939age 86
Harold Jones

May 27 1959age 43 erected by wife and two sons
Henry A. Jones

Jan. 31 1953age 70
Deborah Joneswife of Mark Jones
May 28 1942age 88
Ida Jane Jones

Sept. 20 1953age 63
William Jones

Mar. 26 1952age 65
Amelia Joneswife of Henry Jones
Oct. 31 1938age 54
Frederick Leyte

Mar. 3 1964age 80 yrs. & 3mos.
Emma Leytewife of Fredrick Leyte
(date illegible)
Emily Loderwife of George B. Loder
March 14 1957age 70 yrs.
Sarah Anne Loder

Oct. 3 1938age 85
Emma Ann Ludlowour mother18691959
George Ludlow
May 15 1889Feb.7 1964
Edith May Ludlowdaughter of Elijah and Susanna Ludlow
Jan.22 1955age 43
Israel Mahaney

Feb. 20 1961age 87
Ida Mahaneywife of Matthias Mahaney
Feb. 10 1949age 41
Christopher Oakehusband of Lucy Oake
Jan. 31 1855age 78
Claude Oake

July 27 1959age 57
Annie Oakewife of Stewart Oak
Feb.10 1944age 57
Herbert Oakehusband of Lavina Oak
May 6 1960age 88
Lavina Oakewife of Herbert Oake
Sept. 22 1956age 83
Pearce Oake

Mar. 23 1938age 58
Lucy Oakewife of Christopher Oake
Aug. 31 1957age 85 yrs.
Patricia Lillian Oakechild of Stanley and Isabelle Oake
Oct. 16 1946age 6 mos.
Henry James Oake

Oct. 4 1941age 79
Prudence Oake

Feb. 22 1951age 86
also Martha Oake

Nov. 20 1950age 88
Abi Payne

Oct. 12 1951age 75
Maxwell Payne
Elizabeth Jane Payne

Dec. 1 1947age 80
Elsie J. Payne

(no date)
Winston Payneson of Arthur and Violet Payne
20 Jan. 1964age 11 1/2 years
Frederick Payne

July 4 1963age 86 yrs, 6 mos.
Dinah Payne

Oct. 17 1937age 78
Albert Payne

1935age 47
Lousia Paynewife of Frank Payne
Dec. 25 1959aged 71
William J. Payne

April 20 1953age 49
Lucy Primmer

Apr. 2 1947age 61
James Robert Primmer

June 28 1943age 61
Alice Purchase

May 5 1968age 75 erected by her brothers and sisters
Harry Winston Randellson of Sidney and Jessie Randell19411942
Susanna J. Randell

July 17 1956aged 88
Dorothy Reidwife of Edgar Reid
Oct. 19 1952age 52
Mary Reidwife of Joshua Reid18751941
Joshua Reidhusband of Emma Reid
Mar. 13 1940age 68
David Shave
19011965erected by wife Ethel and Children
Blanche Sibleywife of Llewellyn Sibley
Apr. 27 1948age 68
Martha Sibley

June 9 1957age 81 yrs.
Myrtis Sibleywife of William Sibley
Sept. 9 1935age 34
Thomas William Sibleyhusband of Martha Sibley
Nov. 12 1951age 78
Thomas H. Simmshusband of Eliza Simms
Sept. 20 1940age 84
Ambrose Simmshusband of Alice Simms
Dec. 15 1947age 64
Jani Simms
Flora Victoria Simms

Aug. 19 1958age 86 yrs.
Arthur John Simms

April 18 1956age 79
Bartholomew Snow

Oct. 11 1958age 79 yrs. & 3 mos.
Amelia Snowwife of Josiah Snow
June 7 1943age 60
George Snow

June 13 1964age 76 years
Rebecca E. Snow

May 16 1964age 86 years
Violet Snowwife of John Snow
May 26 1963age 77 years
Roy G. Snow

Apr. 18 1940age 4 mos.
Allan Torraville

Sept. 3 1965age 83 years
also Mary Torraville

Nov. 22 1965age 84
Harvey Torraville
Ambrose TorravilleNfld Royal Navel Reserve
Oct. 28 1959age 72 yrs. 9 mos.
Daisy M. Torraville
Eliza S. Torraville

Feb.4 1938
also her husband William Torraville

Oct.29 1939age 83
James Whetham

Dec. 20 1935age 72
Theresa Williswife of late Mark Willis
Aug. 6 1954age 85
Deon Clyde Willis

Mar. 13 1954age 10 mos.
Jane Willis

June (date illegible)age 81
Charles Willishusband of Margaret Willis
Dec. 13 1940age 78
Read and transcribed in 1998
Sarah Ann Bennett,
186521 April 1945
Aeneas Bennett,
186523 August 1920
Stanley James Bennett,son of Aeneas and Sarah Bennett3 November 18931 March 1897
Campbell Bennett,son of Darrell and Annie Bennett
5 October 1931aged 5 years 7 mos.
Henry Bennett,

28 August 1928,aged 91 years
Elizabeth Ann Bennett,wife of Henry Bennett
26 Nov.1909aged 67 years.
Hubert Oake,husband of Gladys Oake
7 November 1919aged 46 years.
Lizzie Bankswife of John Banks
Sept 7 1929aged 57 years
Maria Jane Bakerwife of George Ernest BakerApril 30 1863April 29 1962aged 99 years
George Ernest Baker
Dec (1 or 4) 1860Nov 19 1945aged 85 years
Stewart G. Bennett

July 10 1975aged 58 years
Elizabeth Annwife of Henry Bennett
Nov 26 1909aged 67 years
Eric O. Bennett
Bennett Phoebe Jane
September 14,1904August27,1996
Thomas Bennett

Nov. 6 1976aged 84 years
Thomas W.husband of Lydia Bennett
Feb. 15th 1947aged 64 years
Matthew Bennetthusband of Laura Ester Bennett
May 24 1966aged 74 years
William J. Best

Feb 27 1970aged 75 years
Emma Coiten

June 30 1951aged 93
Elsie May Hartdear wife
Dec 23 1970aged 76 years 7 mos.
Eva Jane Hart

April 29 1971aged 80 years 10 mos.
Eliza Hart

Feb 22 1950aged 90 years
Lucy Hannahwife of Edward Hiscock
Nov 20 1920aged 56 years
Stanley [Layman]husband of Laura Layman
Feb 12 1953aged 73 years
Maud Leyte

Sept. 6 1972aged 75 years 6 mos.
Alfred Leyte

Dec 14 1973aged 83 years
Clarissa Ludlowwife of George LudlowMarch 14 1889March 10 1969
Alfred Ludlowhusband of Emma Ann
March 26 1948aged 86 years
Thomas W. Mahaney

Sept. 10 1985aged 86 years
Elizabeth Mahaneyloving wife of Thomas Mahaney
Nov. 16 1969aged 69 years
Sarah Mills

Dec 15 1925aged 84 years
Charlotte Montgomerywife of Joseph Pomeroy
June 12th A.D. 1906aged 64 years
Walter Stewart Oake

June 28 1968aged 82 years
Joseph Oake

August 21 1925aged 62 years
Hilda Mae Paynewife of Albert PayneAug.8 1894July 28 1964
Sarah A Paynewife of Frederick Payne
Dec 6 1958aged 71 years 8 mos.
Harvey Pomeroya dear husband and father
Oct 6th 1958aged 49 years; Though his smile has gone forever and his hand we cannot touch still we have so many memories of the one we loved so much.
Mary Pomeroy

Nov 8th 1961aged 54 years
Joseph Pomeroy

Sept. 7th 1910aged 63 years
Daisy Belledarling daughter of Jas and Elizabeth Pomeroy
Mar 17 1915aged 21 months
John Randellhusband of Susanna Jane Randell
March 16 1937aged 71 years
Sarah A. Randallour dear mother
Nov 8 1894aged 48 years
Mabel Dorcas Shavewife of Gascoigne Shave and daughter of Christopher and Lucy Shave
May 16 1936aged 32 years
Eliza Jane Simmswidow of the late Thomas Simms
Oct 17 1958aged 96 years

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
BENNETT An addition to the above transcriptions is Carl Austin Bennett, Son of Garfield and Mae. Born March 12,1938. Died January 21, 1942. This is my brother's grave. The stone was unreadable when Arlene did her work there a couple of years ago. A new stone has been made and will be taken down to the Cemetery soon. Don Bennett
OAKE Christopher Oake died January 31,1955 (not 1855 as indicated). Shirley (Shave) Ryan
SHAVE Mabel Dorcas Shave, daughter of Christopher and Lucy Oake (not Shave as indicated). Shirley (Shave) Ryan
SHAVE Gascoigne David Shave died February 14, 1965, aged 64 years. Shirley (Shave) Ryan
SIMMS An addition to the above transcriptions is George E. Simms who died December 6, 1929, aged 44 years. Don Bennett
Sadie Eve Hart Name: Sadie Eva (Eve is listed on this Website, the old headstone was difficult to read, she has a new one now :)
Parents: Rita and Leslie Hart
DOB: Sept 19/1949
Date of Death: January 23/1950
Heather Hart

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