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Notre Dame Bay ~ Fogo Island District

Fogo Island - Anglican Parish Baptism Records, 1880 - 1885

These records were transcribed by ARLENE BENNETT in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
WebbJohn WesleysonJohn Wesley and Rebecca WebbFogo
9 Feb.1880
HewlettSarahdau.Reuben and Elizabeth HewlettBarr'd Islands
PennyMark WilliamsonEli and Emma Jane PennyIndian Islands
25 Feb.1880
FookesElizabethdau.Emma Jane FookesIsland Harbour
25 Feb.1880
CollinsJulia Elizabethdau.Richard and Susan CollinsIndian Islands
25 Feb.1880
HodderAlansonEli and Rosannah HodderPayne's Harbour
26 Feb.1880
HartArthursonHenry and Margaret Ann HartIsland Harbour
26 Feb.1880
CullMary SusannahdauHenry and Gersham CullShoal Bay
4 Apr.1880
WoolridgeAlthea Annadau.William and Sarah WoolridgeSeldom Come By
11 Apr.1880
ArnotEliza Anndau.Mark and Mary Ann ArnotSeldom Come By
18 Apr.1880
EarleHenrysonHenry John and Amelia Ann EarleFogo3 Feb.18802 May 1880
DownerJamessonWilliam and Eliza DownerFogo
2 May 1880
ShepherdMahalahdau.William and Mary Ann ShepherdIndian Islands
13 May 1880
GoddenJanedauAbraham Richard and Rachel GoddenBarr'd Islands
16 May 1880
BarnesWilliamsonElizabeth BarnesFogo
18 May 1880
WatermanLaviniadau.Robert and Phoebe WatermanFogo
23 May 1880
LeyteThomassonAndrew and Mary Ann LeyteEastern Tickle
6 Jun.1880
CobbChristophersonGeorge and Jane CobbBarr'd Islands
13 Jun.1880
GillinghamCarolinedauRichard and Caroline GillinghamGander Bay
20 Jun.1880
SimmsCharlessonHenry and Dorcas SimmsFogo
20 Jun.1880
CurlewJohn SimonsonPhilip and Mary Ann CurlewJoe Batt's Arm
27 Jun.1880
PrimmerHerbertsonIsaac and Elizabeth Jane PrimmerBarr'd Islands
13 Jun.1880
VincentLily Rebeccadau.Jonathan and Mary Anne VincentIndian Islands
18 Jul.1880
NewellSelina Francesdau.Phillip and Emma NewellSeldom Come By
9 Mar.1880rec.18 Jul.1880
RollsBessie FrancesdauJames and Maria RollsBarr'd Islands
1 Aug.1880
HancockMary JanedauJoseph and Julia HancockBarr'd Islands
1 Aug.1880
CoatsLousiadauGeorge and Amelia CoatsFogo
8 Aug.1880
EveleighSarah ElizabethdauWilliam and Elizabeth EveleighSeldom Come By
17 Aug.1880
PrinceMarthadau.John and Ellen PrinceFogo
19 Aug.1880
EdgarWilliam HenrysonEdwin and Helen EdgarFogo29-Apr.188022 Aug.1880
HeadHildadau.William and Sarah HeadJoe Batt's Arm
29 Aug.1880
CullZebedeesonAbraham and Mary CullBarr'd Islands
29 Aug.1880
CoffinMariadau.John and Lousia CoffinBarr'd Islands
29 Aug.1880
BuddenElsiedauGeorge and Mary Ann BuddenSeldom Come By24 Jul.30 Aug.1881
ElliottRichardsonAbel and Mary ElliottFogo
3 Sept.1880
FreakeLove JanedauJohn and Elizabeth FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
12 Sept.1880
CullCarolinedauStephen and Eliza CullBarr'd Island
19 Sept.1880
HarrisAgnes Elizadau.John and Mary Jane HarrisGander Bay
25 Sept.1880
CullEllendauAlbert and Julia CullLadle Cove
4 Oct.1880
KindonLeahdauCharles and Jane KindonIndian Islands
10 Oct.1880
RoweFrank WesleysonJohn and Dinah RoweSeldom Come By
20 Oct.1880
BuddenMartha JanedauWilliam and Jane BuddenSeldom Come By
20 Oct.1880
HeadJanedau.John and Mary HeadJoe Batt's Arm
24 Oct.1880
WelcomeJanedau.Francis and Emma WelcomeSeldom Come By
24 Oct.1880
ElliottJohnsonAaron and Angelina ElliottFogo
31 Oct. 1880
WellsEleazorsonJohn and Martha WellsFogo
31 Oct.1880
PurchaseJonassonRichard and Susannah PurchaseFogo
14 Nov.1880
LeyteMarydauLevi and Martha LeyteEastern Tickle
14 Nov.1880
CoffinAbelsonAlexander and Sarah CoffinJoe Batt's Arm
21 Nov.1880
ArnotEdwin GeorgesonGeorge W. and Maria Caroline ArnotFogo
24 Nov.1880
MeekEthel ConstancedauChristopher and Loveday MeekFogo
12 Dec.1880
CallahanLoyalsonMoses and Harriet CallahanIndian Islands
14 Dec.1880
GoddenAnndauWilliam and Ann GoddenBarr'd Islands
19 Dec.1880
SnowAnndau.William and Ellen SnowFogo
26 Dec.1880
GillettNaomidauEmily GillettFogo
27 Dec.1880
CoffinKennethsonSamuel and Martha Ann CoffinJoe Batt's Arm
23 Jan.1881
OakeWilliamsonMahalah OakeEastern Tickle
13 Mar.1881
OakeStephensonJames and Thyrza OakeEastern Tickle
13 Mar.1881
CollinsNathanielsonTimothy and Mary Ann CollinsIndian Islands
20 Mar.1881
NewmanDorcasdau.James and Mary Ann NewmanBarr'd Islands
27 Mar.1881
CobbSarahdau.Christopher and Martha CobbBarr'd Islands
27 Mar.1881
HartEmmadau.Silas and Leah Mary HartFogo
30 Mar.1881
KingAllansonJohn and Mary Ann KingFogo
3 Apr.1881
SimmsJanetdauGeorge and Ann Patience SimmsFogo
3 Apr.1881
FreakeSimon adultsonJoseph and Ann FreakeFogo
14 Apr.1881
FreakeAbraham adultsonJoseph and Ann FreakeFogo
14 Apr.1881
LeyteJohnsonEli and Elizabeth LeyteEastern Tickle
1 May.1881
EarleFlorencedau.Henry John and Amelia Ann EarleFogo
1 May 1881
RandallJames DormansonJames and Sarah Ann RandellFogo
1 May 1881
HeathCharles WilliamsonWilliam and Mary Jane HeathFogo
1 May 1881
PearceGeorge HighmoresonJoseph and Maria PearceBarr'd Islands
8 May 1881
NewmanCharlottedauSamuel and Jane NewmanBarr'd Islands
8 May 1881
AnthonyRichard BemistersonAbraham and Frances AnthonyBarr'd Islands
8 May 1881
BrownAlfredsonJane BrownJoe Batt's Arm
8 May 1881
HeadGilead HumphreysonWilliam and Mary Jane HeadGander Bay
17 May 1881
HarbenElizabethdau.George and Sarah HarbenBeaver Cove
18 May 1881
ThompsonCharlessonIsaac and Elizabeth ThompsonLory Point
18 May 1881
HancockSarah RebeccadauAbraham and Maria HancockBeaver Cove
18 May 1881
ShepherdAlicedau.George and Dorcas Deborah ShephardIndian Islands
18 May 1881
ColesEmma Anndau.John and Harriet ColesBeaver Cove
18 May 1881
ColesArthur WilliamsonJohn and Harriet ColesBeaver Cove
18 May 1881
KindonNaomidau.Jesse and Mary Ann KindonIndian Islands
19 May 1881
CollinsThomas SamuelsonJohn Charles and Priscilla CollinsIndian Islands
19 May 1881
ButlerGeorgesonJohn and Phoebe ButlerMuddy Hole
23 May 1881
GreenMarthadau.Simon and Amelia GreenFogo
28 May 1881
PrimmerLily Marydau.James and Rebecca PrimmerBarr'd Islands
12 Jun.1881
MillerJuliadau.George and Lousia MillerFogo
7 Jun.1881rec.17 Jul.1881
WatermanPurdencedau.William and Phoebe WatermanFogo
23 Jun.1881rec.17 Jul.1881
EdgarClarissa MarydauEdwin and Helen EdgarFogo
24 Jul.1881
HodderCharles?sonCharles and Eve HodderBurnt Bay30 Jan.188131 Jul.1881
CoffinWilliamsonThomas and Hannah CoffinJoe Batt's Arm
31 Jul. 1881
CobbMary LouisadauGeorge and Jane CobbBarr'd Islands
31 Jul. 1881
TorravilleLaura Marydau.Thomas Adey and Eliza Torraville

7 Aug. 1881
JonesSusannahdau.George and Eleanor JonesFogo
7 Aug.1881
HodnottJamase? Louisadau.William and Ellen HodnottSeldom Come By
28 Aug.1881
RoweLousia MaydauMartin and Amelia RoweSeldom Come By
28 Aug.1881
LushVictoria Collinsdau.Benjamin and Elizabeth LushIndian Islands
28 Aug.1881
PelleySusannahdauEdwin George and Susannah Mary PelleyBack Cove
4 Sept.1881
HewlettKennethsonGeorge and Selina HewlettBarr'd Islands
11 Sept.1881
HewlettWilliamsonJoseph and Jane HewlettBarr'd Islands
11 Sept.1881
FreakeSusannahdauAbraham and Caroline FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
25 Sept.1881
BaileyWilliamsonJames and Rebecca BaileyIsland Harbour
30 Sept.1881
SibleyElsie MauddauPeter and Elizabeth SibleyFogo
16 Oct.1881
PayneHoracesonDavid and Mary Ann PayneEastern Tickle
16 Oct.1881
ArnotWalter JosephsonMark and Mary Ann ArnotSeldom Come By
25 Oct.1881
WoolridgeThomas HerbertsonWilliam and Sarah WoolridgeSeldom Come By
25 Dec.1881
WellsWilliamsonGeorge and Sarah WellsJoe Batt's Arm29 Nov.18811 Jan.1882
EveleighJames AlbertsonWilliam and Elizabeth EveleighSeldom Come By
4 Jan.1882
BennettThryzadauAeneas and Sarah Ann BennettFogo25 Nov.188122 Jan.1882
WarrickBessiedauJoseph and Jane WarrickFogo
12 Feb.1882
PayneElizabeth Marydau.James and Dinah PayneFogo
21 Nov.1881rec. 12 Feb.1882
ElliottAbelsonBenjamin and Susannah Mary ElliottFogo
17 Feb.1882
KingJuliadau.Elizabeth KingFogo
20 Feb.1882
JonesSarah Lucretiadau.James and Jane JonesFogo
22 Feb.1882
FreakeTitussonWilliam and Charlotte FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
26 Feb.1882
WebbAlfred KeatsonJohn Wesley and Rebecca WebbFogo6 Dec.18815 Mar.1882
ColesSamuel HerbertsonSamuel and Jane ColesIndian Islands28 Nov.188112 Mar.1882
ShepherdRosannahdauNathaniel and Mary Ann ShepherdIndian Islands
12 Mar.1882
FramptonAlice Edithdau.John and Jane FramptonIndian Islands
12 Mar.1882
ChafeJessie CarolinedauNathaniel and Julia ChafeIndian Islands28 Feb.188212 Mar.1882
OakeRuthdau.Elijah and Lousie OakeFogo
14 Mar.1882
FreakeSarah JanedauGeorge and Sarah Ann FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
19 Mar.1882
HewlettElizadau.Reuben and Elizabeth HewlettBarr'd Islands
2 Apr.1882
LeyteJuliadau.Anderw and Mary Ann LeyteEastern Tickle20 Nov.18819 Apr.1882
SimmsMalcolmsonWilliam and Pheobe SimmsFogo19 Nov.188123 Nov.1881rec.23 Apr.1883
FreakeSarah Janedau.James and Phoebe FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
7 May 1882
BrownJosephsonWilliam Thomas and Caroline BrownJoe Batt's Arm26 Mar.18827 May 1882
DownerSidneysonWilliam and Eliza DownerFogo
9 May 1882
PayneEdithdau.James and Rebecca PayneFogo
23 May 1882
GillinghamRichardsonIsaac and Caroline GillinghamGander Bay
23 May 1882
DownerMary JanedauAaron and Emma DownerGander Bay20 Mar.188223 May 1884
CullSarah JanedauHenry and Gresham CullShoal Bay
28 May 1882
BurseyMary MiriamdauAndrew and Honora BurseyEastern Tickle27 Feb.18824 Jun.1882
WellsElizabeth Marydau.John and Martha WellsFogo
13 May 1882rec.4 Jun.1882
HartChristopher JohnsonJames and Eliza HartLock's Cove5 Apr.18824 Jun.1882
BennettElizabeth Anndau.John and Mary BennettFogo
4 Jun.1882
LaymanEdwinsonThomas and Elizabeth LaymanFogo12 Feb.18824 Jun.1882
BrownEdith PatiencedauWilliam and Mary Ann BrownFogo
4 Jun.1882
NippardJohn HenrysonRichard and Harriet NippardHare Bay
8 Jun.1882
CollinsIda MaydauRichard and Susan CollinsIndian Islands
8 Jun.1882
WestMartha Elizabethdau.Charles and Emily WestLadle Cove20 Apr.18819 Jun.1882
WestJohn CharlessonCharles and Emily WestLadle Cove28 Apr.18829 Jun.1882
CroucherArchibald John SelwynsonJohn and Eliza Mary CroucherFogo18 Mar.188218 Jun.1882
TorravilleAllansonBenjamin and Ellen TorravilleFogo
6 Aug.1882
FinnimoreHenrysonJohn and Jane FinnimoreBarr'd Islands
6 Aug.1882
PrimmerMarydau.John and Phoebe PrimmerBarr'd Islands
6 Aug.1882
NewmanWilliam HenrysonJames and Mary Ann NewmanBarr'd Islands
6 Aug.1882age 2mos.2wks.
CoffinMarydau.Alfred and Druscilla CoffinJoe Batt's Arm
6 Aug.1882
LeyteThomas WilliamsonEli and Elizabeth LeyteEastern Tickle20 Jun.188213 Aug.1882
LeyteSarah AnndauLevi and Martha LeyteEastern Tickle24 Apr.188213 Aug.1882
OakeAmeliadau.James and Thyrza OakeEastern Tickle
13 Aug. 1882
FreakeJohnsonSimon and Pheobe FreakeFogo28 Apr.188213 Aug.1882
SnowRobertsonWilliam and Ellen SnowFogo
13 Aug.1882
IrishEdith Francesdau.Robert and AnneFogo
13 Aug.1882age 3 mos.
TorravilleBertha Ellendau.George and Ann TorravilleFogo
13 Aug.1882
CollinsHubert DawesonJohn Charles and Priscilla CollinsIndian Islands
16 Aug.1882
JonesElizabethdau.Henry and Sarah Ann JonesFogo9 Aug.188217 Aug.1882
JonesJohnsonHenry and Sarah Ann JonesFogo9 Aug. 188217 Aug.1882
TarrantJoshuasonRichard and Susan TarrantShoal Bay18 Dec.188127 Aug.1882
RandellHurbertsonWilliam and Susan RandellFogo
27 Aug.1882
GillinghamRuth AnndauRobert and Miriam Gillingham ofHare Bay22 Mar.18817 Sept.1882
PrimmerJamessonIsaac and Elizabeth Jane PrimmerBarr'd Islands
17 Sept.1882
CullMauricesonStephen and Eliza CullBarr'd Islands
17 Sept.1882
CullSarah JanedauAbraham and Mary CullBarr'd Islands
17 Sept.1882
WellsJohn HenrysonRachel WellsJoe Batt's Arm5 May 188217 Sept.1882
RollsBeatrix Mariadau.James and Maria RollsBarr'd Islands
17 Sept.1882
SimmsSaulsonWilliam and Emily SimmsSeal Cove
24 Sept.1882
MercerEmma Janedau.George and Caroline MercerJoe Batt's Arm
1 Oct.1882
NewellMaydau.Phillip and Emma NewellSeldom Come By
15 Oct.1882
KindonErnestsonDaniel and Emily KindonIndian Islands
16 Aug.1882rec.15 Oct.1882
JacobsJosephsonThomas and Mary JacobsJoe Batt's Arm
22 Oct.1882
ColesGeorge RobertsonHumphrey and Selina ColesBlackhead Cove
31 Oct.1882
CullElizadauAlfred and Julia CullLadle Cove
2 Nov.1882
OakeSarah MariedauJames and Pheobe AnnEastern Tickle
5 Nov.1883
FreakeHiramsonJohn and Elizabeth FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
12 Nov.1882
EarleLeonardsonHenry John and Amelia Ann EarleFogo
26 Nov.1882
CoffinJames StuartsonJohn and Louisa CoffinBarr'd Islands31 Oct.188210 Dec.1882
TarrantJohn WilliamsonAndrew and Elizabeth TarrantShoal Bay
17 Dec.1882
GoddenAaronsonWilliam and Ann GoddenBarr'd Islands
31 Dec.1882
JonesAmelia Anndau.George and Eleanor JonesFogo29 Oct.18827Jan.1883
PrimmerJames RobertsonJames and Rebecca PrimmerBarr'd Islands12 Dec.188214 Jan.1883
HartAmbrosesonHenry and Margaret Ann HartIsland Harbour19 Dec.18825 Feb.1883
ShepherdHerbertsonWilliam and Mary Ann ShepherdIndian Islands
19 Feb.1883
IrishBlanchedauWilliam George and Elizabeth Mary IrishFogo18 Dec.188218 Mar.1883
DownerJames WilliamsonIsrael and Martha DownerFogo
25 Mar.1883
ForseySamuelsonEleazor and Mary ForseyEastern Tickle22 Dec.188225 Mar.1883
PearceMinniedauJoseph and Maria PearceBarr'd Islands18 Aug.18821 Apr.1883
ArnottArthursonMark and Mary Ann ArnottSeldom Come By
18 Apr. 1883
CoatesAmeliadau.Phillip and Emma CoatesFogo29 Feb.188322 Apr.1883
CollinsTimothysonTimothy and Mary Ann CollinsIndian Islands
29 Apr.1883
GoddenElizabeth Marydau.Richard and Eydia? GoddenBarr'd Islands
6 May 1883
HewlettJamessonAlexander and Selina HewlettBarr'd Islands
6 May 1883
CobbHezekiahsonGeorge and Jane CobbBarr'd Islands
6 May 1883
HancockEmilydau.Joseph and Julia HancockBarr'd Islands
6 May 1883
HeadAlbertsonWilliam and Sarah HeadJoe Batt's Arm7 Mar.188320 May 1883
LeyteAlice MariedauGeorge and Mary LeyteEastern Tickle4 Feb.188327 May 1883
WatermanHarrietdau.Benjamin and Cinderella WatermanHare Bay
7 Jun.1883
BennettLeahdauAeneas and Sarah Ann BennettFogo30 May 18838 Jun.1883
GreenEstherdauSimon and Amelia GreenFogo
17 Jun.1883
PurchaseThomas WilliamsonRichard and Susannah PurchaseFogo
17 Jun. 1883
ArnotThomas ArthursonGeorge Wood and Maria Caroline ArnotFogo
17 Jun.1883
RadfordJohn CharlessonGeorge and Emily RadfordFogo17 Jan.188317 Jun.1883
JonesHenry ArthursonJames and Jane JonesFogo
17 Jun. 1883age 3 mos.
HodderAlthea Rosedau.Robert and Jane HodderFogo
12 Jul.1883
EdgarReginald GeorgesonEdwin and Helen EdgarFogo
22 Jul. 1883
GoddenJohn CombdensonSimon and Mary GoddenBarr'd Islands
29 Jul.1883
GoddenAmeliadau.Abraham Richard and Rachel GoddenBarr'd Islands29 Jul.1883

CobbAnndauChristopher and Martha CobbBarr'd Islands27 May 188329 Jul.1883
SimmsJohn HenrysonJames and Mary Ann SimmsFogo28 May 18835 Aug.1883
HartHarrietdauSilas and Leah Mary HartFogo10 Jul.18839 Aug.1883
CoffinJohn WilliamsonSamuel and Martha Ann CoffinJoe Batt's Arm27 Jun.188312 Aug.1883
CoffinMary AnndauAlexander and Sarah CoffinJoe Batt's Arm
12 Aug.1883
KindonMary Mariadau.Jesse and Mary Ann KindonIndian Islands12 Nov. 188219 Aug.1883
PennyElla Maydau.Eli and Emma Jane PennyIndian Islands2 May 188319 Aug.1883
HeadEliza Anndau.William and Mary Jane HeadGander Bay9 Dec.188219 Aug.1883
BuddenEmma MarydauWilliam Charles and Elizabeth Jane BuddenSeldom Come By9 Mar.188319 Aug.1883
GreenGeorgesonThomas and Mary GreenFogo
19 Aug.1883
ArnottSarah Mariadau.Henry and HarrietSeldom Come By26 Mar.188319 Aug.1883
ShepherdWilliamsonGeorge and Dorcas D. ShepherdIndian Islands13 Dec.188219 Aug.1883
BudgehillRebeccadauJohn and Rebecca BudgehillIsland Harbour23 Oct. 188228 Aug.1883
WoolridgeLousia HenriettadauWilliam and Sarah WoolridgeSeldom Come By13 Feb.188315 Feb. 1883rec.3 Sept.1883
SnowFloradau.William and Ellen SnowFogo
3 Sept.1883
CombdenJosephsonLot and Elizabeth CombdenBarr'd Islands
30 Sept.1883
MewAmelia Janedau.Hezekiah and Lucy MewBarr'd Islands
30 Sept.1883
FinnimoreDormansonRichard and Naomi FinnimoreBarr'd Islands26 May 188330 Sept.1883
CoombsMartha Marydau.James and Olivia CoombsFogo
1 Oct.1883
WatermanLydia JanedauWilliam and Phoebe WatermanFogo25 Aug.188319 Sept.1883rec.7 Oct.1883
TorravilleBenjaminsonAlfred and Mary Jane TorravilleFogo
10 Oct.1883
ElliottElizabeth JanedauJohn and Emma Ann ElliottShoal Bay
19 Oct.1883
ThomasDavidsonJohn Francis and ElizabethThomasFogo
11 Nov.1883
FreakeBessie Mariadau.Abraham and Caroline FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
2 Dec.1883
WellsEmmadauGeorge and Sarah WellsJoe Batt's Arm
2 Dec.1883
BrownKeziahdauWilliam Thomas and Caroline BrownJoe Batt's Arm29 Sept.2 Dec.1883
MorganCharlessonJames and Sarah MorganWild Cove
11 Dec.1883
TorravilleJoseph JamessonWilliam and Eliza TorravilleFogo11 Nov.18836 Jan.1884
SimmsAmbrosesonGeorge and Ann P. SimmsFogo26 Nov.18833 Feb.1884
ButlerThomas RichardsonJohn and Phoebe ButlerMuddy Hole14 Nov.18833 Feb.1884
HynesJessie Mariadau.Charles and Ellen HynesIndian Islands
10 Feb.1884
CoffinSethsonThomas and Hannah CoffinJoe Batt's Arm20 Dec.188317 Feb.1884
HurleyStephensonEliza HurleyEastern Tickle
6 Mar.1884
ElliottWilliamsonBenjamin and Susannah ElliottFogo4 Nov.18836 Mar. 1884
PayneWilliam JohnsonJames and Harriet PayneFogo16 Mar. 188418 Mar.1884
PayneElizabethdau.James and Harriet PayneFogo16 Mar. 188418 Mar. 1884
CollinsWilliam RobertsonJohn Charles and Priscilla CollinsIndian Islands
26 Mar.1884
BaileyEllendau.James and Rebecca BaileyIsland Harbour29 Nov.18832 Apr.1884
CullMarthadau.Abraham and Mary CullBarr'd Islands
6 Apr.1884
LeitFredericksonLevi and Martha LeitEastern Tickle27 Nov.188313 Apr.1884
CombdenSimonsonJohn and Elizabeth CombdenWild Cove28 Oct.188020 Apr.1884
BuddenSarah AnndauGeorge and Mary Ann BuddenSeldom Come By10 Aug. 188420 Apr.1884
SibleyBertramsonPeter and Elizabeth SibleyFogo
24 Apr.1884
StrictlandHedley WaltersonRobert and Delilah StrictlandFogo
4 May 1884
EarleHarold JamessonHenry John and Amelia Ann EarleFogo
4 May 1884
SimmsGeorge AdeysonWilliam H. and Emily SimmsSeal Cove5 Mar.18844 May 1884
SeymourWilliam HenrysonThomas and Ellen SeymourShoal Bay
8 May 1884age 2yrs. 4mos.
SeymourAlice Janedau.Thomas and Ellen SeymourShoal Bay
8 May 1884age 2 da.
PayneBerthadau.James and Dinah PayneFogo
14 May 1884
SimmsThomas WilliamsonWilliam and Sarah SimmsSeal Cove
14 May 1884
HewlettRuthdau.Joseph and Jane HewlettBarr'd Islands24 Mar.188418 May 1884
WheatonCharlessonRobert and Susan E. WheatonFogo
18 May 1884
AnthonyMaud MarydauAbraham and Frances AnthonyBarr'd Islands25 Feb.188418 May 1884
CurlewMartha NewelldauPhilip and Mary Ann CurlewJoe Batt's Arm12 Jul.18831 Jun.1884
IrishSusannah Marydau.Robert and Anne IrishFogo5 Apr.18848 Jun.1884
SimmsJohnsonThomas Henry and Eliza Simms

8 Jun.1884
OakeThomassonElijah and Lousia OakeFogo17 Dec.18838 Jun.1884
GardMarthadauCharles and Amelia GardFogo13 Feb.18838 Jun.1884
FreakeAdamsonSimon and Pheobe FreakeFogo27 Mar.188415 Jun.1884
LeyteCharlessonAndrew and Mary Ann LeyteEastern Tickle30 Sept.188320 Jun.1884
WellsJohnsonStephen and Elizabeth Sarah WellsJoe Batt's Arm29 Jan.18846 Aug.1884
BrownSusan MariedauWilliam and Mary Ann BrownFogo12 May 188413 Aug.1884
MercerSarahdau.George and Caroline MercerJoe Batt's Arm
15 Aug.1884
FreakeLucydauWilliam and Charlotte FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
15 Aug.1884
FreakeFrancissonJohn and Elizabeth FreakeJoe Batt's Arm
15 Aug. 1884
TorravilleDavidsonBenjamin and Ellen TorravilleFogo
17 Aug.1884
DeckerLaviniadauJohn and Mary DeckerJoe Batt's Arm18 Jun.18848 Sept. 1884
HewlettSelinadau.George and Susannah HewlettBarr'd Islands23 Jul.18848 Sept.1884
BaileyMariahdauAndrew and Ann BaileyFogo20 Jun.18848 Sept 1884
LushHenry AlbertsonBenjamin and Elizabeth LushIndian Islands1 Dec.188310 Sept.1884
KindonElizabethdau.Charles and Jane KindonIndian Islands18 Dec.188310 Sept.1884
HartFranksonJames and Eliza HartIsland Harbour6 Apr.188417 May 1884rec.16 Nov.1884
BrownAmbrosesonJoseph and Martha Ann BrownJoe Batt's Arm
16 Nov.1884
SnowJohnsonUriah and Eliza SnowFogo
30 Nov.1884
PelleyMatildadauEdwin George and Susannah Mary PelleyBack Cove11 May 188430 Nov.1884
PrimmerLousia JanedauJohn and Phoebe PrimmerBarr'd Islands
7 Dec.1884
CoffinEtheldau.Alfred and Druscilla CoffinJoe Batt's Arm2 Aug.18847 Dec.1884
CoffinGeorgesonArthur and Elizabeth CoffinJoe Batt's Arm
28 Dec.1884
HarnettFrank sonMark and Mary HarnettWild Cove15 Nov.188421 Jan.1885
WebbNathaniel Loder sonJohn Wesley and Rebecca WebbFogo4 Oct.188425 Jan.1885
TorravilleFlorence Elizabeth dauThomas A. and Eliza TorravilleFogo
30 Jan.1885
OakeTheodore William sonWilliam and (illegible)Fogo17 Jan.188513 Feb.1885
KindonStanley sonDaniel and Emily KindonIndian Islands15 Feb.188523 Feb.1885
ColesSarah Jane dauHumphrey and Selina ColesBlackhead Cove1 Feb.18853 Mar.1885
ElliottMargaret dauGeorge Alfred and Alice ElliottShoal Bay29 Oct.18846 Mar.1885
OakeJohn Edwin sonJames and Phoebe Ann OakeEastern Tickle7 Mar.188512 Mar.1885
WoolridgeHenry Charles sonWilliam and Sarah WoolridgeSeldom Come By20 Oct.18847 Nov. 1884rec.15 Mar. 1885
HodnottWalter John sonBenjamin and Hannah HodnottSeldom Come By30 Dec.18841 Feb. 1885rec.15 Mar. 1885
HeathEmma Jane dauWilliam and Mary Jane HeathSeldom Come By25 Jan.188515 Mar.1885
IrishAnn dauWilliam and Elizabeth M.IrishFogo16 Jan.188529 Mar.1885
CoatesThomas sonPhilip and Emma CoatesFogo
29 Mar.1885
LaymanFredrica dauThomas and Elizabeth LaymanFogo18 Jul.188429 Mar.1885
DownerAmy Jane dauIsrael and Martha DownerFogo3 Feb.18853 Apr.1885
FreakeThomas William sonEli and Jane FreakeJoe Batt's Arm9 Feb.188520 Apr.1885
FreakeEmily dauJames and Pheobe FreakeJoe Batt's Arm16 Jan.188520 Apr.1885
ElliottAdam sonRichard and Edith ElliottEastern Tickle13 Aug.188426 Apr.1885
ElliottEve dauRichard and Edith ElliottEastern Tickle13 Aug.188426 Apr.1885
JolliffeMartha dauJames and Lousia JolliffeJoe Batt's Arm
3 May 1885
PrimmerJoseph sonJames and Rebecca PrimmerBarr'd Islands10 Mar.18853 May 1885
JacobsStephen sonThomas and Mary JacobsJoe Batt's Arm
3 May 1885
PurchaseMary Jane dauRichard and Susannah PurchaseFogo
8 Feb.1885rec.10 May 1885
OakeElizabeth dauJames and Thyrza OakeEastern Tickle2 Oct.188414 May 1885
RoweFlora Maud dauMartin and Amelia RoweSeldom Come By28 Feb.188514 May 1885
KindonAeneas Baxter sonJesse and Mary Ann KindonIndian Islands
14 May 1885
ShepherdMark sonNathaniel and Mary Ann ShepherdIndian Islands31 Oct.188314 May 1885
LeyteBessie dauAndrew and Mary Ann LeyteEastern Tickle
25 May 1885
ThompsonJames sonIsaac and Elizabeth ThompsonLory Point4 Aug.188425 May 1885
WestElisha dauCharles and Emily WestLadle Cove18 Jan.188525 May 1885
PearceRosetta Mary dauJoseph J. and MariaBarr'd Islands
31 Dec.1884rec.25 May 1885
HeadEdward sonJoseph and Elizabeth HeadJoe Batt's Arm10 Apr.188525 May 1885
GillinghamStewart sonRobert and Pamela GillinghamGander Bay7 Aug.188425 May 1885
SnowMartha dauWilliam and Ellen SnowFogo14 Apr.188531 May 1885
TorravilleWalter sonAlfred and Jane TorravilleFogo24 Jun.188512 Jul.1885
TorravilleRachael dauJohn Henry and Susannah Torraville
4 Jan.188512 Jul.1885
PayneMalcolm sonJohn William and Patience PayneFogo7 Jul.188412 Jul.1885
PayneEllie May dauJames and Dinah PayneFogo24 May 188512 Jul.1885
RandleJames sonAdam and Rachel RandleBarr'd Islands28 Apr.188519 Jul.1885
SquiresArchibald sonJohn and Sarah SquiresGander Bay20 Jun.188522 Jul.1885
TorravilleFrederick sonWilliam and Eliza TorravilleFogo20 Jun.188522 Jul.1885
SnowMary Ann dauJames and Elizabeth Jane SnowHare Bay1 Apr.188522 Jul.1885
ElliottRosanne dauJohn and Emma Ann ElliottShoal Bay24 May 18852 Aug.1885
OsmondCharles William sonNathaniel and Mary Jane OsmondShoal Bay11 May 18852 Aug.1885
BrownJane dauAmbrose and Martha BrownJoe Batt's Arm
23 Aug.1885
MorganMaud dauJames and Sarah MorganSeldom Come By
30 Aug.1885
WilliamsElsie May dauJosiah William and Hannah WilliamsFogo
10 Jun.1885rec.30 Aug.1885
FramptonAllan sonJohn and Jane FramptonIndian Islands
30 Aug 1885
BrettThomas Newman sonAlfred and Harriet BrettJoe Batt's Arm6 Aug.18856 Sept.1885
ForseySusanna dauEleazor and Mary ForseyEastern Tickle
13 Sept.1885
TarrantAmy Barnes dauGeorge and Caroline TarrantShoal Bay
13 Sept.1885
NippardDinah dauRichard and Harriet NippardShoal Bay
13 Sept.1885
EdgarJessie Louisa dauEdwin and Helen EdgarFogo7 Jun.188513 Sept.1885
SnowAndrew sonAndrew and Emily SnowHare Bay
13 Sept.1885age 1 mo.
SnowCharlotte dauAndrew and Emily SnowHare Bay
13 Sept.1885age 2 yrs.
WainwrightWilliam Henry sonWilliam and Mary Ann WainwrightIndian Islands8 Aug.188523 Sept.1885
PayneBarbara dauJoseph and Sarah Ann PayneEasten Tickle8 May 188527 Sept.1885
WarrickAda dauJoseph and Jane WarrickFogo23 Sept.188527 Sept.1885
OakeElizabeth dauElijah and Louise OakeFogo
21 Aug.1885rec.27 Sept.1885
BurseySusan Marie dauRichard and Pamela BurseyGander Bay20 Sept.18842 Oct.1885
StricklandFlorence dauRobert and Delilah StricklandFogo14 Aug.188525 Oct.1885
LeyteJulia Jane dauLevi and Martha LeyteEastern Tickle9 Sept.188522 Nov.1885
JonesEdith dauGeorge and Eleanor JonesFogo4 Oct.188522 Nov.1885
PayneWalter sonJames and Harriet PayneFogo11May 188510 Jun.1885rec.22 Nov.1885
MillerLucy Jane dauGeorge and Sarah MillerJoe Batt's Arm
22 Nov.1885
BrownAlexander sonWilliam T. and Caroline BrownJoe Batt's Arm
29 Nov.1885
HarnettWilliam sonSamuel and Mary Grace HarnettWild Cove
6 Dec.1855
SimmsHarriet Jane dauThomas Henry and Eliza SimmsFogo
13 Dec.1885
DownerClaude sonGeorge and Lydia DownerFogo
15 Dec.1885

Name in Record Description of Error My Name
BENNETT Thomas William Bennett, born Nov. 7, 1882, baptised Nov. 15, 1882. Parents were William and Jane Bennett. The baptism ceremony was performed by Reverend Christopher Meek. This information is from his baptismal certificate but is not included in these records. Don / Joan Bennett

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Fogo District