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Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District

Fogo Island - Anglican Parish Baptism Records, 1895 - 1900

These records were transcribed by ARLENE BENNETT and edited by DON BENNETT in September 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors./td>
Surname Given Relation Parents From Birth Baptism Death Burial
HartElizabeth SarahdauSilas William and Leah Mary HartFogo13 Nov. 18941 Jan. 1895

OakeEmilydauWilliam and Emma OakeEastern Tickle24 Jan. 189526 Jan. 1895

OakeFannydauWilliam and Emma OakeEastern Tickle25 Jan. 189526 Jan. 1895

CobbLauradauGeorge and Jane CobbBarr'd Islands24 Nov. 18943 Feb. 1895

HewlettMarydauAdam and Caroline HewlettBarr'd Islands25 Nov. 18943 Feb. 1895

CullPriscilladauElijah and Mary Susannah CullBarr'd Islands4 Jan. 18957 Feb. 1895

KindonFrancissonDaniel and Emily KindonIndian Islands30 Sept. 189426 Feb. 1895

TizzardThomas WilliamsonPhilip and Sarah Ann TizzardFogo22 Feb. 189526 Feb. 1895

ColesAbrahamsonElijah and Dinah ColesIndian Islands21 Jul. 189426 Feb. 1895

CullJohn HenrysonJoseph and Amelia Jane CullShoal Bay18 Jun. 18953 Mar. 1895

AnthonyLily DorotheadauThomas and Jemina AnthonyBarr'd Islands21 Jan. 18953 Mar. 1895

HarnettBeatricedauSamuel and Mary Grace HarnettWild Cove8 Jan. 18955 Mar. 1895

HewlettMauddauRichard and Eliza Jane HewlettBarr'd Islands22 Jan. 18955 Mar. 1895

NippardStephensonRichard and Harriet Nippard
13 Mar. 189515 Mar. 1895

FrancisAltheadauCharles and Rachel FrancisGander Bay12 Oct. 189316 Mar. 1895

BurseyAeneassonRichard and Pamela BurseyGander Bay
16 Mar. 1895, age 4 yrs

BurseyLauradauRichard and Pamela BurseyGander Bay2 Oct. 189416 Mar. 1895

ThompsonArthursonIsaac and Elizabeth ThompsonLory Point18 Feb. 189216 Mar. 1895

BurseyGeorgesonAndrew and Isabella BurseyGander Bay16 Dec. 189416 Mar. 1895

FrancisBeatricedauPeter and Dorcas FrancisGander Bay26 Nov. 189416 Mar. 1895

HoffeJohnsonJoseph and Anne Eliza HoffeGander Bay6 Jun. 189417 Mar. 1895

SnowWalter JamessonSimon and Eliza SnowGander Bay23 Feb. 189517 Mar. 1895

GillinghamFanny JanedauRichard and Emma GillinghamGander Bay3 Nov. 189117 Mar. 1895

GillinghamElizabeth MarydauJohn and Dinah GillinghamGander Bay3 Mar. 189417 Mar. 1895

TorravilleEliza AnndauJohn Henry and Susannah TorravilleFogo24 Feb. 189317 Mar. 1895

NippardEli StewartsonThomas and Caroline NippardGander Bay28 Nov. 189417 Mar. 1895

HarbinEliza JanedauEsau and Sarah Ann HarbinGander Bay14 Feb. 189317 Mar. 1895

PayneFlorence ElizabethdauJohn and Patience PayneFogo1 Nov. 189417 Mar. 1895

GillinghamEdward ThomassonElizabeth Gillingham(?) Bay26 Nov. 189317 Mar. 1895

GillinghamCinderelladauIsaac and Caroline GillinghamGander Bay28 Nov. 189117 Mar. 1895

CullAbrahamsonAbraham and Mary CullBarr'd Islands23 Feb. 189524 Mar. 1895

SibleyPetersonArthur Highmore and Mary SibleyFogo6 Feb. 189531 Mar. 1895(Note: dead 6 Jul. )
LewisBessiedauJohn and Edith LewisBarr'd Islands11 Feb. 18957 Apr. 1895

HiscockFrederick JohnsonJames and Harriet Ann HiscockFogo5 Apr. 189520 Apr. 1895

BuddenAlllan SmittesonWilliam and Jane BuddenSeldom Come By28 Jan. 189525 Apr. 1895

PennyElizabeth SusannadauWilliam and Mary Jane PennyIndian Islands24 Feb. 189524 Apr. 1895

CoffinSarah JanedauJohn and Eliza CoffinBarr'd Islands10 Mar. 18955 May 1895

BrettGeorgesonJames and Elizabeth Ann BrettBarr'd Island24 Mar. 18955 May 1895

CoffinLaviniadauThomas W. and Emma A. CoffinJoe Batt's Arm15 Apr. 189526 May 1895

SimmsLeonardsonFrank Boaz and Harriet SimmsFogo29 Mar. 18952 Jun. 1895

FinnimoreElsie MaydauRichard and Naomi FinnimoreBarr'd Islands11 May 18959 Jun. 1895

JolliffeBetseydauJames and Louisa JoliffeJoe Batt’s Arm11 May 18959 Jun. 1895

DeckerWilliam CharlessonDavid and Mary DeckerJoe Batt's Arm26 Mar. 18959 Jun. 1895

TorravilleAlicedauGeorge and Phoebe TorravilleFogo30 May 189616 Jun. 1896

GreenAnnie EdithdauAmbrose James and Lydia GreenFogo17 Jun. 189528 Jun. 1895

ColtonDaisy LauradauSamuel G. and EmilyFogo19 May 189230 Jun. 1895

DaweLauradauTheophilus and Eliza Ann DaweSeldom Come By30 Jun. 18951 Jul. 1895(Note: dead)
BrettHarriet MaydauAbsalom and Eliza Jane BrettJoe Batt's Arm8 Jun. 18957 Jul. 1895

SnowAmeliadauJames and Elizabeth Jane SnowHare Bay18 May 189514 Jul. 1895

Snowillegible MarydauJohn and Louisa snowHare Bay28 Jun. 189514 Jul. 1895

LoderHaroldsonAndrew and Sarah LoderFogo12 May189514 Jul. 1895

PayneNellie KatedauWilliam and Julia PayneFogo2 May 189514 Jul. 1895

TorravilleDaisy MaudedauJohn Henry and Susannah TorravilleFogo18 Mar. 189518 Jul. 1895

TorravilleMauddauWilliam and Eliza TorravilleFogo12 Jul. 189518 Jul. 1895

CollinsSolomonsonGeorge and Naomi CollinsIndian Islands1 Jul. 189521 Jul. 1895

WhiteDorothy ClanndauWilliam Charles and Frederica Thorne WhiteFogo23 Jul. 18954 Aug. 1895

RandellClaudesonAlfred and Dorah RandellFogo14 Jul. 18959 Aug. 1895

FosterJohnsonGeorge and Ella Ann FosterFogo6 Jun. 189511 Aug. 1895

CobbViolet MaydauJoseph and Julia CobbBarr'd Islands3 Jul. 189511 Aug. 1895

CoombsMildreddauJames and Olivia CoombsFogo11 Jun. 189516 Aug. 1895

WooldridgeRosanna RebeccadauCharles Bond and Elizabeth WooldridgeFogo26 Jun. 189518 Aug. 1895

HartGordon MaxwellsonJames and Eliza Louisa HartFogo22 Jul. 189514 Sept. 1895

CullAndrewsonAbraham and Eliza Ann CullShoal Bay13 Jul. 189522 Sept. 1895

WellsSusannadauHenry and Annie WellsShoal Bay18 Jul. 189522 Sept. 1895

CoffinPriscilla BlanchedauEphrain and Mary CoffinJoe Batt's Arm16 Aug. 18952 2 Sept. 1895

JacobsJamessonRichard and Annie JacobsJoe Batt's Arm24 Jul. 189522 Sept. 1895

BrettDaisydauAaron and Anna BrettJoe Batt's Arm31 Jul. 189522 Sept. 1895

BrettWilliam HenrysonPeter and Fanny BrettJoe Batt's Arm25 Aug. 189522 Sept. 1895

ShepherdVioletdauGeorge and Dorcas Deborah ShepherdIndian Islands6 Aug. 189528 Sept. 1895

ArnottFlorencedauMark and Mary Ann ArnottSeldom Come By12 Jul. 189529 Sept. 1895

PayneMinniedauJames and Harriet PayneFogo29 Jun. 189430 Sept. 1894

WatermanStanley GeorgesonWilliam and Pheobe WatermanFogo8 Sept. 18956 Oct. 1895

ElliottClara MarydauBenjamin Henry and Nora ElliottFogo20 Sept. 189520 Oct. 1895

CroucherLeslie RossdauJohn Thomas and Margaret Isabella CroucherFogo19 Sept. 189520 Oct. 1895

PayneHildadauEmma PayneEastern Tickle28 Oct. 18953 Nov. 1895

DeanHilda LouisadauAbel and Elizabeth Ann DeanSeldom Come By17 Sept. 18958 Nov. 1895

WatermanJanetdauHenry and Harriet WatermanHare Bay30 Sept. 18958 Nov. 1895

HewlettAlexandersonHenry and Eliza HewlettBarr'd Islands2 Oct. 189510 Nov. 1895

GillinghamNaomidauJohn and Lydia GillinghamGander Bay9 Oct. 189521 Nov. 1895

SimmsElizabeth JanedauWilliam Henry SimmsFogo19 Oct. 18952 Nov. 1895

OliverJames JoshuasonWilliam Charles and Sarah OliverGander Bay18 Apr. 189123 Nov. 1895

OliverSarah IsabeldauWilliam Charles and Sarah OliverGander Bay26 Jan. 189323 Nov. 1895

OliverWilliam FredericksonWilliam Charles and Sarah OliverGander Bay22 Jan. 189523 Nov. 1895

CollinsSarah WinifreddauWilliam and Leah CollinsIndian Islands9 Nov. 189525 Nov. 1895

MillerArthursonGeorge and Sarah MillerJoe Batt's Arm27 Sept. 189525 Nov. 1895

FrekeStewartsonAaron and Sarah FrekeJoe Batt's Arm18 Oct. 18949 Dec. 1894

BignellLotsonGeorge and Hannah BignellFogo8 Dec. 189510 Dec. 1895

JacobsJohn JonessonJoseph and Joanna JacobsJoe Batt's Arm6 Oct. 189515 Dec. 1895

HarnettJoseph WilliamsonWilliam Henry and Hannah HarnettWild Cove12 Nov. 189522 Dec. 1895

LaymanJessiedauHoratio and Priscilla LaymanFogo12 Dec. 189512 Jan. 1896

LaymanFlorencedauHoratio and Priscilla LaymanFogo12 dec. 189512 Jan. 1896

ColesHumphreysonHumphrey and Selina ColesHare Bay15 Jan. 189630 Jan. 1896

HartJonassonMartin and Maria H. HartIsland Harbour1 Sept. 189530 Jan. 1896

ColesFredericksonJosiah and Prudence ColesBlackhead Cove6 Mar. 189530 Jan. 1896

CombdenVirtuedauRobert and Mary CombdenBarr'd Islands28 Dec. 18952 Feb. 1896

CoffinCyril BertramsonArthur and Elizabeth CoffinJoe Batt's Arm25 Dec. 18952 Feb. 1896

LeanderMary EmmadauPerry and Julia LeanderIndian Islands9 Feb. 189624 Feb. 1896

CoffinLotsonJames and Druscilla CoffinJoe Batt's Arm7 Feb. 18968 Mar. 1896

HeadHenriettadauWilliam and Sarah HeadJoe Batt's Arm27 Jan. 18968 Mar. 1896

WellsGeorgesonStephen and Elizabeth Sarah WellsJoe Batt's Arm18 Jan. 18968 Mar. 1896

BestElsie MauddauElijah and Mary Ann BestFogo9 Feb. 189619 Mar. 1896

InkmanMargaret AnndauSusanna InkmanSeldom Come By20 Feb. 18964 Apr. 1896

MercerBetsydauCharles and Arabella MercerJoe Batt's Arm28 Feb. 189612 Apr. 1896

HiscockHenry JohnsonEdward and Lucy H. HiscockFogo7 May189619 May1896

BrettJames StewartsonLot and Rhoda BrettJoe Batt's Arm14 Apr. 189624 May 1896

MercerEmmadauJacob and Mary MercerGander Bay17 May 189624 May 1896

CullAbramsonJoseph and Amelia Jane CullShoal Bay17 Apr. 189624 May 1896

PurchaseArthursonRichard and Susannah PurchaseFogo10 May 189629 May 1896

BurryClaradauEdward and Fredericka BurryIndian Islands25 Feb. 18967 Jun. 1896

CollinsIsaac RobertsonFrederick John and Lavinia CollinsSeldom Come By14 Feb. 18968 Jun1896

CombdenLot RaymondsonIsrael and Selina CombdenBarr'd Islands3 May 189614 Jun. 1896

PrinceElizadauJohn and EllenFogo7 Jun. 189618 Jun. 1896(Note: dead 26 Aug. )
OakePriscilladauHerbert and Lavina OakeFogo23 May 189621 Jun. 1896

HydeMabeldauErnest Edmund and Rhoda HydeFogo21 Mar. 189621 Jun. 1896

BrettWilliamsonWalter and Mary Anne BrettJoe Batt's Arm15 Jun. 18969 Aug. 1896

CoffinStewart BrettsonJoseph James and Ada CoffinJoe Batt's Arm19 Jun. 18969 Aug. 1896

BlakeyWaltersonDavid and Thirza BlakeyBarr'd Islands4 Jun. 18969 Aug. 1896

HumphriesEliza AnndauMartin and Keturah HumphriesFogo11 Jul. 189616 Aug. 1896

MewLeahdauSamuel and Elizabeth MewBirchy Bay21 Jul189616 Aug. 1896

DaweNathaniel FredericksonTheophilus and Eliza Ann DaweSeldom Come By9 Jun. 189623 Aug. 1896

BooneFlora MaydauCharles and Amelia BooneSeldom Come by4 Jul. 189623 Aug. 1896

ColesStewartsonJosiah and Prudence ColesBlackhead Cove2 Aug. 189623 Aug. 1896

PayneMaydauJames and Harriet PayneFogo30 Jun. 18966 Sept. 1896

PennyLouisa MauddauMark and Jessie PennyIndian Islands22 Aug. 18969 Sept. 1896

WalbourneFlorence ElizabethdauWilliam John and Matilda WalbourneFogo16 Aug. 189620 Sept. 1896

HeadWilliamsonWilliam Thomas and Pheobe Ann HeadJoe Batt's Arm24 Aug. 189627 Sept. 1896

TorravilleBeatrice MarydauMartin and Ella Ann TorravilleFogo19 Aug. 189630 Sept. 1896

JonesJohn WatermansonJames and Jane JonesFogo17 Jul. 18964 Oct. 1896

EveleighStewart AugustussonBenjamin and Dorcas EveleighWild Cove18 Aug. 18969 Oct. 1896

SnowBerthadauAzariah and Anne SnowHare Bay31 Oct. 18963 Jan. 1897

FrekeJames WilliamsonJames and Sophia Ann FrekeJoe Batt's Arm18 Sept. 189625 Oct. 1896

CoffinAllansonJames and Mary CoffinJoe Batt's Arm10 Sept. 1896bapt. 25 Oct. 1896

LewisHarriet HannahdauJohn and Edith LewisBarr'd Islands18 Sept. 189625 Oct. 1896

HewlettWilliamsonAdam and Caroline HewlettBarr'd Islands12 Sept. 189625 Oct. 1896

CollinsAbrahamsonJohn Charles and Priscilla CollinsIndian Islands25 Aug. 18961 Nov. 1896

CollinsIsaacsonJohn Charles and Priscilla CollinsIndian Islands25 Aug. 18961 Nov. 1896

BooneMartha JanedauIsaac and Sarah AnneSeldom Come By24 Aug. 18962 Nov. 1896

LeyteMalcolmsonAndrew and Mary Ann LeyteEastern Tickle28 Oct. 189619 Nov. 1896

BrownElsiedauJoseph J. and Martha Ann BrownJoe Batt's Arm20 Oct. 189629 Nov. 1896

ArnottEmma MariedauGeorge and Mary ArnottBarr'd Islands11 Oct. 189629 Nov. 1896

LudlowFrederick WilliamsonJohn and Jemima LudlowFogo8 Nov. 189610 Dec. 1896

DaweBessie MaydauAzariah and Clementina Esther DaweSeldom Come By23 Oct. 189616 Dec. 1896

CollinsDaisy BeatricedauGeorge and Naomi CollinsIndian Islands7 Jul. 189616 Dec. 1896

SimmsCharlessonFrederick and Thirza SimmsFogo11 Dec. 189617 Jan. 1897

HartJohn CharlessonJoseph and Lucy HartIsland Harbour10 Dec. 189621 Jan. 1897

BlakeAmbrose ErnestsonEli and Sarah BlakeBarr'd Islands21 Dec. 189624 Jan. 1897

JacobsEmmadauRichard and Annie JacobsJoe Batt's Arm29 Jan. 18975 Feb. 1897(Note: dead)
LewisSelina JanedauJames and Emily LewisBarr'd Islands9 Jan. 18977 Feb. 1897

HewlettDavidsonRichard and Eliza Jane HewlettBarr'd Islands7 Jan. 189717 Feb. 1897

BarnesEdwardsonAlfred and Emma Jane BarnesFogo1 Jan. 189721 Feb. 1897

CullStephensonElijah and Mary Susannah CullBarr'd Islands17 Jan. 18972 8 Feb. 1897

CobbChristopher TheodoresonFrancas and Elizabeth CobbBarr'd Islands
28 Feb. 1897

TizzardJames GeorgesonPhilip and Sarah Jane TizzardFogo18 Feb. 189720 Mar. 1897(Note: dead 22 Mar)
ColesMarksonAbsalom and Harriet ColesHare Bay2 Feb. 189724 Mar. 1897

NippardEliassonThomas William and Caroline NippardHare Bay14 Feb. 189724 Mar. 1897

LudlowRichardsonBenjamin and Emma LudlowFogo12 Mar. 189718 Apr. 1897

PennyAmelia EmmadauWilliam and Mary Jane PennyIndian Islands27 Dec. 18966 May 1897

CoatesAlfred GeorgesonWilliam and Jessie CoatesFogo7 May 18978 May 1897

DaweLillian NettadauSamuel and Emma Jane DaweSeldom Come By19 Jan. 189717 Mar. 1897

LewisHerbertsonSilas and Rachel LewisBarr'd Islands7 Apr. 189716 May 1897

WellsCarolinedauJohn and Jane WellsEastern Tickle3 Jun. 18973 Jun. 1897

WellsPatiencedauJohn and Jane WellsEastern Tickle3 Jun. 1897bapt. 3 Jun. 1897(Note: dead)
*see table below

BakerKatedauLambert and Lucy BakerFogo19 May 18976 Jun. 1897

MillerVictoria MauddauGeorge and Sarah MillerJoe Batt's Arm28 May 18976 Jun. 1897

GreenFredericksonAmbrose James and Lydia GreenFogo15 Jun. 189715 Jun. 1897(Note: dead)
GreenSarahdauAmbrose James and Lydia GreenFogo15 Jun. 189715 Jun. 1897(Note: dead 16 Jun)
PayneWilliam HenrysonJohn George and Julia Ann PayneFogo11 May 189720 Jun. 1897

CoombsLouissonJames and Olivia CoombsFogo14 May 189720 Jun. 1897

SibleyGilbertsonArthur Highmore and Mary SibleyFogo27 Apr. 189720 Jun. 1897

TorravilleThomas WilliamsonCharles and Louisa TorravilleFogo11 Apr. 189720 Jun. 1897

OakeArchibaldsonGeorge and Prudence OakeFogo6 May 189720 Jun. 1897

FrekeAbrahamsonWilliam and Emma FrekeJoe Batt's Arm17 May 18974 Jul. 1897

FosterJamessonGeorge and Ella Ann FosterBarr'd Islands25 May 18974 Jul. 1897

WillisJohnsonMark and Teresa WillisFogo19 May 189711 Jul. 1897

PayneFredericksonWilliam and Julia PayneFogo21 May 189711 Jul. 1897(Note: dead 17 Oct. )
HarnettBertha IdadauSamuel and Mary Grace HarnettWild Cove6 Mar. 189715 Jul 1897

NewmanMary AnndauSamuel and Ada Ann NewmanJoe Batt's Arm21 Jun. 189718 Jul. 1897

ColesWaltersonHenry and Susanna ColesHare Bay25 Apr. 189722 Jul. 1897

LudlowAlfred LesliesonJames Ambrose and Cecilia Sarah LudlowFogo23 Jun. 189725 Jul. 1897

ButlerBerthadauJohn and Phoebe ButlerFogo4 Jun. 189725 Jul. 1897

SimmsClaradauThomas Henry and Eliza Jane SimmsFogo27 Jun. 18971 Aug. 1897

CoffinJohn HenrysonAmbrose and Eunice CoffinJoe Batt's Arm30 Jun. 18978 Aug. 1897

MercerElsiedauCharles and Arabella MercerJoe Batt's Arm27 Jun. 18978 Aug. 1897

MewAlfreda LucydauHezekiah and Lucy MewBirchy Bay7 Jul. 18968 Aug. 1897

BrettFrederick GordonsonAbsalom and Eliza Jane BrettJoe Batt's Arm3 Jul. 18978 Aug. 1897

CoffinLydia AnndauSamuel and Amelia CoffinJoe Batt's Arm27 Jul. 189713 Aug. 1897

HancockArthursonCharles and Lucy Ann HancockBarr'd Islands25 Jul. 189719 Aug. 1897

ColtonCharles John MaxwellsonSamuel G. and Emma ColtonFogo1 Aug. 189729 Aug. 1897

FrekeJames WilliamsonAaron and Sarah FrekeJoe Batt's Arm13 Aug. 189710 Sept. 1897

SimmsAllansonFrank Boaz and Harriet SimmsFogo14 Aug. 189726 Sept. 1897

OakeClara DrucilladauJames and Pheobe Ann OakeEastern Tickle25 Aug. 189726 Sept. 1897

CollinsWilliam HenrysonWilliam and Leah CollinsIndian Islands20 Sept. 189729 Sept. 1897

HarnettEdithdauWilliam Henry and Hannah HarnettWild Cove9 Sept. 189730 Sept. 1897

KeatsSamuel PetersonIsaac and Eliza KeatsShoal Bay29 Jul. 18973 Oct. 1897

CoffinWaltersonEphrain and Mary CoffinJoe Batt's Arm28 Aug. 18973 Oct. 1897

PrinceCharlessonJohn and Ellen PrinceFogo6 Oct. 189715 Oct. 1897(Note: died 24 Oct. )
OakeGladysdauHubert and Elizabeth OakeFogo31 Aug. 189724 Oct. 1897

MillerFredericksonMartin and Emma MillerFogo24 Oct. 189730 Oct. 1897

BennettStewartsonWilliam and Jane BennettFogo4 Oct. 18977 Nov. 1897

JolliffeLucydauJames and Louisa JoliffeJoe Batt's Arm12 Oct. 189714 Nov. 1897

CombdenElisonRobert and Mary CombdenBarr'd Islands4 Oct. 189714 Nov. 1897

TarrantHannahdauAndrew and Mary TarrantShoal Bay11 Nov. 189721 Nov. 1897

GodwinWilliamsonAbraham and Martha GodwinBarr'd Islands23 Oct. 18975 Dec. 1897

JacobsJames StewartsonRichard and Matilda JacobsBarr'd Islands11 Oct. 18975 Dec. 1897

LeyteS???tya EllendauPercival Thomas and Mary LeyteEastern Tickle4 Sept. 189724 Oct. 1897(Note: dead 11 Nov)
BrettNaomidauAaron and Anna BrettJoe Batt's Arm7 Nov. 18975 Dec. 1897

FreakeAaron WatkinssonEli and Julia Ann FreakeJoe Batt's Arm11 Nov. 189726 Dec. 1897

LaymanMarjoriedauHoratio and Priscilla LaymanFogo29 Nov. 189728 Dec. 1897

DeanMildred JanedauAbel and Elizabeth Ann DeanSeldom Come By24 Oct. 189730 Dec. 1897

WooldridgeTheodoresonCharles Bond and Elizabeth WooldridgeFogo13 Nov. 18972 Jan. 1898

LewisAlfredsonWilliam Joseph and Amelia LewisBarr'd Islands8 Dec. 18979 Jan. 1898

DaweArthur WilliamsonTheophilus and Emma Ann DaweSeldom Come By9 Dec. 189725 Feb. 1898

BrettThomassonAbed and Althea BrettJoe Batt's Arm18 Jan. 18986 Mar. 1898(Note: dead 20 Apr 1899)
BrettSydney RollssonPeter and Fanny BrettJoe Batt's Arm9 Jan. 18986 Feb. 1898

WatermanPhoebe JanedauHenry and Harriet WatermanHare Bay14 Feb. 18982 Mar. 1898(Note: dead 31 Jul. )
HeadJohnsonJoseph and Elizabeth HeadJoe Batt's Arm23 Jan 18986 Mar. 1898

HeadGeorgesonJoseph and Elizabeth HeadJoe Batt's Arm23 Jan 18986 Mar. 1898

WalbourneEdwardsonWilliam John and Matilda WalbourneFogo5 Feb. 189813 Mar. 1898(Note: dead 6 Apr. )
OakeArthursonHerbert and Lavina OakeFogo19 Feb. 189827 Mar. 1898

BrownLouissonSarah Ann BrownFogo23 Feb. 18981 Apr. 1898

PayneMary MaudedauJohn and Abbey PayneEastern Tickle26 Feb. 18985 Apr. 1898

BooneThomassonIsaac and Sarah Ann BooneSeldom Come By13 Apr 189813 Apr. 1898d. 13 Apr. 1898bur. 15 Apr. 1898
BooneIsaacsonIsaac and Sarah Ann BooneSeldom Come By13 Apr 189813 Apr. 1898d. 13 Apr. 1898bur. 15 Apr. 1898
CullSimeonsonJames and Emma CullBarr'd Islands27 Feb. 189817 Apr. 1898

CullNehemiahsonJoseph and Pamela CullShoal Bay23 Mar. 18981 May 1898

TizzardElizabeth MarydauPhilip and Sarah Ann TizzardFogo30 Apr. 18982 May 1898

HarnettChesley ClaudesonMark and Mary HarnettWild Cove4 Apr. 189815 May 1898

LewisWilliamsonJames and Emily LewisBarr'd Islands21 Apr. 189822 May 1898

HewlettElizabeth JanedauHenry and Eliza HewlettBarr'd Islands14 Apr. 189822 May 1898

TorravilleAlfred LesliesonWilliam and Eliza TorravilleFogo30 Apr. 189829 May 1898

BakerWilfreddauGeorge and Maria Jane BakerFogo12 May 189817 Jun. 1898

JacobsEmma VioletdauRichard and Annie JacobsJoe Batt's Arm25 May 189819 Jun. 1898

LudlowElizabethdauWilliam and Mary LudlowFogo19 Jun. 189823 Jun. 1898

StoneMarion WintersdauAaron and Elizabeth Mary StoneFogo13 Jun. 189823 Jun. 1898

HydeAnnie BarbaradauErnest Edmund and Rhoda HydeFogo18 Jun. 189821 Jul. 1898

HumphriesKatedauMartin and Keturah HumphriesFogo18 Jun. 189831 Jul. 1898

SimmsRose OlivedauWilliam and Sarah SimmsSeal Cove16 Jun. 189827 Jul. 1898

BooneParmenassonCharles and Amelia BooneSeldom Come By9 Jun. 189827 Jul. 1898

PayneHorace WilmotsonAmbrose William and Bertha PayneEastern Tickle6 Jul. 18984 Sept. 1898

CollinsClementina EstherdauFrederick John and Lavinia Collinsseldom Come By8 Aug. 18986 Sept. 1898

PayneGeorgesonWilliam and Julia PayneFogo29 Aug. 18989 Oct. 1898

WhiteReginald BayleysonWilliam Charles and Frederica Thorne WhiteFogo26 Sept. 18989 Oct. 1898

BrettAlbert ErnestsonWalter and Mary Anne BrettJoe Batt's Arm19 Sept. 189816 Oct. 1898

CullPetersonJosiah and Eliza Ann CullBarr'd Islands14 Oct. 18982 1 Oct. 1898(note:dead)
JonesAltheadauMark and Deborah JonesFogo30 Sept. 189823 Oct. 1898

CollinsJamessonGeorge and Naomi CollinsIndian Islands6 Sept. 189827 Oct. 1898

DaweHilda BlanchedauAzariah and Clementina Esther DaweSeldom Come By23 Sept. 189830 Oct. 1898

RoebotamDorcasdauChristopher and Hilda RoebotamJoe Batt's Arm28 Oct. 18896 Nov. 1898

FrekeJohn HenrysonWilliam Joseph and Sarah Ann FrekeJoe Batt's Arm9 Oct. 18986 Nov. 1898

GreenClaudesonAmbrose James and Lydia GreenFogo29 Aug. 189813 Nov. 1898

JonesLlewellynsonJames and Jane JonesFogo3 Oct. 189813 Nov. 1898

CoffinThomas WilliamsonJames and Druscilla CoffinJoe Batt's Arm4 Nov. 189811 Dec. 1898

ElliottWilliamsonGeorge Alfred and Margaret Ann ElliottEastern Tickle9 Sept. 189825 Dec. 1898

CombdenAaron AquillasonIsrael and Selina CombdenBarr'd Island26 Sept. 189819 Feb. 1899

HewlettSimonsonAdam and Caroline HewlettBarr'd Islands8 Jan. 189919 Feb. 1899

MorganEmily JanetdauJames and Sarah MorganWild Cove6 Jan. 189917 Mar. 1899

HodderBessiedauJohn and Sarah HodderMan Point, Gander Bay9 Jan. 189925 Mar. 1899

BakerWalter EdmundsonLambert and Lucy BakerFogo6 Mar. 18992 Apr. 1899

GodwinJohnsonNehemiah and Pamela GodwinBarr'd Islands6 Jan. 18999 Apr. 1899

BlakeAmbrose AeneassonEli and Sarah BlakeBarr'd Islands20 Mar. 189923 Apr. 1899

MahaneyJames AlbertsonAlfred Israel and Susan MahaneyFogo21 Apr. 18995 May 1899

FramptonArthur WilfredsonJohn and Jane FramptonIndian Islands1 Jan. 18999 May 1899

KeatsJohn CullsonIsaac and Eliza KeatsShoal Bay28 Mar. 189914 May1899

DaweDorman SamuelsonSamuel and Emma JaneSeldom Come By2 May 18998 Jun. 1899

HewlettCharlottedauRichard and Eliza Jane HewlettBarr'd Islands9 May 189911 Jun. 1899

HarnettAlphaussonSamuel and Mary Grace HarnettWild Cove26 Apr. 189913 Jun. 1899

ShepherdViolet MaydauGeorge and Dorcas Deborah ShepherdIndian Islands9 May 189924 Jun. 1899

WillisJulia MarydauMark and Theresa WillisFogo19 Jun. 189914 Jul. 1899

LewisJamessonSilas and Rachel LewisBarr'd Islands31 May 189823 Jul. 1898

TarrantMartha JanedauStephen and Susanna TarrantShoal Bay22 Jul. 189914 Aug. 1899

LudlowMary JanedauBenjamin and Emma LudlowFogo22 Jun. 189927 Aug. 1899

BrownJames StewartsonJoseph J. and Martha Ann BrownJoe Batt's Arm29 Jun. 18993 Sept. 1899

CullChristophersonJoseph and Pamela CullShoal Bay13 Jul. 18993 Sept. 1899

WellsSusannadauStephen and Elizabeth Sarah WellsJoe Batt's Arm5 Aug. 18993 Sept. 1899

BrettGeorge FostersonSimon and Susanna BrettJoe Batt's Arm3 Jul. 18993 Sept. 1899

LewisVioletdauWilliam Joseph and Amelia LewisBarr'd Island18 Jul. 18993 Sept. 1899

NippardKennethsonThomas William and Caroline NippardHare Bay4 Jun. 18996 Sept. 1899

CoombsMary LyndauJames and Olivia CoombsFogo2 Aug. 189910 Sept. 1899

PayneCecil ClaudesonJohn and Abbey PayneEastern Tickle20 Jul. 18991 Oct. 1899

LindMyrtis Mabel MooredauHenry J. and Julia LindFogo26 Aug. 18991 Oct. 1899

MahaneyThomas WilliamsonFrancis and Louisa MahaneyFogo13 Sept. 189912 Oct. 1899

FosterFredericksonGeorge and Ella Ann FosterBarr'd Islands5 Oct. 189912 Nov. 1899

FrekeElijahsonWilliam and Emma FrekeJoe Batt's Arm20 Sept. 189912 Nov. 1899

BooneKennethsonIsaac and Sarah Ann BooneSeldom Come By15 Oct. 189915 Nov. 1899

SimmsEdgarsonWilliam Henry and Emily SimmsFogo31 Oct. 189921 Nov. 1899

GillinghamMary LouisadauRichard and Emma GillinghamGander Bay28 Nov. 189726 Nov. 1899

CoffinClaude SimonsonEphraim and Jessie CoffinJoe Batt's Arm17 Oct. 18993 Dec. 1899

WalbourneFranksonWilliam John and Matilda WalbourneFogo3 Nov. 189910 Dec. 1899

HartAllan CecilsonJames and Eliza Louisa HartFogo26 Oct. 189910 Dec. 1899

CobbMarthadauFrancas and Elizabeth CobbBarr'd Islands
17 Dec. 1899

ShaveCharles LlewellynsonWilliam and Isabel ShaveFogo27 Oct. 189922 Dec. 1899

PennyEmily MaydauMark and Jessie PennyIndian Islands18 Nov. 189829 Dec. 1898

NewmanJessie MariedauSamuel and Ada Ann NewmanJoe Batt's Arm28 Nov. 189931 Dec. 1899

WooldridgeWaltersonCharles Bond and Elizabeth WooldridgeFogo28 Nov. 18997 Jan. 1900

ColesLilydauHumphrey and Selina ColesHare Bay28 Aug. 189916 Jan. 1900

CombdenSarah AnndauJoseph James and Mary Jane CombdenBarr'd Islands14 Jan. 19003 Feb. 1900(Note: dead)
RandellPearldauAlfred and Dorah RandellFogo26 Dec. 189910 Feb. 1900

ElliottJulia ElizadauGeorge Alfred and Margaret Ann ElliottEastern Tickle1 Dec. 190010 Feb. 1900

CobbDora EvadauWilliam and Emma CobbBarr'd Islands1 Jan. 190014 Feb. 1900

MercerBeatricedauCharles and Arabella MercerJoe Batt's Arm14 Jan. 190018 Feb. 1900

SibleyHenry JamessonWilliam and Martha SibleyFogo11 Feb. 190011 Mar. 1900

HartMabeldauSilas William and Leah Mary HartFogo7 Feb. 190011 Mar. 1900

OakeAlbertsonHerbert and Lavina OakeFogo29 Jan. 190011 Mar. 1900

HewlettFredericksonHenry and Eliza HewlettBarr'd Islands7 Feb. 190018 Mar. 1900(Note: dead 29 Aug. )
ThompsonIsaacsonIsaac and Elizabeth ThompsonLory Point4 Nov. 189625 Mar. 1899

CollinsSophia MaydauWalter and Eliza CollinsIndian Islands11 Nov. 189930 Mar. 1900

PurchaseJuliadauRebecca PurchaseFogo10 Mar. 19005 Apr. 1900

WhiteGeraldsonWilliam Charles and Frederica Thorne WhiteFogo7 Apr. 190015 Apr. 1900

WellsJessiedauJohn and Jane WellsEastern Tickle27 Dec. 189915 Apr. 1900

ElliottAnnie SelenadauBenjamin Henry ElliottFogo25 Mar. 190015 Apr. 1900

CobbFlora PearldauJoseph and Julia CobbBarr'd Islands20 Mar. 190022 Apr. 1900

JacobsSamuelsonRichard and Annie JacobsJoe Batt's Arm17 Feb. 190022 Apr. 1900

AnthonyVictoria MabeldauThomas and Jemina AnthonyBarr'd Islands8 Mar. 190022 Apr. 1900

HewittClara LilydauJohn and Sarah HewittJoe Batt's Arm26 Apr. 190029 Apr. 1900(Note: dead)
LewisDavid AugustussonJohn and Edith LewisBarr'd Islands10 Apr. 19006 May 1900

TizzardSusanna JanedauPhilip and Sarah Ann TizzardFogo15 Apr. 190013 May 1900

DaweRolandsonTheodphilus and Emma Ann DaweSeldom Come By19 Dec. 189916 May 1900

BooneLily LawrencedauCharles and Amelia BooneSeldom Come By12 Mar. 190016 May 1900

CoffinWilliam ClaudiussonJames and Mary CoffinJoe Batt's Arm9 Feb. 190020 May 1900

BrettLaura JuliadauAbsalom and Eliza Jane BrettJoe Batt's Arm20 Apr. 190020 May 1900

BrettJosiahsonLot and Rhoda BrettJoe Batt's Arm1 Jun. 18991 Jun. 1899(Note: dead)
LewisPatience JuliadauSilas and Rachel LewisBarr'd Islands12 May 190010 Jun. 1900

GodwinArthur StewartsonAbraham and Martha GodwinBarr'd Islands29 Apr. 190010 Jun. 1900

JonesSidney ThomassonMark and Deborah JonesFogo11 Jun. 190018 Jun. 1900

FreemanRobert ElijahsonJohn and Susanna Mary FreemanFogo14 Jun. 190022 Jul. 1900

PayneKennethsonJames and Dinah PayneFogo23 Jun. 190022 Jul. 1900

HydeErnest RalphsonErnest Edmund and Rhoda HydeFogo9 May 190022 Jul. 1900

CullJanet JanedauJosiah and Eliza Ann CullBarr'd Islands20 Jun. 190025 Jul. 1900

BooneHenry GeorgesonWalter J. and Emma BooneIndian Islands21 Apr. 19002 5 Jul. 1900

KindonMiriamdauNaomi KindonIndian Islands20 Jan. 190025 Jul. 1900

BudgehillJosephsonAlexander and Charlotte BudgehillWild Cove23 Jun. 190026 Jul. 1900

HartRhodadauJoseph and Lucy HartIsland Harbour3 Nov. 18991 Aug. 1900

SimmsGuysonFrederick and Thirza SimmsFogo15 Jul. 19003 Aug. 1900

ColesHumphreysonHenry and Susanna ColesHare Bay15 Jul. 19007 Aug. 1900

SnowPhoebe AnndauAzariah and Anne SnowHare Bay10 Nov. 18997 Aug. 1900

MillerTitus LambertsonWilliam Elisha and Jane MillerJoe Batt's Arm21 Jul. 19008 Aug. 1900

TorravilleDorothydauWilliam and Eliza TorravilleFogo19 Jul. 19009 Aug. 1900

CoffinLlewellyn GilbertsonAmbrose and Eunice CoffinJoe Batt's Arm12 Jul. 190012 Aug. 1900

BanksEliza AmandadauJohn and Elizabeth BanksFogo5 Jul. 190019 Aug. 1900

HartAmbrose GordonsonJohn and Jane HartJoe Batt's Arm30 Jul. 190026 Aug. 1900

CullSusanna MarydauAbraham and Eliza Ann CullShoal Bay27 Jul. 190026 Aug. 1900

BrettHarriet AnndauAlfred and Emily BrettJoe Batt's Arm25 Jul. 190026 Aug. 1900

EveleighEdwardsonBenjamin and Dorcas EveleighWild Cove3 Sept. 19003 Sept. 1900

EveleighArchibaldsonBenjamin and Dorcas EveleighWild Cove3 Sept. 19003 Sept. 1900

HewittIdadauSelina HewittBarr'd Islands31 Aug. 190018 Oct. 1900

GoddenRichardsonIsrael and Jane GoddenJoe Batt's Arm15 Sept. 190018 Oct. 1900

TorravilleDaisydauMartin and Ella AnnFogo25 Aug. 19004 Sept. 1900

WatkinsJohnsonAaron and Mary WatkinsBarr'd Islands6 Aug. 190016 Sept. 1900

BrettOlive MauddauLot and Martha BrettJoe Batt's Arm6 Sept. 190016 Sept. 1900

GodwinSarah AnndauNehemiah and Pamela GodwinBarr'd Islands5 Aug. 190016 Sept. 1900

LeyteJames WilliamsonJohn Henry and Eliza Ann LeyteBack Cove2 Aug. 190023 Sept. 1900

CheaterLucydauKate CheaterFogo26 Sept. 19008 Oct. 1900

HancockPheobedauWilliam and Mary Maria HancockBarr'd Islands25 Sept. 190018 Oct. 1900

BrownFredericksonReuben and Joanna BrownJoe Batt's Arm27 Aug. 190018 Oct. 1900

BennettDarrellsonAeneas and Sarah Ann BennettFogo18 Sept. 190021 Oct. 1900

StoneCyril GeorgesonAaron and Elizabeth Mary StoneFogo2 Oct. 190022 Oct. 1900(Note: dead)
PayneMary ElizadauWilliam and Julia PayneFogo31 Oct. 19002 Dec. 1900

HiscockReginald GordonsonEdward and Lucy H. HiscockFogo15 Nov. 19002 Dec. 1900

CombdenStanleysonWilliam George and Sophia Ann CombdenWild Cove19 Aug. 190027 Dec. 1900

CollinsBarbara ElizabethdauFrederick John and Lavinia CollinsSeldom Come By8 Oct. 190027 Dec. 1900

HancockJosephsonCharles and Lucy Ann HancockBarr'd Islands2 Dec. 190030 Dec. 1900

HewittReubensonUriah and Mary HewittBarr'd Islands23 Nov. 190030 Dec. 1900

NewmanEmmadauThomas and Louisa NewmanJoe Batt's Arm18 Oct. 190030 Dec. 1900

CoffinLucretiadauSamuel and Amelia CoffinJoe Batt's Arm7 Nov. 190030 Dec. 1900

RoebotamWilliam DenistersonChristopher and Hilda RoebotamJoe Batt's Arm30 Nov. 190030 Dec. 1900

HewittWaltersonJames and Eliza HewittBarr'd Islands5 Oct. 190030 Dec. 1900

PayneThomas ArthursonJohn George and Julia Ann PayneFogo20 Dec. 190010 Feb. 1901

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Caroline & Patience Wells This record indicates that Patience was dead. I cross referenced with the burial records for the same time frame and it was Caroline Wells that died. She died 9 Jun 1897 at 6 days old. Her burial was officiated by W. Charles White. Marilyn Pilkington & Carolyn Long

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