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Fogo - St. Andrews Anglican Cemetery

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by ARLENE BENNETT, October 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Hello Fogo Researchers,

After many years of frustration, trying to unravel the Bennett Family History, it became apparent a trip to Newfoundland and Fogo was a must. My husband and I made the trip in 1998 (approx. 3,550 miles via land & sea ) by car, not wanting to miss the beautiful scenery that was described in the travel guide sent to us by the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Tourism.

The day we arrived on Fogo Island, it was unseasonably warm ( actually, downright hot). The grave stones glistened in the sun while icebergs floated by, truly a beautiful site to see. While searching for our ancestors, we met 3 couples in the cemetery trying to accomplish the same thing. It was at this point we decided to gather as much information as possible to share with other researchers.

All the names from the Anglican Cemeteries in the village of Fogo, came from St. Andrews church yard and some from " up on the hill " over-looking the water.

Sadly, most of the cemeteries are over grown. However, there is a movement to help clean out the brush and restore some of the sites.I had to touch all of my husbands ancestors headstones, stand there for a moment to reflect on the hard life they had to endure. I had tears in my eyes most of the time as I do now, trying to write this.

Take Care,
Best Wishes and God Bless,
Arlene Bennett
October 1998

Mary Bestwife of Thomas Best
Dec 28 1875aged 52 years
Elijah [Best]husband of Mary Ann Best
May 14 1928aged 65 years
Walter [Best]son of William Best
March 29 1873aged 17 years; a native of North Hanidon Somerset England
Jane Bennettwife of William Bennett
June 5 1925aged 66 years
John Bond Bennett

13 July 1859aged 54 years; a native of Christ Church, England
John Bond Bennett

July 18 1887aged 1887
Ann Bennett

May 10 1878aged 63 years; at Fogo
William Bennett

Oct 3 1934aged 84 yrs 4 mon; He suffered much, he murmured not, we watched him night and day, until at last with aching hearts we saw him pass away ( I was so touched by this, I had to include it )
Amelia Elliot

15 July 1885aged 55 years
Elizabeth Hart

May 14 1934aged 36
John Ludlow

Feb 22 1875aged 80 years; A native of Warminister Co Wiltshire, England
and of Elizabethwife of the above
Mar 14 1839aged 47 years
Elizabeth Ludlow

July 12 1884aged 43
Charlotte [Oak]wife of Thomas Oak
May 4 1929aged 43 years
John Payne

Sept 13 1940aged 68 years
Nicholas Payne

Feb 1 1878aged 65 years; at Fogo
William Randle

Feb 7 1890aged 58 years
Amy Randlewife of William Randle
Oct. 31 1877aged 44 years
Ann [Randell]wife of John Randell
Nov. 20 1871aged 70 years; at Fogo
[Sarah Randell]Erected by James Randell In memory of his wife Sarah
Oct 20 1867
Anne Simms

June 16 1874aged 66 years; at Fogo
William Waterman

Jan 23 1874aged 80 years
Elizabeth Watermanwife of the above
Apr 7 1848aged 46 years
Henry Waterman

April 27 1880aged 41 years; who was drowned Wadham Island
Robert [Waterman]husband of Mary Waterman
Jan 11 1867aged 82 years
Mary [Waterman]wife of Robert Waterman
Dec 5 1855aged 57 years
also her daughter Susanna Payne

Jan 10 ??59aged 38 years
John H.husband of Anne Willis
Jan 30 1934aged 59 years

St. Andrew's Church Board

On the wall inside St. Andrew's Church is a large board depicting headstones, which I was told , was the lay-out of the church yard cemetery. I found some discrepancies between the dates on the headstones and this board, however the following is what I copied as written on the board.

Walter Bestd. 187317 years
Nicholas Brownd. 181566 years
Amelia Coatsd. 188142 years
Ann Jacksond. 180967 years
John Ludlowd. 1876 80 years
Elizabeth Ludlowd. 188344 years
Elizabeth Ludlow d. 188547 years
Martha Meadusd. 1816 ( no age )
Laura Meadusd. 18168 mos.
James Mowlamd. 185448 years
Susanna Pained. 185738 years
Sarah Rendelld. 186775 years
Harriett Randelld. 18158 years
Ann Randalld. 187170 years
John Randelld. 186264 years
Joseph Randalld.185621 years
Amy Randalld. 187744 years
William Randelld.189058 years
William Skinnerd. 185561 years
John, James, Ann Skinner( no dates or age )
Ann Tizzardd. 188166 years
David Torravilld. 188427 years
Henry Torravilld. 188425 years
Benjamin Watermand. 185924 years
James Watermand. 185330 years
David Watermand. 188552 years
Robert Watermand.185528 years
Martha Watermand. 185910 years
Robert Watermand. 186782 years
Henry Watermand. 188041 years
Mary Watermand. 185557 years
Martha Watermand. 186426 years
William Watermand. 187480 years
Elizabeth Watermand.184846 years

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