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Fogo Island - Methodist Mission Marriage Records, 1890 - 1900

These records were transcribed by ARLENE BENNETT and edited by DONALD BENNETT in November 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
1 Oct.1890George Robert Pope, age 27, fisherman, s/o William Pope of Locks CoveMary Susannah Pike, age 28, d/o Bathol Pike of FogoWittn: Matthias Hawkins and Allan Peckford
12 Nov. 1890John Robert Brown, fisherman, s/o James BrownIsabella Blake, d/o Solomon Blake, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Matthias Hawkins and Dinah Brown
18 Nov.1890John Blake, and Jane Cull, both of Barr'd Island
Wittn: John Reid and Rosanna Drammond
18 Nov.1890Eli Read of Barr'd Island and Tamar Croucher of Fogo
Wittn: Eli Cull and Annie Croucher
18 Nov.1890Thomas Martin Brown of Joe Batts ArmMartha Ann Primmer of Barr'd IslandWittn: George Thomas and Dinah Brown
10 Jan.1891Thomas Samuel Willis, fisherman, s/o Barney WillisJulia Waterman, d/o Joseph Waterman, both of FogoWittn: James Payne and Joseph Peckford
9 Feb.1891John Randall, fisherman, s/o William Randall of FogoJulia Ann LeDrew, d/o Richard LeDrew of Change IslandWittn: Matthias Hawkins and George Randall
7 June 1891John Robert Gill, age 27, fisherman, s/o John GillMargaret Wetham, age 24, widow, d/o William Sheppard, both of FogoWittn: George Tizzard and Emma Thornton
22 Sept.1891Walter Scott Gynn, age 26, fisherman and Emily Maria Brown, both of Fogo
Wittn: Andrew Loder and Eliza Ginn
22 Nov. 1891Archibald Brown and Dianna Brown, both of Joe Batt's Arm
Wittn: William Brown and Mary Brown
30 Jan.1892John Primmer of Barr'd IslandCaroline Waterman of FogoWittn: Isaac Primmer and Sarah Cull
28 May 1892Albert Stevenson, age 26, clerk, s/o John Charles StevensonEmma Moore Layman, age 20, d/o Thomas Layman, both of FogoWittn. Henry J.Lina and Loretta Layman
28 Jul.1892Alfred Barnes, age 23, fishermanEmma Jane Purchase, age 23, both of FogoWittn:George Witham, Philip Tizzard, and Sarah Ann Wetham
9 Mar.1893Phillip Perry, age 43, widower, storekeeperMargaret Torraville, age 31, both of FogoWittn: John G. Lucas and Emily Torraville
11 Sept.1893Samuel George S. Colton, age 37, widower of St. John's, s/o John ColtonEmma Oake, age 35, d/o Charles Oake of FogoWittn: Thomas M. Anthony and Jane Oven
25 Oct.1893Samuel Ford, age 24, s/o Jacob FordMary Brown, age 18, d/o James BrownWittn: Joseph J. Brown, Lizzie Brown, and Laura Jane Ford
26 Oct.1893Aaron Freke, age 25, fisherman of Joe Batts ArmSarah Ann Coffin, age 19, d/o Samuel Coffin of Joe Batts ArmWittn: Ambrose Coffin and Caroline Coffin
31 Oct. 1893Charles Mercer, age 28, fisherman, s/o J. Mercer of Joe Batts ArmAnnabella Hancock, age 22, d/o Joseph Hancock of Barr'd IslandWittn: P. Hancock, Aaron Coffin, Elizabeth Freke, and Alexander Coffin
1 Nov. 1893Alfred Edward Spencer, age 23, fisherman of Tilt CoveBertha Ann Rowe, age 22, d/o Martin Rowe of Seldom Come ByWittn: Mark Harnet, Jessie M. Rowe, William Rowe, and Lillie M. Newell
21 Nov.1893Ananias Shelly, age 22, fishermanKezia Whalen, age 21, both of Ladle CoveWittn: James ?, Clara Heath, Enos Chalk and George Angee
24 Nov.1893John Gillingham, age 25, fisherman, s/o George Gillingham of Gander BayLydia Gillingham, age 20, d/o Benjamin Gillingham of Gander BayWittn: John Blandford, Julia Downer and Lydia Pomeroy
11 Dec.1893Benjamin Finnemore, age 30, fisherman of FogoJohanna Ladner Pomeroy, age 23, d/o Joseph Pomeroy of Barr'd IslandWittn: James Brown, Sarah Pomeroy, Walter Pomeroy, and Jemimah Pomeroy
13 Dec. 1893Hubert Joel Freake, age 21, fishermanPhoebe Ann Paten, age 19, d/o Thomas Paten, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Herman Paten, Stephen Freke, Sarah Miller, Susannah Freke, Absalom ?, and Sarah Ann Cumberland
9 June 1894Richard Faulkner, age 22, fisherman of ladle CoveMargaret Susanna Wellon, age 18, d/o John Wellon of Ladle CoveWittn: Robert Chalk and Clara Heath
4 Dec. 1894Joshua Cumberland, age 20, fisherman, s/o William CumberlandTamar Reade, age 24, widow, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: John Blackey and Amelia Jane Cumberland
4 Dec.1894Henry Blake, age 23, fisherman, s/o Nathaniel BlakeCaroline Freke, age 22, d/o George Freke, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Israel Godwin, Johnannah Goden, John Goden and Jane Wells
15 Dec.1894Solomon Blake, age 30, fishermanEmily Mary Gillingham, age 21, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: John Brett, Mary Ford, Francis Blake, and Jane Ford
3 Nov.1895Samuel Newman, age 28, fisherman of Boyds CoveMary Grace Peyton, age 20, of ExploitsWittn: Samuel Freake and Aquila Newman
5 Dec.1895John Waterman, age 35, fisherman, widowerMelissa Oake, age 26 both of FogoWittn: Hamilton Oake and Benjamin Oake
9 Dec.1895Francis George Blake, age 24, fishermanJane Tarrant, age 23, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Samuel Ford and William Blake
22 Jul.1896Levi Perry, age 37, clerk, s/o William PerryMary Bartlett Newell, age 22, d/o P. Newell, both of Seldom Come ByWittn: Titus Linfield, Ernest E. Hyde, Adelade Perry
19 Jan. 1897Arthur Normore, age 25, fisherman, s/o Robert Normore of Sldom Come ByAnna Nippard, age 21, d/o Martin Nippard of Seldom Come ByWittn: Samuel Pike and John Nichol
8 Apr.1897Isaac Kates, age 34, fisherman, s/o Charles KatesEliza Cull, age 22, d/o John Cull, both of Shoal BayWittn: John Kates and Maurice Cull
16 Dec.1897Robert Russell, age 24, fisherman, s/o Samuel Russell, formerly of Cann IslandEva Nippard, age 22, d/o Martin Nippard of Little Seldom Come ByWittn: Arthur Normore and Ishmael Hart
11 Feb.1898Josiah Brown,age 34, fisherman, s/o Jacob Brown, of Joe Batts ArmClara Keats, age 21, d/o Charles Keats, of Barr'd IslandWittn: Mary Brown and Samuel Brown
2 June 1898Eleazor Brown, age 23, fisherman s/o James Brown of Joe Batt's ArmEmily Ann Peddle, age 23, widow d/o Frederick Humphries of Northern Arm, ExploitsWittn: Matthias Hawkins and Thomas Humphries
12 Sept. 1898George Cheater, age 24, fisherman, s/o Obediah CheaterSarah Payne, age 25, d/o Nicholas Payne, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: William Shave
26 Oct.1898Josiah Oake, age 23, fisherman, son of Ham OakeElizabeth Mary Leyte, age 23, d/o Thomas Leyte, both of FogoWittn: Josiah Waterman and Julia A. Leate
26 Nov.1898Levi Blake, age 29, fisherman, s/o Zachariah BlakeCharlotte LeDrew, age 26, d/o Noah LeDrew, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: John Finnimore, Edward Downton, Emma Godden
30 Nov.1898Zebedee Ford, age 25, fisherman, s/o Jacob Ford of Island HarbourMaria Bailey, age 19, s/o James Bailey of Island HarbourWittn: George Fookes and Ellen Bailey
6 Dec.1898Jacob Read, age 36, widower, fisherman, s/o Richard ReadSusanna Quinlan, age 21 d/o John Quinlan, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Edward Downton, Josiah Cull and Lousia Compton
27 Sept.1899Arthur Winsor Pomeroy, age 26, fisherman, s/o Joseph Pomeroy of FogoPhebe Barnes, age 22, d/o Thomas Barnes of BeavertownWittn: James A. Pope and Susannah Pope
24 Oct. 1899Arthur Wellon, age 21, fisherman, s/o George Wellon of Ladle CoveMary Blandford, age 20, d/o Thomas Blandford of FogoWittn: Israel Downer and Fanny Miles
8 Nov.1899Ephrain Freake, age 27, fisherman, s/o John FreakeEsther Ford, age 18, d/o Jacob Ford, both of Joe Batts ArmWittn: John Decker and Betsy Freake
5 Dec.1899George Hewitt, age 24, fisherman, s/o George HewittMary Ann Nippard, age 21, d/o Henry Nippard, both of FogoWittn: Emily Brown, Eleazor Brown and M. Oake
14 Dec.1899Elias Coles, age 28, fisherman, s/o William ColesPhebe Hart, age 17, d/o George Hart, both of Hare BayWittn: Richard Nippard and Ruth J. Cull
21 Dec.1899Robert James Blake, age 23, fisherman, s/o Nathaniel BlakeEmma Godden, age 20, d/o Simon Godden, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Joseph Mew and Betsy Godden
9 Apr.1900John Witcher, s/o George Robert WitcherRuth Cull, age 23, d/o George Cull, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Elijah Cull and Amelia Cull
7-May-00Stephen Freake, age 25, fisherman, s/o Samuel FreakeBetsy Freake, age 22, d/o John Freake, both of Joe Batts ArmWittn: Eli Freake and Louisa Freake
27 Aug.1900Thomas W. Peckford, age 28, s/o Thomas Peckford of Gander BayLucy Paine, age 22, d/o John Paine of FogoWittn: Ham Oake and Mary Oake
6 Oct.1900Uriah Hewitt, age 26, fisherman, s/o Reuben HewittMary Cumberland, age 23, d/o William Cumberland, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Eliza Hewitt and John Cumberland
19 Oct.1900James Nippard, age 29, fisherman, s/o John NippardLucy Jane Coles, age 21, d/o Eli Coles, both of Hare BayWittn: Martin Waterman and Fanny Coles
24 Oct.1900James Heath, age 25, fisherman, s/o George HeathClara Nippard, age 20, d/o James Nippard, both of Hare BayWittn: Mary Jane Cole and George M. Nippard
31 Oct.1900Eli?? Hewitt, age 22, fisherman, s/o Geroge HewittMartha Brett, age 21, d/o Hezekiah Brett, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: Lavinia Brett and Arthur Brown
14 Nov.1900Edward Downton, age 27, s/o Joseph Downton of Barr'd IslandLousia Compton, age 19, d/o Daniel Compton of Barr's islandWittn: Fanny Comden and Stephen Godden
12 Dec.1900Thomas Osborn, age 34, fisherman, s/o James Osborn of FogoSarah Jane Cull, age 19, d/o Henry Cull of Shoal BayWittn: Joseph Cull and Mary Jane Osborn
19 Dec.1900Wilfred William Leyte, age 27, fisherman, s/o Frederick Leyte of Locks CoveJulia Ann Pilley, age 25, d/o Edwin Pilley of Eastern TickleWittn: Thomas Leate and Suzy Leate
22 Dec.1900James Hewitt, age 21, fisherman, s/o James HewittEliza Jacobs, age 19, d/o Henry Jacobs, both of Barr'd IslandWittn: William Jacobs and Mary Ann Jacobs

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
PEYTON Pheobe Ann Paten m. Hurbert Freake d/o Thomas Paten. Their last names should be PEYTON. Sarah Bannon

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