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Joe Batt's Arm - Old Anglican Cemetery Part 2

The following Headstone information was recorded on a sunny day in September 2000. It only contains the factual data, names and dates.
h = Husband, w = Wife, s = Son, d = Daughter m = Mother and f = Father. y = years m = months if it followed a number and d = days. Where a man and woman were listed on one headstone or it was otherwise readily apparent that the couple were husband and wife, h or w of…. was added in such cases.

This is a large cemetery located between the Anglican Church and the ocean. The random placement of the graves and the growth of grass and rose bushes made the recording of the headstone info difficult. Hence there may have been headstones that were missed. Some of the info was checked against that of David Brett and Sandy Doyle who had done earlier partial recordings of this cemetery. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone inscription shall take precedence.

Inside the Church there is a case containing a Sealer's Gaff with the letters JJ carved into it. The following information is also in the case: IN MEMORIAM April 7, 1917 four men from South Side JBA left for seals and were lost. Three were brothers and the only members of the family of Mr and Mrs Thomas Jacobs, Joseph, Stephen and Walter Jacobs. The fourth was Francis Pomroy. In June a Gaff belonging to Joseph Jacobs was found at Western Head, Mortons Hr. Two others, William Freake and Herbert Freake of JBA were also lost on the same day.

Headstone inscription were collected and compiled by MARGARET and GERALD MAJOR, HELEN HEAD BOSSLEY, September 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

BROWNAndrew Culls of John & Dora Brown
d Aug 27, 19422y 8m

BROWNArthurh of Elizabeth
d Nov 23, 196081y 6m

BROWNElizabethw of Arthur Brown
d May 19, 196180y



COFFINMary Mariaw of Kenneth Coffin
d Jul 18, 195981

COFFINKennethh of Mary Maria
d Dec 21, 195474y

HANCOCKAarons of Mrs Kenneth Coffin
d Jan 14, 193720 y

BROWNJohn Jamesh of Martha
d Jul 30, 195788 y

PRIMMERDorothyw of Baxter Primmer19181985

NEWMANStephen Thomas
Sep 4, 1916Jul 9, 1999

COFFINJohn Hh of Amelia19001991

COFFINEsterw of John Henry Coffin
d Dec 24, 193625y


d Oct 3, 193738


d May 24, 193626y

HEWITTWilliam Bh of Mary Ann19021988

HEWITTMary Annw of William B Hewitt19031977

MERCERGeorgeh of Edith19061982

MERCEREdithw of George Mercer19061989

Jul 19, 1908Jan 18, 1944

JACOBSThomash of JoannaAug 3, 1872Jun7, 1944

JACOBSJoannaw of Thomas Jacobs
d Oct12, 193865y

KEATSAlberth of Tamar18861978

KEATSTamarw of Albert Keats18901997
See below

BRETTJohnh of Martha
d Jan 4, 197282y

BRETTMarthaw of John Brett
d Dec 17, 197079y

MERCERJohnh of Louisa
d Oct 11, 194165y

MERCERLouisaw of John Mercer
d Dec 29, 195978y 9m

WELLSEsauh of Emma
d Dec 18, 194350y

WELLSGeorgeh of Sarah
d Jun 2, 193580y

WELLSSarahw of George Wells
d Oct 11, 194079y

WELLSWilliams of George
d Mar 1, 196179y

BRETTWm Howards of Joseph & JohannaApr 1934Feb 1936

NEWMANLeonardh of Julia
d Apr 30, 195462y

NEWMANLaura Juliaw of Leonard Newman19001989

BRETTWilsonh of Eudra
d May 14, 197128yaccidentally killed

BROWNTheodore Garlandh of Martha
d May 9, 195743y

BROWNSimonh of Matilda
d Aug 19, 194770y

DECKERSybilw of Donald Decker
d May 14, 195727y

NEWMANJohnh of Annie
d Aug 20, 195466y

NEWMANJacob Ah of Voilet19031980

NEWMANVoilet Aw of Jacob A Newman19071986

LEWISSarah Janew of John Lewis
d 196287y

LEWISJohnh of Sarah Jane
d Oct 13, 195689y 4m

LEWISNina Madeline

d Jun 4, 196042

LEWISRexfords of Nina
d Jan22, 19462m

Note: the next 4 headstones are in the same plot with a concrete frame
MERCERRoy Kents of Fred & Helen
d Apr 11, 19664y

HEADRoy Maxwell

d Jul 2, 195716y

HEADSidney J
Aug 5, 1908Oct 31, 1982

Oct 10, 1910Jul 23, 1990

FENNEMOREDormanh of Blanch
d Apr 3, 197187y 7m

FENNEMOREBlanchw of Dorman FennemoreJul 30, 1906Apr 7, 1988

COFFINWm Jh of MargaretJan 6, 1888Aug 13, 1975

COFFINJohnh of Eliza
d Jun 10, 193982y

COFFINElizaw of John Coffin
d May 30, 194286y

COFFINWilliamh of SarahFeb 9, 1900Dec 25, 1967

COFFINSarahw of William CoffinDec 18, 1903Jan 5, 1987

COFFINJamesh of Mary
d Jul 15, 192969y 9m

COFFINMaryw of James Coffin
d Aug 8, 194479y 11m

COFFINGeorgeh of Martha Jane
d Apr 29, 195586y

COFFINStanley Johns of Joseph & Sarah
d Jul 5, 194719y

COFFINSarahw of Joseph James Coffin
d Aug 11, 196369y

COFFINJosephh of SarahMar 25, 1894Jul 17, 1984

CULLEmamuelh of EthelApr 7, 1917Mar 14, 1978

WATKINSAaronf of Rev John Watkins
d Oct 2, 193979y

BRETTJosephh of Joanna IvyNov 16, 1893Oct 18, 1980

BRETTJoanna Ivyw of Joseph Brett
d Sep 5, 196168y.

HEWITTAnniew of George Hewitt
d Dec 27, 196567y

HEWITTGeorgeh of Annie
d Oct 4, 196473y

HEWITTSimonh of Pheobe18991983

HEWITTPheobew of Simon Hewitt19001993


HANCOCKBerthaw of James Hancock
d Dec 7, 195246y


d Jul 4, 196176y

JOLIFFELucyw of Ephraim Decker18971979

FREAKEThomas Wh of Julia
d Sep 25, 196176y

FREAKEJuliaw of Thomas W Freake
d May 28, 196974y 10m

MILLER Garlandh of Lidy
d Jul 16, 197358y 10m

MILLER Alida M. July 7, 1917d May 31, 2001 


BROWNGeorgeh of Prescilla19031994

BROWNPrescillaw of George Brown19071986

FREAKESamuel Ch of Susannah19011992

FREAKESusannahw of Samuel C Freake19061987

BROWNBrian Robert
Feb 22, 1952May 12, 1996

BROWNJackson Brian
May 16, 1973Feb 17, 1988


HEWITTEloyalh of Martha
d Feb 8, 195071y

HEWITTMarthaw of Eloyal Hewitt
d Jan 25, 197191y

MERCERCharlesh of Delia
d Jun 29, 194277y

WELLSStevenh of Elizabeth
d Dec 26, 194188 y

WELLSElizabeth Sw of Steven Wells
d Mar 23, 193772Y

NEWMANSarah Annd of Bidkar & Susannah
d May 16, 194223y

NEWMANBidkarinfant s of Bidkar & Susannah
d Jan 5, 1937


d Jun 17, 195670y

HEWITTKenneth Coffinh of Lucy
d Oct 20, 196861y

BROWNAbelh of Susannah Mary
d Mar 16, 194155y

BROWN?w of Joseph J Brown
d Mar 26, 193376y(Broken Stone)

BROWNJoseph James

d May 5, 193583y

COFFINElizabethw of Arthur Coffin
d May 25, 193983y

COFFINArthurh of Elizabeth
d Feb 21, 195190y

LUDLOWCarolggranddaughter of Arthur & Elizabeth Coffin
d Oct 14, 1940no age

BROWNBaby Boys of Arthur & Mary
no dates
small cross

HARNETTPricillaw of Samuel
d Nov 30, 194280y


d. Oct 14, 193372y

CULLRichardh of Sarah
d Aug 5, 193673y

CULLSarahw of Richard Cull
d Jan 5, 195481y

MILLERWilliam Eh of Jane
d Jul 30, 194272y

MILLER Janew of William E Miller
d Sep 6, 195578y 8m

BROWNMosesh of Susannah
d Apr 15, 195878y

BROWNSusannahw of Moses Brown
d Jun 20, 197479y 10m

BROWNGordon Cecil
Nov 28, 1922May 25, 1998


d Jul 8, 193677y

CULLEliza Annw of William W Cull
d Oct 2, 194688y?

CULLWilliam Wh of Eliza Ann
d Mar 13, 194760y?

WELCOMEJohnh of Mary
d Nov 25, 195881y

GODWINElijahh of Jane
d Sep 7, 194170y

GODWINJanew of Elijah Goodwin
d Oct 8, 194285y

HEWITTRichard Fosterh of Eliza Jane
d Aug 28, 194277y

HEWITTEliza Janew of Richard Foster Hewitt
d Jul 15, 194876y



BROWNEmmaw of Absolom Brown
d Jan 2, 195773y

BROWNAbsolomh of Emma
d Nov 18, 194674y

ELLIOTTLauraw of Bertie Elliott
d Nov 2, 193720y

HEWITTParmenash of Annie
d Sep 7, 196271y

HEWITTAnniew of Parmenas Hewitt19021985

May 24, 1908Nov 4, 1960

JACOBSSamuelh of Elsie
d Feb 23 197170y

JACOBSJefferys of Mr & Mrs Llewellyn Jacobs
d Feb 25, 19589m

JACOBSRichardh of Annie
d Dec 2, 193262y

JACOBSAnniew of Richard Jacobs
d Jul 17, 194268y

JACOBSEva Dorothy
Dec 1, 1919Dec 5, 1982

NEWMANArianaw of Samuel Newman
d Dec 29, 194577y

NEWMANSamuelh of Ariana
d Dec 25, 194083y 9m

WELLSMariaw of James Wells
d Nov 27, 196085y

WELLSJamesh of Maria
d Oct 25, 193157y

WELLSHeber Rs of James & Maria Wells
d Jun 17, 194330y

WELLSStephen C

d Dec 15, 196859y 4m

HEADFrancish of Annie C & WW1 Vet
d Apr 27, 194661y

HEADAnnie Cw of Francis Head18881978

NEWMANMary Annm of Samuel Newman & w of John Newman
Jan 6, 191987y

COBBEmmaw of William James CobbOct 9, 1878Jul 20, 1974

COBBWilliam Jamesh of Emma
d Nov 9, 194369y

COBBElizabeth Janed of William & Emma Cobb
d Jun 29, 192317y

JACOBSWilliams of Joseph and Emma Jacobs
d Jan 16, 189264y


d Oct 1, 192676y

NEWMANWilliamh of Hilda
d Jan 10, 194349y

NEWMANHildaw of William Newman
d Jan 12, 193035y

NEWMANMaryd of William & Hilda Newman
d Jan 28, 193917y

MILLER Lambert Titush of Violet Mary
d Oct 12, 196464y

MILLER Violet Maryw of Lambert Titus Miller
d Nov 25, 196354y

CULLElizaw of William Cull
d Nov 19, 196267y

COMBDENMary Francesw of Raymond Combden
d Apr 11, 195638y

COMBDENRaymondh of Mary FrancesOct 1916Jun 1991


d Oct 12, 194268y

HEWITTClaudeh of Elena
d Jan 11, 196663y

HEWITTAdamh of Caroline
Jan 22, 194879y

BEATONMaryd of Caroline & Adam Hewitt
Jan 31, 194348y

HEWITTCarolinew of Adam Hewitt
Apr 21, 196188y

COFFINAlfredh of Julia
d Jun 8, 196071y 4m


Nov 2, 187417y

HEADEdward Jamesh of Carrie & s of Joseph & Elizabeth Head
d Sep 16, 191731y

HEADJosephh of Elizabeth
d May 23, 192268y

HEADElizabethw of Joseph Head
d May 5, 193580y

HEADHoratio B

d Nov 13, 196370y

HEADGraham S

d May 25, 196573y 11m


d Apr 21, 195918y 8m

FREAKEJohn Henryh of Sarah Ann
d Aug 30, 1965?65y 10m

FREAKESarah Annw of John Henry Freake
d Apr 23, 197470y 7m

Dec 17, 1913Mar 23, 1998


d Jul 7, 197569y 11m


d Oct 20, 196871yRoyal Naval Reserve

WELLSBetsyw of John Wells Sr
d May 11, 196873y

WELLSJohn Srh of Betsy
d Jul 14, 196682y

CULLJohnh of Althea18871971

CULLAltheaw of John Cull18911975

HEADElizabeth Maud

d May 26, 193532y

KEATSJohn Culls of Issac & Eliza Keats
d Nov 28, 192819y


d Nov 13, 191978y

CULLMaurices of William Cull
d Feb 5, 191917y

BROWNWilliam Thomas

d Jan 2, 191751y

BROWNHarrietw of Jacob Brown
d Mar 31, 192682y

BROWNJacobh of Harriet
d Jul 9, 188544y

HEADJohnh of Mary
d. Dec 9, 193082y

HEADMaryw of John Head
d Sep 28, 191966y

BROWNThomash of MaryMar 3, 1801Feb 23, 1888

BROWNMaryw of Thomas Brown
d Jul 28, 189384y 6m

OVENHelenad of Thomas & Mary Brown
d Feb 1, 187027y

BROWNPhebed of Thomas & Mary Brown
d Aug 23, 184816y

BROWNCarolined of Thomas & Mary Brown
d Jun 6, 18361m

BROWNIssacs of Thomas & Mary Brown
d Jul 1, 185012y

GODWINGeorge Wh of Harriet H
d Oct 11, 196883y

GODWINHarriet Hw of George W Godwin
d Mar 21, 198083y 6m

HANCOCKAlfred Ph of Emma JaneJan 1905Oct 1982

HANCOCKEmma Janew of Alfred P Hancock
Oct 7, 197261y 7m

COFFINRaymonds of James & Druscilla Coffin
d Jun 12, 192521y

COFFINDorcasw of Lot Coffin
d Aug 7, 197778y

COFFINLoth of Dorcas & WW1 Vet
d Jan 6, 197377y

PRIMMERJames Srh of Rebekah
d Mar 12, 193079y 3m

PRIMMERRebekahw of James Primmer Sr
d Oct 25, 192268y


d Mar 14, 187528yerected by Officers & brethren of St. Johns Lodge 11 SUF

PRIMMERJamesh of Mary
d Sep 20, 188267y

PRIMMERMaryw of James Primmer
d Sep 7, 188056y

OVENJanew of Frederick Oven
d Jun 1, 192359y

OVENFrederickh of Emma
d Sep 26, 193975y

DECKERJohnh of Mary
d Oct 22, 193687y

JOLLIFFEJamesh of Louisa
d Oct 29, 193481y

JOLLIFFELouisaw of James Jolliffe
d Nov 26, 192158y

FREAKEWilliam Josephh of Sarah Jane
d Mar 2, 192660y

BROWNJohnh of Annie
d Jun 1, 192278y

BROWNAnnie Maryd of Moses & Susannah Brown
d Jun 8, 19247m

COFFINJohannaw of Aquilla Coffin
d Aug 13, 194975y


d. Dec 4, 191939y

BROWNSarahw of Joseph Brown
d May 5, 187531 or 81y?

COFFINFlorence Mw of RaymondMay 14, 1930Feb 15, 1988



GODWINArthur Stewarth of Sarah Jane19001982


d Mar 2, 190374y

HANCOCKWilliamh of Mary
d Feb 6, 191944y


d Oct 29, 190555y

BRETTNathanialh of Martha Ann
d Feb 16, 193481y

BRETTMartha Annw of Nathanial Brett
d Jan 5, 190643y 6m

ROEBOTTOMSelinad of Richard & Eliza Jane Hewitt
d Apr 15, 192521y

GODDENLydiaw of Richard Godden
d Feb 10, 191663y

COFFINSethh of Annie & s of Thomas William & Hannah Coffin
d Jul 10, 191329y 6m

COFFINJohnh of Lousia Jane
d Mar 17, 189750y

COFFINAarons of John & Lousia J Coffin
d Oct 26, 189930y

GOODWINWilliamh of Annie
d May 10, 192794y

GOODWINAnniew of William Goodwin
d Jan 6, 192178y 6m

NEWMANAda Gertrudew of George Newman
d Aug 19, 191524y

COBBJuliaw of Joseph Cobb & d of Charles & Maria Brett
d May 28, 190635y 5m

BRETTPhoebew of William H Brett & d of George & Mary Head
d Jul 7, 193362y

BRETTWilliam Henryh of Phoebe Brett & s of Charles & Maria Brett
d Nov 8, 193075y

BRETTLaura Janew of William H Brett & d of Jacob & Joahanna Ford
d Apr 1, 190731y

BRETTPeters of William Henry & Laura Jane BrettMar 17, 1907Jul 8, 1912

BRETTMariaw of William H Brett & d of John & Mary Ann Wewman
d Nov 30, 190445y

BRETTPeters of Charles & Maria Brett
d Sep 15, 190439y

BRETTFannyw of Peter Brett & d of John & Phoebe Eveleigh
d Feb 19, 190031y


d Oct 1 189165y

BRETTMariaw of Charles Brett & d of John & Sarah Coffin
d Jul 21, 189164y

BRETTAbsalomh of Eliza Jane
d Aug 20, 191252y

BRETTPearces of Absalom & Eliza Jane Brett
d Aug 3, 190518y

BRETTEliza Janew of Absalom Brett
d Jul 3, 194275y

BRETTMaryw of Nathanial Brett
d Aug 22, 189641y

BRETTMayd of Mary & Nathanial Brett
d Jun 19, 190416y? 3m

ANTHONYMartha Annw of Thomas M Anthony
d Jan 15, 185324y

COMDENPheobew of Lot ComdenFeb 6, 1823Apr 20, 1867

COMDENLoth of Pheobe
d 186847y

FORDFlorence Dd of Phoebe & Zebedee Ford
d Jan 7, 192926y

BRETTHenriettad of Lott & Martha Brett
d Feb 21, 1893?2y 5m

BRETTOlived of Lott & Martha Brett
d Dec 12, 19022y 3m

LUDLOWJohn Henry

d Dec 26, 190922y

BRETTMarthaw of Lot Brett & d of James & Annie Ludlow
d Sep 24, 192870y

BRETTLoth of Martha
d Jan 18, 193174y

BRETTStanleyh of Lavinia
d Oct 5, 192537y

THOMSJuliasister of Lot Brett
d Dec 3, 187038y

BRETTAquillas of Lot & Naomia Brett
d Nov 17, 18697y

BRETTEdwins of Lot & Naomia Brett
d Jan 15, 187012y

BRETTSimons of Lot & Naomi ( no a ) Brett
d Mar 10, 188624y

BRETTMay or Mary?d of Lot & Naomi Brett
d Dec 28, 18526y

BRETTLoth of Naomi
d Jan 16, 187251y

BRETTNaomiw of Lot Brett
d Jan 16, 187251y


d Jun 15, 190789yerected by Obed & Simon Brett

BRETTWilliam Srh of Mary & native of Christchurch, Hants EnglandJan 13, 1790Oct 25 1876

BRETTMaryw of William Brett Sr & d of Lot & Mary Combden
d Dec 26, 187378y

BRETTSarah Janew of Aaron Brett & d of George & Mary Coffin
d Dec 31, 188490y?

BRETTMartha Newelld of Aaron & Sarah Jane Brett
d Jun 4, 188411m

BRETTWilliam Johns of Aaron & Sarah Jane Brett whose Body lies in St Julius Cemetery.

FREKEPhoebew of James FrekeMay 7, 1856Oct 8, 1888


d Oct 11, 188729y

COFFINMary Beatricew of Ephraim Coffin
d Sep 22, 189723y

COFFINAdaw of Joseph James Coffin
d Oct 3, 190942y

COFFINGeorgeh of Mary
d May 19, 189564y

COFFINMaryw of George Coffin
d Feb 27, 191078y

WELLSGeorges of Elizabeth Sarah & Stephen
d Feb 6, 191721y


d 187245y?

WELLSWilliam P

Dec 20, 1914Apr 4, 1981


d Mar 17, 188525yerected by members of Lodge 11 SUF

HERBERTElizaw of Horace M Herbert & eldest d of James Rolls Sr
d Mar 26, 187224y


d Jul 16, 185172ynative of Ringwood, Hants

ROLLSRachelw of James Rolls & d of John Wells
Jan 2, 185957y

ROLLSWillies of James & Maria Rolls Whose Body rests in Fogo Cemetery


d Aug 13, 18933y

WELLSStephens of George & Sarah Wells
d May 22, 189910y

HEWITTElizaw of Henry Hewitt
d Apr 30, 191543y

LEWISJanew of James Lewis
d Jan 31, 189327y

HEWITTJosephh of Jane
d Mar 24, 191166y

HEWITTJanew of Joseph Hewitt
d Nov 27, 190858y


d Sep 30, 187157y

BRETTElizabeth Annw of James Brett
d Jan 12, 189632y



HEWITTVictoria Maude

HEWITTArthur Bf of Charles Hewitt19011990

HEWITTIna Bw of Dorman Hewitt19141986

HEWITTDormanh of Ina BOct 12, 1906Sep 6, 1998

COMDENJosephs of George Comden
d Aug 27, 188017y

COMDENKenneths of Henry
d Aug 31, 188812y

COOPERSusannahrelict of Capt Charles Cooper & d of John Winter
d Oct 7, 186959y

JACOBSRichardh of Matilda
d Aug 5, 192249y

ANTHONYElizabethw of Abraham Anthony
d May 2, 187843y


d Aug 3, 189156y

CULLMary Janew of George Cull
d Sep 8, 188637y

CULLGeorgeh of Mary Jane & f of Amelia
d Aug 27, 193283y 6m

NEWMANSamuelh of Hester
d Feb 6, 190562y


d Apr 24, 187897y?


d Mar 28, 187232y


d Jul 28, 187540y

PECKFORDAlicew of Jesse Peckford
d 191724y 1m

PECKFORDAllanh of Rowena L19171988

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
KEATS, Tamar I have viewed the headstone and it reads 1890-1979 Roderick Janes

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