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Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District

"Anglican Baptisms; Parish of Herring Neck; District of Twillingate"

Vital Statistics Volume 85
1850 - 1870
MAIDEN NAMES added by Jill Marshall, where known from marriage records, or from compiled family histories.
These records were transcribed by JILL MARSHALL January 2002 from microfilm copies of the PANL holding (on loan from the Church of JC of LDS, Utah USA). While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors or omissions.

Corrected or updated by transcriber since original posting

Name of Child Parents Date of Birth Date of Baptism Place of Birth Remarks
James Samuel BATTJames & Sarah
Oct 6 1850Herring Neck
James BATTBenjamin & Hannah
Oct 6 1850Herring Neck
Louisa BATTBenjamin & Hannah
Oct 6 1850Herring Neck
Susanna MILESWilliam & Edith
Oct 13 1850Herring Neck
Emma HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Oct 13 1850 Herring Neck
Charlotte MARTINWilliam & Patience
Oct 20 1850Herring Neck
Maud MARTINWilliam & Patience
Oct 20 1850Herring Neck
Susanna WAYJohn & Louisa
Oct 20 1850Herring Neck
Adelaide CLEMENTSJoseph & Mary
Oct 20 1850Herring Neck
Edward SEALEYJohn & Louisa
Oct 27 1850Herring Neck
Joseph STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
Oct 27 1850Herring Neck
Rebekah WOODFORDGeorge & Rebecca
Oct 28 1850Herring Neck
Darius REDDICKJohn & Amelia
Nov 1 1850Herring Neck
Caroline REDDICKJohn & Amelia
Nov 1 1850Herring Neck
Isaac THOMPSONSilas & Louisa
Nov 3 1850Herring Neck
Simon SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Nov 3 1850Herring Neck
William SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Nov 3 1850Herring Neck
Jeremiah SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Nov 3 1850Herring Neck
Robert GILLETTWilliam & Mary
Nov 3 1850Herring Neck
William John BLANDFORDEsau & Eliza*
Nov 10 1850Herring Neck*this likely should be SELINA, nee BENNETT; they were married 1849 per Dr Keith Matthews' namefiles; subsequent baptisms are to Esau & SELINA
Thomas GRIMESGeorge & Tamar (TUFFIN)
Dec 1 1850Herring Neck
Philip POWELLRobert & Dinah
Feb 16 1851Herring Neck
Lydia PHILPOTTRichard & Fanny*
Mar 2 1851Herring Neck*maiden name may be STUCKEY, per oral tradition (Amalie Tuffin)
Thomas DWYERPatrick & ?Eury (illegible)
Mar 30 1851Herring Neck
Mary Jane LEGG?John & Alice
Apr 10 1851Little Harbour, Twillingate
Thomas WOODFORDThomas & Rhoda
Apr 20 1851Herring Neck
Levi BLANDFORDThomas & Fanny
May 25 1851Herring Neck
Hannah VATCHERCharles & Helena
June 11 1851Merritts Hr HN
Mary Ann VATCHERCharles & Helena
June 11 1851Merritts Hr HN
Mary CARD(not given)
June 11 1851Merritts Hr HN
Dinah POWELL(not given)
June 11 1851Merritts Hr HN
Selina BRIDGERJohn & Mary (MILES)
June 22 1851Salt Harbour HN
Susan STONEGeorge & Virtue
June 22 1851Merritts Hr HN
Fanny HICKSJoseph & Hannah
June 22 1851Merritts Hr HN
Thomas MILESStephen & Susanna (LUSCOMBE)
June 29 1851Salt Harbour HN
John SMARTThomas & Caroline
June 29 1851Starve? Hr (?Stone Hr) HN
Charity STONEGeorge & Virtue
Jul 9 1851Merritts Hr HN
Mary STONEGeorge & Virtue
Jul 9 1851Merritts Hr HN
George MOORESWilliam & Martha
Jul 9 1851Merritts Hr HN
Dinah MOORESWilliam & Martha
Jul 9 1851Merritts Hr HN
John MITCHELLGeorge & Ellen
Aug 10 1851Green Cove HN
Adam RENDALLElias & Mary (JEFFERS)
Aug 10 1851Green Cove HN
Ann ROSEWilliam & Susan
Sep 7 1851Green Cove HN
Grace WISEMANWilliam & Harriett
Sep 24 1851Little Bay Islands
Harriett HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Oct 5 1851Gut Arm HN
Elizabeth HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Oct 5 1851Gut Arm HN
Edward John RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Oct 12 1851Clarks Cove HN
Eliza STONEHenry & Martha (SQUIRES)
Oct 12 1851Pikes Arm HN
David BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Oct 26 1851Starve? Hr (?Stone Hr) HN
William WARRENJohn & Elizabeth
Nov 9 1851 Salt Harbour HN
Henry SNOWWilliam & Providence
Nov 9 1851 Starve? Hr (?Stone Hr) HN
Elizabeth SEALEYJohn & Louisa
Feb 8 1852Salt Harbour HN
Elizabeth BATTBenjamin & Hannah
Mar 14 1852Starve Hr HN
Amelia BROWNJohn & Ann (COLLINS)
May 16 1852Starve Hr HN
James REDDICKJohn & Amelia
May 23 1852Salt Harbour HN
William GRIMESGeorge & Tamar (TUFFIN)
June 13 1852Green Cove HN
Agnes CLEMENTSJoseph & Mary
June 13 1852Salt Harbour HN
Fanny POWELLRobert & Dinah
June 27 1852Merritts Hr HN
Charlotte BLANDFORDThomas & Fanny
June 27 1852Salt Harbour HN
Mary WARRENElias & Rebekah (SEALEY)
Jul 4 1852Salt Harbour HNNOTE: maiden name per Phyllis Steiner
Elizabeth WATKINSWilliam & Ann
Jul 4 1852Starve Hr HN
Thomas BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
Jul 11 1852Salt Harbour HN
Henry Samuel MILESWilliam & Edith
Jul 18 1852Salt Harbour HN
Francis CARDSamuel & Eliza
Aug 12 1852Merritts Hr HN
Mary Ann RENDELLElias & Mary (JEFFERS)
Oct 31 1852Green Cove HN
William LODERGeorge & Eliza
Nov 7 1852Clarks Cove HN
Samuel CARELEY (KEARLEY)Samuel & Ruth
Nov 30 1852Gut Arm HN
Andrew CARELEY (KEARLEY)Samuel & Ruth
Nov 30 1852Gut Arm HN
Joseph BARNESJames & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Feb 27 1853Starve Hr HN
Lydia SEALEYJohn & Louisa
June 26 1853Salt Harbour HN
Mary Jane WOODFORDWilliam & Mary
Jul 20 1853Starve Hr HN
Eliza VATCHERCharles & Hellen
Jul 20 1853Merritts Hr HN
Mary Ann POWELLStephen & Sarah (SMITH)
Jul 31 1853Merritts Hr HN
Mary WAYJohn & Louisa
Aug 21 1853Starve Hr HN
Susanna GILLETTWilliam & Mary
Aug 21 1853Canister Cove HN
Maria WOODFORDGeorge & Rebekah
Sep 10 1853Gut Arm HN
Ellen SNOWWilliam & Providence
Sep 10 1853Starve Hr HN
Martha WARRENJohn & Elizabeth
Oct 23 1853Salt Harbour HN
Louisa BROWNJohn & Ann (COLLINS)
Nov 6 1853Starve Hr HN
Thomas BLAKERobert & Sarah (LODER)
Nov 20 1853Green Cove HN
Mary CLEMENTSJoseph & Mary
Nov 20 1853Salt Harbour HN
Charlotte POWELLRobert & Dinah
Nov 21 1853Merritts Hr HN
Timothy WOODFORDThomas & Rhoda
Dec 25 1853Starve Hr HN
Emma Jane RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Feb 19 1854Clarks Cove HN
William BLAKEJames & Elizabeth (RICHMOND)
Mar 5 1854Clarks Cove HN
Hannah RICHMONDWilliam & Mary
Apr 2 1854Green Cove HN
Susanna BATTBenjamin & Hannah
Apr 23 1854Starve Hr HN
Rachel STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
May 28 1854Clarks Cove HN
Thomas ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
June 11 1854Starve? Hr (?Stone Hr) HN
Samuel HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Jul 9 1854Gut Arm HN
Jul 16 1854Clarks Cove HN
William BARNESJames & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Jul 23 1854Starve Hr HN
Priscilla POLLARDWilliam & Mary
Jul 23 1854Green Cove HN
Selina PHILPOTTJohn & Emma (MARTIN)
Sep 3 1854Starve Hr HN
Elias MURSALL (MURSELL)Charles & Maria (WOODFORD*)
Sep 12 1854Starve Hr HNNOTE: Maiden name per Barbara Strong Pederson
Anne CARDSamuel & Eliza
Sep 13 1854Merritts Hr HN
Elijah MILESStephen & Susan (LUSCOMBE)
Sep 17 1854Salt Harbour HN
William REDDICKJohn & Amelia
Oct 8 1854Salt Harbour HN
Louisa BLANDFORDDaniel & Sarah (widow Batt)
Oct 15 1854Starve Hr HN
Thomas LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Elizabeth (TUFFIN)
Oct 22 1854Clarks Cove HN
Nov 5 1854Clarks Cove HNNOTE: maiden name per Paul Stuckey
Abraham BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Nov 19 1854Salt Harbour HN
Rebecca THOMSON (THOMPSON)Silas & Louisa
Dec 9 1854Salt Harbour HN
William SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN*)
Mar 4 1855Salt Harbour HNNOTE: maiden name per John Holwell & Phyllis Steiner
Robert POWELLStephen & Sarah (SMITH)
June 3 1855Merritts Hr HN
Mary WHITECharles & Jane
Jul 1 1855Merritts Hr HN
Eliza Jane MILESIsaac & Elizabeth (DART)
Jul 8 1855Salt Harbour HN
William WATKINSWilliam & Anne
Aug 19 1855Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth BROWNJohn & Ann (COLLINS)
Aug 26 1855Starve Hr HN
Sophia SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Sep 9 1855Canister Cove HN
Mary ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Sep 9 1855Green Cove HN
John BUTLERJohn & Kezia
Sep 23 1855Green Cove HN
Philip CARDSamuel & Eliza
Oct 26 1855Merritts Hr HN
Phoebe POWELLFrancis & Rachel (BOYD)
Oct 26 1855Merritts Hr HN
Nathanael RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Nov 4 1855Clarks Cove HN
Solomon REDDICKJohn & Amelia
Nov 18 1855Salt Harbour HN
Susanna DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
Nov 19 1855Clarks Cove HN
Jane WOODFORDThomas & Rhoda
Dec 30 1855Starve Hr HN
Susannah SQUIRESJohn & Elizabeth (MILES)
Jan 1 1856Salt Harbour HN
Rachel HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Mar 18 1856Starve Hr HN
Jane BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Mar 23 1856Salt Harbour HN
Fanny PHILPOTTJohn & Amy (nee Emma MARTIN)
Apr 20 1856Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth RICHMONDWilliam & Mary
May 30 1856Green Cove HN
Simon STONEHenry & Martha (SQUIRES)
June 6 1856Clarks Cove HN
Archibald BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
June 22 1856Clarks Cove HN
Jane ROSEWilliam & Susan
Jul 27 1856Green Cove HN
John STONEGeorge & Virtue
Aug 3 1856Merritts Hr HN
Elizabeth STEELJohn & Eliza (GILLETT)
Aug 17 1856Salt Harbour HN
Rachel WARRENJohn & Elizabeth
Aug 31 1856Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth WAYJohn & Louisa
Sep 21 1856Starve Hr HN
Matthew BARNESJames & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Sep 27 1856Starve Hr HN
Hannah ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
Oct 5 1856Starve Hr HN
Joseph TERRAFIELD (TORRAVILLE)Jeremiah & Mary Ann (BATT)
Oct 5 1856Starve Hr HN
Louisa WOODFORDWilliam & Mary
Oct 5 1856Gut Arm HN
Philip POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
Oct 19 1856Merritts Hr HN
Elizabeth BLAKERobert & Sarah (LODER)
Oct 22 1856Green Cove HN
Mary GRIMESTimothy & Elizabeth (HURLEY)
Nov 9 1856Starve Hr HN
Thomas STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
Nov 30 1856Clarks Cove HN
Abraham WHITEWilliam & Martha
Dec 14 1856Green Cove HN
Sarah Anna BROWNJohn & Ann (COLLINS)
Feb 26 1857Starve Hr HN
William MILESIsaac & Elizabeth (DART)
Mar 8 1857Salt Harbour HN
Mary Jane SQUIRESJames & Jane
Mar 22 1857Starve Hr HNIt is believed Mary Jane was the dau of James Oxford and Jane Squires but that the maiden name of the mother was written down by the minister in error.
Caroline ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Apr 5 1857Green Cove HN
Alfred MURCELL (MURSELL)Charles & Maria (WOODFORD)
Apr 10 1857Starve Hr HN
Sarah SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN)
June 14 1857Salt Harbour HN
Eli ANSTEYJohn & Mary (POWELL)
June 21 1857Merritts Hr HN
Elizabeth POWELLStephen & Sarah (SMITH)
June 21 1857Merritts Hr HN
Selina SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Jul 12 1857Pikes Arm HN
Martha DALLEYWilliam & Elizabeth
Jul 21 1957Clarks Cove HN
Abraham HURLEYGeorge & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Aug 2 1857Green Cove HN
Abraham CASTLE (CASSELL)James & Anna
Aug 5 1857Green Cove HN
Elizabeth GILLETTJohn & Martha
Aug 23 1857Salt Harbour HN
Isabella BLAKEJames & Elizabeth (RICHMOND)
Aug 30 1857Clarks Cove HN
James RICENicholas & Mary
Sep 6 1857Little Harbour, Twillingate
Louisa WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Sep 23 1857Salt Harbour HNfrom other sources, born Sep 19 1857
John CASTLE (CASSELL)William & Priscilla (SQUIRES)
Oct 4 1857Pikes Arm HN
Henry MILESAndrew & Jane (KEARLEY)
Oct 12 1857Starve Hr HN
Amelia SMARTRobert & Elizabeth (COLLINS)
Nov 10 1857Starve Hr HN
Levi LODERSolomon & Elizabeth (HELLINGS)
Nov 25 1857Green Cove HN
Elizabeth OXFORDHenry & Isabella (WATKINS)
Dec 20 1857Starve Hr HN
Abraham WHITEJohn & Louisa
Dec 25 1857Salt Harbour HN
Emily SQUIRESJohn & Elizabeth (MILES)
Feb 28 1858Salt Harbour HN
Daniel BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Mar 7 1858Salt Harbour HN
Jane CARDSamuel & Eliza
Mar 21 1858Merritts Hr HN
Rachel BROWNJohn & Ann (COLLINS)
Mar 23 1858Starve Hr HN
Lydia WOODFORDThomas & Rhoda
May 2 1858Starve Hr HN
Martha DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
May 12 1858Clarks Cove HN
Elizabeth Emma BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
May 16 1858Clarks Cove HN
William POWELLStephen & Rachel
May 30 1858Merritts Hr HN
John WATTSWilliam & Charlotte (LODER)
June 17 1858Clarks Cove HN
Levi STUCKEYJoseph & Jane (BLAKE)
June 17 1858Clarks Cove HN
Mary Ann REDDICKJohn & Amelia
June 20 1858Salt Harbour HN
Abraham CASTLE (CASSELL)John & Priscilla
June 22 1858Green Cove HN
William HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Aug 8 1858Starve Hr HN
Charlotte PHILPOTTJohn & Amy (nee Emma MARTIN)
Aug 15 1858Starve Hr HN
William ROSEWilliam & Susan
Aug 15 1858Green Cove HN
Rachel TERRAFIELD (TORRAVILLE)Thomas & Elizabeth (LODER)
Aug 22 1858Clarks Cove HN
Anna SIMMONSSamuel & Mary
Aug 29 1858Salt Harbour HN
Amelia POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
Sep 5 1858Merritts Hr HN
Mary STEELJohn & Eliza (GILLETT)
Sep 6 1858Pikes Arm HN
Elizabeth HURLEYGeorge & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Sep 26 1858Green Cove HN
Joseph BLAKERobert & Sarah (LODER)
Oct 22 1858Green Cove HN
George CASTLE (CASSELL)Thomas & Elizabeth (GILLETT)
Nov 7 1858Green Cove HN
Mary CASTLE (CASSELL)Thomas & Elizabeth (GILLETT)
Nov 7 1858Green Cove HN
Harriett GRIMESTimothy & Elizabeth (HURLEY)
Nov 14 1858Starve Hr HN
Prudence Amelia RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Nov 19 1858Clarks Cove HN
Virtue STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
Nov 19 1858Clarks Cove HN
Susan MILESHenry & Elizabeth (WOODFORD)
Nov 25 1858Salt Harbour HN
Solomon WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Dec 19 1858Salt Harbour HNFrom other sources, born Oct 15 1858
Amelia Ann TERRAFIELD (TORRAVILLE)Jeremiah & Mary Jane (nee MARY ANN BATT)
Dec 19 1858Starve Hr HN
Louisa WAYJohn & Louisa
Dec 26 1858Starve Hr HN
Mary Jane SEALEYJohn & Levinia (WARREN)
Dec 26 1858Salt Harbour HN
Phoebe ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
Jan 20 1859Starve Hr HN
Susan ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Jan 21 1859Green Cove HN
Albert WOODFORDWilliam & Mary
Jan 30 1859Starve Hr HN
Emily BARNESJames & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Jan 30 1859Starve Hr HN
Priscilla RICHMONDWilliam & Mary
Feb 27 1859Green Cove HN
James CASTLE (CASSELL)James & Anna
Apr 3 1859Green Cove HN
Mary Ann LODERSolomon & Ann (WELSH)
Apr 3 1859Green Cove HN
Solomon SMARTRobert & Elizabeth (COLLINS)
May 15 1859Starve Hr HN
John WARRENJohn & Elizabeth
May 29 1859Starve Hr HN
Charles VATCHERCharles & Edith
June 2 1859Merritts Hr HN
June 12 1859Salt Harbour HN
William WHITEWilliam & Martha
June 14 1859Green Cove HN
James GILLETTJohn & Rebecca
June 29 1859Green Cove HN
Eli POLLARDUriah & Rebecca (MILES)
Jul 3 1859Starve Hr HN
Rosanna STONEHenry & Martha (SQUIRES)
Jul 10 1859Clarks Cove HN
Lucy PHILPOTTJoseph & Jane (POLLARD)
Jul 10 1859Starve Hr HN
Thomas BROWNJames & Elizabeth
Jul 10 1859Green Cove HN
Miriam MILESAndrew & Jane (KEARLEY)
Jul 31 1859Salt Harbour HN
George FUDGEJohn & Mary
Jul 31 1859Pikes Arm HN
Caroline SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Jul 31 1859Pikes Arm HN
Eliza LANGDONDavid & Lydia
Jul 31 1859Merritts Hr HN
George VINCENTWilliam & Ann (KEATS)
Sep 11 1859Merritts Hr HN
Eli OXFORDHenry & Isabella (WATKINS)
Sep 11 1859Starve Hr HN
Ann BLAKEJames & Elizabeth (RICHMOND)
Sep 18 1859Clarks Cove HN
Levi LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Charlotte*
Oct 9 1859Clarks Cove HN
Samuel LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Charlotte*
Oct 9 1859Clarks Cove HN
William WHITEWilliam & Martha
Oct 9 1859Green Cove HN
Elizabeth LEWISJohn & Arundal (RICE)
Oct 9 1859Starve Hr HN
Mary FARTHINGIsaac & Jane (BATT)
Oct 23 1859Starve Hr HN
Nov 16 1859Starve Hr HN
John BARNESAndrew & Elizabeth (BLANDFORD)
Nov 18 1859Green Cove HN
Thomas MILESEsau & Mary Ann (PHILPOTT)
Nov 27 1859Salt Harbour HN
Sarah BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Dec 18 1859Salt Harbour HN
John ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
Jan 10 1860Starve Hr HN
Eli CARDSamuel & Eliza
Jan 26 1860Merritts Hr HN
Josiah SAUNDERSHenry & Sarah (WARWICK)
Jan 29 1860Clarks Cove HN
John MILESIsaac & Elizabeth (DART)
Mar 19 1860Salt Harbour HN
John WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Apr 8 1860Salt Harbour HN
Elijah CASTLE (CASSELL)Joseph & Elizabeth (LUSCOMBE)
Apr 29 1860Clarks Cove HN
Sarah REDDICKJohn & Amelia
May 17 1860Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth WOODSHenry & Jane
June 14 1860Clarks Cove HN
Susannah BATHJohn & Elizabeth
Jul 25 1860Green Cove HN
John Edward STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
Jul 29 1860Clarks Cove HN
Mary Ann HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Jul 29 1860Gut Arm HN
Joseph TORRAVILLEThomas & Elizabeth (LODER)
Aug 19 1860Clarks Cove HN
Rebecca SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN)
Aug 19 1860Salt Harbour HN
Louisa GILLINGHAMHenry & Helen (THORNE?)
Aug 22 1860Gut Arm HN
Cecilia BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
Aug 24 1860Clarks Cove HN
Diana COLLINSWilliam & Maria (FARTHING)
Sep 2 1860Starve Hr HN
William POLLARDUriah & Rebecca (MILES)
Sep 2 1860Gut Arm HN
Elvina PHILPOTTJohn & Amy (nee Emma MARTIN)
Sep 15 1860Starve Hr HN
Emily BATTThomas & Rachel (POWELL)
Sep 30 1860Starve Hr HN
William WALSHJoseph & Jemima
Oct 1 1860Green Cove HN
Rachel RICHMONDWilliam & Mary
Oct 1 1860Green Cove HN
James LODERJames & Mary Ann
Oct 5 1860Green Cove HN
Samuel ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Oct 16 1860Green Cove HN
Susannah WOODFORDThomas & Rhoda
Nov 4 1860Starve Hr HN
Cornelius RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Nov 15 1860Clarks Cove HN
Lucy OXFORDJames & Jane (SQUIRES)
Nov 25 1860Starve Hr HN
Stephen FARTHINGJoseph & Elizabeth (RIDEOUT)
Dec 29 1860Starve Hr HN
Esau MILESEsau & Mary Ann (PHILPOTT)
Mar 3 1861Salt Harbour HN
Mary HURLEYGeorge & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Mar 24 1861Green Cove HN
Albert POLLARDJohn & Susanna (TUFFIN)
Apr 19 1861Green Cove HN
Emily MILESHenry & Elizabeth (WOODFORD)
Apr 24 1861Salt Harbour HN
Dinah POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
Apr 24 1861Merritts Hr HN
Fanny ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
May 12 1861Starve Hr HN
Mary Ann WAYJohn & Louisa
June 15 1861Gut Arm HN
Esau FARTHINGIsaac & Jane (BATT)
June 19 1861Starve Hr HN
Louisa WHITEJoseph & Louisa (widow Thompson)
June 30 1861Salt Harbour HN
John BURTEsau & Amelia (THOMPSON)
June 30 1861Salt Harbour HN
Emeline GILLETTJohn & Martha
Jul 20 1861Green Cove HN
Elizabeth Ann CASTLE (CASSELL)William & Priscilla (SQUIRES)
Jul 28 1861Green Cove HN
Priscilla LODERSolomon & Elizabeth (HELLINGS)
Jul 28 1861Green Cove HN
James SQUIRESSimon & Julia
Jul 28 1861Pikes Arm HN
Fanny SMARTWilliam & Eliza
Sep 12 1861Starve Hr HN
Lucy POWELLStephen & Sarah (SMITH)
Sep 22 1861Merritts Hr HN
Rebecca WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Oct 2 1861Salt Harbour HNFrom other sources, born Aug 29 1861
Levi WHITEWilliam & Martha
Oct 14 1861Green Cove HN
Susannah CASTLE (CASSELL)Joseph & Elizabeth (LUSCOMBE)
Oct 29 1861Pikes Arm HN
George RANDELL/RANDALL?Levi & Olivia
Oct 29 1861Clarks Cove HN
Lucy Hannah SAUNDERSGeorge & Harriet
Oct 29 1861Pikes Arm HN
Joseph BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Oct 30 1861Salt Harbour HN
Susannah LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Elizabeth (TUFFIN)
Dec 30 1861Clarks Cove HN
Drucilla MILESStephen & Susanna (WOODFORD)
Jan 22 1862Salt Harbour HN
Elizabeth GRIMESTimothy & Elizabeth (HURLEY)
Jan 22 1862Starve Hr HN
Susannah LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Elizabeth (TUFFIN)
Feb 6 1862Clarks Cove HN
Stephen ROSEWilliam & Susannah
May 3 1862Green Cove HN
Catherine BLAKEJames & Elizabeth (RICHMOND)
May 17 1862Clarks Cove HN
Levi STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
May 22 1862Clarks Cove HN
Martha STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
May 22 1862Clarks Cove HN
Susannah BATTThomas & Rachel (POWELL)
June 15 1862Starve Hr HN
John SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN)
June 22 1862Salt Harbour HN
Emily DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
June 22 1862Clarks Cove HN
Elizabeth CARDSamuel & Eliza
Jul 6 1862Merritts Hr HN
Cassender (Cassandra) RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Jul 6 1862Clarks Cove HN
Mary Jane POLLARDUriah & Rebecca (MILES)
Jul 6 1862Gut Arm HN
Elizabeth Arabella OXFORDSamuel & Julia
Jul 23 1862Gut Arm HN
Emily COLLINSWilliam & Maria (FARTHING)
Jul 23 1862Starve Hr HN
Daniel BURTEsau & Amelia (THOMPSON)
Jul 23 1862Gut Arm HN
Joseph QUINTINJohn & Charlotte
Aug 3 1862Salt Harbour HN
Charles HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Aug 31 1862Gut Arm HN
Elizabeth Rebecca WARRENJohn & Elizabeth
Aug 31 1862Starve Hr HN
Fanny SMARTRobert & Elizabeth (COLLINS)
Sep 3 1862Starve Hr HN
Stephen ROSEWilliam & Susan
Sep 12 1862Green Cove HN
Elizabeth Rebecca WOODSHenry & Jane
Sep 14 1862Pikes Arm HN
Lucy Ann WOODFORDWilliam & Mary
Sep 21 1862Starve Hr HN
William ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Sep 21 1862Green Cove HN
Levi CASTLE (CASSELL)Thomas & Elizabeth (GILLETT)
Oct 24 1862Green Cove HN
Rosanna CASTLE (CASSELL)William & Priscilla (SQUIRES)
Oct 31 1862Green Cove HN
Rueben POLLARDJohn & Susan (TUFFIN)
Nov 19 1862Green Cove HN
Rachel LODERJohn & Martha
Nov 22 1862Clarks Cove HN
Charlotte PHILPOTTJohn & Amy (nee Emma MARTIN)
Nov 30 1862Starve Hr HN
Philip WHITECharles & Mary (BAKER)
Jan 14 1863Merritts Hr HN
Susan BROWNRobert & Louisa
Feb 19 1863Clarks Cove HN
Samuel WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Feb 27 1863Salt Harbour HN
Rebecca CASTLE (CASSELL)James & Ann
Mar 25 1863Green Cove HN
Jane HURLEY*James & Rosanna
Apr 8 1863Green Cove HN*possibly should read GEORGE & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Sarah VATCHERCharles & Edith
Apr 15 1863Merritts Hr HN
John TUFFINSilvester & Sarah (BATH)
June 5 1863Green Cove HN
John WAYJohn & Louisa
June 21 1863Starve Hr HN
Sarah POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
June 21 1863Merritts Hr HN
Sarah Jane BROWNJohn & Ann (COLLINS)
June 26 1863Starve Hr HN
William GILLETTJohn & Martha
Jul 19 1863Green Cove HN
Mary Ann DALLEYWilliam & Elizabeth
Jul 28 1863Pikes Arm HN
Selina BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
Jul 31 1863Starve Hr HN
Thomas John RANDELLLevi & Olivia
Aug 2 1863Clarks Cove HN
George CASTLE (CASSELL)Joseph & Elizabeth (LUSCOMBE)
Aug 2 1863Clarks Cove HN
Henry STONEHenry & Martha (SQUIRES)
Aug 16 1863Clarks Cove HN
Charles FARTHINGIsaac & Jane (BATT)
Aug 31 1863Starve Hr HN
Mary Ann LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Elizabeth (TUFFIN)
Sep 13? 1863Clarks Cove HN
Jonathan MILESAndrew & Jane (KEARLEY)
Sep 20 1863Salt Harbour HN
Elijah POWELLStephen & Sarah (SMITH)
Oct 11 1863Merritts Hr HN
Ann BATTThomas & Rachel (POWELL)
Oct 30 1863Clarks Cove HN
Emma Martha OXFORDSamuel & Julia
Oct 30 1863Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth TORRAVILLEThomas & Elizabeth (LODER)
Oct 30 1863Clarks Cove HN
Stephen STUCKEYJoseph & Jane (BLAKE)
Oct 30 1863Clarks Cove HN
Benjamin TOLLERVILLE (TORRAVILLE)Jeremiah & Mary Ann (BATT)
Nov 1 1863Starve Hr HN
William ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
Nov 1 1863Starve Hr HN
Samuel LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Thomas & Kezia (LODER)
Nov 1 1863Clarks Cove HN
Andrew MILESIsaac & Elizabeth (DART)
Nov 1 1863Salt Harbour HN
Rosanna FARTHINGJoseph & Elizabeth (RIDEOUT)
Nov 8 1863Starve Hr HN
Eliza SAUNDERSGeorge & Harriett
Nov 17 1863Clarks Cove HN
Peter BLANDFORDEli & Rosanna (SQUIRES)
Nov 22 1863Salt Harbour HN
Silas BURTEsau & Amelia (THOMPSON)
Nov 29 1863Salt Harbour HN
Abraham WELSH (aka WALSH)William & Charlotte (THOMPSON)
Dec 6 1863Salt Harbour HN
Charles MURSELLCharles & Maria (WOODFORD)
Dec 13 1863Starve Hr HN
Susanna SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN)
Feb 28 1864Salt Harbour HN
Fanny CARDSamuel & Eliza
Mar 18 1864Merritts Hr HN
James STUCKLESSFrancis & Eliza (MILES)
Apr 17 1864Salt Harbour HN
Apr 21 1864Starve Hr HNNot married
Henry OXFORDHenry & Isabella (WATKINS)
Apr 24 1864Starve Hr HN
Adelaide GRIMESTimothy & Elizabeth (HURLEY)
May 8 1864Starve Hr HN
Mary STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
May 17 1864Clarks Cove HN
William RICHMONDWilliam & Mary
May 17 1864Green Cove HN
Thomas BLAKEJames & Elizabeth (RICHMOND)
May 22 1864Clarks Cove HN
Susanna COLLINSWilliam & Maria (FARTHING)
May 22 1864Starve Hr HN
Ellen LANGDOWNDavid & Ann
May 27 1864Merritts Hr HN
Elizabeth BROWNRobert & Louisa
June 2 1864Clarks Cove HN
Simon ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
June 15 1864Green Cove HN
Phoebe Ann JACOBSJohn & Susan (POWELL)
June 19 1864Merritts Hr HN
Edward POWELLFrancis & Rachel (BOYD)
June 19 1864Merritts Hr HN
William GRIMESPeter & Emma (HURLEY)
June 19 1864Starve Hr HN
Mary Ann MILESStephen & Susanna (WOODFORD)
Jul 3 1864Salt Harbour HN
John HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Aug 3 1864Gut Arm HN
Samuel BRIDGERJohn & Mary (MILES)
Aug 7 1864Starve Hr HN
Miriam OXFORDJames & Jane (SQUIRES)
Aug 11 1864Starve Hr HN
Alfred HURLEY"Joseph & William" (sic!)
Aug 21 1864Starve Hr HN
Henry DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
Sep 4 1864Clarks Cove HN
Ann TUFFINSilvester & Sarah (BATH)
Sep 30 1864Green Cove HN
John WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Oct 2 1864Salt Harbour HN
Eli Francis WOODFORDWilliam & Mary
Oct 8 1864Starve Hr HN
John SMARTRobert & Elizabeth (COLLINS)
Oct 8 1864Starve Hr HN
Joseph WATTSWilliam & Charlotte (LODER)
Oct 16 1864Clarks Cove HN
James GILLINGHAMHenry & Helen (THORNE?)
Oct 16 1864Starve Hr HN
Jessie Mary BOAGWilliam & Fanny
Oct 17 1864Starve Hr HN(merchant)
Isaac HURLEYGeorge & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Nov 4 1864Green Cove HN
Louisa Jane WELSH (aka WALSH)Joseph & Jemima
Nov 4 1864Green Cove HN
Albert Edward WARRENWilliam & Mary Ann (widow Miles*)
Nov 6 1864Salt Harbour HNNOTE: ??nee Mary Ann PHILPOTT, widow of Esau Miles
Robert CASTLE (CASSELL)James & Ann
Nov 14 1864Green Cove HN
James POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
Dec 17 1864Merritts Hr HN
Lucy Jane BURTONMoses & Mary Ann
Jan 16 1865Starve Hr HN
Alfred VATCHERJohn & Fanny (KEATS)
Jan 28 1864Merritts Hr HN
Nathanael RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Jan 29 1865Clarks Cove HN
Mary Ann DALLEYWilliam & Elizabeth
Jan 31 1865Pikes Arm HN
Silas WELSH (aka WALSH)William & Charlotte (THOMPSON)
Feb 7 1865Gut Arm HN
Louisa WELSH (aka WALSH)William & Charlotte (THOMPSON)
Feb 7 1865Gut Arm HN
Eli BURTEsau & Amelia (THOMPSON)
Feb 7 1865Gut Arm HN
Jane POLLARDJohn & Susanna (TUFFIN)
Feb 12 1865Green Cove HN
George OXFORDSamuel & Julia
Mar 8 1865Starve Hr HN
Thomas William BROWNThomas & Sophia (widow Aveline)
Apr 22 1865Starve Hr HN(Surgeon)
Fanny PHILPOTTJohn & Emma (MARTIN)
Apr 23 1865Starve Hr HN
Lucy Anna TOLLERVILLE (TORRAVILLE)Jeremiah & Mary Ann (BATT)
Apr 25 1865Starve Hr HN
Dinah FARTHINGEphraim & Julia (WOODFORD)
May 14 1865Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Thomas & Kezia (LODER)
May 28 1865Clarks Cove HN
Thomas LODERJohn & Martha
May 28 1865Clarks Cove HN
Elizabeth REDDICKJohn & Amelia
June 11 1865Starve Hr HN
Obadiah ROSEWilliam & Susan
Jul 3 1865Green Cove HN
Elizabeth WARRENJohn & Elizabeth
Jul 23 1865Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth INKPENJames & Ann (GILLETT)
Jul 23 1865Clarks Cove HN
Aug 13 1865Clarks Cove HNNot married
Olivia RENDALLLevi & Olivia
Aug 21 1865Clarks Cove HN
?T. William SMARTJames & Eliza (GREEN)
Aug 25 1865Starve Hr HN
Amelia BLANDFORDEli & Rosanna (SQUIRES)
Aug 27 1865Salt Harbour HN
Elizabeth CRITCHJohn & Martha
Sep 10 1865Clarks Cove HN
James SAUNDERSGeorge & Harriett
Oct 2 1865Pikes Arm HN
Jeremiah FUDGEJohn & Sarah (widow Saunders*)
Oct 2 1865Pikes Arm HNNOTE: ??nee WARWICK
Noah CASTLE (CASSELL)Joseph & Elizabeth (LUSCOMBE)
Nov 3 1865Clarks Cove HN
John STUCKLESSFrancis & Eliza (MILES)
Nov 12 1865Salt Harbour HN
Mary CARDJames & Jane
Nov 14 1865Merritts Hr HN
James SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN)
Nov 19 1865Salt Harbour HN
Drusilla BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
Nov 22 1865Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth Jane GRIMESPeter & Emma (HURLEY)
Dec 3 1865Starve Hr HN
Theophilus RICHMONDWilliam & Mary
Jan 10 1866Green Cove HN
Elizabeth TUFFINSilvester & Sarah (BATH)
Jan 10 1866Green Cove HN
Miriam POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
Jan 19 1866Merritts Hr HN
Lucy WAYJohn & Louisa
Feb 25 1866Gut Arm HN
Cinderella RICERobert & Ann (WALSH)
Feb 25 1866Merritts Hr HN
Levi FARTHINGJoseph & Elizabeth (RIDEOUT)
Mar 9 1866Starve Hr HN
Samuel BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Mar 11 1866Salt Harbour HN
Louisa BATTThomas & Rachel (POWELL)
Mar 11 1866Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth MILESIsaac & Elizabeth (DART)
Mar 16 1866Salt Harbour HN
Edward WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Mar 18 1866Salt Harbour HNNOTE: from other sources, born Feb 5 1866
Charlotte VINCENTWilliam & Ann (KEATS)
Mar 28 1866Merritts Hr HN
Henry STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
Mar 29 1866Clarks Cove HN
Eli COLLINSWilliam & Maria (FARTHING)
Apr 1 1866Starve Hr HN
Archibald MILESStephen & Susan (WOODFORD)
Apr 8 1866Salt Harbour HN
Lucy Jane MILESHenry & Elizabeth (WOODFORD)
Apr 14 1866Salt Harbour HN
Virtue LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Elizabeth (TUFFIN)
June 8 1866Clarks Cove HN
Matthew Mark ELLIOTTSamuel & Amelia (WOODFORD)
June 10 1866Starve Hr HN
Elijah OXFORDSamuel & Julia
Jul 14 1866Gut Arm HN
Mary Ann INKPENJames & Ann (GILLETT)
Jul 16 1866Pikes Arm HN
William COWARDHenry & Emma (GILLETT)
Jul 16 1866Pikes Arm HN
Henry POWELLFrancis & Rachel (BOYD)
Jul 16 1866Merritts Hr HN
Jacob HURLEYGeorge & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Jul 20 1866Green Cove HN
John BARNESJames & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Jul 29 1866Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth Jane CASTLE (CASSELL)George & Diana (BATH)
Jul 31 1866Green Cove HN
Henry STUCKEYJoseph & Jane (BLAKE)
Aug 13 1866Clarks Cove HN
William WATKINSThomas & Mary
Aug 17 1866Starve Hr HN
Mary WATKINSThomas Careley & Mary
Aug 17 1866Starve Hr HN
William John WARE (WEIR)William & Charlotte (WAY)
Aug 19 1866Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay
Lucy Ann SMARTWilliam & Fanny
Aug 28 1866Starve Hr HN
Thomas HAYTERCharles & Jane (MARTIN)
Sep 20 1866Gut Arm HN
Clara BARNESAndrew & Elizabeth (BLANDFORD)Jul 7 1866Oct 4 1866Green Cove HN
Louisa ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Oct 7 1866Green Cove HN
Abraham LODERSolomon & Ann (WELSH)
Oct 7 1866Clarks Cove HN
Elijah JACOBSJohn & Susan (POWELL)
Oct 7 1866Merritts Hr HN
Lucy MURSELLWilliam & Sarah (WARREN)
Oct 13 1866Starve Hr HN
Jessie WARREN (female)James & Ann (BAKER)
Oct 14 1866Salt Harbour HN
Henry W. SMARTRobert & Elizabeth (COLLINS)
Nov 1 1866Starve Hr HN
Sarah CASTLE (CASSELL)William & Priscilla (SQUIRES)
Nov 13 1866Green Cove HN
Maria ROBERTSJohn & Maria (OXFORD)
Nov 24 1866Salt Harbour HN
John William WARRENWilliam & Mary Ann (widow Miles*)
Dec 19 1866Starve Hr HNNOTE: ?? Nee PHILPOTT, widow of Esau Miles
Emeline DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
Dec 20 1866Clarks Cove HN
Robert DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
Dec 20 1866Clarks Cove HN
David GRIMESPeter & Emma (HURLEY)
Dec 23 1866Starve Hr HN
Jan 8 1867Starve Hr HN
Lucy Ann BURTEsau & Amelia (THOMPSON)
Jan 15 1867Starve Hr HN
Jan 17 1867Starve Hr HN*Married 1868
Mary Ann VATCHERJohn & Fanny (KEATS)
Feb 24 1867Merritts Hr HN
Lydia FARTHINGEphraim & Julia (WOODFORD)
Feb 24 1867Starve Hr HN
Lucy Jane OXFORDJames & Jane (SQUIRES)
Feb 28 1867Starve Hr HN
Archibald FARTHINGIsaac & Jane (BATT)
Mar 16 1867Starve Hr HN
Drusilla PHILPOTTJoseph & Sophia (STUCKEY)
Mar 28 1867Starve Hr HN
Thirza SMARTLevi & Amelia (COLLINS)
Apr 15 1867Starve Hr HN
Abraham MILESFrancis & Mary (KEATS)
Apr 21 1867Salt Harbour HN
Elijah LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Thomas & Kezia (LODER)
Apr 30 1867Clarks Cove HN
George Robert SMARTJames & Eliza (GREEN)
May 12 1867Starve Hr HN
Robert ROSEThomas & Mary Ann (RICHMOND)
June 30 1867Green Cove HN
June 30 1867Starve Hr HN
Thirza RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Aug 12 1867Clarks Cove HN
Elijah FARTHINGCharles & Martha (LUSCOMBE)
Aug 14 1867Starve Hr HN
Theophilus BROWNRobert & Louisa
Sep 1 1867Clarks Cove HN
Ann CARDJames & Jane
Sep 1 1867Merritts Hr HN
Lydia PHILPOTTJohn & Amy (nee Emma MARTIN)
Sep 3 1867Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth LODERJohn & Susanna
Sep 12 1867Clarks Cove HN
Louisa Jane RICHMONDJohn & Mary
Sep 20 1867Green Cove HN
Ann Elizabeth CANDOWJames & Anna Maria
Sep 22 1867Green Cove HN(surgeon)
Drusilla ELLIOTTSamuel & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Sep 22 1867Starve Hr HN
John BRIDGERJohn & Mary (MILES)
Sep 22 1867Starve Hr HN
James BURTONMoses & Mary
Sep 26 1867Starve Hr HN
Fanny GILLINGHAMHenry & Ellen (THORNE?)
Oct 20 1867Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Nov 10 1867Salt Harbour HN
Charles FOKESCharles & Mary Ann
Nov 18 1867Starve Hr HN
Thomas TUFFINSilvester & Sarah (BATH)
Nov 22 1867Green Cove HN
Jonas BLANDFORDEsau & Selina (BENNETT)
Nov 23 1867Starve Hr HN
Charlotte SEALEYJohn & Lavinia (WARREN)
Dec 15 1867Salt Harbour HN
Emma HURLEYGeorge & Rosanna (TUFFIN)
Jan 31 1868Green Cove HN
Drusilla BATTThomas & Rachel (POWELL)
Mar 13 1868Starve Hr HN
Mary Ann POWELLStephen & Sarah (SMITH)
Apr 20 1868Merritts Hr HN
Mary Dinah COLLINSWilliam & Maria (FARTHING)
Apr 30 1868Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth Jane MILESStephen & Susanna (WOODFORD)
May 10 1868Salt Harbour HN
Amelia Ann WAYJohn & Louisa
May 10 1868Starve Hr HN
Matthew COOKJohn & Harriett (HAYTER)
May 17 1868Merritts Hr HN
Charles William GILLETTJames & Martha (CUTLER)
May 17 1868Clarks Cove HN
Abraham STUCKLESSFrancis & Eliza (MILES)
May 17 1868Starve Hr HN
Susanna STUCKLESSFrancis & Eliza (MILES)
May 17 1868Starve Hr HN
David JACOBSJohn & Susan (POWELL)
May 17 1868Merritts Hr HN
George GRIMESPeter & Emma (HURLEY)
May 24 1868Starve Hr HN
Thomas Samuel OXFORDSamuel & Julia
June 14 1868Starve Hr HN
Theodore RICERobert & Ann (WALSH)
June 14 1868Merritts Hr HN
Isaac FARTHINGGeorge & Sarah (MILES)June 28 1868Jul 4 1868Starve Hr HN
Mary BLANDFORDJoseph & Elizabeth
Jul 26 1868Salt Harbour HN
Elias STUCKEYThomas & Martha (DALLEY)
Sep 11 1868Clarks Cove HN
Henry George VINCENTJames & Sophia (KEATS)
Sep 19 1868Merritts Hr HN
Mary Ann ROSEThomas & Mary Ann (RICHMOND)
Oct 8 1868Green Cove HN
William John INKPENJames & Ann (GILLETT)
Oct 11 1868Cobbs Arm HN
George WARRENElias {Jr} & Emma (SEALEY)
Nov 1 1868Salt Harbour HN
Phoebe Ann SMARTLevi & Amelia (COLLINS)
Nov 7 1868Starve Hr HN
Henry George POWELLEdward & Sarah (REID)
Nov 8 1868Merritts Hr HN
George KINGMANJohn & Charity (STONE)
Nov 8 1868Merritts Hr HN
Samuel CARDJohn & Charlotte (widow Stuckey)
Nov 11 1868Merritts Hr HN
Susanna FARTHINGCharles & Martha (LUSCOMBE)
Nov 24 1868Starve Hr HN
James POWELLFrancis & Rachel (BOYD)
Nov 29 1868Merritts Hr HN
Mary Ann GILLETTJames & Charlotte Cutler*
Nov 29 1868Clarks Cove HNNOTE: a James GILLETT md a Martha CUTLER 1867; possibly same couple
Nov 29 1868Clarks Cove HN
Miriam PHILPOTTAlfred & Jane (MILES)
Jan 25 1869Starve Hr HN
Andrew Silas MILESAndrew & Jane (KEARLEY)
Jan 31 1869Salt Harbour HN(schoolmaster)
Prudence LACEY*Samuel & Isabella
Feb 12 1869Starve Hr HNNOTE: possibly should be DANIEL & Isabella (nee WOODFORD) LACEY
Miriam LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Thomas & Kezia (LODER)
Feb 21 1869Clarks Cove HN
Arthur CARELEY (KEARLEY)Joseph & Miriam (PHILPOTT)
Mar 20 1869Starve Hr HN
William John VINCENTWilliam & Anne (KEATS)
Mar 28 1869Merritts Hr HN
Lucy Jane MILESFrancis & Mary (KEATS)
Jul 4 1869Salt Harbour HN
John WOODFORDWilliam & Fanny (SMART)
Jul 4 1869Starve Hr HN
James LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE)Levi & Elizabeth (TUFFIN)
Aug 1 1869Clarks Cove HN
Jessie CANDOWJames & Anna Maria
Aug 6 1869Clarks Cove HN(schoolmaster)
Fanny CANDOWJames & Anna Maria
Aug 6 1869Clarks Cove HN(schoolmaster)
Louisa REDDICKJohn & Amelia
Aug 20 1869Starve Hr HN
Richard Thomas PHILPOTTJoseph & Sophia (STUCKEY)
Aug 22 1869Starve Hr HN
Darius WARRENJohn & Rachel (NOBLE)
Aug 22 1869Starve Hr HN
Naomi CARDJames & Jane
Sep 26 1869Merritts Hr HN
Rhoda GRIMESPeter & Emma (HURLEY)
Sep 26 1869Starve Hr HN
James ALLENJames & Margaret (GILLINGHAM)
Oct 3 1869Green Cove HN
Phoebe WARRENElias & Mary Jane (SEALEY)
Oct 8 1869Salt Harbour HN
Benjamin BATTThomas & Rachel (POWELL)
Oct 17 1869Starve Hr HN
Azarias RICHARDSWilliam & Kezia (BLANDFORD)
Oct 19 1869Clarks Cove HN
Elizabeth ELLIOTTSamuel & Amelia (WOODFORD)
Nov 12 1869Starve Hr HN
Esau MILESStephen & Susannah (WOODFORD)
Nov 12 1869Salt Harbour HN
Darius MILESIsaac & Elizabeth (DART)
Nov 15 1869Salt Harbour HN
Henry John OXFORDSamuel & Julia
Nov 19 1869Starve Hr HN
Louisa FARTHINGIsaac & Jane (BATT)
Nov 21 1869Starve Hr HN
Eliza GILLETTJohn & Martha
Dec 24 1869Green Cove HN
Rosanna OXFORDJames & Jane (SQUIRES)
Dec 25 1869Starve Hr HN
Jan 2 1870Starve Hr HN
Elizabeth SMARTRobert & Elizabeth (COLLINS)
Jan 28 1870Starve Hr HN
Edward William BURTEsau & Amelia (THOMPSON)
Jan 30 1870Starve Hr HN
Amanda BATTSamuel & Susan (STUCKEY)
Mar 27 1870Starve Hr HN
Stephen SIMMONSSamuel & Emma
Apr 18 1870Starve Hr HN
Henry POWELLHenry & Ann (RIDEOUT)
May 24 1870Merritts Hr HN
Caroline RICERobert & Ann (WALSH)
May 29 1870Starve Hr HN
Rebecca FARTHINGGeorge & Sarah (MILES)
June 5 1870Starve Hr HN
Melvina RECORD?Samuel & Sarah Jane
June 7 1870Salt Harbour HN
Jul 10 1870Starve Hr HN
John BLAKEJames & Martha (SQUIRES)
Jul 12 1870Clarks Cove HN
Thomas William DALLEYThomas & Mary Ann (STUCKEY)
Jul 29 1870Clarks Cove HN
Rebecca WARRENElias {Jr} & Emma (SEALEY)
Jul 31 1870Salt Harbour HN
Susanna BURTONMoses & Mary Ann
Aug 1 1870Starve Hr HN
Eugenia WHITECharles & Mary Ann (HURLEY)
Aug 5 1870Green Cove HN
William Thomas RICHMONDJohn & Eliza (CRANE)
Aug 19 1870Green Cove HN
Elizabeth Jane CASSELLRobert & Louisa (MULLINS)
Aug 19 1870Green Cove HN
Louisa Jane INKPENJames & Ann (GILLETT)
Aug 21 1870Clarks Cove HN
Louisa Jane LODERSolomon & Ann (WELSH)
Aug 28 1870Green Cove HN
Emily STONEGeorge & Martha
Sep 25 1870Pikes Arm HN
Thomas CUTLERWilliam & Elizabeth (STONE)
Sep 25 1870Pikes Arm HN
William Thomas OXFORDHenry & Isabella (WATKINS)
Sep 25 1870Starve Hr HN
Nathanael WATTSWilliam & Charlotte (LODER)
Oct 16 1870Clarks Cove HN
Elizabeth Jane DALLEYElias & Ann (EVELEY/EVELEIGH)
Oct 20 1870Clarks Cove HN
John Thomas GILLETTJames & Martha (CUTLER)
Oct 20 1870Clarks Cove HN
Noah WATTSWilliam & Charlotte (LODER)
Oct 23 1870Clarks Cove HN
Dinah CARDJohn & Charlotte (widow Stuckey)
Nov 6 1870Merritts Hr HN
John BLANDFORDJoseph & ElizabethOct 24 1870Nov 18 1870Salt Harbour HN
Mary Ann WELSH (aka WALSH)William & Charlotte (THOMPSON)
Nov 20 1870Starve Hr HN
Abraham FARTHINGCharles & Martha (LUSCOMBE)
Nov 23 1870Starve Hr HN

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