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Parish of Fogo Methodist Marriages

Vital Statistics Volume 84:   1862 - 1891

These records were transcribed by JILL MARSHALL February 2002 from microfilm copies of the PANL holding (on loan from the Church of JC of LDS, Utah USA). This listing is COMPLETE for marriages.
While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors or omissions.
Date Groom Bride Place Witnesses Remarks
Sep 4 1862Joseph POMEROY, FogoCharlotte MONTGOMERY, FogoFogoJames Pomeroy, William Pope
Nov 23 1862George LEDREW, fish, Fogo IslandsHarriett RENDELL, FogoChange IslandsWilliam LeDrew, John Rendell
Dec 8 1862Philip PERRY, 46, widower, planter, Indian IslandsAmelia SCAMMELL, 38, widow, Change IslandsFogoThomas Taylor, Nicholas Perry
Sep 30 1863Samuel ELLIOTT, bach, fish, Muddy HoleElizabeth PARDY, spin, Muddy HoleFogoJoseph Gill, Samuel Pike
Oct 24 1863William ELLSWORTH, bach, fish, Cann Isl, SeldomMadeline NORMORE, spin, Cann Isl, SeldomCann IslBenjamin Ellsworth, Henry Normore
Oct 25 1863William NORMORE, bach, planter Cann Isl, SeldomEmma MUGFORD, spin, Cann Isl, SeldomFogoJohn Normore, John Mugford
Oct 26 1863Richard REID, bach, fish, Indian I.Mary J. CARNELL, spin, Indian I.Indian I.Elijah Carnell, George "?Vincent"
Nov 11 1863George BURSEY, bach, fish, Change IslandsSusan MOORES, spin, Change IslandsFogoWilliam Moores, William Bursey
Nov 25 1863William HODDINOTT, bach, planter, Seldom Come ByEllen PERRY, spin, Seldom Come By(not given)John Hoddinott, Thomas Perry
Nov 8 1864Thomas E SHENSTONE, bach, merchant, TwillingateOlivia FOX, spin, FogoFogoRobert Gillingham, F D Hodge
Nov 10 1864William SEELEY (SEALEY), bach, fish, FogoAnna HAWKINS, spin, FogoFogoJohn Oven, Ann Rendell
Nov 23 1864Tobias LEDREW, bach, fish, Change IslandsPriscilla LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsThomas William Taylor, William H LeDrew
Nov 26 1864Thomas SEAMORE (SEYMOUR), bach, fish, FogoEllen OSMOND, spin, FogoFogoSamuel Forsey, George Kindon "?"
Dec 15 1864George MOORES, bach, fish, Indian I.Elizabeth MOORES, spin, Indian I.FogoWilliam Moores, Amos Goudie
Mar 17 1865Benjamin ELLSWORTH, bach, fish, Seldom Come ByMahala DELANEY, spin, Seldom Come ByFogoThomas Ellsworth, Solomon Dean
Oct 2 1865Simeon GUY, bach, fish, Muddy HoleSarah PARDY, spin, Muddy HoleDoting CoveJames Whiteway, (omitted) Elliott
Oct 5 1865John WELLON, bach, fish, Wadham I.Providence COISH, spin, Indian I.Indian I.Robert Wellon, John Coish
Oct 7 1865Thomas ELLSWORTH, widower, fish, Seldom Come ByJane MUGFORD, widow, Cann Isl, SeldomSeldom Come ByHenry Penny, Naomi Ellsworth
Oct 17 1865Joseph DEWEY, bach, fish, FogoEllen MILLEY, spin, FogoFogoThomas Humphries, Maria Dewey
Oct 17 1865George ATKIN, bach, fish, Seldom Come ByLouisa ANTHONY, widow, Seldom Come ByFogoSamuel Anthony, Alexander Spence
Nov 7 1865Thomas HART, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth FORSEY, spin, FogoFogoJoseph Hart, Samuel Forsey
Nov 7 1865John HICKS, bach, fish, Doting CoveAnn CUFF, spin, Doting CoveFogoThomas Elliott, George Cuff
Feb 1 1866Robert SCOTT, bach, merchant, FogoMary Maria LUCAS, spin, FogoFogoJohn Lucas, F D Hodge
Feb 25 1866Thomas PECKFORD, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth WHITTEN, widow, FogoFogoWilliam Pomeroy, Elizabeth Ann Peckford
Sep 20 1866Moses EDWARDS, widower, fish, Change IslandsHannah STRONG, widow, Goose TickleFogoJoseph Taylor, Archibald Gatehouse
Sep 27 1866Thomas COISH, bach, fish, Indian I.Julia PERRY, spin, Indian I.FogoRichard Coish, Louisa Coish
Oct 15 1866Eli COMBDEN, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Mary GODDEN, spin, Barr'd I.FogoJohn Godden, Julia Combden.
Oct 20 1866Matthew PERRY, bach, fish, Indian I.Diana CARNELL, spin, Indian I.FogoElijah Carnell, Maria Perry
Oct 30 1866Charles GARD, widower, fish, FogoAmelia IRISH, spin, FogoFogoJohn William Payne, Elizabeth Simms
Oct 31 1866Samuel POMEROY, bach, fish, FogoMary FORD, spin, FogoFogoWilliam Pope, Jacob Ford
Nov 12 1866Thomas ABBOTT, widower, fish, Doting CoveAnn GOODYEAR, widow, Doting CoveFogoSamuel Abbott, Reuben Abbott
Nov 7 1866Roger MOULAND, bach, fish, Doting CoveJane ABBOTT, spin, Doting CoveFogoJohn Hicks, Samson Mouland
Nov 7 1866Thomas EASTON, bach, fish, Musgrave HrSusannah SIMPSON, spin, Doting CoveFogoJoseph Hicks, John Easton
Nov 13 1866Mark WHITEWAY, bach, fish, Musgrave HrElizabeth WEST, spin, Musgrave HrFogoJames Whiting, Philip Perry
Nov 13 1866George WHITEWAY, bach, fish, FogoAnn BURT, spin, Musgrave HrFogoJames Taylor, Nicholas Perry
Nov 21 1866Valentine MEANEY (MEHANEY), bach, fish, FogoEliza MERCILL (MURSELL), spin, Herring NeckFogoMatthias Downer, John Maddock
Nov 25 1866Samuel DYKE, bach, fish, Doting CoveEmma ELLIOTT, spin, Musgrave HrFogoJohn Elliott, Andrew Mouland
Nov 27 1866John BUDGELL, bach, fish, Wild Cove, SeldomRebecca HARNETT, spin, Wild Cove (Seldom)FogoHenry Penney, James Morgan
Nov 27 1866John NORMORE, bach, fish, Cann Isl, SeldomJane EVELEIGH, spn, Cann Isl (Seldom)FogoHenry Penney, Henry Normore
May 8 1867Frederick LEYTE, bach, fish, FogoSusannah PETLEY, spin, FogoFogoThomas Petley, Julia Elliott
May 17 1867James HAYWARD, fish, Seldom Come ByAmelia ELLSWORTH, Seldom Come BySeldomThoms Penney, Thomas Ellsworth
Jul 13 1867James LEYTE, fish, FogoElizabeth Ann PECKFORD, FogoFogoJoseph Waterman, Thomas W Leyte
Sep 27 1867*Charles WHITEWAY, fish, Musgrave HrMary COISH, Musgrave HrFogoJohn Gray, Emma Whiteway*Sep 27 written over Sep 29
Nov 10 1867Levi WELLS, fish, Change IslandsVirtue LEDREW, Change IslandsChange IslandsF W Taylor, George Morgan
Nov 13 1867William CANNINGS, fish, Musgrave HrCaroline MOULAND, Musgrave HrFogoJoseph Hayward, James Flynn**Fling added
Nov 17/19? 1867James RENDELL, bach, fish, FogoSarah Ann BENNETT, spin, FogoFogoThomas Humphries, David Barrett
Dec 3 1867Ephraim LEDREW, bach, fish, Change IslandsLucy LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsJonathan LeDrew, Abraham LeDrew
Dec 4 1867Bernard EVELEIGH, bach, fish, Change IslandsGrace LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsGeorge Bursey, Joseph Taylor
Aug 29 1868Jacob FORD, bach, fish, FogoJoanna POMEROY, spin, FogoFogoWilliam Pomeroy, James Pomeroy
Sep 12 1868Joseph HICKS, bach, fish, Doting CoveHonor MOULAND, spin, Doting CoveDoting CoveJames Hicks, John Mouland
Oct 1 1868Solomon DEAN, 23, bach, fish, Seldom Come BySusannah ELLSWORTH, 23, spin, Seldom Come BySeldomWilliam Cobb, Jacob Trapnell
Oct 10 1868James OAKE, bach, miner, Tilt CoveAgnes PIKE, spin, Tilt CoveTilt CoveHenry Ebsary, John Moyles
Oct 22 1868Hugh ROBERTS, widower, fish, Traytown (Triton) IslandSusannah WINSOR, spin, Traytown (Triton) Island(not given)Abel Winsor, Samuel Winsor
Nov 13 1868William FLING, bach, fish, Musgrave HrJulia EASTON, spin, Musgrave HrFogoJohn Hicks, John Easton
Nov 23 1868George BURSEY, widower, fish, Change IslandsPriscilla TAYLOR, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsThomas W Bursey, Ananias Taylor
Nov 28 1868Jeremiah DOWNER, bach, planter, FogoJulia RENDELL, spin, FogoFogoRobert Scott, Horace M Herbert
Dec 19 1868John WELLS, bach, fish, Change IslandsPriscilla MORGAN, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsThomas Taylor, John Morgan
Dec 25 1868William PERRY, widower, planter, Indian I.Elizabeth GUSHUE, widow, Change IslandsFogoJoseph Taylor, A. Taylor
Jan 17 1869Richard PENNEY, bach, planter, Seldom Come ByJane ROWSELL, spin, Leading TicklesSeldomIsaac Dean, Henry Normore
Aug 17 1869George HICKS, widower, planter, Doting CoveSarah Jane CHAULK, spin, Musgrave HrDoting CoveJohn Wheeler, Israel Hicks
Aug 21 1869Robert WELLON, bach, planter, Musgrave HrJane HICKS, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HrJohn Wheeler, Israel Hicks
Sep 7 1869Benjamin GILLINGHAM, bach, fish, Hare Bay, FogoHarriett DOWNER, spin, Hare Bay, FogoFogoMatthias Downer, Elizabeth Bursey
Sep 9 1869Edward GILLINGHAM, bach, fish, Hare Bay, FogoMary Ann IRVING, spin, Hare Bay, FogoFogoPhilip Keates, Mary Gillingham
Nov 11 1869John DIAMOND, bach, fish, Change IslandsMary Jane LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsWilliam Diamond, George Taylor
Nov 13 1869John LEDREW, bach, fish, Change IslandsMary PORTER, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsHenry Porter, George Taylor
Nov 24 1869James LUDLOW, widower, fish, FogoEmma PAYNE, widow, FogoFogoWilliam Pomeroy, Samuel Forsey
Dec 24 1869Thomas PEYTON, widower, fish, FogoMary POPE, spin, FogoFogoWilliam Pope, Abel Pope
Feb 13 1870Noah LEDREW, bach, fish, Change IslandsJane BURSEY, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsThomas W Taylor, George Bursey
June 22 1870George CARNELL, bach, fish, Indian I.Eliza BLUNDON, spin, Indian I.Indian I.William Carnell, George Perry
Oct 14 1870George TAYLOR, bach, planter, Change IslandsSarah Jane GINN, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsJoseph Taylor, Thomas Lucas
Oct 15 1870Martin ROWE, bach, planter, Seldom Come ByAmelia HARNETT, spin, Seldom Come ByFogoJohn Atkins, Henry J Rowe
Oct 21 1870John BENNETT, bach, fish, FogoMary POMEROY, widow, FogoFogoWilliam Pomeroy, James Pomeroy
Oct 26 1870Joseph FREAKE, bach, fish, FogoSusanna HUMPHRIES, spin, FogoFogoGeorge Humphries, Frederick Humphries
Oct 28 1870Nicholas PENNEY, 26, bach, fish, SeldomEsther HAYWARD, 20, spin, SeldomSeldomHenry Penney, James Hayward
Nov 7 1870Abraham LEDREW, bach, fish, Change IslandsAnn LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsGeorge Bursey, A. Taylor
Nov 21 1870Samuel GILL, bach, fish, Indian I.Amy Ann COLLAHAN, spin, Indian I.Indian I.Joseph Gill, George Perry
Nov 22 1870George NICHOLLE, bach, fish, SeldomFrances SQUIRES, spin, SeldomSeldomWilliam Pomeroy, Eli Butler
Jan 9 1871Henry NORMORE, bach, fish, Cann IslSelina PENNEY, spin, Seldom Come BySeldomWilliam Penney, Robert Normore
Mar 8 1871Robert MOYLES, bach, seaman, FogoMary BARNES, spin, FogoFogoJohn Moyles, Joseph Rendell
Mar 27 1871Thomas ELLSWORTH, widower, planter, SeldomAdelaide MORGAN, spin, SeldomSeldomJames Ellsworth, Solomon Dean
Aug 12 1871Abraham TULK, fish, Ladle CoveElizabeth WHITEWAY, Musgrave HrFogoJohn G Lucas, Thomas Wellon
Sep 6 1871Thomas THORNTON, FogoElizabeth MOYLES, FogoFogoJoseph Rendell, John Moyles
Oct 3 1871John MOORE, Change IslandsGushum? ELLINGS (HELLINGS?), Change IslandsChange IslandsSarah Ann Ginn, William Moores
Oct 15 1871James MOYLE, FogoElizabeth BENNETT, FogoFogoJohn G Lucas, Lydia K Ledrew
Oct 18 1871Samuel LEDREW, Change IslandsMary Jane EDWARDS, Change IslandsChange IslandsThomas LeDrew, Mary Waterman
Oct 19 1871John WELLS, Change IslandsAmelia HARRIS, Gander BayChange IslandsJohn LeDrew, Thomas Bursey
Oct 21 1871George HART, fish, FogoPhoebe Jane Pope, FogoFogoJames Pomeroy, William Pope
Oct 28 1871James POMEROY, FogoMary Ann JANES, FogoFogoWilliam Elliott, Elizabeth Pope
Oct 10 1871William TULK, Ladle CoveElizabeth Lane, Ladle CoveLadle CoveJoseph West, Mary Way
Nov 11 1871Thomas BURSEY, Change IslandsGrace EVELEIGH, Change IslandsChange IslandsHannah LeDrew, Harriet Bursey
Nov 26 1871John PENNEY, SeldomJulia ANTHONY, SeldomSeldomRichard Penney, William Penney
Nov 26 1871George PENNEY, SeldomNaomi PENNEY, SeldomSeldomRichard Penney, William Penney
Nov 26 1871Edward HAYWARD, SeldomSarah E DEAN, SeldomSeldomRichard Penney, William Penney
Dec 10 1871Thomas HAYWARD, SeldomEmma COISH, Indian I.SeldomHenry Shepard, Jane Hayward
Oct 31 1871John PORTER, bach, fish, Change IslandsMary Grace TAYLOR, spin, Change IslandsFogoJohn G Lucas, Henry Porter
Nov 16 1872John LEDREW, 40, widower, planter, Change IslandsSarah E GINN, 22, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsNathaniel Ledrew (one only)
Jan 1 1873Joseph RENDELL, 25, bach, planter, FogoJessie MOYLE, 20, spin, FogoFogoJohn Moyle, Lydia LeDrew
Sep 29 1873John PECKFORD, bach, fish, FogoSarah SMITH, spin, Deadmans BayFogoEmma Witham, Priscilla Waterman
Oct 25 1873John POMEROY, bach, fish, FogoEliza WHEATON, spin, FogoFogoMary Elizabeth Lacey, Rebecca Hencott
Nov 3 1873Robert LEDREW, widower, fish, Change IslandsFanny REID, spin, Change IslandsFogoThomas LeDrew, Esau Taylor
Nov 12 1873Richard CARNELL, bach, fish, Indian I.Maria PERRY, spin, Indian I.Indian I.William Perry, Elijah Carnell
Dec 2 1873Richard COLLINS, bach, fish, Indian I.Susannah HAINES, spin, Indian I.FogoTimothy Collins, John C Collins
Dec 4 1873Henry William TAYLOR, bach, fish, Change IslandsHarriett BURSEY, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsAnanias Taylor, Thomas W Taylor
Apr 6 1874Thomas William TAYLOR, widower, planter, Change IslandsSusannah TAYLOR, widow, Change IslandsChange IslandsAlfred Pike, Ananias Taylor
May 6 1874John WELLS, 54, widower, fish, Joe Batts ArmMary Ann NEWMAN, 41, widow, Joe Batts ArmFogoCharles Brett, Alexander Coffin
June 18 1874Nicholas PAYNE, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth BROWN, spin, FogoFogoWilliam Payne, Priscilla Waterman
Oct 8 1874Jonathan BRETT, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmLydia NEWMAN, spin, Joe Batts ArmFogoCharles Brett, Phoebe Ann Brett
Oct 19 1874Martin NIPPARD, bach, fish, SeldomMary FRAMPTON, spin, SeldomSeldomJames Ellsworth, (not given) Hart
Oct 26 1874Charles KINDON, bach, fish, Indian I.Jane COLLINS, spin, Indian I.FogoBenjamin Lush, William Penney
Oct 27 1874George POMEROY, bach, fish, FogoEmma Jane COVEYDUCK, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsJoseph Penney, J G Lucas
Oct 28 1874William DIAMOND, bach, fish, Change IslandsMary Ann HOFFE, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsWilliam Cobb, J G Lucas
Nov 5 1874Thomas William LEDREW, bach, fish, Change IslandsPatience VERGE, spin, Change IslandsFogoWilliam J LeDrew, Mary Ann Moore
Nov 9 1874George PERRY, bach, fish, Indian I.Sarah GALE, spin, Indian I.Indian I.Nicholas Perry, Joseph Gale
Nov 23 1874James ROWE, widower, planter, Seldom Come ByDeborah REID, spin, Seldom Come BySeldomJohn Hoddinott, Moses Hoddinott
Nov 26 1874George WATKINS, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Eliza CULL, spin, Comfort CoveFogoJohn Watkins, Phoebe Ann Brett
Sep 27 1875Josiah BURSEY, bach, fish, Change IslandsPatience LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsAlfred Pike, Elizabeth Ball
Nov 16 1875Thomas J LUCAS, bach, salesman, FogoEmily E LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsFogoJohn G Lucas, Solomon Roberts
Dec 28 1875George HART, widower, fsih, Locks Cove, FogoMary Elizabeth LACEY, spin, FogoFogoWilliam Pomeroy, George Pomeroy
June 7 1876Noah LEDREW, widower, planter, Change IslandsMary Ann HALE, widow, Change IslandsFogoJohn LeDrew, Ephraim LeDrew
Sep 25 1876George BURT, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmCaroline BROWN, 22, spin, Joe Batts ArmFogoGeorge Brown, Robert Brown
Oct 3 1876Charles William HARTE, 25, bach, fish, FogoMary Ann WATERMAN, 22, spin, FogoFogoHam Oake, Charlotte Freeman
Oct 7 1876*James MEWS, 27 (written over 29), bach, fish, Barr'd I.Amelia DIAMOND, 21, spin, Barr'd I.FogoLevi Wiltshire, John Finnemore*Oct 7th written over Oct 9th.
Oct 9 1876John LAYMAN, 23, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Mary Ann ESSENSE?, 28, spin, Barr'd I.FogoAbraham Godden, William Ginn
Nov 12 1876James STOCKLEY, 26, bach, fish, Swains Isl.Louisa COISH, 27, spin, Indian I.Indian I.Richard Coish, Frederick Sheppard
Jan 4 1877Joseph GALE, 28, bach, fish, Indian I.Elizabeth PERRY, 24, spin, Indian I.Indian I.Joseph Rendell, John Gale
May 17 1877Abraham MILLER, 32, bach, carpenter, FogoAgnes Ann LUCAS, 32, spin, FogoFogoJohn G Lucas, Ebenezer Harris
Apr 29 1877Joseph John MEWS, 24, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Mary Ann FORD, 19 (written over 17), spin, Barr'd I.FogoJohn Reid, George Robert Witcher
May 30 1877John MOYLE, 25, bach, fish, FogoMaria MOYLE, 21, spin, FogoFogoJames Moyles, John L Haddon
Nov 17 1877Alfred COISH, 39, widower, fish, Indian I.Elizabeth FOOKES, 29, widow, Indian I.FogoThomas Coish, Emily Atkinson
Nov 18 1877Humphrey COLES, 26, bach, fish, Indian I.Selina COLLINS, 21, spin, Indian I.Indian I.William Henry Collins, Emily Sheppard
May 12 1878Mark PENNEY, 24, bach, fish, SeldomElizabeth JOHNSON, 25, spin, SeldomSeldomJohn Hoddinott, Thomas Penney
May 18 1878Joseph EDWARDS, 28, bach, fish, Change IslandsEliza DIAMOND, 25, spin, Change IslandsChange IslandsAlfred Pike, Elizabeth Taylor
Aug 12 1878James TAYLOR, 29, bach, seaman, Fogo & PooleEliza BENNETT, 21, spin, FogoFogoWilliam Bennett, Charlotte Freeman
Sep 17 1878David COMPTON, 27, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Mary REID, 22, spin, Barr'd I.FogoWilliam Cull, Eliza Watkins
Sep 17 1878Richard GILHAM*, 27, bach, fish, Hare BayCaroline GILHAM*, 23, spin, Hare BayFogoRobert Gilham, Aaron Downer*"Footnote says this might be GILLINGHAM."
Sep 17 1878Aaron DOWNER, 25, bach, fish, Hare BayEmma GILHAM, 20, spin, Hare Bay(not given)Robert Gilham, Mary Ann Downer
Sep 19 1878Benjamin KEEFE, 26, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Lydia BLAKE, 21, spin, Barr'd I.FogoRichard Reid, Richard Fennimore
Sep 21 1878John REID, 23, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Catherine BLAKE, 18, spin, Barr'd I.FogoRichard Fennimore, Darius Diamond
Sep 26 1878Richard LOADER, 32, widower, fish, Lions Den, FogoPhoebe CHEETER, 21, spin, FogoFogoGeorge White, Thomas Humphries
Nov 18 1878Thomas Henry PENNEY, 26, bach, fish, SeldomElizabeth HAYWARD, 26, widow, SeldomSeldomAlbert Angell Hoddinott, Jessie R Hoddinott
Dec 23 1878William ANTHONY, 22, bach, fish, SeldomMartha Louisa PENNEY, 22, spin, SeldomSeldomElizabeth Anthony, William Dawe
Sep 26 1878George COBBS, 36, widower, fish, Joe Batts ArmJane HEWITT, 21, spin, Joe Batts ArmFogoJonathan Brett, Nathaniel Brett
Oct 15 1878James BENNETT, 23, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth SPENCER, 25, spin, FogoFogoJames Taylor, Rosanna Penney
___ __ 1879William SHEPPARD, 23, bach, Indian I.Sarah Jane TULK, 20, spin, Western Arm(not given)Frederick Sheppard, Levi Sheppard
Oct 21 1879William BLUNDON, 23, bach, Indian I.Rebecca GINN, 26, spin, Indian I.Indian I.William Perry, Esau Perry
Oct 23 1879Basil OSMOND, 27, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Martha A. Paton, 20, spin, Barr'd I.FogoGeorge W Mews, David Crompton
Nov 1 1879William POMEROY, 73, widower, fish, Locks Cove, FogoAnn DAY, 47, widow, Musgrave Hr(not given)Thomas Elliott, John Elliott
Dec 2 1879John Charles MERCER, 27, bach, fish, Labrador ShoreMary Elizabeth SWYERS, 17, spin, Seldom Come BySeldomLaura LeDrew, William Swyers
Oct 20 1880James WATERMAN, 24, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth BALL, 26, spin, FogoFogoGeorge White, Louisa Waterman
Oct 20 1880George William MEWS, 25, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Jane BLAKE, 18, spin, Barr'd I.FogoJohn Reid, Mary Jane Elliott
Dec 16 1880Samuel PIKE, bach, carpenter, FogoAnnie HAWKINS, spin, FogoFogoJoseph Rendell, Noah Pike
June 2 1881John B WHEELER, widower, teacher, Musgrave HrSarah LUCAS, spin, FogoFogoJohn G Lucas, John G L Scott
Nov 11 1880James SWYERS, Seldom Come ByHarriett Handcock, Seldom Come BySeldomJohn Holmes, Albert Holmes
Aug 23 1881Calvin BENT?, (not given), watchmaker, FogoMargaret PARSON, spin, (not given)FogoAlbert Simmons, Margaret Torraville
Oct 8 1881John HALE, 24, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth POPE, (not given), spin, FogoFogoJoseph Pomeroy, Julia Coveyduck
Oct 18 1881Henry MARCH, 24, bach, fish, Exploits BayDorcas WATERMAN, 17? (overwritten), spin, FogoFogoGeorge Harris, Charles Harte
Nov 29 1881Tobias PINSENT, bach, Ladle CoveMary Ann BLUNDON, spin, Indian I.Indian I.William Perry, Levi Perry
Dec 14 1881Moses HOLMES, SeldomElizabeth ANTHONY, SeldomSeldomWilliam Holmes, Albert Holmes
Oct 31 1881George HARRIS, bach, fish, Gander BayLouisa WATERMAN, spin, FogoFogoHam Oake, William Harris
Nov 1 1881Robert WHEATON, bach, fish, Gander BaySusannah HELLINGS, spin, FogoFogoEdwin Pelley, Simon Wheaton
Nov 7 1881Ernest MOYLE, 25, bach, fish, FogoAnn MOYLE, 20, spin, TwillingateFogoThomas Green, William Moyle
Apr 18 1882Benjamin TORRAVILLE, 27, bach, fish, FogoHelen BAKER, 26, spn, FogoFogoThomas William Torraville, Sophia Hill
Oct 21 1881Stephen REID, Barr'd I.Dorcas DIAMOND, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Levi Witcher, Joseph Mews
June 3 1882Anthony LEDREW, Change IslandsAgnes Jane PIERCEY, Change IslandsFogoThomas William LeDrew, Samuel LeDrew
Aug 23 1882Andrew SNOW, 23, bach, fish, Hare BayEmily COLE, 17, spin, Hare BayFogoAaron Downer, Eliza Gillingham
May 15 1882Esau PERRY, Indian I.Susannah SCAMMELL, Indian I.(not given)Albert Holmes, William Perry
Oct 21 1881William GINN, Barr'd I.Sarah GODDEN, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Joseph Mews, Levi Witcher
Dec 2 1882Jesse PERRY, Indian I.Sarah Jane CARNELL, Indian I.Indian I.William Perry, John Hoddinott
Dec 26 1882James GOODYEAR, SeldomMary BELLMAN, Hants HarbourSeldomReuben Small, George Penney
Dec 30 1882Thomas MALCOLM, M.D., bach, Doctor of Medicine, FogoAnnie Eliza FURNEAUX, spin, FogoFogoSophia Hill, Susannah Findlater
May 23 1883John WATERMAN, bach, fish, FogoJulia COVEYDUCK, spin, FogoFogoJames Waterman, Darius Butt
May 29 1883William WHEATON, 22, bach, fish, Gander BayDorcas BRENSTONE (?BRINSTONE), 20, spin, Gander BayFogoJames Pomeroy, Abraham Hancock
Sep 14 1883Bartholomew BUDDEN, 38, widower, fish, SeldomHannah NIPPARD, 25, spin, SeldomFogoMartin Nippard, Cinderella Wells
Sep 26 1883Elijah FREAKE, 44, widower, Burnt BayElizabeth MOYLE, 35, widow, FogoFogoWilliam Moyles, Sarah Coveyduck
Oct 7 1883John FORD, 27, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Elizabeth CULL, 22, spin, FogoBarr'd I.James Ford, Job Ford
Oct 17 1883Joseph PENNEY, 25, bach, fish, SeldomJessie GINN, 26, spin, FogoFogoJohn Ginn, Henrietta Banks
Oct 25 1883John HART, 25, bach, fish, FogoDrusilla JEANS, 21, spin, FogoFogoJames Pomeroy, Elizabeth Jeans
Nov 2 1883Kenneth DEAN, 23, bach, fish, SeldomLucinda ANTHONY, 19, spin, SeldomFogoWilliam Bennett, Naomi Warrick
Nov 5 1883Simon WHEATON, 23, bach, fish, Bassetts HrElizabeth JEANS, 18, spin, FogoFogoJohn Hart, Drusilla Hart
Aug 2 1884Josiah WILLIAMS, 27, bach, shoemaker, Harbour GraceHannah STRICKLAND, 26, spin, FogoFogoW E Swaffield, Blanche Waterman
Aug 5 1884John Luther HADDON, 24, bach, accountant, FogoEva Matilda MUTCH, 22, spin, St John'sFogoThomas Duder, JP and Janie Harvey
Sep 9/7* 1884Joseph OAKE, 19, bach, FogoMartha BANKS, 20, spin, FogoFogoJohn H Torraville, Lucy Waterman*date overwritten
Oct 1 1884Adam RENDELL, 23, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmRachel WELLS, 22, spin, Joe Batts ArmBarr'd I.Thomas Anthony, Harriett Powell
Oct 2 1884Lionel HINDS (HYNES), 22, bach, fish, Burnt Island, ExploitsMary Jane POMEROY, 21, spin, FogoFogoHenry Hinds, Elizabeth Hill
Oct 8 1884Thomas PEYTON, 52, widower, fish, FogoMary Susanna COLLINS, 47, widow, FogoBarr'd I.Abraham Anthony, Elizabeth Cull
Oct 14 1884Joseph CULL, 30, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Sarah Jane MEWS, 21, spin, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Samuel Mews, Eliza Ann Mews
Dec 5 1884Charles FREAKE, 23, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmMary Maria JACOBS, 18, spin, Joe Batts ArmBarr'd I.Eli Freake, Joanna Freake
Mar 14 1885George COOK, 29, bach, seaman, FogoSarah CHEATER, 23, spin, FogoFogoMaria Moyle, John Wells
Aug 2 1885George OVEN, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmEmily BROWN, spin, Joe Batts ArmFogoMatthew King (no other)
Aug 12 1885Joseph SMALL, 26, bach, fish, FogoJane POND, 21, spin, FogoFogoRobert Strickland, Ann Small
Oct 3 1885Azariah SNOW, bach, fish, Gander BayAnn COLE, spin, Hare BayFogoJohn Snow, Sarah Ann Cole
Oct 3 1885Peter FRANCIS, bach, fish, Gander BayDorcas GILLINGHAM, spin, Gander BayFogoBenjamin Gillingham, Mary Ann Snow
Oct 19 1885Nathaniel TURNER, bach, seaman, SeldomTamar FREAKE, spin, Burnt BayFogoGeorge Taylor, Mary Susanna Pike
Oct 29 1885James COMBDEN, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Dinah BLAKE, spin, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Eli Combden, Emily Combden
Nov 5 1885Samuel ANTHONY, bach, fish, SeldomAmelia LEDREW, spin, CupidsFogoWilliam Anthony, Selina A Holmes
Nov __ 1885John HANN, bach, fish, Burnt BayElizabeth A NIPPARD, spin, Hare BayFogoJohn Hann, Alice Purchase
Apr 22 1886Jacob REID, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Lavinia FENNIMORE, spin, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Richard Fennimore, Susannah May
May 18 1886William WEST, bach, fish, Ladle CoveRosanna GRAY, spin, Cat HarbourFogoThomas C Duder, John L Haddon
Oct 8 1886Mark WATERMAN, 22, bach, fish, FogoElizabeth Jane OAKE, 21, spin, FogoFogoJames Payne, Julia Ann Waterman
Oct 16 1886Henry PEYTON, 24, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Delilah FREAKE, 16, spin, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Basil Osmond, Eliza Peyton
Nov 2 1886James FORD, 25, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Olivia POMEROY, 21, spin, FogoFogoThomas Newman, Jessie Pomeroy
Jan 5 1886Alfred JOHNSTON, bach, fish, SeldomEllen BUDDEN, spin, SeldomSeldomStephen Johnston, Cinderella Wells
Dec 25 1886Joseph SHEPPARD, bach, fish, FogoSarah COMBDEN, spin, FogoFogoHoratio Layman, Ellen Boyd
May 31 1887Thomas NEWMAN, bach, fish, FogoJane GINN, spin, FogoFogoThomas J Lucas, May Duder
Oct 1 1887Joseph HART, bach, fish, Island Hr, FogoLucy HART, spin, Island Hr, FogoFogoSamuel Pike, Eliza Ginn
Oct 22 1887Andrew OSMOND, bach, fish, Shoal Bay, FogoNora CULL, spin, Shoal Bay, FogoFogoGeorge Elliott, Eliza Ann Elliott
Oct 29 1887Robert POPE, fish, Shoal Bay, FogoEliza PEYTON, Barr'd I.FogoGeorge Elliott, Emma Ann Elliott
Oct 29 1887Stephen Henry TORRENT (?TARRANT), fish, Shoal Bay (Fogo)Mary Susanna FOSS, Shoal Bay (Fogo)FogoAndrew Torrent, Elizabeth Torrent
Nov 8 1887John PENNELL, 27, bach, fish, FogoHenrietta BANKS, 19, spin, FogoFogoArchibald Banks, Julia Hart
May 20 1888Ernest MOYLE, FogoPhoebe J POPE, Shoal Bay (Fogo)FogoJohn Blandford, Elizabeth Thornton
Sep 7 1888Benjamin GILLINGHAM, bach, fish, Gander BayDinah FANCY, spin, Change IslandsFogoJames Harbin, Charlotte Coles
Oct 11 1888John SEYMORE (SEYMOUR), bach, fish, Shoal Bay (Fogo)Rebecca POPE, spin, Shoal Bay (Fogo)FogoRobert Tarrant, Amy Ann Elliott
Oct 24 1888Alfred COLES, bach, Hare BayElizabeth COATES, spin, Hare BayFogoGeorge Heath, Emily Coles
Nov 19 1888John SNOW, bach, fish, Hare BayLouisa COATES, spin, Hare BayFogoGeorge Heath, Elizabeth Coles
Nov 24 1888John W HODGE, bach, merchant, FogoEliza Ashwell MEEK, spin, St John'sFogoJames P Waterman, Frances Helen Hodge
__ __ "1888?"Tobias MANUEL, lumberman, Gander BayBessie DALTON, (not given)FogoDeborah Manuel, Frederick Juer (Jewer)
Dec 15 1889Samuel FREAKE, Joe Batts ArmEmma Jane PEYTON, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Stephen Wells, Elizabeth Wells
Apr 7 1890William KEATS, Barr'd I.Lucy PRIMMER, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Isaac Primmer, Martha Ann Primmer
May 4 1890William REID, Barr'd I.Caroline COMBDEN, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Stephen Reid, Dorcas Reid
Oct 1 1890George Robert POPE, 27, bach, fish, FogoSusanna PIKE, 28, spin, FogoFogoMatthias Hawkins, Allan Peckford
Nov 12 1890John Robert BROWN, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Isabella BLAKE, spin, Barr'd I.FogoMatthias Hawkins, Diana Brown
Nov 18 1890John BLAKE, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Jane CULL, spin, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.John Reid, Rosanna Diamond
Nov 18 1890Thomas Martin BROWN, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmMartha Ann PRIMMER, spin, Barr'd I.Barr'd I.Diana Brown, George Oven
Jan 10 1891Thomas WILLIS, bach, fish, FogoJulia WATERMAN, spin, FogoFogoJames Payne, Joseph Peckford
Feb 7/9* 1891John RENDELL, bach, fish, FogoJulia LEDREW, spin, Change IslandsFogoMatthias Hawkins, George Rendell*overwritten
June 7 1891John Robert GILL, 27, bach, fish, FogoMargaret WETHAM, 24, widow, FogoFogoGeorge Tizzard, Emma Thornton
Nov 18 1891Eli REID, bach, fish, Barr'd I.Tamar CROUCHER, spin, FogoBarr'd I.Eli Cull, Annie Croucher
Nov 22 1891Archibald BROWN, bach, fish, Joe Batts ArmDiana BROWN, spin, Joe Batts ArmBarr'd I.Williwm Brown, Mary Brown
Dec 22 1891Walter S. GINN, 26, bach, fish, FogoEmily BOWN, 23, spin, FogoFogoAndrew Loder, Eliza Ginn
Dec 28 1891Howard CROWELLY, 35, bach, lumberman, Gander BaySelina LOCKE, 25, spin, Tizzards HrFogoJohn G Lucas, Thomas J Lucas

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