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Parish of Musgrave Harbour Methodist Marriages

Vital Statistics Volume 84:   1874 - 1891

These records were transcribed by JILL MARSHALL February 2002 from microfilm copies of the PANL holding (on loan from the Church of JC of LDS, Utah USA). This listing is COMPLETE for marriages.
While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors or omissions.
Date Groom Bride Place Witnesses
May 17 1874 Robert WELLON, widower, fish, Ladle CoveMargaret GOODYEAR, spin, Ladle Cove(not given)(not given)
Oct 26 1874John FLYNN, bach, fish, Musgrave HrMary Ann WHITEWAY, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave Harbour(not given)
Sep 26 1875Philip ROGERS, widower, fish, St. John'sAgnes ABBOTT, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourThomas Hicks, Mary Jane Abbott
___ __ 1875Levi HICKS, bach, fish, Doting CoveMary Ann RUSSELL, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJames Hicks (no other)
___ __ 1875Samson RUSSELL, bach, fish, Musgrave HrAnn HICKS, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave Harbour(not given)
___ __ 1875Thomas HICKS, bach, fish, Doting CoveLucy BISHOP, spin, Doting Cove(not given)(not given)
Dec 3 1875William SQUIRES, bach, fish, Musgrave HrSarah EASTON, spin, Musgrave Hr(not given)John Flynn, John Tippett
Dec 10 1875John PECKFORD, bach, fish, Ladle CoveLouise DAY, spin, Ragged Hr(not given)James Goodyear, Thomas Day
Dec 10 1875William CUFF, bach, fish, Doting CoveAnn ABBOTT, spin, Doting Cove(not given)J. Abbott, Noah Bradley
___ __ 1875William STEELE, bach, fish, Musgrave HrTheresa FLYNN, spin, Musgrave Hr(not given)John Tippett, Samuel Steele
Dec 23 1875Solomon ABBOTT, bach, fish, Doting CoveMary Ann PITMAN (PITTMAN), spin, Doting Cove(not given)Elias Mouland, John Cuff
Jan 7 1876Edward WHITEWAY, bach, fish, Musgrave HrSelina PARDY, spin, Musgrave Hr(not given)Moses Whiteway, John Whiteway
Jan 11 1876John WHITEWAY, bach, fish, Musgrave HrSelina RUSSELL, spin, Musgrave Hr(not given)William Whiteway, Tobias Goodyear
May __ 1876Thomas ELLIOTT, widower, fish, Musgrave HrSusannah COISH, spin, Musgrave Hr(not given)Charles Whiteway, John Butler
Sep 11 1880Robert BURT, 22, bach, fish, Musgrave HrSusannah ABBOTT, 19, spin, Doting Cove(not given)Cecelia Burt, Hugh Burt
Oct 8 1880Benjamin TULK, 22, bach, fish, Ladle CoveSarah WELLON, 18, spin, Ladle CoveLadle CoveF. Wellon, L H Wells
Oct 30 1880Joseph Besset WELLON, 24, bach, fish, Ladle CoveDorcas GUDGER (GOODYEAR), 19, spin, Cat HarbourLadle CoveJob Wellon, Josiah Gudger
Nov 12 1880Thomas CUFF, 21, bach, fish, Doting CoveMary Ann MOULAND, 20, spin, Doting CoveDoting CoveWilliam Cuff, Joseph Pardy
Dec? 6 1880Aaron HEAD, 28, bach, fish, Ragged HrPriscilla TULK, 22, spin, Ladle CoveMusgrave HarbourJohn Stead, Emmie Tulk
Nov 17 1880James FLYNG (FLING), 33, widower, fish, Musgrave HrMahala TULK, 23, spin, Ladle CoveWestern ArmSamson Hicks, Samson Hicks (sic)
Nov 18 1880Henry BUTT, 25, bach, fish, Black HeadPhoebe GUDGER (GOODYEAR), 23, spin, Cat HarbourWestern ArmPhilip Hicks, James Hicks
May 29 1881William PARDY, 24, bach, fish, Doting CoveLeah MOULAND, 21, spin, Doting CoveDoting CoveJoseph Abbott, Elias Abbott
Oct 21 1881Samson STEELE, 26, bach, fish, Musgrave HrAnn MOULAND, 19, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourThomas Elliott, John Elliott
Nov 4 1881George MOULAND, 28, bach, fish, Doting CoveSarah ROLLS, 37, spin, BonavistaDoting CoveJames Hicks, Esther Abbott
Dec 6 1881John PENNEL, 24, bach, fish, Noggin CoveClaremont GUDGER (?Clarimond GOODYEAR), 23, spin, North West Arm, Rocky BayMusgrave HarbourJabez Gillingham, John Coish
Dec 10 1881Abraham TUCK, 24, bach, fish, Ladle CoveMary WELLON, 17, spin, Ladle CoveLadle CoveJohn Head, Thomas Wellon
Nov 14 1881Samson HICKS, 32, widower, fish, Rocky BaySusannah FLYNN, 24, spin, Musgrave HrWestern ArmJames Flynn, Valentine Hicks
Jan 11 1882Jabez ABBOTT, 44, widower, fish, Ragged HrElizabeth WEST, 42, widow, Seal Cove, Cat HarbourMusgrave HarbourNicholas Whiteway, Hugh Burt
Nov 21 1882James HARDIN (HARDING?), 28, bach, fish, GreenspondSusannah MOULAND, 30, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourJonathan Abbott, Henry Tucker
Jan 1 1882Joshua COISH, 23, bach, fish, Musgrave HrMary Jane PINSENT, 22, spin, Ochre Pit Cove (Conception Bay)Musgrave HarbourJohn C Spracklin, Charles Whiteway
Feb 13 1882Jacob TUCK, 25, bach, fish, Ladle CoveMary Ann SHEPPARD, 23, spin, Indian I.North West Arm, Rocky BayThomas Tuck, Sarah Jane Sheppard
Dec 11 1882Job SMITH, fish, Deadmans BaySusannah HARDY, GreenspondLadle CoveThomas Wellon, William West
Feb 13 1882Thomas TUCK, 29, bach, fish, Ladle CoveIsabella CULL, 20, spin, Indian I.North West Arm, Rocky BayAbraham Tuck, Albert Cull
Nov 28 1882Mark MOULAND, 21, bach, fish, Doting CoveElizabeth Jane CHALK, 20, spin, Ladle CoveMusgrave HarbourAndrew Abbott, John Hicks
Nov 5 1883William WEST, 22, bach, fish, Ladle CoveCharlotte EVELEIGH, 22, spin, Ladle CoveLadle CoveWilliam West, Roseanna Gray
Nov 3 1883John HEDD (HEAD), 24, bach, fish, Ladle CoveEunice TULK, 20, spin, Ladle CoveLadle CoveEphraim Tulk, Sarah E Tulk
Nov 3 1883Edwin TULK, 23, bach, fish, Ladle CoveJanet CHALK, 19, spin, Ladle CoveLadle CoveM. Tulk, Frank Wellon
Nov __ 1883Albert Nicholas TAYLOR, 21, bach, shoemaker, St John'sAnnie J? (or I) POWER, 18, spin, St John'sMusgrave HarbourF G S Gabriel, Mary Ann Wilson
Nov 15 1883George ABBOTT, 28, widower, fish, Doting CoveFanny HICKS, 20, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourJames Abbott, Leah Whiteway
Dec 5 1883Elias MOULAND, 30, bach, fish, Doting CoveHannah CUFF, 20, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourRoger Mouland, Harriett Cuff
Dec 21 1883Levi WHITEWAY, bach, fish, Musgrave HrSusanna MOULAND, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourRobert C Russell, Leah Whiteway
Oct 27 1883Elijah EVELEIGH, 25, bach, fish, Ladle CoveDorcas HEDD (HEAD), 20, spin, Ladle CoveLadle CoveThomas Wellon, Rosanna Gray
May 1 1884Andrew MOULAND, 20, bach, fish, Doting CoveMaria MOULAND, 21, spin, Doting CoveDoting CoveGeorge Mouland, Sarah Mouland
May 8 1884Joseph HICKS, 24, bach, fish, Doting CoveFanny STICKLAND, 26, spin, servant, Doting CoveDoting CoveBenjamin Gudger, Emma Hicks
May 31 1884Eli RUSSELL, 23, bach, fish, Musgrave HrMartha A. DAY, 22, spin, servant, FogoMusgrave HarbourAdam Bradley, John B Wheeler
Sep 8 1884Noah WHITEWAY, 22, bach, fish, Musgrave HrJane ELLIOTT, 21, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJohn B Wheeler, John R Whiteway
Sep 10 1884Andrew MOULAND, 66, widower, fish, Doting CoveSarah HEDD (HEAD), 50, widow, housekeeper, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourAbraham Tulk (no other)
Oct 20 1884Jabez ABBOTT, 21, bach, fish, Doting CoveLizzie DYKE, 17, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourRoger Mouland, Samuel Abbott
Oct 24 1884Gabriel TULK, 21, bach, fish, Ladle CoveMary Ann GUDGER (GOODYEAR), 19, spin, servant, Ladle CoveLadle CoveMary Day, Abraham Tulk
Oct 30 1884Robert BURT, 20, bach, fish, Musgrave HrJane STEELE, 25, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJohn Steele, Fanny Abbott
Nov 15 1884Hugh BURT, 24, bach, fish, Musgrave HrJessie COISH, 20, spin, Indian I.Musgrave HarbourNicholas Whiteway, Adam Bradley
Nov 15 1884Samuel ABBOTT, 23, bach, fish, Doting CoveAbigail BURT, 21, spin, servant, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJohn Hicks, Jane Flynn
Nov __ 1884Nicholas GUDGER (GOODYEAR), 23, bach, fish, Musgrave HrElizabeth ABBOTT, 22, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourMartha Mouland, Josiah Guy
Nov 27 1884Stephen PINSENT, 24, bach, fish, Ladle CoveJane ELSEWORTH (ELLSWORTH), 20, spin, servant, Ladle CoveDoting CoveJosiah Gudger, Naomi Whiteway
Nov 2 1884Adam BRADLEY, 24, bach, fish, Musgrave HrCecilia BURT, 19, spin, housekeeper, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJosiah Guy, John Bradley
Dec 2 1884Nicholas WHITEWAY, 24, bach, fish, Musgrave HrMahala ABBOTT, 21, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourCornelius Whiteway, John Bradley
___ __ 1884Robert FISHER, 28, bach, farmer, Ragged HrHannah WHALEN, 20, spin, cook, GreenspondMusgrave HarbourGeorge Smith, Eunice Smith
June 5 1885Moses PIERCY, 24, bach, fish, Musgrave HrNaomi WHITEWAY, 22, spin, servant, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourMary Whiteway, Cornelius Whiteway
Nov 27 1885Joseph CUFF, 25, bach, fish, Doting CoveMaria DYKE, age not given, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourSamuel Dyke, George Mouland
Oct 6 1886Samuel WELLON, Ladle CoveMary YOUNG, GreenspondLadle CoveJosiah Goodyear, Charles Wellon
Dec 11 1886Samson WHEALON, Ladle CoveCaroline WELLON, Ladle CoveLadle CoveCharles Wellon, William Whealon
Dec 19 1886George MOULAND, Doting CoveEunice HICKS, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourJohn B Wheeler, James Ford Mouland
Feb 13 1887William ABBOTT, Ragged HrAnnie ANGEL, Ladle CoveMusgrave HarbourJohn Angel, Charles Wellon
Nov 17 1887James Ford MOULAND, Doting CoveMary ABBOTT, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourAndrew Mouland, Ann Stead
Dec 1 1887Samson BURT, Musgrave HrCharlotte ABBOTT, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourSamuel Abbott, Fanny Abbott
Feb 18 1888Joseph MOULAND, Doting CoveFanny ABBOTT, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourAndrew Abbott, G. Mouland
Dec 4 1888John TULK, Ladle CoveHannah DAY, Rocky BayLadle CoveCharity Day, Sarah Tulk
Dec 9 1888William MERCER, Beaver CoveMary ABBOTT, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourAdam Mouland, Elijah Abbott
Dec 21 1888Peter WHITEWAY, Musgrave HrEliza Ann STEAD, Rocky BayMusgrave HarbourMary Ann Whiteway (no other)
May 1 1889Stephen ABBOTT, Doting CoveSarah HICKS, Doting Cove(not given)Isaac Abbott, Eliza Hicks
May 8 1889John HANN, 45, Musgrave HrJane CALLAWAY, 47, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJohn Flynn, John Cuff
Oct 23 1889Heber MAIDMEN (MAIDMENT), Chamblers Cove (?Shamblers C)Theriza ABBOTT, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourWilliam Vivian, Martha Mouland
Oct 31 1889Abraham ABBOTT, Doting CoveMary HICKS, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourAndrew Mouland, Isaac Abbott
Dec 7 1889Joseph CHALK, Seal CoveCharity DAY, Ragged HrLadle CoveE. Tulk, Abel Chalk
Dec 10 1889Joseph WEST, Ladle CoveRebecca Jane DAY, White PointLadle CoveRobert Wellon, Janie West
Dec 10 1889Enos CHALK, Seal CoveElfrida WELLON, Ladle CoveLadle CoveHenry Chalk, Ephraim Tulk
Aug 25 1890Enslom Rafuse (sic), 20, bach, Martins PointEliza GREEN, 17, spin, Southern ArmMusgrave HarbourGideon Barkhouse, Sarah Jane Green
Nov 25 1890James WEST, 29, bach, Ladle CoveLeah BURT, 26, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourMartha West, William Angel
Nov 27 1890Archibald ABBOTT, BonavistaKezia ABBOTT, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourCornelius Whiteway, Eliza Abbott
Dec 4 1890Job GREEN, 22, Southern ArmLouisa HICKS, 20, Western ArmMusgrave HarbourWilliam West, Sarah Jane Green
Dec 15 1890Samuel WELLON, 22, Ladle CoveMary DAY, 25, Western ArmLadle CoveHarris Wellon, Annie Trimm
Dec 24 1890Simeon DAY, 25, bach, Western ArmIva CHALK, 22, spin, Deadmans BayMusgrave HarbourJohn Easton, Bessie Flynn
Dec 9 1890Joseph CRUMMY, 33, bach, Musgrave HrSarah Jane WEST, 24, spin, Ragged HrMusgrave HarbourMartin Weset, William Guy
Jan 1 1891John PINSENT, 26, bach, Ragged HrElizabeth GUY, 23, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourRobert Guy, Martha Way
Jan 5 1891Joshua GOODYEAR, 27, bach, Cat HarbourMaria WELLON, 22, spin, Ladle CoveMusgrave HarbourGeorge Wellon, Annie R Trimm
Jan 9 1891John STEELE, 27, bach, Musgrave HrMary Ann EASON, 23, spin, Musgrave Hr(not given)Robert Guy, Jane Flynn
Feb 24 1891William MOULAND, 24, bach, Ragged HrEmma GUY, 16, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJosiah Guy, Dorcas Guy
June 4 1891William GUY, 25, bach, Musgrave HrJulia PINSENT, 23, spin, Ragged HrMusgrave HarbourSamson Steele, Selina Pinsent
Oct 28 1891John FLYNN, 47, widower, Musgrave HrRosannah CRUMMY, 39, widow, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourSamuel Halfyard, John Hann
Nov 1 1891James MOULAND, 23, bach, Doting CoveSarah CUFF, 22, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourElizabeth Abbott, Isaac Abbott
Oct 29 1891William ABBOTT, 23, bach, Doting CoveElizabeth A. ABBOTT, 23, spin, Doting CoveMusgrave HarbourJohn Whiteway, Walter Abbott
Nov 19 1891Martin WEST, 25, bach, Ladle CoveMary WHITEWAY, 24, spin, Musgrave HrMusgrave HarbourJohn R Whiteway, John Whiteway
Nov 23 1891Esau SHELLEY, 24, bach, Aspey CoveEunice CHALK, 20, spin, Seal CoveMusgrave HarbourSamuel Halfyard, Joseph West
Nov 24 1891Jesse RUSSELL, 23, bach, Musgrave HrPatience BROWN, 23, spin, FogoMusgrave HarbourMark Russell, Thomas Dyke

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