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1935 Census

Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District


Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, November 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
PARSONS Thomas HEAD 32 Fairbank
PARSONS Agnes Wife 24 Fairbank
PARSONS Cecil Son 2 Fairbank
BURT Walter HEAD 48 Fairbank
BURT Annie Wife 35 Fairbank
BURT Chesley Son 17 Fairbank
BURT Eric Son 12 Fairbank
BURT Clifford Son 10 Fairbank
BURT Lester Son 6 Fairbank
BURT Sidney HEAD 43 Fairbank Widower
BURT Joseph Son 21 Fairbank
BURT Merrick Son 16 Fairbank
BURT Selby Son 14 Fairbank
BURT Ronald Son 9 Fairbank
SMITH Wilfred HEAD 39 Fairbank
SMITH Violet Wife 36 Fairbank
SMITH Alphonso Son 16 Fairbank
EARLE Isaac HEAD 66 Fairbank
EARLE Mary Wife 64 Fairbank
EARLE Cecil HEAD 31 Fairbank
EARLE Annie Wife 30 Fairbank
WHEELER James HEAD 57 Fairbank
WHEELER Gertrude Wife 49 Fairbank
WHEELER Ellison Son 18 Fairbank
WHEELER Elsie Adopted Daughter 8 Fairbank
GIDGE Obadiah HEAD 44 Fairbank
GIDGE Olive Wife 39 Fairbank
GIDGE Vertie (?) Daughter 14 Fairbank
GIDGE Eldon Son 13 Fairbank
GIDGE Jordon Son 11 Fairbank
GIDGE Allan Son 2 Fairbank
ANSTEY Doyle Son in Law 6 Fairbank [recorded as son in law]
INGS Herbert HEAD 40 Fairbank
INGS Lucy Wife 38 Fairbank
INGS Rowie Daughter 16 Fairbank
INGS Ashley Son 7 Fairbank [recorded as son]
INGS Raymond Son 4 Fairbank
COOPER Archibald HEAD 67 Fairbank
COOPER Flora Wife 61 Fairbank
COOPER John Son 26 Fairbank
COOPER Arthur HEAD 30 Fairbank
COOPER Blanche Wife 30 Fairbank
COOPER Dorothy Daughter 9 Fairbank
BURT Obadiah HEAD 63 Fairbank
BURT Louisa Wife 45 Fairbank
BURT Maxwell Son 22 Fairbank
BURT Kate Daughter 15 Fairbank
BURT Lloyd Son 11 Fairbank
BURT Gladys Daughter 6 Fairbank
BURT Obadiah Jr Son 3 Fairbank
BOYD Eric HEAD 25 Fairbank
BOYD Lucy Wife 20 Fairbank
BOYD Ashley Son 3 Fairbank [recorded as son]
BOYD Emma Daughter 8 Months Fairbank
BURT Arthur HEAD 52 Fairbank
BURT Annie Wife 51 Fairbank
BURT Archibald Son 26 Fairbank
WHEELER Roland Grand Son 8 Fairbank
WHEELER Pansy Grand Daughter 7 Fairbank

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Fogo / Twillingate District