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1935 Census

Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District


Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, November 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
PENNY Andrew HEAD 30 Sunnyside
PENNY Bessie Wife 36 Sunnyside
LOVELACE Lionel HEAD 60 Sunnyside
LOVELACE Kate Wife 55 Sunnyside
PHILPOTT Alfred HEAD 55 (?) Sunnyside
PHILPOTT Annie Wife 52 (?) Sunnyside
PHILPOTT Harvey Son 19 (?) Sunnyside
LODER Bertha (?) Domestic 20 (?) Sunnyside
KEARLEY Edwin HEAD 57 Sunnyside
KEARLEY Hilda Wife 33 (?) Sunnyside
KEARLEY Rex Daughter 6 Sunnyside [recorded as daughter]
KEARLEY Olive Son 2 Sunnyside [recorded as Son]
KEARLEY Miriam HEAD 91 Sunnyside Widower
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Alphaeus HEAD 42 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Janet Wife 41 Sunnyside
FARTHING Annie Mother in Law 72 Sunnyside Widow
MEHONEY/ Mehaney John HEAD 32 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Hilda Wife 28 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Levi Son 6 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Alphaeus Son 4 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Archibald HEAD 38 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Gertrude Wife 33 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Doris Daughter 5 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Arthur Son 2 Sunnyside
MEHONEY/ Mehaney Gladys Daughter 8 Months Sunnyside
HOLWELL Eliza HEAD 60 Sunnyside Widow
HOLWELL Llewelyn Son 23 Sunnyside
HOLWELL Stella Daughter 20 Sunnyside
WHITE Joseph Lodger 48 Sunnyside Married
BLACKLER Samuel Lodger 72 Sunnyside Widower
SMART Gilbert HEAD 30 Sunnyside
SMART Hannah Wife 22 Sunnyside
SMART Jean Daughter 19 Months (?) Sunnyside
STUCKLESS Harry HEAD 50 Sunnyside
STUCKLESS Minnie Wife 41 Sunnyside
STUCKLESS Edward Son 25 Sunnyside
STUCKLESS Raymond Son 23 (?) Sunnyside
STUCKLESS Garland Son 19 Sunnyside
ATKINSON Victor HEAD 21 Sunnyside
ATKINSON Netta Wife 20 Sunnyside
BLANDFORD Darius HEAD 65 Sunnyside
BLANDFORD Emily Wife 60 Sunnyside
KING Lewis Adopted Son 21 Sunnyside
PARSONS Dorman HEAD ? Sunnyside
PARSONS Rosannah Wife ? Sunnyside
PARSONS Fred Son 22 (?) Sunnyside
PARSONS Lucy Daughter 20 Sunnyside
PARSONS Lester Son 18 Sunnyside
PARSONS Marie Daughter 16 Sunnyside
PARSONS Harvey Son 14 Sunnyside
PARSONS Claude Son 13 Sunnyside
PARSONS Eddie Son 11 Sunnyside
PARSONS Douglas Son 9 Sunnyside
FARTHING Chesley HEAD 31 Sunnyside
FARTHING Priscilla Mother 65 Sunnyside Widow
FARTHING Jedida HEAD 52 Sunnyside Widow
FARTHING Gladys Daughter 25 Sunnyside
GINN Charles HEAD 46 Sunnyside
GINN Julia Wife 44 Sunnyside
GINN Harold Son 18 (?) Sunnyside
GINN Kenzie (?) Son 17 Sunnyside
GINN Stella Daughter 14 Sunnyside
GINN ? Daughter 8 Sunnyside
LODER Sarah Mother in Law 84 Sunnyside Widow
SIMMS Malcolm HEAD 53 Sunnyside
SIMMS Elizabeth Wife 49 Sunnyside
SIMMS Pauline Daughter 17 Sunnyside
FARTHING George HEAD 56 Sunnyside
FARTHING Elizabeth Wife 56 Sunnyside
CRANE William Grand Son 14 Sunnyside
WATKINS William HEAD 82 Sunnyside
WATKINS Amelia Wife 77 Sunnyside
WATKINS Sidney HEAD 46 Sunnyside
WATKINS Melinda Wife 39 Sunnyside
WATKINS Lucy Daughter 16 Sunnyside
KEARLEY Wesley Adopted Son 16 Sunnyside
MILES Isaac HEAD ? Sunnyside
MILES Catherine Wife 62 Sunnyside
MILES George HEAD 32 Sunnyside
MILES Irene Wife 23 Sunnyside
CROSSLEY Minnie HEAD 62 Sunnyside Widow
CROSSLEY Sylvia Daughter 27 (?) Sunnyside
ELLIOTT John HEAD 51 Sunnyside
ELLIOTT Daisy Wife 47 Sunnyside
ELLIOTT Netta Daughter 20 Sunnyside
ELLIOTT Wesley Son 10 Sunnyside
ELLIOTT Elijah HEAD 56 Sunnyside
ELLIOTT Fannie Wife 56 Sunnyside
REDDICK Sarah HEAD 74 Sunnyside Single
REDDICK Dana HEAD 58 Sunnyside
REDDICK Lucy Wife 50 Sunnyside
REDDICK Lloyd Son 20 (?) Sunnyside
MILES Sarah Domestic 18 Sunnyside
REDDICK Samuel HEAD 55 Sunnyside
REDDICK Lavinia Wife 55 Sunnyside
HELLIER James Lodger ? Sunnyside
TULK Arthur HEAD 23 Sunnyside Single
TULK Annie Mother 63 Sunnyside Widow

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Fogo / Twillingate District