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Letter written to London Missionary Society in London by John Moors of Twillingate.
Transcribed by David Anstey.

Oct 29, 1802 Twillingate, Newfoundland

Reverend Mr. William Kingsbery. {Kingsbury} Sir; Seeing a Letter from your Maiden Servant to her Uncle and Aunt. Our Daughter, And understanding by it, you are one of the Directors of our Good Friends of the Missionary Society. I have the Liberty to Trouble you with our renewed thanks for your past favors in Sending us a Minister. The Reverend John Hylard {Hillyard}, Particular to the Reverend Mr. Samuel Great Heed {Greathead} as the First Instrument. By the desire of our Good Friend, the Reverend John Jones, Departed to Everlasting. But now we are left Destitute, as Sheep without a Sheppard, and have no one Qualified with Abilities as we desire. Nevertheless, I hope the Lord will enable us to use, to the Means According to his Appointments, and by Rules as past, As Established by our departed Pastor, which was agreeable, Received and Approved of by the Generality of the People, as there was but few, but what did attend on Public Worship, and would have {been} glad with his Continuance, if he could have been Settled and happy in his Station. Nevertheless I hope we shall Rely more and Trust the event to the Great head of his Church, who will do for his own Glory, and for the Good of his own People. Yet we must use the Means in our Power as Rational Creatures, but the Blessing must be Accomplished and Made Effectual by our Creator. We Acknowledge we are unworthy of the Least Favour, as to our Deserts, or to Expect your future Favours. As we have Profited no More by your Past favours. Yet we hope you will us, and More particularly, for the sake of our little ones, Our Dear Offspring, that they may have Reason so the Lord, by the means of your Constance as Instruments of their Mercys and ours, Through the Saviour. Reverend Sir, I have taken this way of Conveyance as its not Far from my Correspondance concerning our Wordly affairs that it may be the less Expensive, and as I am a native of that County Bordering the New Forest, in the Parish of Christchurch , but am Surprised having Taken in Five Volumes of the Evangelical Magazine, and have not seen no Contributions to the best of Causes, from that Quarter. The one thing Needful, the Salvation of Precious Souls, which was the Subject of Sermon I Read Last Lordís day Afternoon.

Oh May it be our Chief Concern. Pray for us.

Reverend Sir. This Including all our Reverend Friends, which please, to acquaint them with, if you think it worthy their Knowledge or Notice. Please to Hear me further. Concerning our Situation, and Circumstances and Dispositions. We are A Poor Illiterate People. None effecting Grandeur in Low Circumstances, what little we have, and have dependence on, was from, and is by the Sweat of the Brow, and the Blessing of the Lord. So that we cannot engage any Particular Sum, as to maintaining a Minister, Only as Providence may Favor us. But I believe the People in General will do all in their power that the Gospel might be Continued Amongst us, and some I believe would Deprive themselves of Necessaries for their own and Childrens Instruction, if anyone should be willing to come Amongst us. By Keeping School and all would Raise Eighty Pounds yearly and may Live with as little Expense as in any Place in this Country or any Place where Ever I have been. I Reason to know, having Brought up Eleven Children, Eight are now Living and Thirty Grandchildren. Four of our Children are part of our Little Society. Once More. Please to Excuse my Freedom. Reverend Sir, if it should be in your Power, or think us worthy your note.

I am Persuaded you have many Members in your Communion might be as Suitable to us here as those of Greater Abilites, so that they Have the Good of Souls at Heart, and be Qualitified to Administer the Ordinances According to the Scriptures. Whether they Preach Extemper, or by Notes, or Read their Sermons will be {no} Objection. And as to the School, to Read and Write and Figure so far as division will be sufficient. This I mention hoping you may Provide one for us, that might not be Suitable elsewhere.

To Conclude, if you can help us, to Send us a Minister in the Spring. To come by the way of Poole, from thence to Fogo, by one of Mr. Sladeís or Mr. Lesterís Vessels, Whom I will desire to Accommodate as well as they can. And may the Lord Assist and Bless you in all your undertakings and Endeavours, Both Spiritual and Temporal, According to the Riches of his Grace, Through Jesus Christ. Is the desire I hope of your unworthy servants, John and Lydia Moors, Including our Brethren and Sisters in the Bonds of the Gospel.

P.S. to Accept the Enclosed. A mite. To add with your Subscriptons, from your humble servant, John Moors.


**Added note: This letter referring to The London Missionary Society.


William Kingsbury (1744-1818) wed Mary Andrews (1744/5-1789), dau. of Rev. Mordecai Andrews (c.1715-1800), an Independent minister in London.

William became a dissenting minister at Southampton ( ie: Hampshire ) and supported the London Missionary Society. Reverend William Kingsbury was prominent in dissenting circles.

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