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Notre Dame Bay ~ Twillingate District

Twillingate - UC Parish Marriage Records, 1858 - 1874 (Partial)

Excerpts from Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador United Church of Twillingate - Box #2 Marriages from 1853-1876. The originals were very hard to read and this transcription, while done to the best of my ability, may well contain errors. All events at Twillingate, and individuals are from Twillingate unless noted otherwise

These records were transcribed by AMALIE LEWIS TUFFIN, August 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1858 William Waterman m. Ann Rogers
October 24, 1859 George Strong m. Louisa Stuckley (widow)
1860 Henry Gillingham m. Ellen Thorn(?) (both of Herring Neck)
February 17, 1860 William Mehaney m. Elizabeth Adams
July 1, 1860 James Colbourne m. Elizabeth Dowland (both of Little Harbour)
July 15, 1860 Jacob Keefe (widower) m. Eliza Burch (?) (both of Little Harbour)
December 17, 1862 Luke Bromley m. Eve Osmond (of Black Islands)
August 19, 1863 John Chant m. Ann Mehaney (both of Tizzards Harbour)
May 18, 1864 Jessie Burge m. Virtue Stone
September 25, 1865 Jacob Bugel (Budgell?) (of New Bay) m. Susanna Burton (of Ward's Harbour)
May 1, 1866 Thomas Tuffin (Sutton?) m. Lydia Roberts (both of Purcells Harbour)
November 9, 1866 Alfred Bath m. Selina Waterman
January 15, 1867 Henry Rideout m. Eliza Wells (both of Back Harbour)
November 3, 1867 John Minty, a farmer from The arm, son of Joseph Minty, farmer m. Elizabeth Moores, of Back Harbour, daughter of Isaac Moores
November 9, 1868 John Woolfrey, 25 of Moreton's Harbour, son of Robert Woolfrey of Moreton's Harbour m. Hannah Osmond, 25 of Moreton's Harbour, daughter of George Osmond
October 20, 1869 Henry Knight (widower, of Moreton's Harbour) m. Elizabeth Verge (widow)
November 9, 1869 Charles Young m. Caroline Carely
December 24, 1870 Joseph Minty m. Amelia Moores
October 26, 1870 John Troke m. Elizabeth Hull
November 2, 1870 Philip Pippy (of Black Head) m. Georgianna Vatcher
November 24, 1870 John Clarke m. Leah Bromley
December 31, 1870 John Hicks m. Caroline Waterman
July 2, 1871 Philip Freeman m. Amelia Rossiter
September 19, 1871 Archibald Martin (of Nippers Harbour) m. Tamar Tuffin (of Burton's Pond)
October 29, 1872 Abel Burton m. Elizabeth Ann Young
November 1872 John Burton m. Harriet Verge
November 11, 1873 John Waterman m. June Legge (both of The Arm)
October 22, 1874 John Hussey m. Jane Fudge (both of Herring Neck)
October 22, 1874 Eli Russell m. Selina Philpott (both of Herring Neck)
October 22, 1874 Samuel Luscombe m. Martha Walbourne (both of Herring Neck)
October 22, 1874 Thomas Blake m. Eliza Jane Miller (both of Herring Neck)
October 22, 1874 Samuel Miles m. Elizabeth Sealey (both of Herring Neck)

1999 Amalie Lewis Tuffin and NL GenWeb