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Twillingate Methodist Marriage Statistics (Partial)

Excerpts from Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador Vital Statistics Volume 89A Twillingate - Methodist. Note that these are in the order they were in the record book.
These records were transcribed by AMALIE LEWIS TUFFIN, August 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

January 15, 1867 at Twillingate Henry Rideout m. Eliza Wells (both of Back Harbour)
November 3, 1867 at Twillingate John Minty (of The Arm) m. Elizabeth Moores (of Back Harbour)
December 5, 1867 at Twillingate James Ings m. Mary Wells
November 9, 1868 at Twillingate John Woolfreys, 25 m. Hannah Osmond (both of Moreton's Harbour)
May 5, 1868 at Twillingate John Slade, 26 m. Amelia Fifield, 19
October 20, 1869 at Twillingate Henry Knight (widower, of Moreton's Harbour) m. Elizabeth Verge (widow)
November 1, 1869 at Little Bay Island Charles Hustins m. Elizabeth Normore
November 9, 1869 at Twillingate Charles Young m. Caroline Carley
December 9, 1869 at Twillingate John Dowland m. Hannah Lush (both of Little Harbour)
December 21, 1869 at Twillingate Thomas Young m. Eliza Fifield
December 22, 1869 at Twillingate Samuel Moores m. Mary E. Woolfrey (of Moreton's Harbour)
December 24, 1869 at Twillingate Joseph Minty m. Amelia Moores
October 20, 1870 at Twillingate Luke Bromley (widower) m. Emma Moss
October 26, 1870 at Twillingate John Troke m. Elizabeth Hull (of Fridays Bay)
October 27, 1870 at Twillingate Andrew Brinston m. Fanny Burge (both of Fridays Bay)
November 2, 1870 at Twillingate Philip Pippy (of Black Head) m. Georgina Vatcher
November 24, 1870 at Twillingate John Clarke m. Leah Bromley
November 29, 1870 at Twillingate Frederick Verge m. Martha Fifield
December 31, 1870 at Twillingate John Hicks m. Caroline Waterman
July 2, 1871 at Twillingate Philip Freeman m. Amelia Rossiter
December 19, 1871 at Burtons Pond Archibald Martin (of Nippers Harbour) m. Tamar Tuffin (of Burtons Pond), witnesses Samuel Noble, Robert Knight
October 23, 1871 at Twillingate John Snow m. Mary Woolfrey (both of Herring Neck)
November 6, 1871 at Twillingate William Deer (of Western Head) m. Agnes Woolfrey (of Moreton's Harbour)
October 23, 1872 at Twillingate William Card m. Hannah Vatcher (both of Merritts Harbour)
October 29, 1872 at Twillingate Abel Burton m. Elizabeth Ann Young
November 4, 1872 at Twillingate John Burton m. Harriet Verge
November 19, 1872 at Twillingate James French m. Lucy Woolfrey (both of Moreton's Harbour)
October 25, 1873 at Twillingate Ephraim Pool m. Rhoda Dowland (both of Little Harbour)
December 16, 1873 at Twillingate John Gillett (of The Arm) m. Emily Brewster Linfield (of Jenkins Cove)
March 19, 1874 at Twillingate Andrew Anstey m. Elizabeth Rice (both of Purcells Harbour)
October 22, 1874 at Twillingate John Hussey m. Jane Fudge (both of Herring Neck)
October 22, 1874 at Twillingate Eli Cassell m. Selina Philpott (both of Herring Neck)
October 24, 1874 at Twillingate Samuel Luscombe m. Martha Walbourne (both of Herring Neck)
October 24, 1874 at Twillingate Thomas Blake m. Eliza Jane Miles (both of Herring Neck)
October 24, 1874 at Twillingate Samuel Miles m. Elizabeth Sealey (both of Herring Neck)
October 31, 1874 at Twillingate Eli Langdon m. Priscilla Rice (both of Little Harbour)
October 31, 1874 at Twillingate Arcklehaus Rice m. Mary Langdon (both of Little Harbour)
October 31, 1874 at Twillingate James Barnes m. Jane Knell (both of Ragged Point)
November 10, 1874 at Twillingate John Burton (widower) m. Ann Newman (both of The Arm)
July 3, 1875 at Twillingate William Forward m. Selina Bath
December 11, 1875 at Twillingate Joseph Fifield m. Maria Vivian
January 15, 1876 at Twillingate James Fifield (widower) m. Esther Watkins
January 19, 1876 at Twillingate John Compton m. Elizabeth Bath
May 11, 1876 at Twillingate John Bunyan Stuckless m. Emily Rendell
November 1, 1876 at Twillingate James Fudge m. Patience Ann Rice (both of Little Harbour)
December 20, 1876 at Twillingate William Minty m. Elizabeth Bromley
November 1, 1877 at Twillingate Joseph Chinn m. Dinah Gedge (of Fridays Bay)
October 24, 1878 at Twillingate Josiah Roberts Carpenter m. Mary Ann Caravan
November 16, 1878 at Twillingate Caleb Sansome m. Ruth Chinn (both of Fridays Bay)
November 20, 1879 at Twillingate John Keefe, 21 (of Little Harbour) m. Mary Compton, 27 (of The Arm)
October 14, 1880 at Twillingate Benjamin Roberts, 20 m. Jane Vatcher, 20 (both of Wild Cove)
October 28, 1880 at Twillingate William George Woolfrey, 20 (of Burnt Bay) m. Selina Linfield, 28
December 24, 1880 at Twillingate John Minty, 29 m. Kate Stuckless, 21
January 1, 1881 at Twillingate Frederick Linfield, 31 (clerk) m. Susannah Pond, 31
February 12, 1881 at Twillingate James Troake, 50 m. Jane Reed, 44
August 17, 1881 at Twillingate Robert McCholm, 24 (blacksmith, of Halls Bay) m. Jane Newman, 24
November 10, 1881 at Twillingate Frederick Bath, 26 m. Fanny Gillett, 22
November 10, 1881 at Twillingate Andrew Cooper, 27 m. Harriett Vatcher, 25
November 16, 1881 at Twillingate George Vatcher, 22, m. Hannah Watkins, 21
December 28, 1881 at Twillingate Titus Linfield, 27 (merchant) m. Mary Ann Hodder, 24
May 10, 1882 at Twillingate Elijah Rendell, 34 (widower) m. Emma Banks, 27 (widow)
October 23, 1882 at Twillingate William Philpott m. Harriet Anstey (both of Purcells Harbour)
November 4, 1882 at Twillingate Isaac Bourden (of Durrell) m. Malena Knight (of Crow Head)
January 13, 1883 at Twillingate James Vatcher m. Phebe Whellen
December 23, 1884 at Twillingate John Vatcher m. Susan Pride
January 8, 1885 at Twillingate Samuel Minty m. Julia Bourden
October 29, 1885 at Twillingate Charles March (of Purcells Harbour) m. Drucella Miles (of Herring Neck)
November 7, 1885 at Twillingate William Elliott m. Rachel Hayter (of Herring Neck)
November 17, 1885 at Twillingate John Rice (widower, of Little Harbour) m. Priscella Woolfrey (of Burnt Bay)
December 12, 1885 at Twillingate Aram Vatcher m. Emily Jane Goudie
November 11, 1887 at Twillingate Thomas Roberts (of Seal Bay) m. Mary Ann Vatcher (of Merritts Harbour)
November 17, 1887 at Twillingate William White (of Ragged Point) m. Harriett Fudge (of Western Head)
April 7, 1888 at Twillingate Thomas Jenkins (of Durrell) m. Barbara Vatcher (of Wild Cove)
December 7, 1888 at Twillingate Henry Starve (Stone??) m. Mary Ann Liscombe (both of Loon Bay)
May 18, 1889 at Twillingate Levi Liscombe m. Prudence Dalley
November 23, 1889 at Twillingate David Wheeler m. Virtue Luscombe (both of Loon Bay)
January 2, 1890 at Twillingate Ethelbert Vatcher m. Dorcas Bourden
January 8, 1890 at Twillingate Robert Jenkins (of Jenkins Cove) m. Rachel Minty (of Durrell)

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Fogo / Twillingate District