NLGenWeb 1935 Census Data

Notre Dame Bay Region ~ West District


Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

BATSTONE William HEAD 52 Silverdale
BATSTONE Annie S Wife 48 Silverdale
BATSTONE Wallace HEAD 57 Silverdale
BATSTONE Ella L Wife 48 Silverdale
BATSTONE Lloyd R Son 29 Silverdale
BATSTONE Florence M Daughter 17 Silverdale
BATSTONE Norman McK Son 14 Silverdale
UPWARDS Ward HEAD 31 Silverdale
UPWARDS Sadie G Wife 26 Silverdale
UPWARDS Murial A Daughter 4 Silverdale
UPWARDS Verna P Daughter 1 Silverdale
BATSTONE Blanche HEAD 41 Silverdale Widow
KNIGHT Frederick HEAD 57 Silverdale
KNIGHT Pearl R Wife 43 Silverdale
KNIGHT Malcome R Son 20 Silverdale
KNIGHT Casey A Daughter 15 Silverdale
KNIGHT Charlie W Son 7 Silverdale
PYNN Donald HEAD 35 Silverdale Widowed
KNIGHT Elcie (????) Domestic 19 Silverdale
CRUDDEN (????) George HEAD 60 (?) Silverdale
CRUDDEN (????) Elizah (?) Wife 55 Silverdale
CRUDDEN (????) Jessie Daughter 19 Silverdale
MOORES Pierce HEAD 29 Silverdale
MOORES Alfreda Wife 27 Silverdale
MOORES Rowena Daughter 3 Silverdale
MOORES Howard Son 10 Months Silverdale
MOORES George HEAD 57 Silverdale
MOORES Ester (?) Wife 56 Silverdale
MOORES Jordon Jr Son 21 Silverdale
MOORES Jordon Sr HEAD 55 Silverdale
MOORES Caralion (?) Wife 48 Silverdale
MOORES Hubert H Son 9 Silverdale
MOORES Clifford HEAD 30 Silverdale
MOORES Amelia Wife 29 Silverdale
MOORES Joseph George Son 3 Silverdale
MOORES Clayton B Son 1 Silverdale
KIRBY John HEAD 43 Silverdale
KIRBY Elcie Wife 41 Silverdale
KIRBY Vera (????) Daughter 16 Silverdale
KIRBY Marie Daughter 9 Silverdale
STRONG Eliza Mother in Law 84 Silverdale Widow
KIRDY James HEAD 41 Silverdale
KIRDY Jenett Wife 43 Silverdale
KIRDY Richard Son 13 Silverdale
KIRDY Phylis Daughter 12 Silverdale
KIRDY Loyde Son 6 Silverdale
Langdon John

Silverdale Unoccupied
MOORES Harris HEAD 53 Silverdale Widow
MOORES Ethel Daughter 10 Silverdale

Silverdale Unoccupied

Silverdale Unoccupied
PYNN George

Silverdale Unoccupied
PYNN Frank HEAD 60 Silverdale
PYNN Delcie Wife 51 Silverdale
PYNN Ivy Daughter 20 Silverdale
PYNN Gerald Son 18 Silverdale
PYNN Cyril Son 17 Silverdale
PYNN Jean Daughter 13 Silverdale
PYNN Joyce Daughter 12 Silverdale
PYNN Bride Daughter 10 Silverdale
PYNN Arthur HEAD 72 Silverdale
PYNN Lucinda Wife 62 Silverdale
PYNN Wycliffe Grand Son 11 Silverdale

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Notre Dame Bay West District