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1935 Census

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South Brook

Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
WHALEN John Joseph HEAD 65 South-Brook
WHALEN Wileminia Pearl Wife 51 South Brook
WHALEN Wintworth Son 29 South Brook
WHALEN Bride Daughter 27 South Brook
WHALEN Bernard Son 20 South Brook
WHALEN Cyril Son 16 South Brook
WHALEN Mable Daughter 14 South Brook
DICKS Merrick HEAD 29 South Brook
DICKS Irene Wife 28 South Brook
DICKS Georgina Virtue Daughter 28 South Brook
DICKS Erick Garfield Son 8 South Brook
DICKS Wm George Son 6 South Brook
DICKS Clara Agnes Daughter 4 South Brook
DICKS Donald Cyril Son 1 South Brook
DICKS Allan Maxwell Son 6 Months (?) South Brook
MILLER Caroline Domestic 48 South Brook Widow
MILLER William Son 19 South Brook Appears to be child of Caroline
MILLER Emma E H Daughter 17 South Brook Appears to be child of Caroline
MILLER Frederick Son 15 South Brook Appears to be child of Caroline
MILLER Myrtle Evelyn Daughter 10 South Brook Appears to be child of Caroline
HUXTER Nathaniel HEAD 64 South Brook Widower
SEYMOUR Eli HEAD 85 South Brook
SEYMOUR Mary Wife 76 (?) South Brook
SEYMOUR Leyo HEAD 30 South Brook
SEYMOUR Charlotte Wife 30 South Brook
SEYMOUR ? Francis Daughter 9 South Brook
SEYMOUR Mary Margurite Daughter 7 South Brook
SEYMOUR John Frances Son 4 South Brook
SEYMOUR Madeline Daughter 1 (?) South Brook
POLLARD Samuel HEAD 56 South Brook
POLLARD Jane Wife 57 South Brook
POLLARD Hubert L Son 23 South Brook Widower
SLADE Clayton Adopted 5 South Brook
? Augustus R HEAD 24 South Brook Very difficult to read surname
? Henrietta Wife 18 South Brook
? Lindy M G Son 1 South Brook
? Albert J G Son 3 Months South Brook
JOHNSON Ambrose HEAD 35 South Brook
JOHNSON Annie Wife 25 South Brook
JOHNSON Bride Daughter 8 South Brook
JOHNSON Joseph E Son 6 South Brook
JOHNSON Mary Ellen Daughter 4 South Brook
MACKEY Harold HEAD 29 South Brook
MACKEY Winnie Wife 28 South Brook
MACKEY Pearl Daughter 7 South Brook
MACKEY Ena (?) Daughter 2 South Brook
MACKEY Walter HEAD 34 South Brook
MACKEY Pearl Wife 33 South Brook
MACKEY Rita Daughter 9 South Brook
MACKEY Adam Son 7 South Brook
MACKEY Maxwell Son 4 South Brook
MACKEY Calvin Son 2 South Brook
MACKEY Celstina (?) Daughter 7 Months South Brook
MACKEY ? Mary Mother of Head 69 South Brook Widow
POLLARD Fannie Domestic 21 South Brook
YOUNG Elias HEAD 73 (?) South Brook Widower
YOUNG Lester George Grand Son 21 South Brook

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
? My aunt in Bishops Falls knows everyone who lived in South Brook in 1935. She says the family you could not identify with a surname - first name Agustus. The surname is Matthews and the rest of his family, He was a business man there. Confidence is high that this is the right person. He is shown in Springdale 1921 census with his parents: MATTHEWS; Agustus; S'dale; son; Jun 1911; Freeman Fry
? The last name of Augustus is MATTHEWS. Hhe is dead along with his wife Henrietta. His son Lindy still lives in South Brook along with three brothers and two sisters. I'm not sure about Albert.I know this because he was my grandfather.I am originally from South Brook,but I now live in Kitchener, Ontario. My parents still live in South Brook. Perry Matthews
Walter MACKEY his family,spelled their name McKay MacKey Celstina(?) should be CHRISTINA MacKey ?Mary should also be CHRISTINA Ivan Dawe
DICKS, Irene, Georgina Virtue Irene is not correct, her name was Susan M. Dicks, I am her daughter. My sister Georgina Virtue was 9 years old at the time not 28 as census states. Laura Rose Dicks-Glidden

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