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1935 Census, Springdale I

Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, July 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Part 1  /  Part 2

BUTT Eloil HEAD 74 Springdale1
BUTT Johanna Wife 66 Springdale1
BUTT Julius HEAD 38 Springdale1
BUTT Aguie ? Wife 34 Springdale1
BUTT William Son 16 Springdale1
BUTT Alfreda Daughter 15 Springdale1
BUTT Clayton Son 13 Springdale1
BUTT Meta Daughter 8 Springdale1
BUTT Gueena ? Daughter 6 Springdale1
BUTT Malcome Son 4 Springdale1
McLEAN Garland HEAD 42 Springdale1
McLEAN Pearl Wife 40 Springdale1
McLEAN Elsie Daughter 13 Springdale1
McLEAN George Son 5 Springdale1
McLEAN Dorothy Daughter 2 Springdale1
TAYLOR Earnest HEAD 40 Springdale1
TAYLOR Lilian Wife 32 Springdale1
TAYLOR Arthur A Son 7 Springdale1
TAYLOR Bruce Son 6 Springdale1 Given name "Bruce" provided by Norm Dicks
TAYLOR Elgin Son 2 Springdale1
TAYLOR Esau HEAD 76 Springdale1
TAYLOR Frances ? Wife 65 Springdale1
TAYLOR George Son 22 Springdale1
BLACKLER Frank HEAD 39 Springdale1
BLACKLER Deliah Wife 36 Springdale1
BLACKLER Fannie Mother 79 Springdale1
BLACKLER Ralph Son 12 Springdale1
BLACKLER Rita F Daughter 9 Springdale1
BLACKLER Walter Gordon Son 8 Springdale1
BLACKLER Hardy (?) U Son 5 ? Springdale1
BLACKLER Agustust HEAD 46 Springdale1
BLACKLER Elsie Wife 36 Springdale1
BLACKLER Harold D Son 11 Springdale1
BLACKLER Philis S Daughter 10 Springdale1
BLACKLER Harvey John Son 8 Springdale1
BLACKLER Marjorie Lucy Daughter 7 Springdale1
BLACKLER Marion Fanny Daughter 5 Springdale1
BLACKLER Francis J Daughter 2 Springdale1
BLACKLER Roy Elwood (?) Son 2 Springdale1
BLACKLER Infant Daughter 1 Wk (?) Springdale1
OXFORD Thomas HEAD 60 + Springdale1 Surname s.b. OXFORD not OLFORD as previously transcribed. Suggest by Norm Dicks
OXFORD Susanna Wife 60 + Springdale1
CRITCH Mark Step Son 19 Springdale1 Correct age provided by Norm Dicks
CRITCH Georgina Step Daughter ? Springdale1
CRITCH Edley Stewart Step Son 11 Springdale1 Norm dicks suggests given name is Hedley
LOCKE Norman HEAD 20 + Springdale1
LOCKE Bessie Wife 20 + Springdale1
LOCKE George Son 4 Springdale1
LOCKE Edna Daughter 1 Springdale1
JENKINS Herbert HEAD 20 + Springdale1
JENKINS Flosie Wife 20 + Springdale1
JENKINS Ruby P Daughter 5 ? Springdale1
JENKINS Robert S Son 3 ? Springdale1
OXFORD Robert HEAD 40 + Springdale1
OXFORD Jemima (?) Wife 40 + Springdale1
OXFORD Violet M Daughter 20 + Springdale1
OXFORD Alfred E Son 17 ? Springdale1
OXFORD Mary R Daughter 12 Springdale1
OXFORD Elsie A Daughter 10 Springdale1
JENKINS Harvey HEAD 42 ? Springdale1
JENKINS Agnes Wife 20 + Springdale1
JENKINS Emma (?) Annie Daughter 11 ? Springdale1
WHITEHORN Stewart HEAD 40 + Springdale1
WHITEHORN Dulcie Mary (?) Wife 40 + Springdale1
CLARKE Elizabeth House Unoccupied
CLARKE Wm John HEAD 30 + Springdale1
CLARKE Pearl Wife 30 + Springdale1
CLARKE George R Son 12 Springdale1
CLARKE Vera (?) Lucy Daughter 9 Springdale1
CLARKE Marie Gertie Daughter ? Springdale1
CLARKE Arthur HEAD 30 + Springdale1
CLARKE Carie (?) Violet Wife 30 + Springdale1
CLARKE Melanie (?) H Daughter ? Springdale1
CLARKE Stanley H Son 4 Springdale1
CLARKE Eric A Son 3 Springdale1
CLARKE Bertram B Son ? Springdale1
JENKINS Elijah HEAD 70 + Springdale1
JENKINS Rebecca Wife 70 + Springdale1
JENKINS Fred HEAD 30 + Springdale1
JENKINS Bertha Wife 20 + Springdale1
JENKINS Everett Ford Son 1 ? Springdale1 Name Everett supplied by Norm Dicks
JENKINS Martin HEAD 40 + Springdale1
JENKINS Minnie R Wife 30 + Springdale1
JENKINS Marie (?) Annie Daughter 6 ? Springdale1
JENKINS Clayton M (?) Son 4 ? Springdale1
JENKINS Harold A Son 7 ? Springdale1
CLARK Charlie HEAD 40 + Springdale1 Surname recorded without an "e"
CLARK Violet Wife 30 + Springdale1
WELLMAN Ernest HEAD 40 + Springdale1
WELLMAN Francis Wife 30 + Springdale1
WELLMAN Margarite (?) Daughter ? Springdale1
WELLMAN Sophie Daughter ? Springdale1
WELLMAN Warrick HEAD 32 Springdale1 Given name and age supplied by Norm Dicks
WELLMAN Sophie C Wife 31 Springdale1 Age supplied by Norm Dicks
WELLMAN Jack M ? Son 8 Springdale1
WELLMAN Malcome ? R Son 3 Springdale1
WHITEHORN Henry HEAD 78 Springdale1
WHITEHORN Lucy R Wife 31 ? Springdale1
WELLMAN Pierce HEAD 40 Springdale1
WELLMAN Maude E Wife 40 ? Springdale1
WELLMAN Paul L Son 13 Springdale1
WELLMAN Bessie E Daughter 12 Springdale1
WELLMAN George P Son 8 Springdale1
LEGGE W John HEAD 38 Springdale1
LEGGE Violet E Wife 36 Springdale1
LEGGE Gertrude A Daughter 6 Springdale1
LEGGE Ruby Stella Daughter 4 Springdale1
LEGGE Nettie ? F Daughter 5 Mo Springdale1
DALLEY William H HEAD 30 Springdale1
DALLEY Jean L Wife 27 Springdale1
DALLEY Maxwell H Son 7 Springdale1
DALLEY Alva J Daughter 5 Springdale1 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
DALLEY Glendon L Son 1 Springdale1 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
DALLEY Raymond

Springdale1 Unoccupied
DALLEY Samuel J HEAD 67 Springdale1
DALLEY Diana A Wife 55 Springdale1
DALLEY Garfield HEAD 26 Springdale1
DALLEY Jessie W Wife 22 Springdale1
DALLEY Ernest S Son 3 Springdale1
DALLEY Fredrick B Son 1 Springdale1
BENNETT William HEAD 40 + Springdale1 Widow
BENNETT Herbert Wm Son 20 + Springdale1
BENNETT Daisy Daughter 20 + Springdale1
BENNETT Roland Son ? Springdale1
BENNETT Jessie Daughter ? Springdale1
WELLS Hubert W HEAD 63 Springdale1
WELLS Emma Wife 57 Springdale1
WELLS Katie Daughter 20 ? Springdale1
WELLS Edwin ? Grand Son 8 Springdale1
WELLS Doyel HEAD 24 Springdale1 Norm Dicks suggests name is spelled Doyle
WELLS Marion ? Wife 21 Springdale1
WELLS Evelyn Daughter 4 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
WELLS Gladell Daughter 10 Mo Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
BOWERS Eli HEAD 38 Springdale1
BOWERS Lucy Wife 31 Springdale1
BOWERS Alma Daughter 8 Springdale1
BOWERS Hazel Daughter 4 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
WELLS Edgar HEAD 55 Springdale1
WELLS Luie ? Wife 52 Springdale1
? William H J Adopted 11 Springdale1
WELLS Rouben HEAD 47 Springdale1 Widower
WELLS Nellie Daughter 16 Springdale1
WELLS Theophilus Son 18 ? Springdale1
WELLS Elizabeth Daughter 14 Springdale1
CRITCH Wm L HEAD 65 Springdale1
CRITCH Francis Ann Wife 66 Springdale1
CRITCH Dudley Son 25 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
OXFORD Walter HEAD 46 Springdale1
OXFORD Nellie Wife 45 ? Springdale1
OXFORD Reta Daughter 12 Springdale1
OXFORD Angel ? Daughter 10 Springdale1
OXFORD George Son 7 Springdale1
OXFORD A Anna ? Daughter 6 Springdale1
YOUNG Robert HEAD 60 + Springdale1
YOUNG Bell M Wife 30 Springdale1
YOUNG Arch ? Son 16 ? Springdale1
YOUNG Alfred Son 15 ? Springdale1
YOUNG Geneva Daughter 10 ? Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
OXFORD Lewis HEAD 44 Springdale1
OXFORD Phiby ? Wife 42 Springdale1
OXFORD Warrick J Nephew 23 Springdale1
OXFORD Delsie Bell Daughter 20 Springdale1
OXFORD ? Son 15 Springdale1
OXFORD Pierce N Son 13 Springdale1
OXFORD Merick Son 10 Springdale1
OXFORD Alfonzo HEAD 56 ? Springdale1
OXFORD Prescilla Wife 36 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
OXFORD Samuel Son 14 Springdale1
OXFORD Harvey Son 9 Springdale1
OXFORD Norman Son 7 Springdale1
OXFORD Cecil ? Son 24 Springdale1
OXFORD William G HEAD 54 Springdale1
OXFORD Dora ? Wife 50 Springdale1
OXFORD Chesley Son 24 Springdale1
OXFORD Elda ? Daughter 22 Springdale1 Norm Dicks suggests 1st name as Hilda
OXFORD Lillian Daughter 17 Springdale1
OXFORD Roseland Daughter 14 Springdale1
OXFORD Hubert Son 11 Springdale1
OXFORD Freeman Grand Son 2 Springdale1
TAYLOR Wm John HEAD 81 Springdale1
TAYLOR Rebecca Wife 77 Springdale1
TAYLOR Harold HEAD 36 Springdale1 Widower
TAYLOR Noah Son 6 Springdale1
TAYLOR Jenetta Daughter 5 Springdale1
NOBLE Albert HEAD 39 Springdale1
NOBLE Delcie Wife 35 ? Springdale1
NOBLE Idella B Daughter 15 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
NOBLE Ivy Daughter 13 Springdale1
NOBLE Millie N Daughter 6 Springdale1
NOBLE Garland ?? Son 1 Springdale1
MARSHELL James ? HEAD 88 Springdale1
MARSHELL Eliza Wife 76 Springdale1
NOBLE George HEAD 45 Springdale1
NOBLE Elizabeth Wife 40 Springdale1
NOBLE Daisy W Daughter 13 Springdale1
NOBLE Jemiah ? F Daughter 10 Springdale1
NOBLE Joyce W Daughter 8 Springdale1
NOBLE Herman G Son 5 Springdale1
BOWERS John HEAD 42 Springdale1
BOWERS Annie Wife 35 Springdale1
BOWERS Pierce Son 11 Springdale1
BOWERS Raymond Son 8 Springdale1
BOWERS Marie ? Daughter 6 Springdale1
BOWERS Stanley Son 2 Springdale1
BOWERS Cecil ? Son 1 Springdale1
RIDEOUT Albert HEAD 65 Springdale1
RIDEOUT Lucy Wife 65 Springdale1
RIDEOUT Laura ? Jean ? Grand Daughter 10 Springdale1
OXFORD Max HEAD 28 Springdale1
OXFORD Catherine Wife 28 Springdale1
HULL Roland HEAD 44 Springdale1
HULL Lizzie ? Jane Wife 49 Springdale1
HULL Alfreda Daughter 16 Springdale1
HULL Doris Daughter 11 Springdale1
HULL Edna Daughter 9 Springdale1
YOUNG Sophie Mother 75 ? Springdale1
NOBLE Chesley HEAD 26 Springdale1
NOBLE Elizabeth Wife 31 Springdale1
NOBLE Elsie Daughter 9 Springdale1
THOMS Frederick HEAD 40 Springdale1 Widower
THOMS Willis F Son 15 Springdale1
THOMS Lucy ? D Daughter 14 Springdale1
AUSTINS Chesley A HEAD 38 Springdale1
AUSTINS Fannie Wife 39 ? Springdale1
AUSTINS Roy Son 15 Springdale1
AUSTINS Ralph Son 13 Springdale1
AUSTINS Neil Son 9 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
AUSTINS Infant Son 2 Mo Springdale1
MILLEY Clement HEAD 33 Springdale1
MILLEY Marie Jane Wife 34 Springdale1
MILLEY Harvey C B Son 6 Springdale1
MILLEY Manford G N Son 2 Springdale1
FOSS Archibald HEAD 56 Springdale1
FOSS Bessie Ann Wife 56 Springdale1
FOSS Ida Daughter 21 Springdale1
FOSS Stephen Son 25 Springdale1
MILLEY Elijah HEAD 39 Springdale1
MILLEY Maggie Wife 30 Springdale1
MILLEY Alfred A S Son 7 Springdale1
MILLEY Majorie ? D Daughter 6 Springdale1
MILLEY Evangaline Daughter 5 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
MILLEY Gladis L Daughter 3 Springdale1
MILLEY Arthur Chesley Son 10 Mo Springdale1
JACOBS Uriah HEAD 70 Springdale1
JACOBS Emily H Wife 59 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
JACOBS Edley Son 25 Springdale1
JACOBS Esau Son 23 Springdale1
CHURCHILL Jacob HEAD 49 Springdale1
CHURCHILL Lucy M Wife 39 Springdale1
CHURCHILL W G Son 9 Springdale1
TAYLOR Angus HEAD 44 Springdale1
TAYLOR Fannie Wife 26 Springdale1
TAYLOR Melvina Daughter 5 Springdale1 First name provided by Norm Dicks
TAYLOR Ruby Daughter 3 Springdale1
TAYLOR Viletta ? Daughter 6 Mo Springdale1
FOSTER Lucy Maude Of George Foster 5 Springdale1
BORDEN ? Edgar HEAD 51 Springdale1
BORDEN ? Laursa ? Wife 48 Springdale1
BORDEN ? Arthur Son 25 Springdale1
BORDEN ? Bramwell ? Son 16 Springdale1
BORDEN ? Vera Daughter 19 Springdale1
PECKHAM Joseph HEAD 67 Springdale1
PECKHAM Victoria Wife 55 Springdale1
PECKHAM Bennett HEAD 38 Springdale1
PECKHAM Fannie Wife 37 Springdale1
CURTIS Gladys Step Daughter 12 Springdale1
CURTIS Edley Son 8 Springdale1
CURTIS Calvin Step Son 5 Springdale1
PERRY ? Levi H HEAD 30 Springdale1 Single
WELLS H Albert HEAD 43 Springdale2 Single
WELLS Annie Matilda Sister 41 Springdale2 Single
WELLS Roland Ernest Nephew 22 Springdale2 Single
CURTIS Wilfred Nephew 29 Springdale2 Single
WELLS Samuel HEAD 48 Springdale2
WELLS Beatrice S Wife 32 Springdale2 Couldn't read 2nd name
WELLS Hazel Irene Daughter 12 Springdale2
WELLS Ruby M M Daughter 6 Springdale2
WELLS Gertie Marie Daughter 2 Springdale2
WELLS Annie Bell Daughter 2 Springdale2

Springdale2 Unused
MERCER Gorden A HEAD 36 Springdale2
MERCER Daisy E Wife 32 Springdale2
MERCER Nellie V Daughter 9 Springdale2
MERCER Harvey M Son 8 Springdale2
MERCER Allen L Son 6 Springdale2
MERCER Ada Bell Daughter 9 Mo Springdale2
SAUNDERS Reta Domestic 17 Springdale2
WELLS William T HEAD 37 Springdale2
WELLS Elizabeth L Wife 36 Springdale2
WELLS Mary M? Daughter 14 Springdale2
WELLS Elva ? L Daughter 11 Springdale2
WELLS Alex V Son 9 Springdale2
WELLS Elmo M Son 8 Springdale2
WELLS Doris T ? Daughter 6 Springdale2
WELLS Bernard L Son 5 Springdale2
WELLS Raymond H Son 3 Springdale2
WELLS Francis L Son 6 Springdale2
WIMBELTON Charles HEAD 59 Springdale2
WIMBELTON Lucy M Wife 64 Springdale2
WELLS David E HEAD 36 Springdale2
WELLS Hilda Wife 25 Springdale2
WELLS Simon Wm Son 3 Springdale2
WELLS Irene H? L Daughter 1 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Harry J HEAD 53 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Susannah C Wife 52 Springdale2
MARSHEL Wm John Grand Child 3 Springdale2
MARSHEL Mary Ann Lodger 75 Springdale2 Widow

Springdale2 Uninhabited
MARSHEL John Henry HEAD 34 Springdale2 Widowed
MARSHEL Mary Ann Daughter 8 Springdale2
MARSHEL Edward Son 6 Springdale2
BUTT Azariah HEAD 43 Springdale2 Correct spelling of given name provided by Norm Dicks
BUTT Blanche E Wife 38 Springdale2
BUTT Roy S G Son 17 Springdale2
BUTT Ida H M Daughter 16 Springdale2
BUTT Beatrice B Daughter 14 Springdale2
BUTT Walter John Son 9 Springdale2
BUTT Gordon Loyde Son 7 Springdale2
BUTT Fredrick G Son 3 Springdale2
BUTT Ford Son 2 Springdale2
BUTT John HEAD 72 Springdale2 Widower
BUTT Ben Son 21 Springdale2
YOUNG Samson HEAD 53 Springdale2
YOUNG Emma S Wife 58 Springdale2
YOUNG Alexander Son 18 Springdale2
YOUNG Hurbert Son 13 Springdale2
HOBBS Robert HEAD 24 Springdale2
HOBBS Lavania Wife 18 Springdale2
TIZZARD Archibald HEAD 48 Springdale2
TIZZARD Minnie Wife 41 Springdale2
TIZZARD William L Son 20 Springdale2
TIZZARD Louise F Daughter 14 Springdale2
TIZZARD Cyril J Son 12 Springdale2
TIZZARD Mable D Daughter 9 Springdale2
TIZZARD Edward C Son 7 Springdale2
TIZZARD Rita ? M Daughter 4 Springdale2
TIZZARD Malcome J Son 1 Springdale2
TIZZARD Ivy M Daughter 1 Springdale2
TIZZARD Loyde A Son 5 ? Springdale2 Norm Dicks suggests spelling of given name is Lloyd
SAUNDERS Francis Mildred HEAD 35 Springdale2 Widow
SAUNDERS Pearl G C Daughter 16 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Annie C Daughter 14 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Arthur C Son 13 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Violet J Daughter 8 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Nathan M J Son 5 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Harriett J Daughter 2 Springdale2
BUTT George S HEAD 40 Springdale2
BUTT Dora J Wife 39 Springdale2
BUTT May A Daughter 15 Springdale2
BUTT Jessie M Daughter 14 Springdale2
BUTT Ida R Daughter 12 Springdale2
BUTT Charles Son 10 Springdale2
BUTT Froney J Daughter 8 Springdale2
BUTT Olive L Daughter 6 Springdale2
NORMORE George James HEAD 57 Springdale2
NORMORE Minnie Jane Wife 52 Springdale2
ROUSELL Sandy Cousin 11 Springdale2 Surname ROWSELL is suggested by Norm Dicks
EARLE Edward G HEAD 36 Springdale2
EARLE Mary Wife 27 Springdale2
EARLE Mable T Daughter 9 Springdale2
EARLE Olive P Daughter 6 Springdale2
EARLE Hugh H Son 4 Springdale2
EARLE George A Son 2 Springdale2
HOBBS James HEAD 27 Springdale2
HOBBS Rosie E Wife 20 Springdale2
HOBBS Hayward Fredrick Son 7 Mo Springdale2
NEWBERRY George HEAD 40 Springdale2
NEWBERRY Annie Wife 39 Springdale2
NEWBERRY Harvey Son 13 Springdale2
NEWBERRY Gladis Daughter 7 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Chesley F HEAD 37 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Blanche V Wife 37 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Elsie Jean Daughter 14 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Hugh Arthur Son 12 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Effie Marie Daughter 9 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Mable Irene Daughter 7 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Sidney Chesley Son 4 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Otto Pierce Son 2 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Weave ? Bell Daughter 7 Mo Springdale2
SAUNDERS Stanley HEAD 54 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Janet Wife 52 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Adam Son 21 Springdale2
MERCER Adolphus HEAD 32 Springdale2
MERCER Blanche Eva Wife 26 Springdale2
MERCER Roy S Son 8 Springdale2
BATSTONE Corbett HEAD 62 Springdale2
BATSTONE Fannie E Wife 59 Springdale2
BATSTONE Catherine M Daughter 32 Springdale2
BATSTONE Leslie Doyle HEAD 36 Springdale2
BATSTONE Wanetta S Wife 25 Springdale2
BATSTONE H C L Daughter 2 Springdale2
BATSTONE Evelyn M M Daughter 5 Mo Springdale2
GRANT Roland HEAD 38 Springdale2
GRANT Diney ? Wife 37 Springdale2
GRANT Myrtle Sister 33 Springdale2 Single- Correct spelling of given name provided by Norm Dicks
FOSTER George HEAD 32 Springdale2
FOSTER Delcie Wife 22 Springdale2
FOSTER John HEAD 63 Springdale2
FOSTER Elizabeth Wife 72 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Arthur HEAD 61 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Laura ? Jane Wife 66 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Silvie ? Olive Grand Child 7 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Ralph HEAD 32 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Flora Jean Wife 26 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Philis E J Daughter 6 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Greta S Daughter 3 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Arthur S A Son 1 Springdale2
BUDDEN Charlie HEAD 50 Springdale2 Correct spelling of given name provided by Norm Dicks
BUDDEN Millie Wife 53 Springdale2
ROBERTS Arthur Edward Cousin 13 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Harold HEAD 28 Springdale2 Widow
SAUNDERS Audrey M Daughter 5 Springdale2
WALSH John HEAD 68 Springdale2
WALSH Elizabeth Wife 66 Springdale2
RICE Garfield Grand Child 21 Springdale2

Name in Census Description of Error My Name
AUSTINS / HUSTINS The family name of Austins should read Hustins as a Neil Hustins still lives in Springdale if you would like to confirm this information with him. Christine Hustins-Penney
TIZZARD TIZZARD Rita ? M should be TIZZARD Greta Mary.
TIZZARD Edward C should be TIZZARD Edward Clayton.
Wilf Tizzard
WELLS WELLS Beatrice S should be WELLS Beatrice Sussana. Wilf Tizzard
OXFORD OXFORD, Warrick J is the Son of Alfonzo Oxford. Oxford, Cecil is Alfonso Oxford's son. He also had another son Warrick J Oxford and a daughter Flossie B Oxford. Lori-Lynn Penney
JENKINS The Ages for Jenkins, Ruby P and Jenkins, Robert S are right. Lori-Lynn Penney

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