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1935 Census, Springdale II

Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, July 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Part 1  /   Part 2

HARVEY John T HEAD 37 Springdale2
HARVEY Diaden ? Wife 34 Springdale2
HARVEY Nicholas Son 13 Springdale2
HARVEY Melvin Son 11 Springdale2
HARVEY Freeman Son 10 Springdale2
HARVEY Clarence Son 6 Springdale2
HARVEY ? Daughter 4 Springdale2
HARVEY Llyod Son 3 Springdale2 1st name is as spelled in census
HARVEY John N Son 11 Mo Springdale2
WALSH Thomas HEAD 73 Springdale2
WALSH Hannah Wife 78 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Dorothy P Domestic 14 Springdale2
WARR Mark Wm HEAD 53 Springdale2
WARR Martha Wife 27 Springdale2
WARR Norman J Son 20 Springdale2
WARR George Walter Son 15 Springdale2
WARR Beatrice ? M J Daughter 6 Springdale2
WARR Gorden A Son 4 Springdale2
WARR Reginal A ? Son 2 Springdale2
CLARKE Walter HEAD 69 Springdale2
CLARKE Lydia Wife 59 Springdale2
CLARKE Selby R Son 35 Springdale2 Norm Dicks suggests given name as Selby
CLARKE Susie F Daughter 26 ? Springdale2
CLARKE Loyde B Son 18 Springdale2 Norm Dicks suggests given name is spelled Lloyd
CLARKE Patricia C Daughter 14 Springdale2
CLARKE Joseph P HEAD 33 Springdale2
CLARKE Maggie A Wife 31 Springdale2
CLARKE Calvin Son 10 Springdale2
CLARKE Desmond Son 9 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Gilbert HEAD 52 ? Springdale2
SAUNDERS Lavina J Wife 39 Springdale2
SAUNDERS George W Son 16 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Harriet ? Elsie? Daughter 12 Springdale2
SAUNDERS Wilbert John Son 12 Springdale2
LOCKE Chesley HEAD 23 Springdale2
LOCKE Mary Bell Wife 20 Springdale2
LOCKE Rowella E Daughter 1 Springdale2
GRANT Harvey HEAD 43 Springdale2
GRANT Nellie E Wife 40 Springdale2
GRANT Flora P S Daughter 17 Springdale2
GRANT Mary W ? H? Daughter 16 Springdale2
GRANT Mildred T D Daughter 14 Springdale2
GRANT Ina E F L Daughter 12 Springdale2
GRANT Harold Son 10 Springdale2
GRANT Clarence R G Son 11 Mo Springdale2
INDER James HEAD 72 Springdale2
INDER Mary Ann Wife 67 Springdale2
INDER Marie ? Son 25 Springdale2
SMITH Annie Domestic 16 Springdale2
INDER Dexter F HEAD 32 Springdale2
INDER Olive Wife 30 Springdale2
INDER Pauline R Daughter 4 Springdale2
INDER Patricia A Daughter 2 Springdale2
HAMILTON Douglas HEAD 43 Springdale2
HAMILTON Bell R Wife 38 Springdale2
HAMILTON Walter Wm Son 15 Springdale2
HAMILTON Clayton E H Son 13 Springdale2
HAMILTON Freeman A Son 10 Springdale2
HAMILTON Jean B Daughter 7 Springdale2
HAMILTON Selby Roy Son 6 Springdale2
HAMILTON Ellinore ? M Daughter 4 Springdale2
DICKS John H HEAD 52 Springdale2
DICKS Julia A Wife 46 Springdale2 Norm Dicks suggests Julia as given name
LOCKE Archibald HEAD 48 Springdale2
LOCKE Emalina ? G Wife 46 Springdale2
LOCKE Cyril Son 19 Springdale2 Norm Dicks suggests given name as Cyril
LOCKE Reginald Son 17 Springdale2
LOCKE Greta Daughter 16 Springdale2
LOCKE Marjorie ? Daughter 14 Springdale2
LOCKE Harvey ? Son 8 Springdale2
LOCKE Beryl Daughter 6 Springdale2
LOCKE Lester Son 4 Springdale2
SNOW Robert Brother In Law 40 Springdale2
PENNEY William H HEAD 74 Springdale3
PENNEY Susanna M Wife 68 Springdale3
PENNEY Thomas H HEAD 48 Springdale3
PENNEY Mary H Wife 53 Springdale3
DICKS Pierce HEAD 34 Springdale3
DICKS Martha S Wife 25 Springdale3
DICKS Evelyn T M Daughter 1 Mo Springdale3 First name supplied by Norm Dicks
GRANT ? John A HEAD 46 Springdale3
GRANT ? Beatrice ? L Wife 40 Springdale3
GRANT ? Joyce J Adopted 7 Springdale3
BOYLES Benjamin T HEAD 80 Springdale3
BOYLES Jemina ? Wife 69 Springdale3
BOYLES Florence Daughter 33 Springdale3
BOYLES Frank R HEAD 27 Springdale3
BOYLES Nellie L Wife 25 Springdale3
WHEELER Stewart B HEAD 53 Springdale3
WHEELER Elizabeth Annie Wife 56 Springdale3
WHEELER Harold S Son 20 Springdale3
WHEELER Donald B Son 14 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
GILLARD Joshua HEAD 52 Springdale3
GILLARD Annie E Wife 50 Springdale3
GILLARD Hazel M A Daughter 18 Springdale3
GILLARD Walter F Son 15 Springdale3
GILLARD Daisy M Daughter 13 Springdale3
GRIMES John HEAD 80 Springdale3 Widowed
MARSHALL Wm P HEAD 42 Springdale3
MARSHALL Maggie L Wife 35 Springdale3
MARSHALL Henry George Son 16 Springdale3
SMITH William HEAD 72 Springdale3
SMITH Annie M Wife 62 Springdale3
SMITH Violet B Daughter 27 Springdale3
BOUNDS Becky Servant 55 Springdale3 Single
JENKINS Stephen HEAD 69 Springdale3
JENKINS Susan Wife 66 Springdale3
ANSTEY Garfield Grand Child 15 Springdale3
SMITH Joseph A HEAD 35 Springdale3
SMITH Agnes B Wife 35 Springdale3
SMITH Ethel G Daughter 14 Springdale3
SMITH Alma A L Daughter 12 Springdale3
SMITH Olive R Daughter 11 Springdale3
SMITH Gladys J Daughter 9 Springdale3
SMITH Nellie E Daughter 7 Springdale3
SMITH Edward L Son 5 Springdale3
SMITH Baxter A Son 4 Springdale3
SMITH Alton M Son 2 Springdale3
MOORES Wm Jr? HEAD 69 Springdale3
MOORES Jane E Wife 63 Springdale3
SMITH Louise HEAD 56 Springdale3 Widow
SMITH Gorden A Son 27 Springdale3
SMITH Queenie E Daughter 20 Springdale3
SMITH Neil B HEAD 25 Springdale3
SMITH Stella L Wife 22 Springdale3
SMITH Netta E Daughter 1 Springdale3
INDER Bert E HEAD 38 Springdale3
INDER Rose C R Wife 32 Springdale3
INDER Stedman W Son 11 Springdale3
INDER Chesley R Son 8 Springdale3
INDER Willis A Son 6 Springdale3 Norm Dicks suggests that given name is probably William as he was called Bill.
INDER Loraine ? D Daughter 2 Springdale3
? Jean Servant 21 Springdale3
MEHANEY ? Frank HEAD 48 Springdale3
MEHANEY ? Elizabeth Wife 40 Springdale3
MEHANEY ? Melvin A Son 4 Springdale3
MEHANEY ? Jean M Daughter 2 Springdale3
GRANT Ernest W HEAD 50 Springdale3
GRANT Mary A Wife 45 Springdale3
GRANT Florence B Daughter 14 Springdale3
GRANT Mable J Daughter 12 Springdale3
GRANT Guy E Son 8 Springdale3
GRANT Maisy Adopted 2 Springdale3
LOCKE Ambrose HEAD 69 Springdale3
LOCKE Bessie Wife 54 Springdale3
LOCKE Garfield W Son 22 Springdale3
LOCKE Thelma Daughter 17 Springdale3
SMITH Thomas A HEAD 57 Springdale3
SMITH Agnes Wife 52 Springdale3
SMITH Maxwell G Son 26 Springdale3
SMITH Bennett John Son 22 Springdale3
SMITH Rosie V R Daughter 11 Springdale3
BLACKLER Joseph H HEAD 77 Springdale3
BLACKLER Elizabeth Wife 78 Springdale3
CLARKE Henry HEAD 73 Springdale3
CLARKE Elizabeth S Wife 67 Springdale3
CLARKE Allen Edward Son 30 Springdale3
CLARKE Ada Grand Child 11 Springdale3
DOVE Adolphus HEAD 47 Springdale3
DOVE Fannie Ida Wife 40 Springdale3
CLARKE Rowena ? Mother In Law 78 Springdale3 Widow
DOVE Ford W S Son 14 Springdale3
DOVE Gerald C Son 13 Springdale3
DOVE Marjorie D Daughter 10 Springdale3
DOVE Pearl ? V Daughter 9 ? Springdale3
DOVE Edith G C Daughter 5 Springdale3
CLARKE George W HEAD 80 Springdale3
CLARKE Rosenna Wife 76 Springdale3
CLARKE Marjory ? Daughter 27 Springdale3
MARTIN ? Blanche HEAD 45 Springdale3 Widow?
MARTIN ? Dorothy E Daughter 20 Springdale3
MARTIN ? Clarke B E Son 17 Springdale3
HICKMAN William W HEAD 25 Springdale3
HICKMAN Gwendolyn V Wife 22 Springdale3
KNIGHT K W HEAD 58 Springdale3
KNIGHT Annie M Wife 42 Springdale3
KNIGHT Everett H Son 15 Springdale3
KNIGHT Bonnie V Daughter 13 Springdale3
CLARKE Hayward J HEAD 36 Springdale3
CLARKE Enid M Wife 37 Springdale3
CLARKE Olive Daughter 1 Springdale3
SCEVIOUR Jean A Sister In Law 28 Springdale3
CLARKE Joseph J HEAD 66 Springdale3
CLARKE Elizabeth Wife 63 Springdale3
MERCER Elijah HEAD 71 Springdale3
MERCER Harriet Wife 39 Springdale3
MERCER Elijah George Son 18 Springdale3
MERCER Ivy Jean Daughter 6 Springdale3
PETERS John HEAD 62 Springdale3 Widower
PETERS Gertie Daughter 28 Springdale3
PETERS Theodore HEAD 36 Springdale3
PETERS Lillie Wife 34 Springdale3
PETERS Barbara L J Daughter 5 Springdale3
PETERS Donald Son 1 Springdale3
PETERS George C HEAD 26 Springdale3 Single
WELSHMAN John Thomas HEAD 57 Springdale3
WELSHMAN Emeline Wife 55 Springdale3 Norm Dicks provided given name Emeline
BROWN ? A **See Errata Table below HEAD 65 Springdale3 Norm Dicks suggests given name was Edward as he was always called Ed.
BROWN ? Mary Jane Wife 64 Springdale3
BROWN ? Cleopatra ? A Daughter 23 Springdale3
BROWN ? Alma M Daughter 20 Springdale3
BROWN ? George C HEAD 26 Springdale3
BROWN ? Ethel Wife 23 Springdale3
BROWN ? Margaret B **See Errata Table below Daughter 2 Springdale3
RUSSELL Edward HEAD 31 ? Springdale3
RUSSELL Ethel Dora Wife 23 Springdale3
ANSTEY George G HEAD 44 Springdale3
ANSTEY Bessie Wife 42 Springdale3
ANSTEY Olivia Mary Daughter 17 Springdale3
ANSTEY Dulcie Netta Daughter 14 Springdale3
ANSTEY Chester J S Son 12 Springdale3
ANSTEY Calvin G Son 8 Springdale3
ANSTEY Greta C Daughter 1 Springdale3
PETERS Llewelyn HEAD 52 Springdale3
PETERS Ethel Wife 48 Springdale3
PETERS Robert E Son 23 Springdale3
PETERS Gladys M J Daughter 21 Springdale3
PETERS Elaine H Daughter 18 Springdale3
PETERS Howard R Son 16 Springdale3
PETERS Mary O M Daughter 8 Springdale3

Springdale3 Unoccupied

Springdale3 Unoccupied
PETERS Charlie

Springdale3 Unoccupied
WELLS Theophilus HEAD 60 Springdale3
WELLS Margaret Bell Wife 49 Springdale3
WELLS Flossie M Adopted 20 Springdale3
HUXTER Samuel HEAD 62 Springdale3
HUXTER Sarah H Wife 49 Springdale3
HUXTER Frank S Son 26 Springdale3
HUXTER Samson ? Son 21 Springdale3
HUXTER George A Son 20 Springdale3
HUXTER Gorden H Son 18 Springdale3
HUXTER Herman R Son 15 Springdale3
HUXTER Margaret P Daughter 12 Springdale3
HUXTER Raymond E Son 5 Springdale3
HUXTER Dorman HEAD 36 Springdale3
HUXTER Gertie Wife 30 Springdale3
HUXTER Herbert E Son 12 Springdale3
HUXTER Janey E J Daughter 10 Springdale3 Norm Dicks suggests Jennie as given name
HUXTER Myrtle S Daughter 8 Springdale3
WELLS Raymond S Step Son 7 Springdale3
WELLS Frank G Step Son 9 Mo Springdale3
HUXTER Howard HEAD 31 Springdale3
HUXTER Mildred Maud Wife 21 Springdale3
HUXTER Allen Edward Son 2 Springdale3
CLARKE Frank H HEAD 41 Springdale3
CLARKE Delcie Wife 41 Springdale3
CLARKE Walter A Son 18 ? Springdale3
CLARKE Robert H G Son 13 Springdale3
CLARKE Vera J Daughter 11 Springdale3
CLARKE Lillie Nora Daughter 7 Springdale3
CLARKE Corbin W Son 3 Springdale3
CLARKE Infant Daughter 9 Mo Springdale3
ADAMS Amos Lodger 40 Springdale3
GRANT George Wm HEAD 50 Springdale3
GRANT Maud ? R Wife 40 Springdale3
GRANT Hannah S Daughter 21 Springdale3
GRANT Dorman H S Son 17 Springdale3
GRANT Dollis ? M Daughter 14 Springdale3
GRANT Lovelett D M Daughter 9 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
GRANT Howard H Son 7 Springdale3
GRANT Effie Bell Daughter 4 Springdale3 Should be Ellie Bell - Norm Dicks
HUXTER Roland Wm HEAD 35 Springdale3
HUXTER Flora L Wife 35 Springdale3
HUXTER Willie V Son 13 Springdale3
HUXTER Harry W Son 10 Springdale3
HUXTER Freddie L Son 9 Springdale3
HUXTER Doris ? Daughter 7 Springdale3
HUXTER James N Son 5 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
HUXTER Nellie D Daughter 3 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
HUXTER Lillian S Daughter 1 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
WHITEHORNE W G HEAD 43 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE Annie M Wife 41 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE Murial ? H Daughter 20 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE Rosalyn Daughter 17 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
WHITEHORNE Dorothy May Daughter 14 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE Nina Lucy Daughter 13 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
WHITEHORNE Lillian Joyce Daughter 9 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE Cyril Lester Son 7 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE Lloyde C Son 2 Springdale3
WHITEHORNE W G Son ? Springdale3
GILLARD George W HEAD 68 Springdale3
GILLARD Ada Wife 61 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
PENNEY Albert E HEAD 53 Springdale3
PENNEY Alfreda Jead Wife 60 Springdale3
PENNEY Maxwell L Son 27 Springdale3
PENNEY Alfred N Son 25 Springdale3
PENNEY Rosine L Daughter 20 Springdale3
PENNEY Albert E K Son 10 Springdale3
PENNEY Esther Mother 85 Springdale3 Widow
SPENCER Archibald HEAD 42 Springdale3 Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
SPENCER Marie Wife 37 Springdale3
SPENCER Maxwell ? G Son 13 Springdale3
SPENCER Madeline Daughter 12 Springdale3
SPENCER Doris Pearl Daughter 10 Springdale3
SPENCER Marjorie ? E Daughter 8 Springdale3
SPENCER E James Son 4 Springdale3
SPENCER Eric ? Son 1 Springdale3
GILLARD Henry ? J HEAD 32 Springdale3
GILLARD Carrie ? M Wife 30 Springdale3
GILLARD Malcome Son 9 Springdale3
GILLARD Claud Son 6 Springdale3
GILLARD George Son 10 Mo Springdale3
WARR Eric L HEAD 35 Springdale3
WARR Maggie Bell Wife 35 Springdale3
WARR HaROLD Baxter Nephew 2 Springdale3
WARR Reginald W HEAD 38 Springdale3
WARR Jennie S Wife 35 Springdale3
WARR Phyllis M L Daughter 8 Springdale3
WARR George W G Son 6 Springdale3
WARR Marjorie ? L Daughter 4 Springdale3
WARR Mary Ann Mother 65 Springdale3 Widow
PINSENT Mary Domestic 21 Springdale3
PENNEY Wesley H HEAD 49 Springdale3
PENNEY Gertie May Wife 45 Springdale3
PENNEY Arthur J Roy/ Ray Son 20 Springdale3
PENNEY Warrick R Son 18 Springdale3
PENNEY Claton ? Albert Son 13 Springdale3
PENNEY Roania J M Daughter 10 Springdale3
PENNEY Elizabeth C Daughter 5 Springdale3
PENNEY Gorden A Son 3 Springdale3
FORSEY Evelyn H D HEAD 24 Springdale3 Single
ANTLE ??? Jacob ? HEAD 44 Springdale3
ANTLE ??? Ida E Wife 43 Springdale3
ANTLE ??? Clayton Wm Son 15 Springdale3
ANTLE ??? Gorden Son 13 Springdale3
ANTLE ??? Donald P Son 11 Springdale3
ANTLE ??? Lillie G P Daughter 7 Springdale3
ANTLE ??? Calvin R Son 6 ? Springdale3
YOUNG Albert HEAD 65 Springdale3
YOUNG Harriet Wife 62 Springdale3
YOUNG Ethel M Daughter 31 Springdale3
PELLEY Fred Adopted 21 Springdale3
YOUNG Ralph C HEAD 33 Springdale3
YOUNG Jessie W Wife 30 Springdale3
SMALL Azariah HEAD 62 Springdale3
SMALL Annie Wife 60 Springdale3
MATTHEWS Timothy J HEAD 34 Springdale3
MATTHEWS Theresa Mother 69 Springdale3
HAYWARD S Thos HEAD 49 Springdale3
HAYWARD M P Wife 36 Springdale3
HAYWARD G Ronald Son 8 Springdale3
HAYWARD M Hazel Daughter 7 Springdale3
HAYWARD E Wallace Son 1 Springdale3
YOUNG A K HEAD 33 Springdale3
YOUNG Bertha Jessie Wife 35 Springdale3
YOUNG Marie Effie Daughter 8 Springdale3
YOUNG Margarite ? C Daughter 6 Springdale3
YOUNG Elcie A Daughter 1 Springdale3 Name is spelled Elcie in records
COLBOURNE Amos HEAD 36 Springdale3
COLBOURNE Violet Mary Wife 22 Springdale3
SPENCER Alex HEAD 32 ? Springdale3
SPENCER Winnie Wife 22 Springdale3
SPENCER Fredrick G Son 6 Springdale3
SPENCER Ilene Grace Daughter 5 Springdale3
SPENCER Albert J HEAD 56 Springdale3
SPENCER Dora Wife 52 Springdale3
SPENCER Ralph P Son 23 ? Springdale3
SPENCER Mary A Daughter 21 ? Springdale3
SPENCER Minnie I Daughter 15 Springdale3 Age supplied by Norm Dicks
SPENCER Watson Son 28 Springdale3

Springdale3 Unoccupied
PENNEY Eli B HEAD 63 Springdale3
PENNEY Elizabeth J Wife 63 Springdale3
PENNEY Florence D Grand Daughter 16 Springdale3

Springdale3 Unoccupied
SPENCER Clem ? HEAD 60 Springdale3 Married
WELLS Philip HEAD 54 Springdale3
WELLS Florence Wife 44 Springdale3
WELLS C Harry Son 24 Springdale3
WELLS Freddie Son 16 Springdale3
WELLS Pearl Daughter 11 Springdale3
HULL Joseph HEAD 50 Springdale3 Widower
HULL Pierce Son 25 Springdale3
HULL Wilfred R Son 23 Springdale3
HULL Pearl A Daughter 15 Springdale3
HULL Thomas B Son 5 ? Springdale3

Springdale3 Unoccupied
McLEAN Garland

Springdale3 Unoccupied
GILLETTE William J HEAD 28 Springdale3
GILLETTE Matilda Wife 30 Springdale3
GILLETTE Ernest ? A? Son 4 Springdale3
GILLETTE Lewis Wm Son 2 Springdale3
GILLETTE Carl John Son 1 Springdale3
HEATH William HEAD 43 Springdale3
HEATH Alia ? Wife 44 Springdale3
ROUSELL ? Phobe Mother 74 Springdale3 Widow - Surname is probably Rowsell - Norm Dicks
WINSOR Earnest HEAD 38 Springdale3
WINSOR Gladys Wife 37 ? Springdale3
WINSOR Nina Daughter 7 Springdale3
WINSOR Austin Son 5 Springdale3
WINSOR Richard Son 2 Springdale3
McLEAN Jessie Mother In Law 69 Springdale3 Widow - Given name supplied by Norm Dicks
FRENCH Raymond HEAD 38 Springdale3
FRENCH Asaneth Wife 41 Springdale3
FRENCH William S Son 12 Springdale3
FRENCH Johanna ? M Daughter 6 Mo Springdale3

Springdale3 Unoccupied
WELLS Roderick HEAD 28 Springdale3
WELLS Stella Wife 28 Springdale3
WELLS Calvin Son 5 Springdale3
WELLS Roy Son 3 Springdale3
WELLS Mable Daughter 10 Mo Springdale3
YOUNG Abraham HEAD 62 Springdale3
YOUNG Susanna Wife 61 Springdale3
YOUNG Lenard Son 23 Springdale3
YOUNG Robert H Son 18 Springdale3
YOUNG Simion HEAD 36 Springdale3
YOUNG Louise Wife 23 Springdale3
YOUNG Dorothy Ann Daughter 8 Springdale3
YOUNG Ruth Stella Daughter 7 Springdale3
YOUNG H ? Loyde Son 2 Springdale3
YOUNG A ? Daughter 3 Mo Springdale3
GILLETT A ? HEAD 61 ? Springdale3
GILLETT S ? Wife 51 ? Springdale3
YOUNG Allen ? ? Springdale3
BUTT Baxter ? 21 Springdale3

Name in Census Description of Error My Name
BROWN, A. Name should be Alfred Edward.  He was sometimes called "Uncle Ned".  He was my great grandfather. Lawrence Downey
BROWN, Margaret Her give name should be Marguerite.  She is my mother. Lawrence Downey
ANTLE / NOBLE "ANTLE ???" should be NOBLE. Given name for first "Antle???" should be "Jonas" not "Jacob" as presented. Last "Antle???" given name ashould be "Colin" not "Calvin". Norman Dicks
TIZZARD TIZZARD Rita M Daughter 4 is suppose to read as Greta M. Wilf Tizzard
BELLE Annie Bell is suppose to spell as Annie Belle. Wilf Tizzard
WELLS WELLS Ruby M M Daughter 6. M M is to be read as Mildred Mary. Wilf Tizzard
WELLS WELLS Beatrice S wife 32. The S stands for Susie. Samuel and Beatrice Susie Wells were my Grand Parents. Wilf Tizzard

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